Saturday, September 29, 2012

DXC Update - September 29

Darts - 
I felt like this was one of our best weeks of the season. We worked really hard, our JV TEAM killed it at the Syracuse meet, and our varsity boys and girls continued to show progress. For the varsity, the 400s on Tuesday and the workout at Sugarhouse Park on Thursday were two of the strongest workouts I have ever seen - especially coming off of Bob Firman last Saturday and the Vita Course on Monday. It was great to see you challenging yourselves and pushing your teammates. That is the kind of determination and teamwork that we need to finish the season with. 
For the JV TEAM, I was so impressed with the way you raced at Syracuse. We ran patient and confident, we worked together in each of the four races, and we beat the varsity teams from all of the other five schools in our region. A year ago, we did the same thing (pulled our varsity), and our boys took 3rd behind Syracuse and Weber with a top 5 team time of 88:40. This year our boys finished 1st with 28 points (Syracuse was 2nd with 69 and Fremont 3rd with 74), and our top 5 team time was 86:29 (Josh 16:58, Matt 17:06, Ryan Lee 17:23, Ethan 17:24, and Kimball 17:26). We have 25 boys who would make varsity on any other team in the region. The girls were also dominant. A year ago, the girls finished 2nd behind Weber and ran 1:46.34 for our top 5 team time. This year our girls won with 44 points (Weber was 2nd with 59 and Syracuse 3rd with 72), and our top 5 team time was 1:43.03 (Madi 20:02, Michaela 20:44, Hannah 20:45, Katie 20:45, Sadie 20:47). We have 27 girls who would make the varsity on any other team in our region. Full results from the meet at Syracuse can be found at 
I was also very pleased with the workout on Friday at Heritage Park. Even though the varsity was not there, the rest of you stepped up and ran some very impressive times. I am excited to see you pr again at Barnes Park this week.

With only 3 races left, it is time to be as focused as ever. I hope that each of you are preparing yourselves to pr over the final races of the season. Make sure you are getting sleep, eating right, stretching, and staying positive. All three of our remaining races (Barnes Park, Region, and State) are 3.0 miles. It is also crucial for us to be unified and for our seniors and our other leaders to step up and really set the example of excellence over the final few weeks. 

Athletes of the Week:
Hannah Albrechtsen - for a great race at Syracuse (season best) and for staying positive and determined through some challenges. 
Madi Bledsoe - for her awesome race at Syracuse (20:02) - 2nd place varsity!
Trevor Fry - for his solid win in the JV race at Syracuse (18:17)
Josh Robinson - for a great race at Syracuse and for continuing to be one of our most improved from last season. 

Barnes Park Meet - Wednesday, October 3. We will not excuse you from school. Just get over to Barnes Park ASAP after school (no later than 3:00). Here is a map of the course - We will probably do war paint again.
3:45 - Boys JV
4:15 - All Girls
4:45 - Boys Varsity
*We would like to provide popsicles for all runners (not just from our team) so if any parents could volunteer to bring about 2 dozen again, that would be great. Just let me know if you can. Thanks.
*If there are any parents who would like to help direct the runners on the course - please let me know. I need a few helpers.

Region Championships - Wednesday, October 10 @ Layton Park - Schedule to come. 

State Championships - Wednesday, October 17 @ Sugarhouse Park - Schedule to come. 

Long Sleeve Shirts - should be done at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Sorry for the delay, the girls shirts were on back order (so we can just blame the girls). If you have not yet paid, please pay in the main office before you pick up your shirt. Thanks.

