Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final 2011 XC Update - NXN!!!

Darts -
The cross country season is finally all wrapped up. This was quite possibly the most successful season in DXC history. The girls finished with their 4th state title in the past 5 years, a 6th straight region title, 3 all-state athletes (Shea, Madi, and Joanna), 1 individual state champ (Shea), a 6th place finish in the competitive Nike Southwest Regional, and a boat-load of PRs. The boys finished with a 2nd place state finish in one of the strongest years ever, a 16th straight region title with a record team time, 4 all-state athletes (Brad, Brayden, Preston, Logan), a 2nd place finish at the Nike Southwest Regional, some awesome PRs, and finally a 3rd place finish at the Nike National Championships.
The trip to NXN was absolutely amazing. Not only were the boys able to spend time on the Nike campus with Olympians, but we were able to run our best TEAM race of the year against the greatest teams in the U.S. The 5k course in Portland is one of the most challenges courses we run. It takes a great amount of physical strength, mental toughness, and TEAMwork. Our boys really came through in a year that ended up being one of the fastest in NXN history. Our goal was to come home with a trophy - a "podium finish". We knew we had a shot at top 3, but that it would take a strong race. Our plan was to go out aggressively, establish our position, and then be tough as we moved over the final mile of the course.
We were on the far right side of the starting line - box 31 out of 33. It ended up being a perfect box for our race plan. We were set up on the outside around the first long turn 400m into the race. Our boys stayed outside around the turn and established their position. By the time they reached the first timing chip check point at 1k, we showed up on the screen in 3rd place behind Carroll, Texas and Christian Brothers, NJ. As I squinted across the course to the big screen at the finish line, I could barely tell that Davis was listed in 3rd. Being in the right position helped our boys to relax, but also to run with the excitement that we were doing what we set out to do. The boys looked great over the first 3k. They worked together and were able to move slightly up through the pack. Brad and Brayden were moving very well together around 45th place - with mostly individuals in front of them (those who didn't count in the team score), Preston was running in the pack about 5 seconds back, and Logan and Skylar were moving their way through the group together about 10 more seconds back. Plus we had our 6th man, Alex, running really close to where Logan and Skylar were. When the scores flashed up again at mile 2, we had held our 3rd position - and we had moved up about 20 points. Carroll and Christian Bros were very close at the top, and we were about 80 points back. Over the final 2k of the race, we had to really dig deep to keep our top 3 spot. It was all about heart, desire, and determination. I could tell that the boys were not going to give in - they were going to run like horses all the way to the finish. Over that final mile, every one of them raced with pure guts. We picked up another 15-20 spots as a TEAM and established our spot on the podium as some of the teams right behind us began to fade.
In the finish area, we weren't positive that we had held on to 3rd place, but we were pumped because we knew the boys had run a very strong race - just what we thought it would take. They grabbed us for an interview, which told us we must be in the mix. They were also interviewing Arcadia (last year's champs), so we weren't assured our top 3. I was really pleased with the boys interviews - they gave credit to their teammates for pushing them and for working together to get there and for racing with heart. Finally they gave us the word that we needed to move over to the awards stand because we were top 3. The boys were so excited. There were a lot of hugs and a lot of smiles. We could not have been prouder as coaches - Brad had a huge smile and kept saying "We did it!"; I think we high-fived about 30 times in the finish area. They had worked so hard for this moment--making it so satisfying. We were all smiles on the stage as the CEO of Nike presented us with the Nike Goddess Trophy (see attached picture). At the closing ceremonies later that night, the boys were each given mini Nike Goddess trophies.
The 3rd place finish is the highest by any Utah team (boys or girls) in the 8 year history of the race. The boys teams to make it in the past include Mt View (2004), Alta (2008), American Fork (2009-2010-2011) and the Davis boys in 2010 and 2011. The Utah girls teams have been Fremont (2004-2005) and Davis (2007). It is a representation of our entire TEAM and all of the hard work from every runner and all of the support that we give each other.
I have posted a bunch of pictures on facebook if you have not yet had the opportunity to see them. I will also try to post some video on youtube and send out the link. You can see a lot of the race videos at
It was truly a great day in DXC history:
Brad Nye - 15:57, 15th place (TEAM score)
Brayden Cromar - 15:59, 18th place
Preston Johnson - 16:09, 32nd place
Logan Wood - 16:13, 34th place
Skylar Williams - 16:29, 58th place
Alex Hedquist - 16:40, 77th place
Jackson Sagers - 17:14, 125th place
1. 91 - Lincroft (Christian Brothers), NJ
2. 95 - Carroll, TX
3. 157 - Davis, UT
4. 183 - Arcadia, CA
5. 255 - Palatine, IN
6. 257 - American Fork, UT
What's next? Let's put a lot of focus into preparing for the indoor and outdoor seasons by working hard and increasing our mileage to give us the base we need to be setting PRs through April and May.
Can we make it back in a year? You betcha. The boys and the girls! But it will take 362 days of heart, sacrifice, discipline, teamwork, humility, and determination. We will face challenges along the way, but the satisfaction that comes at the end of the road will be worth it.
Thanks again for the opportunity to coach you and to be a part of this great TEAM. Thanks for being committed and for putting the TEAM first.
Much Love -
Coach Talley

