Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 Cross Country Camp

Darts -
I have had a few people asking about the 2015 cross country camp. We are planning on going to Marsh Lake (in the Uintahs). Right now I am hoping to get the campground for August 3-7 (a week later than the past few years).
We are going to stick with the first week in August for this year unless a bunch of you won't be able to attend that week. Please let me know if this week is going to have conflicts. I already know of a few conflicts for July 27-31, and I am hoping to go with the week that works best for MOST of you.

In the meantime, I hope you are excited for another great year in front of us - Indoor, Outdoor, and Cross Country. I always feel like the new year is a good time to get back to a few basics with running:
1. Hard Work - put in the mileage, do your core work, prepare for the intervals and hard workouts, and give your best effort daily. You can even do some extra miles through morning runs and/or cross training.
2. Healthy Living - Eat enough calories, Get the right nutrition, Hydrate, Get enough sleep.
3. Positive Thinking - Realize running has ups and downs, and it is especially important to stay positive and patient through the hard times. You are going to have days where you feel great and days where you feel not so great - stay positive through it all, and help others do the same.
4. Love Running - Find a love for running and be grateful for your opportunities and your TEAM. Come to practice each day with a love for what we are doing. You have to find a way to love even the hard stuff (especially the hard stuff).

Coach Talley

Monday, December 8, 2014

Final DXC Update - Nike Nationals

Darts - 
Another DXC Season is in the books. The program continues to strengthen and grow because of what each of you are willing to put into it. I look back on this season with a lot of great memories. I feel that we progressed together and we truly became the legendary TEAM that we set out to become. It is a TEAM full of selfless individuals who are willing to sacrifice and work for something extraordinary. We have accomplished a great deal: boys and girls were both BYU Champs, USU Champs, District Champs, Bob Firman Champs, and Region Champs. Our JV Squads ran some incredible races all season long - completely annihilating the competition. The boys and girls both brought home state trophies with their 2nd place finishes. And both TEAMs qualified once again for the Nike Nationals (one of only 6 programs to do so). I was proud of our seniors for being great leaders all season long and for pulling us closer together - you have truly left your mark. I was proud of our young runners for working so hard, for trusting the program, and for being willing to become a major part of DXC - I am expecting big things from all of you in track and next year in XC. I am thankful for 2 awesome coaches (Brad and Paul) who are there for me and for each of you on a daily basis. And I am very thankful for supportive parents who helped us, encouraged us, and trusted us along the way. 

We had our final race of the year last Saturday in Portland at NXN (Nike Nationals). The entire trip was filled with inspiring experiences, and I think each of the runners who were fortunate to attend came home with a desire to work even harder and to be even more unified with their entire TEAM. We want to head back next year ready to do even better.

The girls started us off and proved that they belong. After earning an at-large invitation, we finished 15th and beat 6 teams that qualified automatically. We placed higher than any of the major high school web sites had us projected (Milesplit - 16, Dyestat - 17). But most importantly we ran with a lot of heart and toughness. Aubrey was our top finisher in 38th place. It is the highest finish ever for a Davis girl ( Aubrey was 7th out of the runners with teams in the race. She had to work her way up through a lot of runners, but ran as she always does - with intensity and with full purpose and effort. Ally was back to form as a strong #2 for the TEAM, staying strong and positive through the middle and really throwing down over the final 400m. Grace had her best race of the year and finished 3rd for our girls, really showing toughness and sass in the hills and the mud - on her birthday no less. Miah dug deep to finish right behind Grace - giving us 4 stellar sophomores at the front - all of whom are going to do even better in a year. Tatum inspired our entire TEAM with a gutsy race after training for the past 2 months with a nagging hip injury. Tatum finished in the same second with Miah (19:41) - and even helpied Miah to find another gear up the final hill. Our 3-4-5 runners truly showed teamwork through the race and especially when it got tough. Sam and Josey also worked well together through the race and weren't far back at all. In fact, only 2 other teams had stronger #7 finishers (the 1st and 3rd place teams). It was awesome seeing the Hedquist sisters together on the course in Josey's final XC race of her career. The girls worked very hard for this opportunity, and it was fun to watch them prepare and race so hard for each other - and then fun for them to play in the mud and enjoy the moment. Thank you, girls, for showing us all how to work, play, and win together!

