Saturday, September 30, 2017

DXC Update - Sep 30


Many valuable lessons can be learned through running and racing. Hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. The importance of recovery, and paying attention to the little things. The ability to deal with pain; to expect, embrace, and push through it. Dealing with victories and defeat. But in the end it's just running. There is so much more to life, and sometimes we are reminded of how precious it is.

Five of our TEAMmates were in a car accident late Friday night, and two of them were taken to the hospital. Chunky (Adam Hedquist) has a bunch of stitches on his head to go along with some fractured ribs and a fractured pelvis. He's obviously in a lot of pain, but won't stop joking around and staying positive. The first questions he asked were, "How's Connor?" and "When can I run again?" CoJo (Connor Jones) took the brunt of the force and is in the ICU with a fractured skull, eye socket, ribs, and pelvis. He was less mobile, but is staying positive and expected to recover fully, albeit slowly. Neither has been able to eat or sleep much. They've been grateful for all the visits and have felt the love from so many, but the hospital has asked us to not visit Connor anymore until further notice. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Everything seems so frivolous after an event like this, but I know our TEAMmates would want us to be strong and continue on. We have a lot of great things going on this week.

Homecoming Parade
The parade organizers have asked us to kick off the parade at 4:30 this Thursday by running with the flags. That should still give us plenty of time to make it to the TEAM dinners.

Region Dinners
We'll be having our TEAM dinners Thursday at 6:00. We'll make assignments during our meetings on Monday and Tuesday. The boys will be at the Hogans and the girls at the Spackmans.

Region Championships
The Region One Championships are Friday, October 6th. The top 4 teams will go to the State Championships.
3:00- JV Girls
3:30- JV Boys
4:00- Varsity Girls - Ellie L, Ruth W, Madeline E, Rosie S, Sarah W, Sydney H, Sara M, Abi W, Megan A, Kate S
4:30- Varsity Boys - Seth S, McKennion M, Porter V, Derek T, CJ R, Jared H, Trey F, Carson K, Zach J, Jacob H
5:15- Awards Ceremony at Kenley Amphitheater

For a lot of you, this is your last official race of the cross country season. Let's make it count.

Much love,

Coach T

Sunday, September 17, 2017


We had a busy week with the District Championships and BYU Invite. The weather is finally starting to turn. It might actually feel like cross country season this week as we get some rain and lower temperatures.

District Championships
Because of the schedule this year, we used the district championships on Wednesday as a chance to get a solid workout in, run as a TEAM, and work on the last 800. It was fun to watch our TEAM move and finish strong. We finished first in each race. The results are attached to this email.

BYU Invite
Yesterday was the BYU invite. It was a flat, soft, and fast course at East Bay golf course. We showed a lot of improvement and we're definitely heading in the right direction as a TEAM. The Fr/So boys kicked off the racing on a very cool morning looking very strong led by Jacob Halverson. We were hard to beat as our 5th scorer crossed the line in 14th place to score 40 points to AFs 81. Sydney Hedquist then battled it out in the girls race for 2 1/2 miles before breaking away for the individual win by 17 seconds. The girls ended up in 6th place.
The Varsity Boys got to race against all the teams that beat us at Murray where we took 5th. Springville was missing one of their guys and Timpanogos didn't run their varsity, but American Fork showed up in their place (minus one of their top guys). We have some tough competition in Utah which is great to help us stay motivated and push ourselves to be better. The boys were again led by Seth and Connor who were only 4 seconds apart, but because of the depth of the field were 10 places apart. The boys took 3rd this time. The girls kinda got swallowed up at the start, but were able to find each other and work together. Ellie and Ruth finished a tenth of a second apart, and Sarah Waddoups worked through about 50 girls to almost catch up to Madeline. The JV boys and girls finished off the races with some strong performances. Depth continues to be one of our strengths as the boys took 1st and the girls took 2nd. Derek Thornton led the boys with the individual win and an unbeatable 20 points with a 1-5 spread of only 23 seconds. Jacque Smith led the girls to score 61.5 points to Lone Peak's 56. The full results for the race are found here. If you haven't already checked, you can get on and look at your mile splits and placement in the race at each split. It's good information to help analyze your race.