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

XC Update - Nike Regionals

Darts -
I hope that you are all recovered from the trip to Arizona and that you are enjoying your break. Thank you for making the trip a success. Thanks for being well-behaved and for making it fun. And thanks for racing hard and giving your best efforts on Saturday. I know that it was a bitter-sweet day, but I felt proud as we came away from another strong race and another strong season.
Congratulations to the boys. They are on their way to Portland for the 2nd straight year. We finished 2nd in the region behind American Fork. And now we are going to be racing at the Nike Cross Nationals with a goal of finishing in the top 5. Brad Nye led us once again with a 6th place finish - good enough to earn him 1st team all-region. Preston Johnson really came through for us with a gutsy race to finish 12th (2nd team all-region) and Brayden Cromar finished in 16th (3rd team all-region). Skylar Williams was the 3rd fastest sophomore in all of the races combined. I thought Sam Haws, Alex White, Ryan Clark, and Isaac Clouse had particularly strong races and some huge PRs. We still have a young TEAM with most of the boys coming back. I challenge each of you to work with purpose and togetherness over the next 12 months so that we are in a similar position a year from now. It is amazing what you can accomplish with some determination, discipline, and hard work. I especially challenge the freshmen and sophomores that they will follow the examples of the older runners. I think at times our young runners were too content to let the experienced runners carry the TEAM. Getting to where they are does not just happen naturally, it takes commitment and pain. So, over the track season, you younger runners - don't be content just watching our good runners be good - but become part of that as well.
The girls race was not exactly what we had hoped for, but at the same time, I think it is an amazing accomplishment to finish 6th with so many young, new runners on the TEAM. I hope that you each felt a bit of desire to go back in a year more prepared, stronger, faster, and ready to qualify for the Nationals. It is realistically within our reach and our ability. There were some great things I saw in the races last Saturday. I loved how Kenzie, Hannah, Madi, and Aimee (all sophomores) ran together and helped each other in the open race. I thought that all of the girls in the open race fought hard and ran smart, tough races. In the championship race, I know that it was not our day, but I really felt that the girls did everything they could to run for their TEAM. All of the girls in the race ran like "horses". Joanna led the way with a solid PR of 18:48. Nearly a minute improvement from a year ago. Madi dipped under 19 in a 5k for the first time with a 18:55 (which was the 4th fastest 9th grade time in all of the races combined). And Ashley finished up the season with another big PR and huge improvement over a year ago. Lastly, I was really proud of the way that Shea still led the TEAM and ran as hard as she could - not just for herself - but for her teammates. Those type of races are definitely not the most enjoyable (they are flat-out miserable), but they are still important in the overall picture and experience as a runner. Our ups and downs make us stronger, more experienced, and more determined. Just watch, she will bounce back with some amazing track times.
A special thanks to Brad and Janae, the parents, and others who supported us with the trip and with everything else we do.

Nike Regional Times -
Davis Boys -
15:25 - Brad Nye
15:35 - Preston Johnson
15:47 - Brayden Cromar
15:57 - Logan Wood
16:00 - Skylar Williams
16:15 - Jackson Sagers
16:21 - Alex Hedquist
16:27 - Andrew Aposhian
16:28 - Hayden Hansen
16:45 - Phillip Baker
16:53 - Sam Haws
17:21 - Ethan Stuart
17:38 - Justin Schofield
17:39 - Alex White
17:39 - Taylor Goldsberry
17:51 - Josh Ward
18:01 - Ryan Tanner
18:02 - Ryan Clark
18:04 - Seth Thompson
18:17 - Isaac Clouse
18:19 - Tommy Moncur
18:31 - Ryan Lee
18:38 - Trevor Fry
18:44 - Devin Farnsworth
19:23 - Jackson Rayl
19:35 - Dan Wybrow

Davis Girls -
18:48 - Joanna Boyd
18:55 - Madison Garlock
19:00 - Shea Martinez
19:07 - Ashley Tyndall
19:48 - Hannah Albrechtsen
19:48 - Kenzie Weir
19:50 - Madison Bledsoe
19:53 - Aimee Vance
20:00 - Kami Dixon
20:08 - Chelsey Johnson
20:13 - Mikell Wood
20:25 - Katie Frandsen
20:27 - Sierra Graham
20:28 - Janice Hartvigsen
20:32 - Becca Albrechtsen
20:36 - Michaela Uresk
20:54 - Josey Hedquist
21:14 - Nalany Resek
21:20 - Brooke Gutzwiller
21:39 - Shaylee Argyle
22:09 - Whitney Williams
22:20 - Madie McCleary

Nike Photo - the boys TEAM has to submit a photo to Nike for the nationals. We had the photo shoot yesterday - go to my facebook page to vote for ("like") your 3 favorites to help us decide which photo to submit.

Uniforms - if any of you have uniforms that need to be turned in, please do so next week. Some of you borrowed uniform tops for the Nike Regionals. I need them back so I can get a good count before I make an order for track.

Training - I recommend taking the rest of this week off. No running - a mental and physical rest. Next week you are still on your own, but you might want to get in a few distance runs. Nothing too hard - just longer runs as we start to build another base for the track season. We will have our indoor track meeting on December 7th (Wednesday) at which point I will start giving you the daily workouts. Between now and then, listen to your body and enjoy your short break.

It's hard to believe that another season is over (other than the boys going to Nationals, of course). As I reflect back through the season and the past summer, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. I am grateful for the good times and for the challenges. And I am grateful for our TEAM and for what each of you have brought to it. I hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you remember how blessed and fortunate you are. Thanks for all you do -
Coach Talley

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cross Country Update - November

Darts -
With one week behind us, the Nike Southwest Regional training is going very well. We have 3 more weeks of intense training, and then I think we will be ready for our best race of the season. I like the energy and excitement that you all brought this past week. Continue to commit yourselves to becoming the best you can in these next weeks. Keep doing the small things - stretching, abs, eating right, sleeping enough, preparing for hard workouts, hydrating, etc. Combined, the small things will make a big difference. I would like to see all of you make a big mental jump between now and the regional race. We are working to be physically and mentally as strong and confident as we can be. Again, if each of you can improve your prs by 10 seconds, we will be a tough TEAM to beat in Mesa.

Coming Up:
TEAM Banquet - We will hold the banquet on Thursday night at 6:30pm at the school (November 3). We will have pizza for dinner. You can sign up to bring a salad or dessert. The banquet is just for athletes (not parents). We will have a small awards ceremony as well as dinner. There will be no cost.