Monday, September 24, 2012

DXC Update - Bob Firman

Darts - 
We had another successful trip to Boise for the Bob Firman Invitational. It was fun to get away, and I felt that there were a lot of positive things to take from the races and from the trip. I like that we are continuing to grow and develop unity and excitement as a TEAM, I feel that we are still learning to race and making progress, and I was excited about the number of prs and season bests that we saw on a course that can be very challenging. 
We started off with a solid performance from our JV boys in the Division I Varsity boys race. Sam Haws led the way with a time of 16:51 (a big pr). Sam finished 14th and earned himself a Nike backpack for being top 20. Josh Ward, Matt Hawkins, and Ryan Lee worked very well together to move up from about 150th at the mile to top 50 by the end of the race. Our boys finished 3rd place and earned one of the coveted Bob Firman shoe trophies. A lot of our young runners got to experience what it is like to run in an extremely crowded race, as there were 42 teams and well over 300 runners on a tight course. I thought we could have shown a little more confidence in our start, but I was very pleased with the way we worked our way up through the pack over the second half of the race - usually in groups of 2-4 Davis runners moving well together. 
The Girls Elite Varsity race was next. We looked solid from the start. Shea and Ellie positioned themselves perfectly with the lead pack and ran patient and controlled over the first lap of the race. Our 3-7 runners didn't get out quite as well, but followed Joanna and Chelsey as they moved up into the top 30 and put our TEAM in a position to win. Shea made a great move with just over a half mile to go and finished 3rd with a time of 18:13 (the best time from a Davis girl in the 7 years we've been going to Bob Firman). Ellie also finished strong with 18:25 (6th place). Joanna fought hard to get in the top 20. After finishing 21st a year ago (1 spot out of the backpacks), she really had to dig deep over the final 400m to pull off the 19th place finish. Joanna's time of 19:11 this year would have placed her 14th last year (the competition is getting stronger). Joanna shows her toughness and determination over and over again. Chelsey, Mikell, Madi, and Ashley all finished in the top 40 with times under 19:40. Our depth has been incredible for us this season. I like the way we ran as a TEAM, and I like the way our girls fought hard through the middle of the race. I feel like we can still finish even stronger, and I feel like we can be more confident in starting a little faster. 
The Boys Elite Varsity Race had some of the toughest teams in the U.S. Three of the top six teams from last year's Nike Nationals were in the race - Davis (3rd), Arcadia (4th), North Central (6th). All 3 teams are currently ranked in the top 10 in the U.S. Plus there were many other teams in the race who were gunning for these top 3 teams. Although we finished 4th, and were frustrated with the way we raced, we are still making progress and figuring things out. We have had some unexpected adversity through the first half of the season. But we are by no means giving up. We are growing as a TEAM, and we are figuring things out as a TEAM, and we are going to keep working and keep believing as a TEAM. We know we are better than we showed at Bob Firman, and we are going to use our loss as something to learn from and something to inspire us to give a little more when we race. We did end with 6 boys under 16:40 (the most we have ever had at Bob Firman). We were led by Brayden Cromar's 15th place finish in 16:02 (many years in the past, that time was good enough for top 5). We also had a great race from sophomore Stokton Smith in his first varsity race - he finished 4th for us in 16:36. 
We ended the day with our JV girls tearing it up in the Division I Varsity girls race. The only team that beat us definitely should have been in the Elite race. We finished 2nd to the Mountain Crest varsity team. Our girls got out well, and worked well as a TEAM. In the end, Taylor Cox had her best race of the season with a 20:13 - which placed her 14th. She was followed by Aimee Vance (16th) and Sierra Graham (18th). Our 5th runner - Sierra Haslam - ran very tough on a painful blister to help us get the 2nd place finish over many solid varsity teams. Our group of Michaela, Katie, Madi, and Sadie also moved up very well together through the race. I also thought our young girls (Nicole, Kaitlyn, Sophie, BriAnna, and Sydney) did well in their first varsity experience.  
And then we made it home for part of the Homecoming Dance - which I hope went well. I want to thank those who helped us out with the trip - The Williams, The Butterfields, Coach Timothy, Brian Garlock, Devin Lang, Kat Pendleton, Jill Hedquist, and my wife - Stefanie. And I want to thank each of the athletes for making it an enjoyable and entertaining and worthwhile trip. Let's make the rest of the season fun and exciting, and let's show our toughness and our TEAMwork over the final races of the year. I challenge you each to risk a little bit in workouts and races over the next 2 weeks. Let's finish with all we have - and let's end the year without any regrets! 

Athletes of the Week:
Shea Martinez
Taylor Cox
Sam Haws
Nate Butterfield

Magician of the Week:
Devin Lang (great 3rd place finish in your card game - good luck on your mission)

Baker of the Week:
Katherine Pendleton (great cookies, Kat!)    

Coming Up:
Our final 4 races of the season are all 3.0 miles and fall on the next 4 Wednesdays (we will not be attending any meet this weekend):
Wednesday, 9/26 - @ Syracuse - only the JV will be competing.
Wednesday, 10/3 - @ Barnes Park (our home course) - races will begin at 3:30. 
Wednesday, 10/10 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - races begin at 3:00.
Wednesday, 10/17 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park