Athletes of the week
Girls - Sydney Hedquist, Ruth Wright, Jenny Ensign
Boys - Seth Stromberg, Nyle Ferguson, Carson Coleman

TEAM Shirt - 2nd Order
We are doing a 2nd order of the DXC shirt. Send me an email as soon as you can. I'll get the order sent out early this week.

Bob Firman
We are leaving for Bob Firman on Friday morning. The Itinerary is attached. As of right now the weather looks perfect for racing in Boise on Saturday.

This week
Monday - Distance Run
Tuesday - Morning run on your own. Meet at the track at 6:30 pm
Wednesday - Distance Run
Thursday - Light intervals at Fiesta
Friday - Those going to Bob Firman meet at school at 7:00 am
Saturday - Bob Firman

We're winding down fast. Region is less than 3 weeks away! Come to practice with a little extra fire and excitement. Come ready to work.

-Coach T

BYU Invite Results - Full Results found here
Varsity Girls (10th)
18:43 Ellie Lundgreen
18:43 Ruth Wright
19:12 Madeline English
19:21 Sarah Waddoups
19:34 Sara Miller
19:38 Rosie Schraedel
19:47 Abi Waddoups

JV Girls (2nd)
19:57 Jacque Smith
20:02 Megan Allart
20:11 Kate Stuart
20:22 Jennica Robinson
20:43 Jane Anderson
20:53 Andie Groll
20:59 Isabella VanBrocklin
21:00 Becky Swanson
21:02 Hannah McGurk
21:06 Addy Rich
21:28 Erin Berry
21:37 Maddie Johnson
21:55 Autumn Taylor
22:03 Ellie Anderson
23:03 Jenny Ensign
23:05 Emma Oliver
23:44 Jessica Vegas
23:48 Macy Griffin
23:52 Lindsey Reich
23:56 Emily Jorgensen
23:58 Krystal Wood
24:55 Emma Francis
25:07 Tia Goldsberry
25:14 Kylee Hoffman
25:17 Anna Thomson
26:21 Afton Judd
26:38 Abbey Taylor
26:48 Klarissa Hugh
26:49 Clara Thompson
26:57 Aidan Romney
28:15 Rebekah Issertell
32:24 Emily Alvord

Fr/So Girls (6th)
19:06 Sydney Hedquist
20:52 Alexa Peters
21:14 Whitney Walpole
21:21 Bailey Kealamakia
22:40 Hope Smith
23:29 Indai Edgar
23:49 Jamie Covington
23:55 Eliza Rich
23:59 Tara Jones
24:12 Kennedie Shepherd
24:30 Lindsey Bouwhuis
24:41 Ashley Lee
25:08 Elizabeth Brown
25:48 Bailey Kohler
26:00 Carly Behrmann
29:20 Elisabeth Issertell
30:58 Kate Potter

Varsity Boys (3rd)
15:24 Seth Stromberg
15:28 Connor Jones
15:45 McKennion Melton
15:49 Adam Hedquist
16:01 Porter VanDrimmelen
16:10 Carson Knight
16:11 CJ Rees

JV Boys (1st)
16:04 Derek Thornton
16:08 Jared Hogan
16:15 Trey Ferrin
16:21 Zach Jenkins
16:27 Ben Murdock
16:31 Noah Stuart
16:31 Caden Wheeler
16:35 Nyle Ferguson
16:39 Nate Iverson
16:56 Oakley James
16:57 Cole Weaver
16:57 Mitchell Clove
16:59 Nate Sheffield
17:07 Tucker Fenton
17:09 Carson Cox
17:18 Josh Hall
17:51 Nate Wilde
18:28 Hayden Walpole
18:31 Braden Wilding
18:32 Andrew Simonsen
18:39 Nathan Thornton
19:05 Colin Major
19:08 Hyrum Palmer
19:37 Aaron Kohler
19:43 Thomas Hogan

