Sunday, October 26, 2014

DXC Update - State Championships

Darts -
As you know, the state meet was not quite the outcome we were hoping for, but there were so many positive things that happened last Wednesday. . .
For the girls, we ran the 3rd fastest team time in the 17 year history of the course (93:19). Only our record time last year (92:27) and the AF girls this year have run faster. Basically, our girls team would have won against ANY other school from ANY other division ANY other year on that course. To put things in perspective, our first state championship ever was in 2007 (a team that went on to finish 9th at NXN). If our girls this year ran in that race, we would have beat our 2007 team 36-72 (3rd place would have been 123). In 2010 (the first year of our 4 year streak), this year's team would have won the state championships with a record 25 points.
Aubrey Argyle had an outstanding race to finish 2nd overall with 17:43 - she almost pulled off the upset and was only 2 seconds away from the victory. Her time is the 7th fastest all-time on the course, the 2nd fastest sophomore time ever run on the course, and the fastest EVER from Davis. In just 2 seasons, Aubrey has established herself as our best XC runner ever. Ally Geisler also had a tremendous day. She ran a patient race and pulled away from the chase pack over the final 1200m of the race to finish 3rd in 18:04. Her time is the 20th fastest ever run on the course, the 5th best sophomore time ever, and the 2nd best EVER from Davis. Sam Hedquist finished strong for us, dipping under 19:00 with 18:57 (#21 on our all-time list). Josey was our 4th finisher with 19:13 for 20th and her best race of the season. Miah Weaver fought with everything she had to finish in 19:21 as our #5 - it may not have been her day, but she still gave her very best. Grace Neuenschwander wasn't far behind with 19:28 (25th) and a very solid 1st state XC appearance. And Tatum Beard, who has been trying to workout and race on a hip injury, fought hard as well for her finish in 20:10. It is a young group of girls, with 6 girls who were in their first state meet ever. We learned a lot, and we most definitely gave a ton of HEART. It is that same heart and determination that will help us to bounce back and have a strong race at NXN Southwest in 4 weeks.
These girls have had an incredible season - undefeated up to this point - ranked in the top 10 in the U.S., and they are truly champions in the way they run and the way they act.

Our boys also ran a very positive race when it is put in perspective. We only missed our team time record by :15 seconds (3 seconds per runner) - a record that was set in 2011 by the TEAM that finished 3rd at NXN. We ran the 7th fastest team time ever on the course (behind the past 5 AF teams and our 2011 team). We last won a boys title in 2007 - and although we have had some incredible years since then (including 4 NXN TEAMS) - the team this year would have beat our 2007 team 27 to 100 (we would have put 4 boys in the top 5 of that race). Cross country in Utah has become extremely competitive over the past 6-7 years. We really are racing against the best teams in the country. I think it drives us to be better, and it is important to keep our performance in perspective. Basically we rock!
Stokton ran a strong race for 5th. He was gutsy and he stayed tough over the final half when it got hard. His time of 15:31 ranks #3 on our all-time list. Logan MacKay moved from 22nd to 8th over the final 800m of the race to earn all-state honors, and to run 15:43 - which is our #5 all-time mark and our fastest junior time ever run. Colton Rimann ran tough for the TEAM to finish 12th in 15:48 - our #9 all-time mark and #3 junior mark ever run. Josh Ward had a hard day, but didn't stop fighting - finishing 13th in 15:49. Mark my words, he will be back. Josh ran the Davis #10 all-time mark, giving us 4 boys in our top 10 all-time. Camren Todd has been outstanding for us all year and once again came through as our #5 guy in 16:23 (the 5th fastest Davis sophomore ever). Cam was the #7 sophomore in the race, and I know is determined to just keep getting better. Colter Blanchard finished very strong as our #6 guy. Colter has only had 2 1/2 weeks of training coming back from a shin stress fracture - and already he is starting to show some great strength and improvement. His 16:41 is an outstanding starting point, but he is just going to get faster as well. And Frasier Williamson wrapped up our top 7 with a 16:54 (#10 sophomore in the race) - it was a great experience for our young guys to learn from for the future.
The boys (just like the girls), have truly shown their character in the way they have raced and the way they have acted all season long. I am very proud of both TEAMs and the progress and growth that we have shown. We can be proud of our finishes because we gave our very best.
In addition to our awesome performances on the course, we also had the BEST cheering section in the history of the meet. Way to go TEAM for providing so much energy and excitement for those who were racing. Thanks to friends and family for all the support and all the cheering at the state meet and throughout the year.
Also a huge congrats to our Academic All-State winners - Nathaniel Neubert, Jordan Barnett, and Josey Hedquist (it took a 4.0 cumulative to make it).

