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DXC Summer Update - August 6

Darts - 
I think I am nearly recovered from high altitude camp. Once again, it was a great year filled with challenging runs, competitive games, and memorable experiences. I think our TEAM came home more unified, more focused, and more excited for the upcoming season. I was really pleased with your attitudes and your helpfulness. I felt like we grew as a TEAM, and I was very satisfied by the time I returned home from camp. I have also really enjoyed reading your training log emails this week. Great job on the mile repeats and the Red Castle hike. I hope you had a great time and that you are motivated to do your very best this season. Here is a summary of the prizes:
Campers of the Week: Seth Thompson, Joanna Boyd, Sam Hedquist, Ryan Tanner
Best Cooking/Clean-up Team: Team 2 (Joanna Boyd and Sam Haws captains)
Best Frisbee Golf Score: Boys - Coach Talley (22), Girls - Hannah Albrechtsen (32)
Thanks to everyone who made sacrifices to be there. Thanks to all of the parents who helped with driving and who were able to spend time with us at Marsh Lake (The Thompsons, Kenny Rayl, Gary Uresk, Jill Hedquist), thanks to the alumni who came up to spend some final time with us, and thanks to the Wards for letting us use their awesome ice truck again. Oh, and thanks to all of those who volunteered at the Legacy Midnight Run. I am sure you were exhausted, but I appreciate your help.

Workouts - From here out, attendance at workouts are mandatory to being on the TEAM. Please do your very best to be there and to be ready to go. If you are unable to attend for whatever reason, please let me know through email or text that you will be missing (preferably before-hand). If you miss workouts and you fail to communicate the reason with me, you are jeopardizing your spot on the TEAM. It is also extremely important that you are running on your own on the days that we don't meet as a TEAM. Now is the time to dig deep and to really find motivation for the season. 

Mileage - with only 3 weeks left to record, we are getting down to summer mileage crunch time. The boys set a single week record last week with 2,469 miles. We also passed the summer record some time on Friday or Saturday. The boys are at 18,498 miles this summer. The old TEAM record (for 12 weeks) was 18,098 in 2010. This doesn't mean we are done - we still have 3 weeks to set the mark so high that it will be hard to repeat. The girls are sitting at 10,654 and are still on pace to break the record of 12,821 from 2010. If everyone stays focused and runs their best over the final 3 weeks, we are going into the season in our best shape ever. I have attached the miles to this email. Take a look at where you are at this point, and set one final goal for the summer. Make plans for what you would like to do over the final 3 weeks. We are also looking to break the record for the most boys over 500 and the most girls over 400. This has been a great TEAM summer - continue to contribute to our TEAM goals by finishing strong. If you see any errors on the mileage chart, please let me know what I am missing. Thanks.

Dart Challenge 5k - I have attached the registration flier for the 2012 Dart Challenge 5k. We hope to have about 200 runners at this year's race. A lot of that is up to you - I need your help recruiting friends, family, neighbors, etc. to register for the race. It will be on August 18th at 8:00am at Barnes Park. The cost is $20 and all proceeds will benefit the cross country TEAMs. You can see more information (including the all-time list) at

Cross Country Racing Shoes - Now is a good time to start looking at what you would like to race in during the cross country season. It is not necessary to buy racing shoes - if anything, make sure you have good training shoes first - but it is definitely recommended. Racing flats/spikes are lighter and the traction is designed for the types of courses we will run. They are going to make you race faster. I would recommend finding a pair that gives you the option of having spikes or no spikes. I would either look at Striders in Layton, or I would go to to see what kind of deals they currently have available. They have some killer deals on last year's models, but they will run out of sizes soon. The prices range from $25 to $110). Here are some links to some recommended racing shoes:
Girls - 
(The Nike Victory is the most expensive shoe - and they come in boys sizes, but boys and girls colors - you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere - especially if you can find last year's models).
Boys -
(The Nike Victory is the most expensive shoe - and they come in boys sizes, but boys and girls colors - you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere - especially if you can find last year's models).

Coming up:
Tuesday, 8/07 - Meet at the school at 7:00am. Tempo run either at the Ogden River Trail or on the Dart Challenge Course. We may need some drivers here. If there are any alumni or parents who would like to join us, you are welcome to help out. 
Thursday, 8/09 - Meet at the school at 7:00am. We will be running to Nichols Park for some 1000m repeats. Prepare for this one like you would for a race. Get good sleep, eat a good meal on Wednesday night, hydrate, and show up excited to push yourselves and push your teammates. 
Monday, 8/13 - Meet at the Vita Course at 7:00am. It will be our final Vita Course of the Summer (we will probably run it during the season a time or two). Be ready to go for your best time of the summer. Everyone should be shooting for a pr on the course. Boys should be shooting for the sub 50:00 club, girls should be going after the sub 63:00 barrier. I will not be there. Please bring your watches and get as accurate of a time as you can - and then record the times on the clipboard that Joanna will have.
Wednesday, 8/15 - Meet at the school at 7:00pm. We are going to be running 12-20 x 400m on the brand new track. We will throw on some music and it should be a great workout. It is one of the few times that I will ask you to meet on a Wednesday evening, but it is a very important workout. If you have to come late to the workout, we will still be there, and you should be able to finish even after it is dark. Please make this workout a priority.
Saturday, 8/18 - Dart Challenge 5k (see note above). 

A few different national rankings have been released:
Marc Bloom (Harrier Magazine) who has been doing national rankings since the 1970s, has our boys as the preseason #5 team and our girls are regionally ranked.

Bill Meylan (another national expert) also has our boys at #5 ( and our girls at #22 ( and he gives mention to Brayden Cromar and Preston Johnson just outside of his top 50 individual boys (

It can most definitely be the most successful season in our programs history (even though last year will be hard to top). We have to stay humble, stay hungry, stay positive, and stay united. And we have to find our power animals!
-Coach Talley

ps. We wish Ryan Clark the best of luck with his new team in China. It has been nice knowing Ryan, and he is always welcome to come back and run with Davis XC. 

pps. There will be a second email this week with all of the eligibility information. I am sure you can't wait.

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