Here are the Davis results from Bob Firman - copied and pasted from their site ( . . . 
Division I Boys 5k Varsity - 
14   Haws, Sam                Davis  16:51.70     14
31   Sagers, Jackson          Davis  17:17.88     30
41   Ward, Josh               Davis  17:24.08     40
48   Hawkins, Matt            Davis  17:30.20     47
51   Lee, Ryan                Davis  17:32.54     50
102   Stuart, Ethan            Davis  18:01.40     100
124   Ferguson, Bryce          Davis  18:13.18     122
125   Potter, Kimball          Davis  18:13.30      
137   Tanner, Ryan             Davis  18:17.00      
143   Moncur, Tom              Davis  18:20.03      
144   Clouse, Isaac            Davis  18:20.06      
159   White, Alex              Davis  18:25.61      
166   Tyndall, Andrew          Davis  18:28.23      
175   Thompson, Seth           Davis  18:33.10      
180   Haviland, Logan          Davis  18:36.55      
182   Thompson, Kent           Davis  18:36.81      
190   Peters, Brandon          Davis  18:42.58      
205   Perry, Mitch             Davis  18:51.02      
208   Oldham, J.r.             Davis  18:51.97      
240   Butterfield, Nathan      Davis  19:16.16      
244   Fry, Trevor              Davis  19:17.71      
245   Wilde, Zach              Davis  19:18.10      
246   Garrett, Blake           Davis  19:18.42      
249   Tumblin, Daniel          Davis  19:20.53      
251   Gipson, Caleb            Davis  19:23.12      
285   Rayl, Jackson            Davis  20:10.85      
291   Horrocks, Tanner         Davis  20:22.89      
296   Robinson, Josh         Davis  20:46.22   
Team Scores - 
1. North Central JV - 80
2. Woods Cross - 179
3. Davis -181
4. Rocky Mountain, ID - 197
Mens 5k Varsity Elite
15   Cromar, Brayden          Davis  16:02.40     13
24   Hedquist, Alex           Davis  16:19.14     18
41   Hansen, Hayden           Davis  16:33.60     32
48   Smith, Stokton           Davis  16:36.23     39
49   Aposhian, Andrew       Davis  16:37.07     40
50   Williams, Skylar         Davis  16:38.00     41
71   Goldsberry, Taylor       Davis  17:00.82     61
Team Scores
1. North Central - 47
2. Arcadia - 127
3. Herriman - 141
4. Davis - 142
5. Ogden - 144
6. Mountain View - 156
7. Seattle Prep - 200
Womens 5k Division I
14   Cox, Taylor              Davis  20:13.55     14
16   Graham, Sierra           Davis  20:22.03     16
18   Vance, Aimee             Davis  20:29.28     18
23   Hedquist, Josey          Davis  20:36.19     23
46   Haslam, Sierra           Davis  21:07.35     45
52   Uresk, Michaela          Davis  21:15.21     50
62   Frandsen, Katie            Davis  21:22.82     60
66   Bledsoe, Madison         Davis  21:26.28      
67   Hutchinson, Sadie        Davis  21:26.31      
92   Datwyler, Kaitlyn        Davis  21:50.45      
98   Wood, Nicole             Davis  21:55.06      
99   Albrechtsen, Hannah    Davis  21:55.08      
151   Argyle, Shaylee          Davis  22:54.14      
172   Cottrell, Sophie         Davis  23:11.72      
185   Resek, Nalany            Davis  23:25.90      
195   Gipson, BriAnna          Davis  23:37.38      
196   Zaugg, Sydney            Davis  23:38.13  
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest - 27 
2. Davis - 116
3. Timberline - 139    
Womens 5k Varsity Elite
3   Martinez, Shea           Davis  18:13.43     2
6   Child, Ellie             Davis  18:25.10     4
19   Boyd, Joanna             Davis  19:11.74     14
29   Johnson, Chelsey         Davis  19:22.58     22
31   Wood, Mikell             Davis  19:25.36     23
32   Garlock, Madison         Davis  19:25.69     24
39   Tyndall, Ashley          Davis  19:36.08     29
Team Scores - 
1. Davis - 65
2. Park City - 108
3. Skyline - 130
4. Rocky Mountain - 130
5. Orem - 137
6. Ogden - 143
7. Lehi - 166
8. Bingham - 194

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DXC Update - BYU Invite

Darts - 
We are at the end of two very busy and very difficult weeks. In the past 11 days, we have had 5 days with races of some sort. The rest of the season is not going to feel so busy. Things slow down for us over the next month, and we never have more than one meet in a week. I am looking forward to getting some solid training in, and being able to really focus for the one meet each week. I would imagine that some of you are physically and mentally tired after the past two weeks, so I am going to challenge you to approach the next 2-3 weeks with some serious commitment, desire, and focus on being your very best. Take a step back and remind yourself why you are running cross country: to push yourself to be your very best at something, to accomplish things that you might not have thought possible, to be part of a great TEAM, or whatever reason it is. And really go for that through the rest of the season. The season will be over before you know it. A lot can happen in 5 weeks, and you will all get opportunities to test yourselves both physically and mentally. I feel like we have some great experiences still to come this season; I hope you all approach them with a positive attitude, with a lot of TEAM unity, and with passion for what you are committed to. Keep setting goals, keep taking care of yourselves, stay hungry for improvement.  