24 Hour Run Fundraiser - Will be on Friday and Saturday (November 4-5) on the track. We will begin at 1:00pm on Friday and run until 1:00pm on Saturday (relay style with 1-2 people running at a time). You will need to sign up for two 3-hour time slots - we will do the sign up on Thursday after school. The weather is not supposed to be great, so plan on dressing warm and bringing blankets and stuff to keep you warm. We will be allowed to stay at the school overnight, but there will be rules that must be followed (or the 24 hour run will be cancelled forever). The only access door that will be open for us will be the tunnel door to the track. We will go over all of the rules on Thursday. I have attached a fundraising form. The idea is to either get donations or pledges based on how much we will run during the 24 hours. You can use the money toward your trip to the Nike Regionals. Those of you not going on the trip, the money donated will go towards things that the TEAM does on a regular basis - it will all go back into the program. Even if you are not going on the trip, you are encouraged to participate. We could definitely use some money in the program at this point. It should be a lot of fun, and is a great way to raise some money. Parents - please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If any of you would like to stay through part of the night and help with supervision, you are welcome to join us. We will have coaches at the track for supervision. Someone will be awake during all of the hours of the night to make sure things are going smoothly. We will also have separate rest areas for girls and boys. If any parents would like to bring any type of refreshments during the 24 hours - I am sure that the athletes will eat whatever you bring. Thanks.

Nike Regionals - November 17-20. I have attached the itinerary with all of the information. I will also be handing out a waiver that will need to be signed by both parents and athletes. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Congratulations Brad Nye on setting a new Vita Course Record last Saturday - 43:35!!!
Alumni Update -We have many alumni who have been competing well for their college cross country teams this past season. The conference meets were this past week - here is how they did:UVU (Great West Conference) - Women finished 1st - Jessie Wilding was 11th with an 18:52 5k; Anna Ward finished 48th in 21:05. The Men also finished 1st - no Darts ran, but 2 former Darts who run for the Wolverines are on missions (Seth Gutzwiller and Logan Petty - almost)Weber State (Big Sky Conference) - Women finished 1st - Loren Storey was 20th with a 19:01 5k; Natalie Haws also runs for the Wildcats and is coming back from an injury. The men finished 2nd - Chris Burnett was 32nd with a 27:07 8k.Utah State (Western Athletic Conference - the meet was in Hawaii) - The women finished 3rd - Tessa Brown and Anni Andersen run for the Aggies, but did not run in the conference meet. The Men finished 1st - Devin Lang was 18th in 26:36 for 8k and Austin Neuner was 24th in 27:18. Adam Mathias is also running for Utah State. BYU (West Coast Conference) - The Women finished 2nd - Morgan Haws was 3rd with a 20:38 6k; Candace Eddy was 15th with a 21:42; Katie Swanson and Meghan Hedquist are also running for the Cougars. The men finished 1st (and are currently ranked 3rd in the NCAA) - Jared Ward was 4th with a 24:03 8k; Josh Adams is also currently running for BYU. Many of these athletes will be representing their schools at the Mountain Regional Championships on Saturday, November 12th at the East Bay Golf Course in Provo. The men will race at 11:00am, and the women will race at 12:00. We will be taking a group down to watch the races and support our former Darts.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cross Country Update - State Championships

Darts -
It was an incredible day at the state championships for the Davis cross country team. It capped one of our most remarkable seasons in school history. Winning is nice, but the best part of the state meet was the fact that we had worked hard as a TEAM for so long, and then we showed a lot of toughness, poise, and teamwork.
The girls started us off with a near perfect race. Each of the girls followed our race plan and ran with a lot of heart. We ended up with our best TEAM performance of the year. Shea was extremely tough as she earned her 2nd straight individual state championship. It is the first time a Davis girl has ever won 2 state xc titles. There were a few points in the race where she nearly allowed the girl from Alta to pull away from her, but Shea stayed mentally tough and stayed with her until about 800m to go. At that point, she put in a strong move and pulled away for the win. Shea's time was 17 seconds faster than a year ago. It is also the 2nd fastest time a Davis girl has ever run. Madi also ran a very smart and patient and tough race. Her race plan was to stay with the lead pack for the first 2 miles, then see how many of them she could beat. It was a challenge, but Madi ended up outkicking a very good runner from Bingham to get 4th place - it was only her 4th cross country race ever - and it ended up being the fastest 9th grade time we have ever had. It also puts Madi at #5 on our all-time state list (behind 4 girls who have all been state champions). Joanna also ran one of her strongest races of the season. She has been working so hard with a goal of being all-state (top 10). A year ago Joanna ran a great race to help us win a state title - she was 26th in a time of 20:12. This year, Jo improved to 19:00 - which was good enough to finish 8th and earn her all-state. Ashley ran with Joanna as long as she could. It was a very strong and courageous race, and although she finished just outside of the top 10, she ran an incredible time of 19:20 (13th place). Ashley is probably our most improved runner from a year ago. Chelsey also came through big for us. She ran her race perfectly - moving up through the 20s in the middle part of the race and finishing strong to be our #5 girl in a time of 19:41. Chelsey was a great example of how tough and competitive our girls TEAM was in this race and throughout the season. Kami was also moving well through the second half of the race. In the first 800m, Kami was in about 50th place - over the next 2 miles, she moved her way all the way up to 25th. Kami has been a solid surprise for us all season long, and did a great to finish up at the state meet. Becca also did a great job in her final cross country regular season race in a strong 4 year career. Becca runs with a lot of guts - she is what DXC is all about. The girls who were there as alternates and as teammates also did an incredible job supporting and encouraging the girls who ran. They could not have run so well without the rest of their TEAM being their to inspire and support them. In the end, it was our best girls' TEAM performance in the history of the state championships. Our top 5 girl's times combined to a team time of 95:10. It was the 3rd fastest team time that a girls team has run on the course. (Behind 2 teams that finished the season ranked in the top 5 in the U.S.) We ended up winning with a score of 44 points - over 2nd place Lehi who had 88 points. It will most like propel our girls TEAM into the top 25 in the U.S.
It is difficult to explain just how good our boys TEAM really is. We left the state meet with a 2nd place trophy, but it does not do the TEAM justice. We are literally the best 2nd place team that our state has ever had. There have only been 2-3 times in the history of the state championship where our boys team would not have come home as the champions. We finished the race with 5 boys in the top 11 runners. Our TEAM time of 79:01 is the 3rd best time ever run on the course (behind AF from last year and AF from this year - both of whom were ranked #1 or #2 in the U.S. when they ran those times). Our state performance should move us up in the U.S. rankings from 9th to about 5th place (we will find out on Thursday). But even more impressive than how fast our boys are is how tough they ran and how hard they have worked. They may not have earned a state title, but they definitely earned the title of champions. Brad's time of 15:23 was good enough for 2nd place, but it was also the 5th fastest time in the history of the course, and the fastest time by any Davis athlete. Brayden Cromar, Preston Johnson, and Logan Wood all fought to the end - finished with times under 16:00 - and earned all-state awards. Skylar Williams finished in one of the hardest positions with an 11th place finish - but he ran a tough, positive race and now has our fastest time ever by a sophomore at 16:01. Alex Hedquist may not have had his best race of the season, but he ran hard and never gave up - and he'll be back with some great races in the fuutre. And Jackson took advantage of his opportunity by pushing himself through a tough race, and hopefully learning some valuable lessons for the future. Overall, I was extremely proud of our boys and their efforts and the way they conducted themselves after a tough loss to an incredibly strong team (who we will get to race 2 more times in the next 6 weeks). And again, the alternates and the teammates of those who ran brought a lot of energy and are every bit a part of the TEAM's success throughout the season and at the state meet.
The support was outstanding. Thanks to all of the athletes, parents, and alumni who were able to come and watch the Darts and help to inspire them. I feel like the runners were given a lot of energy from the crowd.
There are some pictures on and there will be a video posted to