Girls Results
2. Aubrey Argyle 17:43
3. Ally Geisler 18:04
18. Sam Hedquist 18:57
20. Josey Hedquist 19:13
23. Miah Weaver 19:21
25. Grace Neuenschwander 19:28
41. Tatum Beard 20:10
Team Scores
1. American Fork 46
2. Davis 58
3. Jordan 122
4. Herriman 131
5. Lehi 164
6. Lone Peak 168
7. Weber 188

Boys Results
5. Stokton Smith 15:31
8. Logan MacKay 15:43
12. Colton Rimann 15:48
13. Josh Ward 15:49
33. Camren Todd 16:23
44. Colter Blanchard 16:41
54. Frasier Williamson 16:54
Team Scores
1. American Fork 33
2. Davis 69
3. Lehi 119
4. Westlake 124
5. Lone Peak 137
6. Alta 178
7. Weber 202

*Full Results can be found at

As we move forward, it is important that we approach the next 4 weeks of training with a mission to be 100% prepared for our best races at Nike Southwest. We are taking 50 of our athletes on the trip, and we want to see 50 PRs. Not only that, we encourage as many of you who can to work out with us through that time. We need to work with purpose, unity, and heart. Commit to being there with a positive attitude and a determination to make your teammates better for all 4 weeks.

Important Items:
24 Hour Run - Due to state football playoffs, we are going to have to schedule the 24 hour run for Friday-Saturday (November 7-8). We will send out more details.

TEAM Pictures - Wednesday (October 29th) after school - Bring your uniforms! We will take the pictures at Fiesta right after the 9th graders get there (9th graders hurry!)

TEAM Party/Banquet - Thursday, November 13 at 6:00pm at the school. More details to come.

NXN Southwest - Saturday, November 22nd

Thank you all for an outstanding season. I am really glad that we still have a few more races in front of us before we move on to track. It has truly been a pleasure to work with each of you and to be inspired by you. Thanks as well to the best coaching staff ever (Brad Anderson and Paul Timothy) and thanks to the greatest parents on the planet!!

~Coach Talley

Saturday, October 18, 2014

DXC Update - Region Champions!!