Davis District Championships - we had some very strong performances on Wednesday at the District Championships - our TEAM home with 40 medals (the most we could possibly get). Our JV girls took the top 15 spots - led by a very tight 1-2 finish by Madi Bledsoe and Sierra Haslam (both at 18:25). The JV boys had 20 of the top 22 spots - led by a break away first place from Josh Ward (15:24). Both our varsity boys and girls were held back a little in preparation for the BYU Invitational, but the girls still finished with 11 of the top 14, and the boys had 10 in the top 14. Kenzie Weir was our top finisher on the girls side with 2nd place in 17:48 and Skylar Williams won the boys race in 14:35. The best part about Wednesday is that we raced as a TEAM. You can see the full results at

BYU Invitational - On Friday night we went to the Cascade Golf Course for the elite varsity race of the BYU Autumn Classic. There were only 5 girls teams and 7 boys teams entered in the meet. In addition to the high school races, there was a college men's race and a college women's race. In the girls race, we faced some of the toughest competition in the state from Ogden and American Fork - both very strong teams. Our girls came away with the TEAM title by 23 points over Ogden. Ellie Child ran a very patient race with a strong finish to get the individual victory in 18:03 (despite some confusion I may have caused with about 100m to go). Shea Martinez also looked strong with her 3rd place finish in 18:16. Kami Dixon, Joanna Boyd, and Mikell Wood came through big time for us with their 7-12-13 finishes, respectively. On the boys side, we are making some progress. Brayden Cromar followed the race plan perfectly and moved up very well over the final mile of the race to finish in 5th. Alex Hedquist, Andrew Aposhian, Skylar Williams, and Hayden Hansen were our other scorers and we had a :37 gap from 1-5. Our small gap from 1-5 is one of the things that really makes our boys TEAM strong. Tightening that gap even more is something that we are going to continue to work on over the next few weeks and the next few races.
On Saturday, we went back down to Provo to run on the BYU campus course with the rest of our TEAM. The Cascade course measured close to 3.05 miles (about 10-15 seconds shy of a 5k), and the campus course measured just longer than a 5k (by 10-15 seconds) and the races got hotter and tougher as the morning went on. So many good things happened at the Saturday race that it would be hard to list them all. We did have 36 individuals finish in the top 30 to earn t-shirts, we earned plaques for finishing in the top 2 in all 6 TEAM races - including our top JV runners competing in the Varsity races (girls finished 1st and boys finished 2nd). That gave us 8 out of 8 plaques for the entire invite including Friday night. We had some great individual performances from Bryce Ferguson, Colton Rimann, Adam Aposhian, Matt Hawkins, Kimball Potter, JR Oldham, Tanner Horrocks, Stokton Smith, Josh Ward, Nicole Wood, Sydney Zaugg, Sierra Haslam, Elise Anderson, Shaylee Argyle, Kenzie Weir, and many others (see what I mean - a LOT of good things). I was very proud to be part of the Davis program as race after race we performed as a TEAM, and I really felt we had the toughest kids out there. The Davis results are listed below, and the full results can be found on 
Basically, we are running strong, and we still have room for improvement. I expect to see most of our PRs over the final weeks of the season. 
It was also nice to see so many of our college runners perform on Friday night - good job to the following:
Men (4 miles):
Jared Ward, BYU - 1st place - 20:02
Josh Adams, BYU - 17th - 20:41
Brad Nye, BYU - 27th - 21:22
Logan Wood, UVU - 38th - 21:41
Seth Gutzwiller, UVU - 61st - 22:49
Women (5k):
Candace Eddy-Carlisle, BYU - 9th - 17:54
Katie Swanson, BYU - 23rd - 18:29
Meghan Hedquist, BYU - 25th - 18:41
Natalie Haws, Weber State - 30th, 18:54
Anna Ward, UVU, 49th - 20:29
*Candace, Katie, Meghan, and Natalie were all part of our 2007 state championship team - the first one in school history. That team also went on to finish 9th at Nike Nationals with the four of them running.

Top of Utah Marathon - Congrats to Devin Lang for finishing 7th in his first ever marathon with a very impressive time of 2:40.09. Congrats to my wife, Stefanie, for her 4th place finish in 2:54.25. And congrats to Tracey Munson, Whitney Williams, and Katie Christensen (all Davis Alum) for finishing their first marathons like champions! - You girls make us proud. 

Coming Up:
Devin Lang's Mission Farewell - for those of you who would like to attend. Devin's farewell is tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:45 at the chapel on Fairfield Rd to the south of Fairfield Jr. High. He is going to the Spokane, WA mission. 
Bob Firman Invitational - We are leaving on Friday at 6:45am. The races are on Saturday. I emailed out the itinerary earlier this week. Please pay the $110 in the office by Tuesday. Let me know if you have any other questions. I am sure that I will send out one more email about the trip on Monday or Tuesday. 
Wednesday, 9/19 - TEAM pictures. Bring your uniforms. We will take pictures at 3:10 in the bleachers. 
Thursday, 9/20 - Mandatory Bob Firman meeting after the workout (won't take long).