Girls Results
1. Shea Martinez - 18:28
2. Tavia Dutson, Jordan - 18:34
3. Whitney Paskins, Alta - 18:36
4. Madi Garlock - 18:39
5. Emily Rich, Bingham - 18:39
6. Laura Young, Bingham - 18:52
7. Danielle Menlove, Jordan - 18:59
8. Joanna Boyd - 19:00
9. Jessica Smith, Lone Peak - 19:01
10. Jackie Heaps, Lehi - 19:11
13. Ashley Tyndall - 19:20
18. Chelsey Johnson - 19:41
25. Kami Dixon - 19:59
42. Becca Albrechtsen - 20:47
*124 Total Runners

Team Scores -
1. Davis 44
2. Lehi 88
3. Jordan 96
4. Weber 133
5. American Fork 136
6. Alta 145
7. Bingham 161
8. Lone Peak 177
9. Viewmont 291
10. Syracuse 305

Boys Results -
1. MacKenzie Morrison, AF - 15:22
2. Brad Nye, Davis - 15:23
3. Clayton Young, AF - 15:31
4. Brayden McClelland, AF - 15:33
5. Brayden Cromar - 15:46
6. Haven Shelton, PG - 15:47
7. Connor McMillan, AF - 15:47
8. Preston Johnson - 15:53
9. Kramer Morton, Alta - 15:56
10. Logan Wood - 15:57
11. Skylar Williams - 16:01
24. Alex Hedquist - 16:33
25. Jackson Sagers - 16:33
*124 Total Runners

Team Scores -
1. American Fork - 25
2. Davis - 33
3. Bingham - 122
4. Lone Peak - 135
5. Riverton - 162
6. Syracuse - 163
7. Alta - 165
8. Weber - 238
9. Copper Hills - 296
10. West Jordan - 302

Athletes of the Week - Madi Garlock, Chelsey Johnson, Brayden Cromar, Skylar Williams

Coming Up -
Monday - TEAM meeting. We will watch the video from the state meet (it's really good thanks to Logan Petty and Nalany Resek). We will also be going over the schedule and the expectations for the Nike Regionals. I will be sending home some information about the trip on Monday. We will also be going out for a distance run on Monday - followed by a small celebration (with some food).

Tuesday - TEAM pictures. We will be waiting for the 9th graders (9th graders should go straight to the bleachers when they get there). We will also turn in uniforms after the pictures. Make sure to bring your uniforms with you.

Plan on hard workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this next week. With distance runs on Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Awards Banquet - will be held on Thursday, November 3rd (most likely at the school). More information to come.

24 Hour Run Fundraiser - will be on Friday/Saturday, November 4-5. More information to come.

Nike Regionals - The race is on November 19. The trip will be from the 17-20 of November.

Thanks for a great season. Thanks for all your sacrifices and your hard work and commitment. And thanks to all the parents who were so willing to help with the many things we did as the season went on. And a special thanks to Brad and Janae and their help and expertise - they make me a better coach, and they make our athletes stronger, smarter runners.
It has been a pleasure,
Coach Talley

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cross Country Update - Region Champions!