Championship Girls Results (Team score in parenthesis)
38. Aubrey Argyle 18:28 (7)
104. Ally Geisler 19:13 (59)
133. Grace Neuenschwander 19:38 (88)
140. Miah Weaver 19:41 (95)
143. Tatum Beard 19:41 (98)
149. Sam Hedquist 19:50 (104)
156. Josey Hedquist 20:00 (111)
*199 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 70 Manlius (NY)
2. 149 Great Oak (CA)
3. 173 Carmel (IN)
4. 198 North Naperville (IL)
5. 199 Desert Vista (AZ)
6. 240 Wayzata (MN)
7. 260 Blacksburg (VA)
8. 272 Hebron (TX)
9. 276 Rhode Island (RI)
10. 278 Saratoga Springs (NY)
11. 294 Saugus (CA)
12. 314 Palatine (IL)
13. 337 Camas (OR)
14. 342 Willmar (MN)
15. 347 Davis (UT)
22. 442 American Fork (UT)

The boys race was full of energy and excitement. NXN 2014 proved to be one of the most competitive team races ever. Our boys established a decent position early, ran smart through the first half, and then really got after the final half of the race. You could see determination on each of their faces as they conquered the hills and worked their way up through the groups. Josh ran gutsy and strong as always - he started moving at mile 1 and flew past other runners all the way to the finish. He showed so much grit and desire. Josh's 46th place finish was our 4th best ever at NXN and a very strong way to end his high school xc career. Stokton was right behind Josh at the finish. Stokton went out strong and kept working and pushing all the way to the finish in his final xc race as well. Stokton shows so much courage and fearlessness when he races (we're going to miss that). Camren Todd had the race of the day for us. Cam must have been around 100th at the mile (maybe even farther back) - and then he became the silent killer. He worked his way up through so many groups - sometimes passing 10 runners in a single surge - leaving mounds of runners in his wake. At the finish line, Cam was only 8 seconds behind Josh, giving us a killer 1-2-3. Cam also finished as the 4th fastest sophomore of the day and the 8th highest finish in our history. It was great to have him running so strong. Colton put himself right in the race as well - he lead the way for our pack and really helped us get going through the first mile and then stayed strong through the tough parts of the course like he always does. I don't know a runner who works harder than Rimann - and it continues to make us stronger as individuals and a TEAM. Logan probably passed 35 runners in the final 800m of the race and moved us up from 7th to 6th. His finish is legendary - in a large part because he is so dependable. He always comes through for the TEAM. He had woken up with a head cold, but was brave enough to get out there and give his all for his TEAM. It was fun to watch him fly by mobs of runners over the final stretch. He captures what all of us have - a complete desire to get every possible point for the good of the TEAM. Colter and Frasier both ran with just as much effort for their TEAM. I love that neither of them are satisfied, but they both have hearts and minds that are in the race. It was fun to watch them compete and dig deep throughout the race.
At the end of the battle, we finished 6th place. We were only 5 points out of 5th (AF), 9 points out of 4th, and 22 points from the podium. It was a valiant effort from each of the boys and definitely something they will stay proud of the rest of their lives. 
We can all learn from the heart and unity of these 7 boys. I know 5 of them are coming back, but we are going to need to work all together (the entire TEAM) to keep that heart, desire, and unity alive and put us back in a position to do it again in a year. 

Boys Championship Results
46. Josh Ward 16:05 (20)
54. Stokton Smith 16:10 (24)
58. Camren Todd 16:13 (27)
103. Colton Rimann 16:32 (61)
110. Logan MacKay 16:35 (68)
167. Colter Blanchard 17:11 (122)
178. Frasier Williamson 17:24 (133)
*199 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 111 Manlius (NY)
2. 159 Wayzata (MN)
3. 178 North Central (WA)
4. 191 Liverpool (NY)
5. 195 American Fork (UT)
6. 200 Davis (UT)
7. 224 Ventura (CA)
8. 251 South Huntington (NY)
9. 262 Edina (MN)
10. 269 Fontana (CA)
11. 271 Christian Brothers (NJ)
12. 285 Timpanogos (UT)

Great job as well to Daniel Tumblin and Mitch Perry who both ran solid in the open race. Daniel finished 24th in 17:49 - after the course had been pretty beat up from the championship races.

