Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darts - 
It is hard to believe that we only have 2 more weeks of official summer training to go. I feel like the first 10 weeks have been the greatest start I have ever been involved with in many ways. We have our most TEAM mileage at this point, we are relatively healthy (other than a few injuries and probably too many ankle sprains this summer), and the attitude of the TEAM seems to be in the right place on most days. However, this was just the first step (and a very important one). We have set ourselves up for a great season - but it doesn't end here - it just begins. The next month of training and racing really sets the tone for us. There are still many things we can improve and many things to continue working on. 
1) Keep your mileage up - I would like to see most of the boys shooting for 50 miles a week for the next 3 weeks - then we will probably drop down to 40. A few of you will stay higher than that, but our intensity will increase, and the mileage will drop. Girls should keep their weekly miles around 40-45 for 3 weeks, and then we will drop to 35-40 through the first part of the season. 
2) Be prepared for some hard workouts. Some of the workouts over the next month will be the most challenging you will see. Don't let that scare you - let it motivate you. Show up ready to do your best. There is both mental and physical preparation involved here. It will be hot, so make sure to hydrate. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and make sure you are eating enough good calories. Be positive with one another and work together to get better. 
3) Keep doing the "small things". I would put stretching, sprint drills, icing, abs, and lifting into this group - although all of those things are very important to your overall health and fitness. 
4) We have got to be a unified TEAM. We have to work on coming together as a whole. The experienced runners have to work on encouraging the younger runners and making them feel like part of the group. We have to look for ways to build and lift each other. It is okay to get competitive with each other - but our focus should be on working with each other to get better. I think this might be the biggest challenge for our TEAM this season, and I would like to look back on the season and see that we were unified and that we had TEAM chemistry and that everyone felt like they were part of a great TEAM - but that will take individual efforts and it will take some humility. Everyone should do what they can to make it happen. 
5) Be ready and excited to race - that is what all the work has been for. Starting with the Dart Challenge and the Grass Relays - let's prepare to test ourselves and really take advantage of our summer work. 

With still two weeks to go in the summer, we have a group of boys who have already surpassed the 500 mile goal: Preston Johnson, Alex Hedquist, Sam Haws, Seth Thompson, Jackson Rayl, Hayden Hansen, and Caleb Gipson. It looks like we have about 14 more who are over 400 and have a good shot at hitting the 500 mark - and we have a bunch more who will finish with over 400. 
There are also quite a few girls who have already passed 400: Ashley Tyndall, Chelsey Johnson, Josey Hedquist, Sierra Graham, Kenzie Weir, Aimee Vance, Joanna Boyd, Mikell Wood, and Katie Frandsen. And 9 or 10 more look to join that group by the end of the summer. 
Take a look at where your mileage is for the summer (attached to the email) and finish up strong!!

Coming up: 
Wednesday, August 15th - 7:00pm - meet at the Davis High track (the brand new one). We will be breaking the track in with a few 400m repeats (hopefully 20 for most of you). Bring a lot of energy and excitement to this workout - it will be one of your favorites of the summer. I know a few of you have said you can't make it. It would be okay to make this up on Thursday morning, but I would not do 20 on Thursday night (maybe adjust it to 12) because we want to be ready for the Dart Challenge. 
Thursday, August 16th - 7:00am - meet at Barnes Park. We are going to run some on the grass, then the Dart Challenge course, then some more on the grass. I will also open the weight room after this run. 
Saturday, August 18th - Dart Challenge 5k - The race will start at Barnes Park at 8:00am. You can bring me your registration and $20 sometime this week - or you can register the morning of the race (still for $20). Try really hard to invite a few people to come and run as well. If each of you could convince 2 people to run the race, we would make some okay money from it. I want you all to show up on Saturday no later than 7:15 - we will do a warm up as a TEAM. Prepare yourselves for this one. Get good rest on Thursday and Friday night, eat a meal with plenty of carbs on Friday night, and mentally be ready to do your best - show up positive and energetic. 

Monday, August 20th - Eligibility papers and payment is due. We will be meeting at the school at 7:00am for a run. I sent an email last week that explains all of the eligibility. Let me know if you have any questions. One clarification is that the 9th graders will NOT need to withdraw from any classes at the end of the day (I guess it says that on their form). They will be checked out early on the weekdays when we have meets - but 9th graders will not have to miss any school for normal practices. They will have to hurry over to Davis after school. 

Thanks - see you tomorrow evening.
- Coach Talley

ps. This will be the final email for some of you if I don't see you at the 400s on Wednesday or the Dart Challenge on Saturday. The invitation to join us for a great season officially ends after this week. Don't be intimidated to run with us - be motivated to contribute and to be involved in something. 

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