Darts -
It was a perfect day for us at the Region Championships on Wednesday. The weather was ideal, and we took advantage of it, having our best race of the season and one of the best meets in Davis cross country history. Our TEAM has worked hard for this point of the season. All of the pain, sweat, goals, and sacrifices have prepared us for our championship races. Our work in the summer time and throughout the season really paid off as we raced so well at the region championships.
The JV girls started us off right with a 1-18 sweep in the first race of the afternoon. Hannah Albrechtsen and Sierra Haslam led the way throughout the entire race - and finished within a tenth of a second of each other for 1st and 2nd in an incredibly fast JV winning time of 19:59. As far as I could tell, 19:59 is a new region JV record. There have been years where 19:59 would be all-region in the varsity race. Having the girls finish 1-18 is also a region JV record, and having 16 girls under 22:00 - in addition to the 10 in the varsity race - for a total of 26 girls under 22:00 is also a TEAM and region record. Hannah and Sierra were followed by Josey Hedquist in 20:06 (just a 9th grader), Janice Hartvigsen in 20:19, and a great race from Mikell Wood in 20:22. Mikell has struggled with injury and came back with a great final race of the season. Most of the girls in the JV race finished with PRs or season bests. If the JV girls had been in the varsity race, they would have finished 3rd place and qualified for state as a TEAM (too bad that's not an option).
The JV boys were next, and kept our perfect streak going. The boys finished with a 1-8 sweep 15 of the top 20 runners. They were led by a phenomenal race by Phillip Baker who finished with a time of 16:18. Phillip's time would be varsity on any team we have ever had from Davis. He would have been 10th place in the varsity race with only 1 runner from another school beating him. To put his time into perspective, he would have finished 2nd in the varsity race in 2008 behind state champion, Seth Gutzwiller. The boys JV dominance continued with Seth Thompson running a strong race for 2nd (16:44), Taylor Goldsberry running a very gutsy race for 3rd (16:49), Sam Haws finishing 4th in 17:00, and Ryan Lee 5th in 17:08. We had a total of 22 boys make the region all-time list (under 17:55). Our team record is 23 boys from 2010. Had our JV boys been in the varsity race, they also would have qualified for state by finishing 3rd place behind our varsity and Syracuse high.
The varsity girls nearly pulled off another perfect score sweep with a 1-4 finish, and 7 girls in the top 10. Shea Martinez ran a very strong race to finish just 1 second behind her course record from a year ago. Her time of 18:07 gives Shea the two fastest times ever run on the course. Madison Garlock finished 2nd overall with a time of 18:39. It ranks Madi as the 9th fastest girl to ever run the region course, and the fastest 9th grader ever. Joanna Boyd finished 3rd with 18:52. Joanna has been consistently strong for us all season long - AND IS FINALLY 16!! (Happy Birthday today, Joanna). Ashley Tyndall is one of our most improved--she finished 4th in a time of 19:01. A year ago, Ashley was 6th in the JV race with a time of 20:29. A lot of hard work later, and she is going to be running this next week with a shot at being all-state. Kami Dixon and Chelsey Johnson finished 8-9, both earning all-region medals, and although Aimee Vance was running as one of our "non-scorers", she finished 10th in the region with an incredible time of 19:37. Our top 5 girls' times added together to give us a "team time" of 94:10 - the record team time on the region course is 94:07 by our girls in 2010. It was our strongest showing of the year, coming right in time for the state championships.
The varsity boys finished up the day in dominating fashion. Before this year, we had never had a boys or girls varsity team perfect score the region meet. Not only did our boys perfect score (1-5), but we finished with the top 8 spots in the race and all 10 of our boys in the top 15. Brad Nye tied the course record with a time of 15:18. The course record was originally set by Steve Sheppard of Weber High in 2002 (Brad's older brother Jace was 2nd in that race). The next spots were just a string of Davis runners - Cromar, Preston Johnson, Logan Wood, Alex Hedquist, Skylar Williams, Jackson Sagers, and Andrew Aposhian. It was an incredible sight. We shattered the team time record by running 1:05 faster than we did a year ago for our top 5 runners.
I was very pleased with the great attitudes of our runners, with all of the prs, with our senior leaders, and with our young runners as well. I said it in the meeting, and I really believe, that this was our best region meet ever (boys and girls combined). Congrats to all those who have put so much into this season and who came and ran their best races at the region meet.
Full results can be found at Davis results can be found at the bottom of this email.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - Will be on this Wednesday (October 19th) at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake (1300 E. 2100 S.) We would love to have as many parents and fans there as possible. The girls will be racing with a shot at a 4th state title in the past 5 years. They will see some good competition from Lehi and Alta. The boys will be facing off against another one of the best teams in the country - American Fork (currently ranked #2 in the U.S.). It will be a very close race.
Athletes will be excused from school at 12:00 to be on the bus by the time it leaves at 12:20. The bus is leaving right as lunch is starting, so make sure you don't get left. The girls will race at 2:30, and the boys race is at 4:00.
We will have an important meeting after school on Tuesday in my classroom - make sure to be there for all of the details about the state meet.

Training after state - For those of you interested in training with us for the Nike Regionals or just for training - we will continue to meet after fall break. Our next practice (after state) will be on Monday, October 24th - same time, same place as usual.

TEAM Pictures/Uniform Turn in - Tuesday, October 25th - we will meet in my classroom after school, and then have the pictures at 3:15 when the 9th graders are able to get to the school.

TEAM Awards Banquet - Thursday, November 3rd - More details to come. The banquet will be for the athletes only.

24 Hour Run Fundraiser - Tentatively on November 4-5. More details to come.

Athletes of the Week - Shea Martinez, Josey Hedquist, Mikell Wood, Logan Wood, Jackson Sagers, Seth Thompson

Alumni Update - Many of our former athletes are competing at the college level. This past weekend, the following athletes competed for their varsity teams in either Wisconsin (BYU) or Arkansas (Utah State, Weber State) -
Weber State - Chris Burnett
Utah State - Tessa Brown, Austin Neuner
BYU - Morgan Haws, Candace Eddy, Jared Ward
Best of luck to all of our former athletes in their conference and regional meet.

Region Results -
Girls JV Results
1. 19:59 Hannah Albrechtsen Davis
2. 19:59 Sierra Haslam Davis
3. 20:06 Josey Hedquist Davis
4. 20:19 Janice Hartvigsen Davis
5. 20:22 Mikell Wood Davis
6. 20:24 Sierra Graham Davis
7. 20:24 Michaela Uresk Davis
20:43 Madison Bledsoe Davis
20:44 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
20:54 Katie Frandsen Davis
20:55 Nalany Resek Davis
21:03 Elise Anderson Davis
21:35 Madie McCleary Davis
21:38 Shaylee Argyle Davis
21:54 Whitney Williams Davis
21:56 Sadie Hutchinson Davis
22:14 Nicole Wood Davis
22:16 Megan Parker Davis
22:49 Nicole Steinicke Davis
23:05 Sophie Cottrell Davis
23:14 Sarah Parker Davis
25:26 Melissa Shinn Davis
26:36 Elizabeth Martineau Davis

15 Davis (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 6, 7
55 Syracuse (8, 9, 10, 13, 15) 16, 17
74 Weber (11, 12, 14, 18, 19) 20, 21

Boys JV Results
1. 16:18 Phillip Baker Davis
2. 16:44 Seth Thompson Davis
3. 16:49 Taylor Goldsberry Davis
4. 17:00 Sam Haws Davis
5. 17:08 Ryan Lee Davis
6. 17:17 Korbin Birrell Davis
7. 17:19 Justin Schofield Davis
17:20 Ethan Stuart Davis
17:22 Ryan Tanner Davis
17:47 Devin Farnsworth Davis
17:50 Trevor Fry Davis
17:52 Josh Ward Davis
17:56 Ryan Clark Davis
18:00 Alex White Davis
18:00 Kinball Potter Davis
18:16 Josh Martineau Davis
18:34 Tom Munker Davis
18:36 Blake Garrett Davis
18:45 Zach Wilde Davis
18:53 Dan Wybrow Davis
19:00 Rex Sumsion Davis
19:13 Caleb Gipson Davis
19:22 Jackson Rale Davis
19:38 J.R. Oldham Davis
19:52 Calder Craven Davis
20:03 Mitch Perry Davis
20:05 Nathan Butterfield Davis
20:16 Brady England Davis
20:45 Wil Schwarzwaldar Davis
21:14 Tanner Horrocks Davis
21:15 Nathaniel Neubert Davis
21:16 Josh Robinson Davis
21:53 Brigham Vallentine Davis
22:26 Josh Valentine Davis