When you consider the boys and girls together, we had the 4th best average for programs that qualified both boys and girls -
Average Team Finish:
Manlius - 1
Wayzata - 4
Carmel - 9.5
Davis - 10.5
American Fork - 13.5
La Salle - 13.5

I also thought it was awesome that so many of you were watching and supporting from home - either with Adam Aposhian or on your own. Your love and support could be felt. What a great TEAM!!

As the season comes to a close, I hope you are all ready to move forward and have a great indoor and outdoor season. Don't be afraid to work for your dreams. Set goals, work for those goals, and stay determined through the ups and downs that inevitably accompany our sport. Be a TEAM through track like you were through cross country - care for each other, inspire each other, race for each other. Run, train, and race in a way that makes you proud - live your lives that way as well. I am honored to be called your coach. 

Coach Talley

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DXC Update - NXN Southwest

Darts - 
I am a little late getting this done, but I wanted to send out a quick write-up for the NXN Southwest trip. We had a very strong month of training after the state meet, and it paid off for us with our performances in Casa Grande last Saturday.  I was proud of the way you behaved on the trip - it was fun, but we were still there for business. You were very fun to travel with. Mike the bus driver wanted me to pass on a few words: "Those kids were simply the best. Please let them know I love each and everyone of them, and I hope to see you all next year. I wish you the very best on the 6th. Thanks for the gratuity, for the note, and thank you so much for all the fun. Let's do it again." We will request him for next year.

We went down to Arizona with a few goals. One of the goals was to have as many PRs as we could. We ended up with 43 new 5k PRs out of the 55 of you who raced, and a few more who were really close (within a few seconds). Our young athletes are really progressing and things look good for the future as well. Another goal was the qualify both TEAMs for NXN. The boys finished 2nd and got an automatic invite. It was one of our best performances ever as a Davis program (I would probably rank it #2 behind the time we finished 3rd at NXN finals). The girls finished 3rd and are being considered as an at-large team (22 total teams make it - 18 automatic and 4 at-large). The girls have been through a lot this season. We are learning and growing from our ups and downs, and we are continually getting stronger and gaining valuable experience. For us to be in a spot to make it back to NXN after graduating 7 of our top 9 girls from a year ago is remarkable. We will find out on Saturday night if the girls got in - so keep your fingers crossed. If we get the at-large, I know the girls will make it worth it. I predict we will be the fastest at-large team at the nationals. 

The girls open race got us started off strong. We finished a very solid 6th out of 46 teams (most of them varsity teams). Basically, it was a very competitive race, and we were only beat by 1 other JV team. Tiahna Cipriano led the way for us with 19:18 and a very fast final mile. 
29. Tiahna Cipriano 19:18
76. Sarah Waddoups 19:47
120. Sydnee Rayl 20:08
150. Emmaline Huntzinger 20:21
151. Jenna Connell 20:21
154. Madeline English 20:23
182. Rachel Johnson 20:33
207. Nicole Wood 20:43
232. Hannah Naylor 20:53
252. Sydney Zaugg 21:00
273. Sara Williams 21:11
287. Sophie Cottrell 21:18
303. Ally Smith 21:24
323. Amber Berry 21:39
342. Malaree Wood 21:49
344. Kaitlyn Datwyler 21:51
348. Rachel Clouse 21:55
369. Alex Tanner 22:09
*575 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 115 Wings of America (Varsity)
2. 164 Pikes Peak (Varsity)
3. 174 TR Trail Running (Varsity)
4. 189 Pine View (Varsity)
5. 196 Desert Vista (JV)
6. 279 Davis (JV)
7. 290 Bonneville (Varsity)