Fr/So Boys (1st)
16:26 Jacob Halverson
16:32 Jalen Anderton
16:40 Adam Wall
16:46 Carson Coleman
16:48 Connor Finlinson
16:49 Rawson Spackman
16:50 Simon Mitchell
16:51 Garrett Direda
16:57 Daniel Larsen
17:02 Luke Wilde
17:05 Kurt Thornton
17:11 Mike Haven
17:47 Spencer Hogan
17:54 Kale Thomas
18:17 Hunter Kitchen
18:22 Sam Willden
18:33 Tate Isom
18:41 Isaac Neuenschwander
18:41 Griffin Karras
18:43 John Hess
18:51 Caleb Chase
20:47 Marcus Hayden
20:48 Connor Harrison
22:04 Kimball Yates

Sunday, September 10, 2017

DXC Update - Murray Invite


The season is flying by. There are only 4 more races that everyone gets to do (District, BYU, Nicholls, and Region), and only 2 others that some get to do (Bob Firman and State). It's going to be over before we know it. We need to maintain focus and make sure we're taking care of the little things: Nutrition, hydration, getting enough sleep, stretching, massaging, etc. Everyone needs to show up to practice excited to get to work with a positive attitude and a lot of energy.

Murray Invite
We competed at the Murray Invite on Friday afternoon. The course was about 2.95 miles long this year and we're seeing a lot of improvement as a TEAM already. Many of you had a better mile pace than our Pre-Region race which is about a mile shorter and less hilly.

Our focus this race was mile 2 which put our varsity boys and girls a little further back than we'd like during the first mile. The narrowness of the course made it crowded and hard to move during the second mile and there was a lot of weaving in and out of people which can waste a bunch of energy. Connor Jones somehow navigated all the way to 11th place after being in about 40th at the mile, and Ellie Lundgreen went from 60 or 70th all the way up to 25th. Our boys ended up in 5th place and our girls took 10th.

The JV races were not as crowded up front and we were able to run our race. It's great to see our TEAM working together and running with and for each other. Ben, Trey, and Jared worked together and finished within 2 seconds of each other. About 20 seconds later we had another group finish close together. After the races were combined, our scorers went 3, 4, 5, 11, 14, 15, and 16 to score 37 points for the win. The girls narrowly pulled off the victory in the combined result with 72 points to American Forks 85. We were led with some toughness up front by Elisabeth Ferrell who ended up 2nd in the race first open race and 5th overall. Jacque, Kate, Sydney and Megan rounded out our scorers.

Our Sophomore boys ended up second place to a very good and deep team from Riverton. Even if we put all our Sophomores in that race we would have ended up in 2nd place. That's going to make for some great battles for the next two years. Tilly had a great race to take 3rd overall and we had some girls make some big jumps in their racing.

We only have a few freshmen, but they're awesome. Daniel Larsen is making a huge comeback from his camp injury, and Simon races with guts galore. The girls made some big jumps in their racing as well (Eliza's pace was over a minute faster than Pre-Region). The girls were led by Alexa Peters.

Athletes of the Week
Girls: Elisabeth Ferrell, Jacque Smith, Bailee Kealamakia, Eliza Rich
Boys: Ben Murdock, Trey Ferrin, Jared Hogan, Daniel Larsen

Davis District Championships
Wednesday (9/13) at Layton Park. The race is 2.75 miles. There's an open race at 5:10. See if you can convince your friends and family to run! :)
1:30 - Excused from School
1:45 - Buses Leave
3:30 - JV Girls
3:55 - JV Boys
4:20 - Varsity Girls - Ellie, Ruth, Elisabeth, Rosie, Madeline, Jacque, Sarah W, Abi, Kate, Sara M
4:45 - Varsity Boys - Connor, Porter, Seth, Adam, McKennion, Carson, CJ, Ben, Trey, Jared
5:10 - Alumni/Parent/Sibling/Friend Race - You can run with your siblings in this one for your cool down if you want.
5:30 - Awards
6:00 - Back to the school