Darts - 
It may have been nearly a week ago, but I am still very excited about the Region Championships last Monday. We had a ton of very positive performances from our TEAM, and it was so much fun to see all of the hard work and teamwork pay off. I shared a few of my thoughts at the meeting on Tuesday, but I would like to summarize again:
Girls JV - We finished with a perfect score and swept the top 7 places. We were led by two seniors: Tiahna with her best race of the season in 20:02 and Rachel with a very solid 20:09. Sophomore Jenna Connell had a great final race of her first season with 20:38. Madeline English was our top freshman with 21:11 (5th best freshman in the entire meet). Our girls JV would have qualified for state (finished 3rd overall) if they had competed in the varsity race. We had 19 girls break 22:00 (one more than our best team ever a year ago). Some incredible improvements from a year ago from Emma Call, Ella Palmer, and Hannah Naylor. And some incredible performances over the 2014 season from Madeline English, Bailey Cipriano, Malaree Wood, Ruby Jane Matthewson, Taylor Davis, Krystal Wood, and Colleen Mills.
Boys JV - The boys proved that they are arguably the BEST JV TEAM in the entire country - the fastest and the deepest. We had 31 JV boys under 18:00 (41 total boys). Our previous record in the JV race was 17 boys (27 overall). Our JV boys would have placed 2nd in the varsity race (behind our varsity boys). As far back as I could find, Josh Peters set the JV boys record in 16:18 for the win. We had 10 boys in the JV race run under 17:00 (also a record) - and in that group there were 1 senior, 3 juniors, 5 sophomores, and 1 freshman. Seth Stromberg was our top freshman finisher (and the 2nd overall 9th grader) with his 9th place finish in 16:57 - only 2 seconds behind what Frasier and Camren ran a year ago. We had some huge improvements over last year from Josh Peters, McKay Treadwell, Jason Boyd, Branson Petty, and Dallin Kitchen. And we had some strong improvements over the season from Zach Moncur, Devin Jaster, Tyson Datwyler, Carson Cox, Zach Jenkins, Isaak Hugh, Kalvin Stinger, Landon Wheeler, and Jacob Noorda. 
Girls Varsity - The girls varsity team continues to amaze and impress with their toughness and their unity. I felt that we fought very hard for this region title. We won by a considerable margin - but we have had to work very hard for our success this season. We were led by a NEW REGION COURSE RECORD from Aubrey Argyle (17:33) - Aubrey broke the old record by 4 seconds (Ellie Child from 2012). Aubrey led from start to finish and really pushed the pace. Ally Geisler had a great final 400m to get 2nd place and run 17:48 - which is the 3rd fastest all-time on the course. Our next 5 girls finished within :17 of each other - with Miah (6th), Sam (7th), Grace (8th), Tatum (9th), and Josey (10th). It was Grace's fastest pace of the season for any course - and she really stepped up for us. We ran the #3 all-time team time for the course (, but didn't miss the record by much.
Boys Varsity - The boys were also led by a COURSE RECORD performance from Stokton Smith. Stokton got the victory and shattered the record by :11 with his 15:07 (old record was 15:18 by Brad Nye in 2011). It was a very gutsy performance from Stokton as he led from start to finish. Josh Ward fought hard for 4th with 15:30. Our next 3 came in right together with Colton 6th, Logan 7th, and Camren 8th. We also had strong performances from Frasier (11th), Colter (14th), Bryce (15th), and Brandon (17th). It was our 19th Region Title in a row (dating back to 1996), and it was nearly our fastest of them all - missing the team time record by only 3 seconds (2011). 

Again - it was so much fun to watch everyone get after it. I felt like we were really racing for something - everyone on the TEAM was giving full effort and it made it a very positive victory - I guess you could say 'LEGENDARY'. It has been such a pleasure to work with all of you and to see your improvement. This is truly a TEAM with heart and desire, and as we move forward - state, NXN, track, and cross country in 2015 - I hope you continue to run with passion and unity. 
You can see the team results at the bottom of the email and the full results at 

Coming Up:
Monday-Tuesday: Practice for EVERYONE - meet in my classroom at 2:45.
State Cross Country Championships: Wednesday (Oct. 22nd) at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake - The girls race at 2:00 and the boys are at 3:30. You will be excused from school at 11:30 and we are leaving at 11:45 (someone don't forget to make sure we bring the big flag). I hope you can all make it - we like for it to be a full TEAM experience. Plus we need all of you to be there and provide energy and strength for those running. We will make it home at around 7:00pm after stopping at Cafe Rio in Bountiful on the way home (everyone will need to bring $5 - the team will cover the rest). More details to come. 
Thursday-Saturday: We will meet on Thursday to watch the state video - but we will not be running. We will not have practice on Friday and Saturday. 
Zombie Run: If you want to volunteer as a zombie for the Centerville Zombie run - we will do sign ups (with Coach Timothy) on Monday. The race is Saturday (more details to come). 
TEAM Pictures and Uniform Turn-in: Tuesday, October 28th after school. Please wash your uniforms. 
TEAM Banquet: TBA
24 Hour Run: TBA (tentatively October 30-31)
NXN Southwest Information: To be sent out after state. Everyone is encouraged to continue training with us until NXN Southwest - even if you don't make the invite list. 