The boys open race showed our depth as we finished 4th out of  65 teams. I have to admit, I was a little shocked to see that the winning team in open race was also a JV squad - even though there were only 2 JV teams in the top 15. Maybe we would end up 2nd at JV nationals. It would be a good goal to work a little harder to race as a TEAM with our JV group. We were not head to head with them, and that might have made a difference. Even still, we had 6 JV boys under 17:00 and 18 under 17:30. We were led by a killer race from sophomore, Josh Peters with 16:16. 
23. Josh Peters 16:16
44. Matt Ward 16:29
60. Britton Porter 16:34
70. Mitch Perry 16:38
151. Daniel Tumblin 16:58
153. Bryce Ferguson 16:58
166. Josh Christiansen 17:02
170. Zach Wilde 17:03
178. Lance Ford 17:05
186. McKay Treadwell 17:06
206. Dallin Larsen 17:11
225. Solomon Twitchell 17:17
226. Brigham Halverson 17:18
234. Daniel Harris 17:19
249. Brandon Peters 17:22
271. Jason Boyd 17:26
282. Adam Aposhian 17:27
299. Jason Boyd 17:30
320. Jackson Rayl 17:35
373. Zach Moncur 17:51
388. Adam Hedquist 17:54
389. Kelton Johnson 17:54
428. Jacob Vaughan 18:06
552. Nate Hales 18:50
566. Nathaniel Neubert 19:00
*742 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 154 Vista Nation (JV)
2. 193 Orem (Varsity)
3. 199 Provo (Varsity)
4. 240 Davis (JV)
5. 256 Cheyenne Mountain (Varsity)
6. 259 Pine View (Varsity)

The Boys Championship Race was our best varsity performance so far this season. We ran smart and strong and together! We finished 2nd to American Fork by only 3 points - and 74 points ahead of 3rd place. It gives us some good momentum going into Nationals. Josh Ward came through big for us with a strong final mile. Camren Todd was our MVP with a great 4th place finish on the TEAM and 9th fastest sophomore time in the race. 
13. Josh Ward 15:16
17. Stokton Smith 15:20
20. Logan MacKay 15:24
40. Camren Todd 15:38
43. Colton Rimann 15:39
110. Frasier Williamson 16:13
141. Colter Blanchard 16:25
Team Scores
1. 72 American Fork
2. 75 Davis
3. 149 Timpanogos
4. 189 Desert Hills
5. 228 Vista Nation
6. 237 Ogden

The Championship Girls race was very competitive. It may not have gone quite like we would have hoped, but we are a TEAM of fighters, and we held strong in the race (even with the challenges) - enough to keep us hopeful for an at-large bid and a shot at Nationals where we can prove we are even stronger than this. We were led once again by Aubrey Argyle with an 11th place finish. Also congrats to Courtney Wayment (friend of the TEAM) with her 6th place finish and individual qualifying race.
11. Aubrey Argyle 17:45
47. Miah Weaver 18:40
62. Sam Hedquist 18:52
76. Josey Hedquist 19:00
97. Grace Neuenschwander 19:11
127. Ally Geisler 19:32
154. Tatum Beard 19:55
Team Scores
1. 118 American Fork
2. 122 Desert Vista
3. 145 Davis
4. 155 Monarch
5. 158 Fort Collins
6. 251 Vista Nation

A few quick things:
- I have a few lost and found items in my classroom if you left something on the trip. 
- I need to collect all the uniforms you used. Could you PLEASE bring them by my classroom on Monday or Tuesday? Thanks.
- I will try to get pictures on Facebook on Friday when I am back from some Thanksgiving stuff.

What's Next? I know that some of you are probably already having running withdrawals, and some of you might really be enjoying your little break. It is important, both physically and mentally, to give yourself rest. I don't think you should do any running the rest of this week, unless you are in a Turkey Trot or something (that's fine). Next week should be different for everyone, depending on how you are feeling. I would recommend running 3 days next week. Always easy - maybe 3-6 miles each time. Tuesday, December 9th will be our indoor meeting, and from there out we will be training as a TEAM again after school, and we will start building a strong base for the indoor and outdoor track seasons. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I want to sincerely thank each of you for your sacrifices this season. I want to thank you for working hard, for trusting the program, for showing up with positive attitudes, for making things fun, for making lasting friendships, for racing with all your heart, and for making this a legendary year. I also want to thank your parents for giving you all the time to do these things.