15 Davis (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 6, 7
60 Weber (8, 10, 11, 14, 17) 19, 20
83 Syracuse (9, 12, 15, 22, 25) 26, 28
91 Fremont (13, 16, 18, 21, 23) 24, 27
155 Layton (29, 30, 31, 32, 33) 34

Girls Varsity Results
1. 18:07 Shea Martinez Davis
2. 18:39 Madison Garlock Davis
3. 18:52 Joanna Boyd Davis
4. 19:01 Ashley Tyndall Davis
8. 19:31 Kami Dixon Davis
9. 19:36 Chelsey Johnson Davis
10. 19:37 Aimee Vance Davis NS
12. 19:40 Becca Albrechtsen Davis
14. 19:42 Kenzie Weir Davis NS
16. 20:13 Emily Hammond Davis NS

18 *Davis (1, 2, 3, 4, 8) 9, 11
45 *Weber (5, 6, 7, 10, 17) 22, 28
95 *Syracuse (12, 19, 20, 21, 23) 26, 29
95 *Fremont (13, 15, 18, 24, 25) 27, 30
126 Northridge (14, 16, 31, 32, 33)
incomplete team - Layton

Boys Varsity Results
1. 15:18 Brad Nye Davis
2. 15:30 Brayden Cromar Davis
3. 15:34 Preston Johnson Davis
4. 15:47 Logan Wood Davis
5. 15:47 Alex Hedquist Davis
6. 15:48 Skylar Williams Davis
7. 15:57 Jackson Sagers Davis NS
8. 16:08 Andrew Aposhian Davis
11. 16:24 Hayden Hansen Davis NS
16. 16:30 Austin Allred Davis NS

15 *Davis (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 6, 7
52 *Syracuse (8, 9, 10, 12, 13) 14, 19
86 *Weber (15, 16, 17, 18, 20) 21, 22
132 *Fremont (23, 25, 27, 28, 29) 30, 31
152 Northridge (11, 24, 38, 39, 40) 41
160 Layton (26, 32, 33, 34, 35) 36, 37

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cross Country Update - Oct 9

Darts -
We are wrapping up a busy week. I wanted to thank the parents and the athletes who were able to help with the Barnes Park race on Wednesday and the Homecoming Relay on Thursday. Despite the rain, we were able to put on a great meet and we were able to have a little fun with the relay from Weber High to Davis High on Thursday.
Great job to all of the athletes at the meet on Wednesday. If you have not seen the results, you can check them out on the blog - It was a very strong race for our TEAM going into the region championships. I was especially impressed with the improvement that many of the new runners have shown through the season. Running is definitely a sport that takes patience and consistency, but I hope you are learning that hard work and determination will make you better at running (and at most things). The TEAM quite literally tore up the course - we dominated both races and proved to be running at our best as the season comes to its end. Great job having fun and running hard at the same time.

Athletes of the Week - Becca Albrechtsen, Katie Frandsen, Phillip Baker, Ethan Stuart

Region Championships - are this Wednesday (the 12th) at Layton Park. This is the final race for most of you. We have worked hard and we are well prepared to go into the region meet. The TEAM goal is to sweep all four races. Your individual goals should be to finish the season with a PR. The weather should be perfect, the course will be fast, and you are ready to go. Be confident in yourselves, and have a lot of fun going after your best races of the season. The course will be exactly 3.0 miles - it is the same course we have been running in this region since 1997. We will have an important meeting on Tuesday after school (once the Junior High athletes arrive). We will also have TEAM dinners on Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. The boys will eat at the Cromar's and the girls will be at the McCleary's (we will provide directions on Tuesday). We will be dressing up with ties and skirts/dresses for school on Wednesday.

The schedule for Region will be as follows -
1:15 - Excused from school
1:30 - Bus leaves
3:00pm - Girls JV
3:30pm - Boys JV
4:00pm - Girls Varsity
4:30pm - Boys Varsity
5:15pm - Awards

State Championships - The state championships are at Sugarhouse Park on Wednesday, October 19th. The girls race at 2:30 and the boys race at 4:00pm. I expect all of you to come and support the varsity runners as they contend for the state title. Both the boys and the girls have a shot at winning the state title for the entire TEAM. Every one of you are a part of what the varsity runners will be representing at the state meet. Even if you are not running, you will still have a responsibility to provide energy and support for your teammates who are running.

TEAM Pictures/Uniform Turn in - Tuesday, October 25th - we will meet in my classroom after school, and then have the pictures at 3:15 when the 9th graders are able to get to the school.

TEAM Awards Banquet - Thursday, November 3rd - More details to come. The banquet will be for the athletes only.

24 Hour Run Fundraiser - Tentatively on November 4-5. More details to come.

Nike Southwest Regional - We will be taking a bus down to Mesa, AZ for the Nike Regional Race. We will leave after school on Thursday, November 17th and return on Sunday, November 20th. Those of you who are interested in attending the trip with us should plan on being at practice on Monday, October 24th (the Monday after Fall Break). It will be a 4 week training commitment. We will be able to take about 50 athletes. The cost will be around $230 per athlete. Even if you are not able to go on the trip, you are still encouraged to continue training with us over that month (even the 9th graders).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Open Meet at Davis - Girls Results

October 5, 2011 @ Barnes Park Weather – 50 degrees, rainy and wet
Course - 3.0 miles; Course Record – 18:51 by Shea Martinez, 2011