Athletes of the Week:
Jason Boyd
McKay Treadwell
Camren Todd
Josey Hedquist
Grace Neuenschwander
Tiahna Cipriano

Brad's Corner: One of the biggest races of our season is this week. We are primed and ready! We have done the work! We have trained as a TEAM! We are ready! All we need to do now is race.
Something that helped my racing when I was in High School, and even now when I race, is when I realized there is only about 5 minutes in a race that really hurts. I am pretty sure my Dad pointed this out.
Racing is hard, but if you think about it there is really only 5 minutes (10 on a bad day) where you really have to dig in and be tough. All of the previous part of the race you are still cruising. 5 minutes!!!! That is nothing. It is over before you know it. 5 minutes! The break between classes! A commercial break! 5 minutes! That's like two 2 1/2 minute songs or one longer 5 minute song.
Any of of us can run through that. And realize slowing down doesn't really make you feel better. Stopping is the only way the pain will go away. And stopping is not an option. And slowing down will only leave you with regrets.
So this Wednesday (And really, for the rest of your running careers) always remember you can dig through this last 5 minutes. And when you get there, smile knowing we are the toughest TEAM on the course. You are ready to tear it up! And know that in the next 5 minutes it will all be over! Are you going to stand and be proud that you were brave and tough the last 5 minutes? Of course you are. You run for DAVIS! There is no other option. :)

Boys Varsity
1 Smith, Stokton               15:07.56                                                                                 
4 Ward, Josh                      15:30.91                                                                                              
6 Rimann, Colton              15:41.94                                                                                              
7 MacKay, Logan              15:47.28                                                                                             
8 Todd, Camren                15:53.50                                                                              
11 Williamson, Frasier    16:07.62
14 Colter Blanchard         16:20.00                                                              
15 Ferguson, Bryce          16:20.24
17 Brandon Peters           16:32.31
24 Mitch Perry                   16:55.59
*68 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 26
2. Weber 74
3. Syracuse 88
4. Fremont 107

Boys JV 
1 Peters, Josh                    16:18.78                                                                                              
2 Tumblin, Daniel             16:25.78                                                                                              
3 Ward, Matt                     16:33.62                                                                                              
4 Porter, Britton               16:39.59                                                                                              
5 Boyd, Jason                     16:44.72                                                                                              
6 Harris, Daniel                 16:46.50                                                                                              
7 Thornton, Lance            16:57.15                                                                                              
8 Moncur, Zach                 16:57.62                                                                                              
9 Stromberg, Seth           16:57.84                                                                                              
10 Twitchell, Solomon    16:59.50                                                                                              
11 Vaughn, Jacob             17:00.24                                                                                              
12 Johnson, Kelton          17:02.52                                                                                              
13 Wilde, Zach                   17:07.03                                                                                              
14 Christiansen, Josh      17:07.62                                                                                              
15 Treadwell, McKay      17:09.34                                                                                              
17 Larsen, Dallin                17:18.94                                                                                              
18 Jaster, Devin             17:19.96                                                                                              
19 Ford, Lance                   17:23.18                                                                                              
20 Datwyler, Tyson          17:23.43                                                                                              
21 Aposhian, Adam         17:27.53                                                                                              
22 Petty, Branson            17:28.72                                                                                              
24 Lang, Jason                   17:30.12                                                                                              
25 Hedquist, Adam          17:30.56                                                                                              
26 Kitchen, Dallin              17:33.15                                                                                              
27 Cox, Carson                  17:41.09                                                                                              
28 Welling, Jake                17:41.59                                                                                              
30 Van Drimmelen, Porter 17:42.62                                                                                              
31 Halverson, Brigham   17:44.02                                                                              
33 Leavitt, Sam                  17:46.37                                                                                              
36 Rayl, Jackson                17:49.37                                                                                              
37 Wilkinson, Josh           17:51.56                                                                              
41 Jenkins, Zach                18:04.22                                                                                              
45 Christensen, Brandon     18:20.50                                                                              
47 Stinger, Kaleb              18:23.97                                                                                              
50 Callor, Jace                    18:25.87                                                                                              
51 Hugh, Isaak                   18:26.18                                                                                              
54 Brown, Cee                   18:31.18                                                                                              
58 Stinger, Kalvin              18:38.84                                                                                              
60 Haviland, Josh              18:42.41                                                                              
62 Wheeler, Landon       18:44.59                                                                                              
63 Neubert, Nathaniel  18:44.81                                                                                               
67 Hales, Nate                   18:51.94                                                                                              
68 Vance, Hayden            18:52.59                                                                                              
69 Wilde, Nate                 18:55.38                                                                                              
73 Hyde, Cade                   19:13.34                                                                                              
74 Thornton, Derek         19:14.09                                                                              
78 Castillo, Eduardo         19:18.93                                                                              
88 Hugie, Karson              19:52.44                                                                              
99 Noorda, Jacob             20:12.53                                                                                              
101  Taylor, Jonah            20:18.50                                                                                              
*109 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Weber 51
3. Syracuse 82
4. Fremont 99
5. Viewmont 155