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!! Be grateful for all you have :)
Coach Talley

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Pre-Nike Results

November 12, 2014 @ Layton Commons Park   Weather- 29 degrees, clear, cold    Course- 3.0 miles. Region One
Course Records – 17:33 by Aubrey Argyle, Davis 2014; 15:07 by Stokton Smith, Davis 2014
Pre-Nike Records: 17:14 by Lucy Biles, Herriman 2012; 14:58 Jordon Cross, Ogden 2012

Boys Results
1.             15:14       Alek Parsons                           Ogden
2.             15:15       Josh Ward                               Davis
3.             15:24       Jason Holt                               --
4.             15:32       Garrett Barton                        Ogden
5.             15:41       Colton Rimann                      Davis
6.             15:42       Stokton Smith                        Davis
7.             15:46       Camren Todd                         Davis
8.             15:55       Travis Feeny                           Ogden
9.             16:00       Josh Peters                              Davis
10.          16:10       Logan MacKay                     Davis
11.          16:11       Frasier Williamson                 Davis
12.          16:15       Matt Ward                              Davis
13.          16:16       Colter Blanchard                   Davis
14.          16:17       Mitch Perry                             Davis
15.          16:21       Bryant Edgerton                    Syracuse
16.          16:24       Daniel Tumblin                      Davis
17.          16:24       Bryce Ferguson                      Davis
18.          16:28       Chris Hughes                          Woods Cross
19.          16:30       Britton Porter                          Davis
20.          16:31       Denver                                     Bonneville
21.          16:32       Kyle Rummens                      Woods Cross
22.          16:44       Taylor Dillon                          Woods Cross
23.          16:50       McKay Treadwell                  Davis
24.          16:51       Max Jones                              Ogden
25.          16:52       Dallin Larsen                          Davis
26.          16:53       Andrew Rummens                Woods Cross
27.          16:54       Josh Christiansen                   Davis
28.          16:55       Jacob                                       Bonneville
29.          16:56       Tyler C                                     Bonneville
30.          16:57       Alex Mashburn                      Northridge
31.          16:59       Brandon Juedeman              Ogden
32.          17:01       Jason Boyd                             Davis
33.          17:02       Brandon Peters                      Davis
34.          17:03       Ben Keller                               Ogden
35.          17:03       Zach Wilde                             Davis
36.          17:04       Brandon                                  Bonneville
37.          17:06       Brigham Halverson               Davis
38.          17:11       Dallin                                       Bonneville
39.          17:12       Daniel Harris                          Davis
40.          17:13       Jake Welling                           Davis
41.          17:15       Lance Ford                             Davis
42.          17:18       Kelton Johnson                      Davis
43.          17:18       Zach Moncur                         Davis
44.          17:21       Jackson Rayl                          Davis
45.          17:21       Jansen P                                  Bonneville
46.          17:25       Jared                                        Bonneville
47.          17:27       Solomon Twitchell                Davis
48.          17:28       Porter Van Drimmelen          Davis
49.          17:28       Jason Lang                             Davis
50.          17:29       Adam Hedquist                     Davis
51.          17:33       Lance Thornton                     Davis
52.          17:34       Tyson Datwyler                     Davis
53.          17:36       Tyler W                                    Bonneville
54.          17:41       Josh                                          Bonneville
55.          17:42       Dylan                                       Bonneville
56.          17:42       Nate Wilde                              Davis
57.          17:43       Adam Aposhian                    Davis
58.          17:44       Andrew Blackham                Ogden
59.          17:49       Branson Petty                        Davis
60.          17:50       Alex                                          Bonneville
61.          17:52       Carson Cox                            Davis
62.          17:55       Josh Wilkinson                       Davis
63.          17:56       Joe                                            Bonneville
64.          17:59       Dallin Kitchen                        Davis
65.          18:03       Jacob Vaughan                      Davis
66.          18:06       Matt                                         Bonneville
67.          18:12       Sam Leavitt                            Davis
68.          18:15       Ethan Anderson                     Davis
69.          18:20       Nate Hales                              Davis
70.          18:20       Loren Burrell                          Syracuse
71.          18:22       Joseph Stone                          Woods Cross
72.          18:27       Zack Burrell                            Syracuse
73.          18:31       Kalvin Stinger                         Davis
74.          18:32       Brandon Christensen            Davis
75.          18:33       DJ                                             Bonneville
76.          18:37       Jaiden                                      Bonneville
77.          18:37       Landon Wheeler                    Davis
78.          18:41       Tony Scalise                           Ogden
79.          18:42       Nathaniel Neubert                 Davis
80.          18:43       Andrew Karren                       Ogden
81.          18:52       Jace Callor                              Davis
82.          18:54       Zach                                         Bonneville
83.          19:03       Josh Haviland                        Davis
84.          19:18       Ben                                           Bonneville
85.          19:19       Kaleb Stinger                          Davis
86.          19:22       Alejandro                                Ogden
87.          19:24       Derek Thornton                     Davis
88.          19:25       Ashton Durbin                        Syracuse
89.          19:41       Isaak Hugh                             Davis
90.          20:03       Zach Jenkins                          Davis
91.          20:05       Porter                                       Bonneville
92.          20:11       Jonah Taylor                          Davis
93.          20:14       Todd                                        Bonneville
94.          20:17       Targee                                      Bonneville
95.          20:26       Karson Hugie                         Davis
96.          20:55       Coby Jacob                            Syracuse
97.          21:04       Carver Wilcox                        Syracuse
98.          21:14       Hunter Stanger                       Syracuse
99.          21:15       Brayden Allred                       Syracuse
100.      21:18       Colby Robb                            Syracuse
101.      21:19       Hyrum Palmer                       Davis
102.      21:22       Savvy                                      Bonneville
103.      21:33       Landen Burrell                       Syracuse
104.      23:35       David Clark                            Syracuse