Athletes of the Week (I will start handing out water bottles this week to all of the athletes of the week so far)
Kenzie Weir
Kami Dixon
Sierra Haslam
Colton Rimann
Brayden Cromar
Matt Hawkins
and Devin Lang for his marathon finish

BYU Autumn Classic - 
Elite Varsity Girls (Cascade Golf Course):
1. 18:03  Ellie Child
3. 18:16  Shea Martinez
7. 18:46  Kami Dixon
12. 19:01  Joanna Boyd
13. 19:03  Mikell Wood
17. 19:20  Ashley Tyndall
21. 19:25  Chelsey Johnson
Team Scores:
1. Davis 33
2. Ogden 56
3. American Fork 57

Varsity Girls (BYU Campus Course):
2. 20:07  Kenzie Weir
6. 20:26  Madi Garlock
7. 20:32  Aimee Vance
8. 20:33  Sierra Graham
9. 20:41  Taylor Cox
14. 20:50  Josey Hedquist
16. 21:09  Michaela Uresk
Team Scores:
1. Davis 27
2. Timpanogos 99
3. Provo 107
JV Girls (Juniors and Seniors):
5. 20:56  Sierra Haslam
6. 21:10  Elise Anderson
7. 21:18  Madi Bledsoe
9. 21:33  Katie Frandsen
11. 21:50  Sadie Hutchinson
18. 22:07  Shaylee Argyle
24. 22:51  Hannah Albrechtsen
Team Scores:
1. Davis 32
2. Orem 95
3. Timpview 99

JV Girls (Freshman and Sophomore)
7. 21:23  Nicole Wood
12. 22:07  Kaitlyn Datwyler
16. 22:32  Tiahna Cipriano
19. 22:41  Sophie Cottrell
31. 23:12  Sydney Zaugg
43. 24:10  BriAnna Gipson
76. 26:58  Ella Palmer
117. 31:20  Paige Peterson
Team Scores:
1. Westlake 66
2. Davis 68
3. Snow Canyon 83

Elite Varsity Boys (Cascade Course)
5. 15:28  Brayden Cromar
12. 15:51  Alex Hedquist
16. 15:53  Andrew Aposhian
20. 16:01  Skylar Williams
22. 16:05  Hayden Hansen
24. 16:16  Taylor Goldsberry
43. 17:08  Jackson Sagers
Team Scores:
1. American Fork 36
2. Davis 63
3. Ogden 92

Varsity Boys (BYU Campus Course)
11. 17:07  Stokton Smith
17. 17:22  Sam Haws
21. 17:27  Josh Ward
26. 17:34  Seth Thompson
38. 18:11  Jordan Stuart
52. 18:29  Ryan Tanner
65. 18:42  Ryan Lee
Team Scores
1. Timpanogos 58 
2. Davis 101
3. Provo 148

JV Boys (Juniors and Seniors):
3. 17:39  Matt Hawkins  
5. 17:57  Kimball Potter  
8. 18:00  Isaac Clouse  
10. 18:08  Alex White
11. 18:17  Andrew Tyndall
23. 18:50  Kent Thompson
24. 18:54  Joseph Bailey
25. 18:54  JR Oldham
50. 19:28  Nate Butterfield
51. 19:29  Josh Martineau
56. 19:37  Blake Garrett
62. 19:44  Trevor Fry
72. 19:58  Tanner Horrocks
106. 20:39  Josh Robinson
Team Scores:
1. Davis 37
2. Timpanogos 91
3. Orem 173

Boys JV (Freshman and Sophomores)
4. 18:16  Bryce Ferguson
5. 18:20  Colton Rimann
15. 18:37  Mitch Perry
19. 18:58  Brandon Peters
25. 19:15  Daniel Tumblin
28. 19:21  Gavin Sundahl
33. 19:36  Caleb Gipson
57. 20:37  Brady England
59. 20:42  Adam Aposhian
98. 22:13  Nathaniel Neubert
104. 22:21  Britton Porter
135. 24:02  Brigham Valentine
Team Scores:
1. Timpanogos 53
2. Davis 63
3. Westlake 73

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DXC Update - Murray Invite

Darts - 
It was a very busy first week of school - 

Pre-Region Meet - I thought the TEAM looked very strong in the pre-region meet on Tuesday. We ran well as a TEAM - and we saw a lot of good improvement over the Grass Relays. We won with a perfect score on both the boys and the girls sides (Fremont and Weber were missing). You can see the full results from Pre-Region at