Girls Varsity
1 Argyle, Aubrey              17:33.31                                                                              
2 Geisler, Ally                     17:48.22                                                                                              
6 Weaver, Miah                18:46.28                                                                              
7 Hedquist, Sam               18:50.75                                                                              
8 Neuenschwander, Grace    18:54.03                                                                              
9 Beard, Tatum               18:58.00                                                                              
10 Hedquist, Josey          19:03.44  
16 Kaitlyn Datwyler         19:47.91
20 Emmaline Huntzinger 20:03.34
24 Sydnee Rayl                  20:15.78
*62 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 24
2. Weber 61
3. Fremont 77
4. Layton 112
5. Syracuse 128

Girls JV
1 Cipriano, Tiahna            20:02.00                                                                                              
2 Johnson, Rachel            20:09.88                                                                                              
3 Connell, Jenna               20:38.34                                                                                              
4 Zaugg, Sydney           20:41.31                                                                                              
5 Williams, Sara                 21:10.78                                                                                              
6 English, Madeline         21:11.06                                                                                              
7 Naylor, Hannah             21:25.41                                                                              
9 Cipriano, Bailey              21:39.44                                                                                              
11 Cottrell, Sophie           21:57.12                                                                              
16 Wood, Malaree           22:13.59                                                                                              
17 Robinson, Brylie          22:18.09                                                                                              
18 Clouse, Rachel             22:20.41                                                                                              
19 Wood, Nicole               22:20.78                                                                                              
20 Gipson, BriAnna          22:26.56                                                                              
22 Call, Emma                    22:33.34                                                                                              
23 Palmer, Ella                   22:33.62                                                                                              
24 Matthewson, Ruby Jane         22:39.06                                                                              
26 Hawkins, Anne            22:51.56                                                                              
28 Berry, Amber               22:58.09                                                                                              
29 Barnett, Jordan           23:02.53                                                                                              
30 Waddoups, Sarah       23:02.87                                                                                              
31 Davis, Taylor                 23:11.31                                                                                              
37 Twitchell, Louisa         23:37.40                                                                              
47 Wood, Krystal              24:50.41                                              
54 Jenkins, Autumn        25:23.65                                                                              
64 Meyer, Madi                27:22.18                                                                              
66 Smith, Maggie             27:39.78                                                                                              
67 Mills, Colleen               27:49.47                                                                                              
71 Reynolds, Baylee        30:08.97              
*72 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Weber 50
3. Syracuse 96
4. Viewmont 115
5. Fremont 125

Sunday, October 5, 2014

DXC Update - 10/5

Darts -
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and that you are rested and ready for the final 2.5 weeks of the season. Every year it surprises me how fast the cross country season seems to move by. It has been another exciting year with some great races and some great memories. I feel very fortunate to be coaching each of you and I am grateful to be involved with this TEAM.
The best part of cross country is still to come - the most intense races - the truest test of our fitness and our unity. I am really looking forward to seeing what each of you have to give at the region championships and to see how our entire TEAM has come together for the state championships. We have put in the work to get to this point in the season. This is our time and our opportunity to really shine.
I know there has been a lot of hype about our climb up the national rankings board - but for the next 2 1/2 weeks, the entire focus should be on getting stronger and being mentally and physically prepared for our two championship races here in Utah. We have some business to take care of - and it it going to take positive attitudes, teamwork, and some serious focus and determination. Bring energy and passion into everything we have left.