Girls Results
1.         17:54       Aubrey Argyle                        Davis
1.             17:54       Courtney Wayment              Northridge
2.             18:17       Ally Geisler                              Davis
3.             18:25       Hannah Allred                       Ogden
4.             18:28       Miah Weaver                         Davis
5.             18:33       Josey Hedquist                       Davis
6.             18:36       Grace Neuenschwander       Davis
7.             18:44       Millika Holbrook                   Woods Cross
8.             18:51       Sam Hedquist                        Davis
9.             19:04       Hannah                                   Bonneville
10.          19:16       Miranda Garrett                     Ogden
11.          19:22       Tiahna Cipriano                    Davis
12.          19:33       Holland Lythgoe                   Ogden
13.          19:42       Sarah Waddoups                   Davis
14.          19:44       Jenna Connell                        Davis
15.          19:47       Sydnee Rayl                           Davis
16.          19:51       Danielle Godfrey                   Ogden
17.          19:51       Rachel Johnson                     Davis
18.          19:53       Kaitlyn Datwyler                   Davis
19.          20:00       Jessica                                      Bonneville
20.          20:01       Aleisha Keller                         Ogden
21.          20:05       Julia                                          Bonneville
22.          20:07       April Callister                          Ogden
23.          20:15       Megan Allart                          --
24.          20:33       Holly                                        Bonneville
25.          21:01       Sydney Zaugg                        Davis
26.          21:05       Nicole Wood                           Davis
27.          21:13       Sydney                                    Bonneville
28.          21:23       Madeline English                   Davis
29.          21:26       Hannah Naylor                      Davis
30.          21:26       Sara Williams                         Davis
31.          21:26       Addy Rich                               Davis
32.          21:29       Sophie Cottrell                       Davis
33.          21:32       Renee Peterson                      Syracuse
34.          21:36       Amber Berry                           Davis
35.          21:41       Alex Tanner                            Davis
36.          22:09       Malaree Wood                       Davis
37.          22:09       Ally Smith                               Davis
38.          22:11       Ruby Jane Mathewson        Davis
39.          22:32       Sadie Gunnerson                   Woods Cross
40.          22:32       Louisa Twitchell                    Davis
41.          22:59       Elena Kleinpass                     Ogden
42.          22:59       Anne Hawkins                       Davis
43.          23:01       Krystal Wood                         Davis
44.          23:04       Ella Palmer                             Davis
45.          24:13       Monica Hill                             Syracuse
46.          25:30       Sydnee Hansen                      Syracuse
47.          26:02       Brooklyn Dee                         Syracuse
48.          26:07       Olivia                                       Bonneville
49.          26:22       Collleen Mills                          Davis

50.          26:23       Heather Mills                          Woods Cross