1. 18:51* Shea Martinez Davis
2. 19:06 Madison Garlock Davis
3. 19:24 Joanna Boyd Davis
4. 19:33 Ashley Tyndall Davis
5. 19:37 Karlee Deeter Weber
6. 19:46 Sam Heaton Weber
7. 19:48 Rudi Zurbuchen Weber
8. 19:51 Kami Dixon Davis
9. 19:57 Chelsey Johnson Davis
10. 20:06 Paige Brooks Weber
11. 20:06 Becca Albrechtsen Davis
12. 20:10 Kenzie Weir Davis
13. 20:11 Aimee Vance Davis
14. 20:17 Hannah Albrechtsen Davis
15. 20:18 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
16. 20:21 Sierra Haslam Davis
17. 20:29 Jill Anderson Fremont
18. 20:35 Sierra Graham Davis
19. 20:35 Josey Hedquist Davis
20. 20:37 Michaela Uresk Davis
21. 20:38 Janice Hartvigsen Davis
22. 20:39 Mikaela Peterson Fremont
23. 20:40 Madison Bledsoe Davis
24. 20:40 Lynzi Deeter Weber
25. 20:40 Megan Jordan Northridge
26. 20:44 Elise Anderson Davis
27. 20:49 Shaelee Sweatfield Northridge
28. 20:51 Katie Frandsen Davis
29. 20:54 Nalany Resek Davis
30. 20:59 Jenna Johnson Weber
31. 21:02 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
32. 21:12 Mikell Wood Davis
33. 21:17 Katie Clark Fremont
34. 21:24 Cheyna Field Syracuse
35. 21:24 Erin Kibler Syracuse
36. 21:41 Rachel Markham Syracuse
37. 21:41 Lindsey Bailey Syracuse
38. 21:48 Destry Enders Weber
39. 21:52 Alyse Hartley Fremont
40. 21:52 Mogine Bodily Fremont
41. 21:54 Maddie McCleary Davis
42. 22:07 Shelby Cadwell Syracuse
43. 22:18 Shaylee Argyle Davis
44. 22:29 Devery Starkey Layton
45. 22:31 Leisle Jones Syracuse
46. 22:31 McKenna Heninger Layton
47. 22:44 Nicole Wood Davis
48. 22:45 Marijka Dame Weber
49. 22:46 Mary Charlesworth Fremont
50. 22:46 Ally Ellis Fremont
51. 22:51 Whitney Williams Davis
52. 22:52 Megan Parker Davis
53. 22:53 Shyli Butters Weber
54. 23:01 Nicole Steinicke Davis
55. 23:02 Katrina Dunlap Syracuse
56. 23:05 Adriana McFarland Syracuse
57. 23:09 Whitney Chemplin Northridge
58. 23:09 Melodie Bird Fremont
59. 23:24 Roxy Hedges Weber
60. 23:32 Kjersti Matheson Weber
61. 23:34 Kara VanBeekum Fremont
62. 23:44 Katelyn Davidson Syracuse
63. 23:52 Sophie Cottrell Davis
64. 24:05 Erika Amoya Fremont
65. 24:06 Becca Jacobsen Syracuse
66. 24:07 Lauren Busby Syracuse
67. 24:19 Ellie Workman Weber
68. 24:24 Nicole Lavely Syracuse
69. 24:29 Sara Parker Davis
70. 24:39 Sidney Baker Layton
71. 24:41 Erin Hansen Weber
72. 24:42 Melissa Shinn Davis
73. 24:43 Madison Henry Weber
74. 24:51 Staycie Smith Syracuse
75. 25:10 Jessica Howes Syracuse
76. 25:11 Elizabeth Martineau Davis
77. 25:45 Abby Jensen Layton
78. 25:57 Sara Alexander Northridge
79. 26:37 Erin Ashmead Layton
80. 27:19 Claudia Cascon Syracuse
81. 29:52 Savannah Jackson Fremont

Team Scores
18 Davis
43 Weber
90 Syracuse
91 Fremont
150 Layton

Open Meet at Davis - Boys Results

October 10, 2011 @ Barnes Park Weather- 50 degrees, rainy and wet
Course - 3.0 miles; Course Record – 15:51 by Preston Johnson and Brayden Cromar, 2011