Murray Invitational - We had a lot of positive performances on Friday at the Murray Invite. It was our first real cross country 5k of the season, and I was excited about the way the TEAM performed for the most part. Our rookie girls started out the day with some solid first races - Kaitlyn Datwyler finished 10th. Our rookies boys dominated - I know we had some juniors in there, but they were rookies. We had 5 of the top 7 finishers in that race and won by 80 points. Matt Hawkins, Logan Haviland, and Bryce Ferguson finished 1-2-3. The JV girls had a perfect score by placing 1-5, and we had 9 of the top 10 girls in the race - led by Chelsey Johnson, Kenzie Weir, and Josey Hedquist finishing 1-2-3. The JV Boys also finished with a perfect score of 15 - and had 10 of the top 17 runners. Stokton Smith and Taylor Goldsberry pulled away from the pack to finish 1-2. They both would have been in the top 50 of the varsity race with their times. The Varsity Girls finished strong against 6 of the top 7 teams in the state. Ellie Child and Shea Martinez were a great 1-2 punch with their 2nd and 3rd place finishes (in very fast times), and Joanna Boyd (11th) led our pack of 5 more girls in the top 24. The American Fork girls finished 2nd and they look to be our strongest competition in 5A. The Varsity boys also came away with a win - but just barely - against a very much improved Bonneville team. We won on a 6th man tie breaker (good thing that Jackson and Seth stayed tough in the race). It was one example where the 6th man became just as important as any in the top 5. We may not have had our strongest race on the boys side - but I thought we fought well in a race that did not seem to be going our way. We didn't give up. However - we can run much stronger if we run as ONE.
Overall, it was an incredible day that was dominated by DXC. There was not another team with anywhere close to as many medals as us, and we are looking very strong - both our experienced runners and our young runners. We need to keep working and keep improving and keep running as a TEAM. Over the next few weeks, each of you will have an opportunity to see if you can run even stronger. I put the Davis results at the bottom of this email. The full Murray Invite results can be found at

Parents Night - Thanks for coming on Thursday night. It was a great opportunity to listen to one of our most successful graduates. Jared Ward did a great job, and I hope that each of you took something from it. I really liked how he talked about taking positive things from workouts and races and using those to build on. He recommended taking 3 positive things for every 1 thing you feel you can work on. I think we should evaluate our races that way. I also liked how he talked about being ONE as a TEAM in everything. I would like to see us race and train as ONE throughout the rest of the season and genuinely look out for each other and be excited for each other. 

Carwash - Thanks for helping out at the car wash. Thanks for selling your tickets (if you did) - I know that we didn't give you very much time to do so. Good job by Joe Bailey for selling 26 tickets all on his own. We did a good job raising money - and I think the Kids with Cancer Christmas Foundation will be very grateful. I am going to post some pictures on our blog.

Athletes of the Week:
Taylor Goldsberry - for 2 very fast races this week - including a killer race at pre-region finishing 4th.
Tanner Horrocks - for his huge improvement over a year ago
Stokton Smith - for a great win in the JV Boys with the 6th fastest sophomore time at the meet.
Michaela Uresk - for coming on strong in both races this week after working through a stress fracture at the start of the summer.
Ellie Child - for a very strong 2nd place finish at Murray.

Coming Up:
Monday's Workout - be ready for a very hard workout. We are actually going to go to Barnes Park for 800m repeats
District Championships - we will be excused from school at 1:45 for the District Championships at Layton Park. I will send out the schedule tomorrow when I get it. There is an 'open' race at the end of the meet for anyone who would like to run (siblings, parents, friends, coaches). 
BYU Invite - The varsity boys and girls will race on Friday night at Cascade Golf Course in Orem (by the mouth of Provo Canyon). We will take a bus down after school. We are only taking one bus - but I would like to fill it with those of you who would like to come down and watch. Everyone else will race on Saturday morning on the BYU campus course (by the track). We will be taking 2 buses down on Saturday morning, and I would like for the varsity to come down and support/cheer/help. I will also be sending out more information about this meet in a few days. 
Bob Firman Surveys - If you received one, please turn those in to the main office on Monday or Tuesday. Do not bring them to me. I will be handing out the itinerary on Monday after school. And we will be trying to finalize who will be going. If you were on the invite list, but you cannot attend, please let me know. 

Rookie Girls - 
10. Kaitlyn Datwyler  21:55
41. Tiahna Cipriano  23:58
62. Sydney Zaugg  24:52
68. BriAnna Gipson  25:01
70. Addison Martin  25:04
148. Ella Palmer  27:29
*282 Total Runners
*Finished 7th as a TEAM

Rookie Boys - 
1. Matt Hawkins  17:50
2. Logan Haviland  18:00
3. Bryce Ferguson  18:07
6. Brandon Peters  18:23
7. Andrew Tyndall  18:23
19. Kent Thompson  18:49
21. Daniel Tumblin  18:50
27. Colton Rimann  19:06
29. Gavin Sundahl  19:18
124. Nathaniel Neubert  21:37
127. Adam Aposhian  21:39
182. Kyle Beech  22:41
251. Brigham Valentine  24:15
*333 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 19 Davis
2. 98 Weber
3. 153 Mountain Crest

JV Girls - 
1. Chelsey Johnson  19:57
2. Kenzie Weir  19:58
3. Josey Hedquist  19:59
4. Aimee Vance  20:06
5. Sierra Graham  20:18
7. Michaela Uresk  20:38
8. Sierra Haslam  20:56
9. Katie Frandsen  20:56
10. Madi Bledsoe  20:58
15. Sadie Hutchinson  21:24
16. Elise Anderson  21:35
18. Nicole Wood  21:41
27. Shaylee Argyle  22:15
36. Nalany Resek  22:40
51. Hannah Albrechtsen  22:59
53. Sophie Cottrell  23:01
*297 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. 15 Davis
2. 77 Skyline
3. 106 Mountain Crest
4. 121 Park City
5. 145 American Fork