BYU Invite
We are also racing this coming Saturday at BYU. This is also for everyone on the team, and we need to do registration by Wednesday night. Please let me know (in an email) if you are not going to be able to attend. I will send out some final information for the BYU meet on Thursday. The course is at East Bay Golf Course in Provo. It is a 3 mile race.
5:50 - Meet at the school
6:00 - Buses Leave
8:00 - Frosh/Soph Boys 3 Mile
8:35 - Frosh/Soph Girls 3 Mile
9:15 - Varsity Boy's 3 Mile
9:40 - College Women's 3 Mile
10:15 - Varsity Girl's 3 Mile
10:45 - College Men's 4 Mile
11:15 - JV Boys 3 Mile
11:45 - JV Girls 3 Mile
12:30 - Awards
2:00 - Back to the School

Bob Firman
I sent out the information about Bob Firman last week. I have received confirmations from most of you. If you are on the list, but unable to attend, please let me know ASAP. I will be entering the fees in the DSD system tomorrow or Tuesday, and we will be working out some final details this week. Once again, the trip is September 22-23 and the cost is $110. Let me know if you have any questions.

TEAM shirts
I hope the shirts will arrive this week. You can pay for your order online. I've had a lot of people ask about a second order. I'll look into how much that will cost.

This Week
Monday - Workout at Layton Park on the District Course. 9th graders can either meet us at the south doors no later than 3:10 or meet us over at Layton Park ready to run.
Tuesday - Morning Run + After School Run (both easy)
Wednesday - Davis District Championships at Layton Park
Thursday - Flag Run to Girls Soccer Game vs Layton
Friday - Distance run on your own before or after school
Saturday - BYU Invite

Thanks everybody! Let's bring some energy and excitement this week!

-Coach T

Murray Invite Results
Full Results can be found at

Seeded Boys
15:25 Connor Jones
15:56 Porter VanDrimmelen
15:58 Seth Stromberg
16:00 Adam Hedquist
16:10 Carson Knight
16:15 McKennion Melton
16:15 CJ Rees
16:22 Derek Thornton

Open Boys
15:55 Ben Murdock
15:55 Trey Ferrin
15:57 Jared Hogan
16:16 Noah Stuart
16:22 Jacob Halverson
16:22 Caden Wheeler
16:22 Zach Jenkins
16:29 Jalen Anderton
16:33 Garrett Direda
16:40 Connor Finlinson
16:42 Nate Iverson
16:46 Cole Weaver
16:47 Tucker Fenton
16:52 Nyle Ferguson
16:55 Oakley James
17:02 Mitchell Clove
17:05 Josh Hall
17:13 Carson Cox
17:25 Nate Sheffield
18:07 Nathan Thornton
18:15 Nate Wilde
18:16 Braden Wilding
18:20 Andrew Simonsen
18:30 Hayden Walpole
19:01 Hyrum Palmer
20:12 Thomas Hogan

Sophomore Boys
16:37 Mike Haven
16:41 Kurt Thornton
16:45 Adam Wall
17:02 Rawson Spackman
17:04 Carson Coleman
17:11 Luke Wilde
17:27 Colin Major
17:35 Tate Isom
17:44 Spencer Hogan
18:01 Kale Thomas
18:03 Isaac Neuenschwander
18:18 Griffin Karras
18:21 John Hess
18:22 Sam Willden
21:27 Connor Harrison
23:26 Akime Sorenson

Freshmen Boys
16:36 Daniel Larsen
17:05 Simon Mitchell
17:35 Hunter Kitchen
18:32 Caleb Chase
21:18 Kimball Yates

Seeded Girls
18:24 Ellie Lundgreen
18:56 Ruth Wright
19:09 Rosie Schraedel
19:11 Madeline English
19:18 Sarah Waddoups
19:24 Abi Waddoups
19:34 Sara Miller
19:48 Jennica Robinson