Nichols Park 5k - Great job on Wednesday at our home cross country meet. I think we will stick with the Nichols Park course when we host races in the future. It was definitely a challenging 5k, and I thought our TEAM did a very good job being tough at the right moments in the race. The results are up at Congrats to Aubrey Argyle and Josh Ward on their course records. Also congrats to Rachel Johnson and Jacob Vaughan on their JV victories. Thanks a ton to all the parents who came and helped with course direction and the finish line. And a special thanks to Steve Petty for all that he has done to get the trail in the hollow and get it ready for the race. It was Steve's efforts that really got Fruit Heights to embrace the idea - and we are definitely grateful for how it benefits our team.

T-Shirts - The second order of T-shirts will be available at practice tomorrow. If you have not yet paid for your t-shirts, please do so in the office or online (the fines should be entered on your accounts). The cost was $10 per shirt.

Important Items This Week:
Tuesday - Varsity group will be going to Sugarhouse Park to work out on the state cross country course. We will try to leave Davis at 2:45. This will include the top 9-10 boys and girls.
Wednesday - Open Region Meet at Viewmont. We will be going to the meet, but due to the closeness of the race to our region meet (only 5 days), we will be using this race as a tune-up tempo run. No one will be racing all-out. The course is in West Bountiful at the Bountiful Ponds - just to the south of the landfill. From Legacy Parkway, you take the 500 S. exit, turn right, then turn right (north) again on the frontage road and follow it to the ponds. I will send out the time schedule when I receive it from Viewmont.
Friday - We will workout at Layton Park on the Region Course. We will also have the Region TEAM dinners on Friday night at 6:00. The girls and boys dinners will be separate (more details to come).
Saturday - We will have a TEAM practice on Saturday at 8:00am at Davis High.

Remaining Schedule:
10/8 - Open Region Meet at Viewmont
10/13 - Region Championships at Layton Park
10/22 - State Championships at Sugarhouse Park

Thanks and Happy Running -
Coach Talley

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls Results - Davis Region Meet

Layton, Northridge, Syracuse, Viewmont, Weber @ Davis
October 1, 2014 @ Nichols Park Weather – 55 degrees, overcast
Course – 5000m; Course Record – 18:48 by Aubrey Argyle, 2014


1. 18:48 Aubrey Argyle Davis
2. 18:57 McKenna Lee Weber
3. 19:00 Ally Geisler Davis
4. 19:32 Sam Heaton Weber
5. 20:02 Isabella Williams Syracuse
6. 20:14 Sam Hedquist Davis
7. 20:20 Josey Hedquist Davis
8. 20:28 Grace Neuenschwander Davis
9. 20:40 Kaitlyn Datwyler Davis
10. 20:48 Emmaline Huntzinger Davis
11. 21:06 Jenny Tidwell Weber
12. 21:14 Brielle Fernelius Weber
13. 21:20 Sydnee Rayl Davis
14. 21:24 Kaliegh Southwick Weber
15. 21:26 Jenna Connell Davis
16. 21:30 Beth Froerer Weber
17. 21:34 Rindy Roos Layton
18. 21:40 Sydney Zaugge Davis
19. 22:14 Rachel Griffin Syracuse
20. 22:18 Renee Peterson Syracuse
21. 22:21 Amber Broderick Weber
22. 22:25 Kiley Allman Weber
23. 22:43 McKell Rapp Viewmont
24. 22:53 Katelyn Egbert Syracuse
25. 22:59 Haeli Rich Weber
26. 23:07 Abbey Greenhalgh Syracuse
27. 23:10 Rebecca Workman Viewmont
28. 23:11 Lexi Elinkowski Layton
29. 23:14 Rebecca Pitt Viewmont
30. 23:17 Kayla Snyder Syracuse
31. 23:31 Carri Yoho Northridge
32. 23:32 Laura Kehr Northridge
33. 23:32 McKenna Butler Weber
34. 23:38 Maylee Thompson Weber
35. 23:38 Gabby Young Syracuse
36. 23:43 Jessica Parker Viewmont
37. 23:47 Kirsten Barker Viewmont
38. 23:49 Jaida Berman Viewmont
39. 23:54 Tori Woods Northridge
40. 24:13 Kacee Low Viewmont
41. 24:14 Monica Hill Syracuse
42. 24:19 Kate Jeffrey Northridge
43. 24:20 Mykaela Adams Layton
44. 24:22 Karissa Jacob Syracuse
45. 24:45 Hannah Skidmore Viewmont
46. 25:06 Sophie Ballsteadt Viewmont
47. 25:13 Jessica Egnew Viewmont