JV Boys - 
1. Stokton Smith  16:48
2. Taylor Goldsberry  16:52
3. Ryan Lee  17:19
4. Josh Ward  17:19
5. Sam Haws  17:21
7. Ethan Stuart  17:44
12. Ryan Tanner  17:57
13. Kimball Potter  17:57
14. Alex White  17:57
17. Devin Farnsworth  18:01
23. Isaac Clouse  18:13
29. Mitch Perry  18:22
37. Joe Bailey  18:39
42. Tommy Moncur  18:44
57. Trevor Fry  19:01
61. Jackson Rayl  19:07
73. Josh Martineau  19:21
88. Caleb Gipson  19:30
94. Blake Garrett  19:34
97. Zach Wilde  19:36
106. JR Oldham  19:45
152. Tanner Horrocks  20:18
175. Brady England  20:30
176. Josh Robinson  20:30
*429 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 15 Davis 
2. 79 Mountain Crest
3. 87 Mountain View
4. 122 Bonneville

Varsity Girls - 
2. Ellie Child  18:24
3. Shea Martinez  18:28
11. Joanna Boyd  19:08
17. Ashley Tyndall  19:27
20. Madi Garlock  19:35
21. Kami Dixon  19:36
24. Mikell Wood  19:44
*226 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 53 Davis
2. 98 American Fork
3. 118 Orem
4. 119 Skyline
5. 124 Mountain Crest
6. 177 Park City
*31 Total Teams

Varsity Boys - 
9. Brayden Cromar 16:01
10. Alex Hedquist  16:08
20. Andrew Aposhian 16:25
22. Skylar Williams  16:28
27. Hayden Hansen  16:37
58. Jackson Sagers  17:09
59. Seth Thompson  17:09
*259 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 86 Davis
2. 86 Bonneville
3. 136 Mountain View
4. 216 Riverton
5. 239 Sky View
*37 Total Teams

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pre Region XC Results

Pre-Region One Cross Country Meet
September 4, 2012 @ Layton City Park Weather- 88 degrees, clear, dry, hot
Course- 2.0 miles - grass very long, wet

Girls Results
1. 11:47 Shea Martinez Davis
2. 12:03 Ellie Child Davis
3. 12:13 Kami Dixon Davis
4. 12:16 Mikell Wood Davis
5. 12:20 Joanna Boyd Davis
6. 12:25 Ashley Tyndall Davis
7. 12:27 Chelsea Johnson Davis
8. 12:28 Kenzie Weir Davis
9. 12:33 Sierra Graham Davis
10. 12:35 Aimee Vance Davis
11. 12:53 Josey Hedquist Davis
12. 13:03 Michaela Uresk Davis
13. 13:10 Katie Frandsen Davis
14. 13:14 Madison Beldsow Davis
15. 13:16 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
16. 13:18 Sierra Haslam Davis
17. 13:28 Elise Anderson Davis
18. 13:30 Isabella Williams Syracuse
19. 13:39 Erin Kibler Syracuse
20. 13:40 Megan Jordan Northridge
21. 13:47 Deverey Starkey Layton
22. 13:52 Kaitlyn Datwyler Davis
23. 14:05 Nalany Reser Davis
24. 14:07 Katrina Dunlap Syracuse
25. 14:08 Maddy Neyts Syracuse
26. 14:08 Nicole Wood Davis
27. 14:12 Hannah Albrechtsen Davis
28. 14:21 Syaylee Argyle Davis
29. 14:27 Katelyn Davidson Syracuse
30. 14:33 Sydney Zaugg Davis
31. 14:46 Tiana Cipriano Davis
32. 14:46 Mallory Ashby Syracuse
33. 14:55 Adriana McFarland Syracuse
34. 14:59 Sophie Cottrell Davis
35. 15:01 Alex Bernards Layton
36. 15:06 Abby Fletcher Northridge
37. 15:10 Alicia Hadlock Layton
38. 15:10 Katelyn Egbert Syracuse
39. 15:15 Brianna Gibson Davis
40. 15:17 Sidney Baker Layton
41. 15:22 Shaylee Dyer Northridge
42. 15:23 Madison Carter Northridge
43. 15:23 Abby Wehrli Northridge
44. 15:29 Becca Jacobsen Syracuse
45. 15:30 Jessica Howes Syracuse
46. 15:40 Maddison Antes Layton
47. 16:41 Jamie Baker Northridge
48. 16:48 Lauren Busby Syracuse
49. 17:16 Kaitlyn Walker Layton
50. 17:35 Sam Stewart Northridge
51. 17:47 Abby Jensen Layton
52. 17:59 Sam Segura Syracuse
53. 18:50 Amy Soderquist Northridge
54. 18:56 Paige Peterson Davis
55. 18:58 Katie Cobia Layton
56. 19:29 Britany Hamilton Layton
57. 19:44 Wendy Bond Northridge
58. 19:46 Emily Gordon Layton
59. 22:11 Annie Lund Layton