Open Girls
19:05 Elisabeth Ferrell
19:15 Jacque Smith
19:33 Kate Stuart
19:36 Sydney Hedquist
19:51 Megan Allart
20:42 Jane Anderson
20:45 Maddie Johnson
20:47 Becky Swanson
20:47 Autumn Taylor
20:52 Isabella VanBrocklin
21:03 Hannah McGurk
21:06 Andie Groll
21:14 Erin Berry
21:18 Addy Rich
21:49 Ellie Anderson
22:15 Jaysi Porter
23:03 Emma Oliver
23:07 Macy Griffin
23:15 Lindsey Reich
23:26 Jenny Ensign
23:38 Emma Francis
23:38 Aidan Romney
23:49 Lindsey Bouwhuis
24:05 Jamie Covington
24:21 Krystal Wood
24:24 Emily Jorgensen
24:43 Kylee Hoffman
25:33 Anna Thomson
25:54 Abbey Taylor
26:34 Clara Thompson
26:35 Klarissa Hugh
27:13 Rebekah Issertell

Sophomore Girls
19:35 Tilly Vasquez
20:47 Bailey Kealamakia
22:23 Indai Edgar
25:04 Ashley Lee
27:02 Carly Behrmann
33:49 Kate Potter

Freshmen Girls
20:23 Alexa Peters
22:08 Eliza Rich
24:16 Tara Jones
26:11 Elizabeth Brown
30:15 Elisabeth Issertell

Saturday, September 2, 2017

DXC Update - Pre-Region


We're coming off a hot week and it looks like next week may even be hotter. Make sure you're staying hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you every day... including the weekends. Unfortunately, we can't do a slip n slide every week. With all the scrapes, fat lips, bump, and bruises we wouldn't have enough kids to enter any races.

We have 7 teams in our region this year (most only have 6) with some very good individual and team competition. JV did a great job setting the tone for us again. Davis had 19 of the top 22 girls led by Maddie Johnson (14:00), and 22 of the top 23 boys led by Caden Wheeler (10:55). Varsity Girls finished 2nd by 6 points behind a solid team from Weber, and the Varsity Boys finished 1st led by Connor Jones (10:11). I was happy with our performance on such a hot day and saw a lot of toughness and teamwork. Do not get complacent. Stay positive and excited, 'cuz we still have a lot of work to do.

Bob Firman
The Bob Firman trip has yet to be approved. Hopefully we'll find out this week. I'll attach the invite list and itinerary assuming we can go. We don't like making cutoffs, but unfortunately we can't take everybody. We're using the first couple races, summer commitment, positive TEAM contributors, and seniority in our decision making. If you made the invite list and you will be unable to attend, please let me know ASAP and I will fill your spot with alternates. We are going to have 2 buses. The cost will be $110 and you will pay through the school once we find out we can go. I will be asking everyone if you are attending at Tuesday's practice, so please discus with your parents. And let me know if you or your parents have any questions.

TEAM shirts
The shirt order is in and you should be able to pay online after Tuesday. The shirts were a little more this year ($15), but should look really sharp. Every other school is gonna wish their colors were Brown and Gold. :) We're going to look good, feel good, and run fast... probably gonna break a few hearts along the way.

This Week
Note: The team voted on making a time change for the workout on Monday. We're meeting at the school at 7:00 pm to do our workout. It will still be a little warm, but we might be able to turn on the lights and music. Bring water bottles.

Monday - Meet at the track at 7:00 pm. If you cannot make it, please attempt to get a hard workout in. We will be doing between 12-20 x 400m. Bring water bottles.
Tuesday - Morning run + Flag Run to girls soccer game after school
Wednesday - Distance Run + long strides
Thursday - Pre-Race Day
Friday - Murray Invite
Saturday - Long Run on your own (50-80 minutes)

Athletes of the Week
Abi Waddoups, Maddie Johnson, Andie Groll
Caden Wheeler, Nate Iverson, Andrew Simonsen

I know pre-region was really hot and the course was slower than usual. Hopefully you can take something positive from the race. There's always something to be learned. Let's be smart, take care of ourselves, be positive, happy, encouraging, and get ready to work. Be a good TEAMmate. Be a good student. Be kind to your family.

Tip of the day: Dish out some compliments. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

-Coach T