Team Scores
1. Davis 25
2. Weber 42
2. Syracuse 77
5. Viewmont 107

1. 21:29 Rachel Johnson Davis
2. 22:08 Tiahna Cipriano Davis
3. 22:28 Sarina Rosado Layton
4. 22:53 Alex Tanner Davis
5. 22:55 Sara Williams Davis
6. 23:00 Bayleigh Marriott Weber
7. 23:01 Hannah Naylor Davis
8. 23:14 Sophie Cottrell Davis
9. 23:29 Kylee Benunin Layton
10. 23:40 Bailey Cipriano Davis
11. 23:46 Jordan Barnett Davis
12. 23:50 Rachel Arner Weber
13. 24:00 BriAnna Gipson Davis
14. 24:08 Bronte Fronk Weber
15. 24:09 Marissa Reddish Weber
16. 24:12 Malaree Wood Davis
17. 24:13 Ann Hawkins Davis
18. 24:20 Brylie Robinson Davis
19. 24:27 Rachel Minert Weber
20. 24:27 Rebekah Mikhail Weber
21. 24:41 Amber Berry Davis
22. 24:41 Halle Grey Viewmont
23. 24:42 Ruby Jane Matthewson Davis
24. 24:50 Liza Dummer Layton
25. 24:50 Rebecca Adams Viewmont
26. 24:51 Kiara Wall Layton
27. 24:53 Olivia Blood Layton
28. 24:53 Haven Thorson Layton
29. 24:54 Charlee Smith Layton
30. 25:06 Ella Palmer Davis
31. 25:17 Krystal Wood Davis
32. 25:18 Megan Page Syracuse
33. 25:24 Sam George Viewmont
34. 25:28 Taylor Davis Davis
35. 25:40 Amberlee Barlow Layton
36. 25:41 Nikki Talbot Weber
37. 25:50 Maddisen Antes Layton
38. 25:57 Sydney Hansen Syracuse
39. 26:02 Isabelle Burke Layton
40. 26:04 Kelsey Oyler Layton
41. 26:04 Lilly Johnson Viewmont
42. 26:11 Brooklyn Dee Syracuse
43. 26:12 Julia Dunlap Syracuse
44. 26:24 Shayla Potter Layton
45. 26:35 Arlyne Arteaga Syracuse
46. 26:36 Chenille Morris Syracuse
47. 26:37 Sarah Waddoups Davis
48. 27:03 Amberlyn Lark Syracuse
49. 27:13 Sky Fenwick Viewmont
50. 27:20 Emily Christensen Weber
51. 27:29 Sophi Johnson Viewmont
52. 27:52 Amber Mecham Syracuse
53. 28:17 Rose Barker Layton
54. 29:00 Jamie Parker Northridge
55. 30:06 Gracie Boi Layton
56. 30:35 Madison Meyer Davis
57. 30:43 Julia Call Davis
58. 30:52 Sabrina Niederhauser Layton
59. 30:57 Colleen Mills Davis
60. 35:37 Olivia Wariner Viewmont

Team Scores
1. Davis 19
2. Weber 56
3. Layton 68
4. Viewmont 118
5. Syracuse 136