15 Davis
52 Syracuse
92 Layton
95 Northridge

Boys Results
1. 10:13 Brayden Cromar Davis
2. 10:13 Alex Hedquist Davis
3. 10:18 Andrew Apochian Davis
4. 10:20 Taylor Goldsberry Davis
5. 10:24 Skylar Williams Davis
6. 10:30 Hayden Hansen Davis
7. 10:33 Stockton Smith Davis
8. 10:39 Seth Thompson Davis
9. 10:41 Sam Haws Davis
10. 10:47 Landon Greenhalgh Syracuse
11. 10:49 Ryan Lee Davis
12. 10:56 Josh Ward Davis
13. 11:13 Alex White Davis
14. 11:17 Isaac Clouse Davis
15. 11:18 Ethan Stewart Davis
16. 11:20 Doug Graff Northridge
17. 11:24 Ryan Tanner Davis
18. 11:29 Kimball Potter Davis
19. 11:32 Devin Farnsworth Davis
20. 11:34 Bryce Ferguson Davis
21. 11:35 Joseph Bailey Davis
22. 11:35 Ben Johnson Northridge
23. 11:36 Logan Haviland Davis
24. 11:37 Brandon Peters Davis
25. 11:37 Matt Hawkins Davis
26. 11:37 Andrew Tyndall Davis
27. 11:47 Trevor Fry Davis
28. 11:47 Jeff Reed Syracuse
29. 11:51 Jackson Rayl Davis
30. 11:42 Tommy Moncur Davis
31. 11:54 Nathan Seffker Syracuse
32. 11:57 Yerik Clemens Layton
33. 11:57 Kent Thompson Davis
34. 11:58 Spencer Shuppy Northridge
35. 11:59 Bryant Stewart Northridge
36. 12:00 Rylan Heninger Layton
37. 12:02 Colton Rimann Davis
38. 12:04 Caleb Gipson Davis
39. 12:05 Zach Wilde Davis
40. 12:06 Blake Garrett Davis
41. 12:09 Jr. Oldham Davis
42. 12:15 Gavin Sundahl Davis
43. 12:17 Seth Christiansen Layton
44. 12:19 Josh Martineau Davis
45. 12:20 Brandon Read Syracuse
46. 12:25 Jonathon Cardinal Layton
47. 12:26 Spencer Toone Layton
48. 12:26 Brevin Schade Layton
49. 12:26 Blake Brinkerhoff Northridge
50. 12:34 Trenton Behunin Layton
51. 12:42 Brady England Davis
52. 12:42 Colton Kehr Northridge
53. 12:44 Mitch Perry Davis
54. 12:44 Josh Robinson Davis
55. 12:45 Tanner Horrocks Davis
56. 12:51 Daniel Tumblin Davis
57. 12:56 Josh Miller Northridge
58. 12:59 Tyler Fessler Syracuse
59. 13:04 Caleb Saunders Syracuse
60. 13:05 Joseph Bernards Layton
61. 13:12 Jared Godfrey Syracuse
62. 13:14 Zach Griffin Syracuse
63. 13:15 Thaddeus Bean Syracuse
64. 13:22 Jarrett Anderson Layton
65. 13:22 Ryan Sandborn Layton
66. 13:23 Garrett James Layton
67. 13:28 Brayden Burrell Syracuse
68. 13:34 Nick Merriman Syracuse
69. 13:38 Nathaniel Nenbert Davis
70. 13:39 Anthony Poole Layton
71. 13:40 Adam Aposhian Davis
72. 13:47 Tanner Robb Syracuse
73. 13:49 Zach Taylor Layton
74. 13:52 Jareck Nelson Syracuse
75. 13:53 Joseph Gillespie Layton
76. 13:56 Kaden Barlow Layton
77. 13:57 Kyle Beech Davis
78. 14:00 Brayden Stevens Northridge
79. 14:07 Nathan Flint Layton
80. 14:08 Chris Hooper Layton
81. 14:08 Tyler Littlefield Northridge
82. 14:13 Sean Marchant Syracuse
83. 14:15 Loren Burrell Syracuse
84. 14:15 Erik Mcentire Northridge
85. 14:25 Jasper Slaff Layton
86. 14:48 Brigham Valentine Davis
87. 15:06 James Vandermeyden Layton
88. 15:40 Zach Burrell Syracuse
89. 15:44 Gavin Dowdy Syracuse
90. 16:30 William Lakey Syracuse
91. 16:38 Hyrum Cook Syracuse
92. 17:03 Lane Dunstan Syracuse
93. 18:09 Parker Sjoblom Northridge

15 Davis
70 Northridge
75 Syracuse
85 Layton