1. 15:51 Brayden Cromar Davis
1. 15:51 Preston Johnson Davis
3. 16:19 Andrew Aposhian Davis
4. 16:19 Brad Nye Davis
5. 16:27 Skylar Williams Davis
6. 16:27 Logan Wood Davis
7. 16:30 Jackson Sagers Davis
8. 16:32 Shane Goudy Northridge
9. 16:34 Brandon Yardley Syracuse
10. 16:34 Jaxon Hansen Syracuse
11. 16:34 Hayden Hansen Davis
12. 16:41 Phillip Baker Davis
13. 16:49 Austin Allred Davis
14. 16:53 Parker Greenhalgh Syracuse
15. 16:53 Mike Russell Syracuse
16. 16:53 Matt Daines Weber
17. 16:54 Landon Greenhalgh Syracuse
18. 16:59 Jeff Michel Syracuse
19. 16:59 Taylor Goldsberry Davis
20. 17:03 Will Palmer Weber
21. 17:09 Frank Owens Syracuse
22. 17:12 Sam Haws Davis
23. 17:15 Eric Stakebaker Syracuse
24. 17:17 Will Barlow Weber
25. 17:17 Seth Thompson Davis
26. 17:18 Stetson Holman Weber
27. 17:20 Alex Hedquist Davis
28. 17:34 Ryan Lee Davis
29. 17:34 Ryan Haltli Weber
30. 17:35 Dustin Pagano Weber
31. 17:37 Riley Wheeler Fremont
32. 17:40 Ethan Stuart Davis
33. 17:44 Dallin Froerer Weber
34. 17:46 Trevor Newey Weber
35. 17:47 Ryan Tanner Davis
36. 17:48 Parker Hall Northridge
37. 17:52 Korbin Birrell Davis
38. 17:52 Josh Ward Davis
39. 17:55 Tommy Moncur Davis
40. 17:55 Spencer Griffin Syracuse
41. 17:58 Garrett Doxey Fremont
42. 18:01 Cody Kelly Syracuse
43. 18:02 Brendon Starkey Layton
44. 18:03 Brandon Williams Fremont
45. 18:04 Jermey Porter Weber
46. 18:07 Kimball Potter Davis
47. 18:11 Trevor Fry Davis
48. 18:12 Devin Farnsworth Davis
49. 18:12 Devin Jennings Weber
50. 18:13 Ryan Clark Davis
51. 18:19 Justin Schofield Davis
52. 18:20 Christian Carver Fremont
53. 18:20 Isaiah Barnes Fremont
54. 18:23 Travis Pitts Weber
55. 18:26 Nate Barker Weber
56. 18:27 Jaden Slater Fremont
57. 18:28 Adam Hunt Fremont
58. 18:29 Chris Dewey Fremont
59. 18:33 Isaac Clouse Davis
60. 18:33 Austin Morse Weber
61. 18:34 Alex White Davis
62. 18:37 Jeremy McGuinis Fremont
63. 18:42 Mike Linder Weber
64. 18:42 Derik England Fremont
65. 18:43 Jeff Knighton Syracuse
66. 18:44 Trenton Behumin Layton
67. 18:46 Trevor Parry Northridge
68. 18:47 Nate Spell Fremont
69. 18:47 Spencer Boltz Fremont
70. 18:48 Brevin Schade Layton
71. 18:52 Braeden Butler Weber
72. 18:52 Rylan Heninger Layton
73. 19:03 Josh Martineau Davis
74. 19:07 Rex Sumsion Davis
75. 19:07 Caleb Gipson Davis
76. 19:09 Jeff Reed Syracuse
77. 19:09 Dan Wybrow Davis
78. 19:10 Zach Wilde Davis
79. 19:12 Nathan Saffker Syracuse
80. 19:13 Eric Larsen Weber
81. 19:16 Blake Garrett Davis
82. 19:17 Eric Clements Layton
83. 19:19 Cody Griffin Weber
84. 19:22 Austen Crudele Fremont
85. 19:25 Chauncey Griffin Weber
86. 19:29 Van Jacobsen Fremont
87. 18:33 Jared Godfrey Syracuse
88. 18:34 Sam Fuller Weber
89. 18:36 Jon Morrell Fremont
90. 18:41 Brady Cook Syracuse
91. 19:45 Caleb Hunt Fremont
92. 19:47 Ryan Stanley Weber
93. 19:49 Clayton Shaw Fremont
94. 19:51 Easton Potokar Weber
95. 19:53 Jackson Rayl Davis
96. 19:55 Calder Craven Davis
97. 19:57 Gus Salazar Syracuse
98. 19:59 Aaron Hershey Layton
99. 20:02 Eric Dickamore Fremont
100. 20:09 Austin Wilcox Syracuse
101. 20:14 Kyle Linder Northridge
102. 20:14 J.R. Oldham Davis
103. 20:18 Cameron Dowers Syracuse
104. 20:22 Cameron Kemp Fremont
105. 20:25 Blake Jeffery Northridge
106. 20:27 Tyler Littlefield Northridge
107. 20:28 Brady England Davis
108. 20:29 Joseph Bernards Layton
109. 20:30 Bryan Saunders Fremont
110. 20:30 Nathan Butterfield Davis
111. 20:31 Wil Schwarzwalder Davis
112. 20:39 Rafa Riera LCA
113. 20:39 Ashton Sparrow Fremont
114. 20:41 Mitch Perry Davis
115. 20:44 Jalan Barrow Fremont
116. 20:49 Anderw Dobrowolski Layton
117. 20:52 John Merris Northridge
118. 21:01 Ignacio Bieza LCA
119. 21:02 Quin Neilson Weber
120. 21:15 Garrett James Layton
121. 21:27 Jake Speth Weber
122. 21:39 Josh Robinson Davis
123. 21:44 Josh Valentine Davis
124. 21:45 Nick Merriman Syracuse
125. 21:47 Estoban Zhang Weber
126. 21:51 Nathaniel Neubert Davis
127. 21:59 Mitch Garrett Fremont
128. 22:02 Chris Hooper Layton
129. 22:03 Scotty Taylor Davis
130. 22:07 Jareck Nelson Syracuse
131. 22:47 Dylan Rossmango Syracuse
132. 22:58 Casey Watts LCA
133. 23:07 Spencer Stenquist Weber
134. 23:25 Josh Miller Northridge
135. 23:29 Derek Hussain Layton
136. 23:30 Brigham Valentine Davis
137. 23:30 Tanner Horrocks Davis
138. 23:57 Stephen Jones Fremont
139. 24:07 Thomas Lakey Syracuse
140. 24:18 Drew Holley Fremont
141. 24:41 Austin Backman LCA
142. 25:27 Josh Morrell Fremont
143. 26:41 Kelson Kealamakia Syracuse
144. 26:44 Cooper Park Syracuse
145. 27:17 Diego Feeney LCA
146. 29:17 Spencer Hull Syracuse

Team Scores
15 Davis
56 Syracuse
86 Weber
131 Fremont
142 Northridge
163 Layton
224 Layton Christian Academy

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cross Country Update - Oct 2

Darts -
A very quick update email this week. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the important things we have coming up in the next few weeks. . .

Open Region Meet at Barnes Park - Wednesday, October 5th - You will be excused from school at 2:00 - and hurry to Barnes Park. I would like you all to be there by 2:30 so that we have plenty of time to prepare for the race. The girls race will be at 3:45. The boys will race at 4:15. 9th graders will be excused at 2:30 - just try to get there as quickly as possible. The race will be 3 miles.

Homecoming Relay - We will be running a "stolen" football jersey from Weber High to Davis High on Thursday (October 6th) as part of the Homecoming festivities. The route is about 30 miles - which means we will have to begin running around 2:00pm in order to get the jersey to the Davis stadium in time for the pep rally. We will divide the relay into 5 x 6 mile legs, and then everyone will meet in front of Davis High (by the seminary) at 5:30 so that we can run the jersey in to the football stadium at the right time. I will have more details at practice on Monday and Tuesday. At this point, I need to know if any parents could volunteer to transport groups on Thursday as we complete the Homecoming Relay. If you have a vehicle that can fit 5+ kids and you can spend some of the afternoon helping transport the runners, please let me know. Each leg will have about 10 kids running together.

Saturday Practice - We will meet at Layton Park next Saturday (October 8th) at 7:30am for our final hard workout before the region championships. We will be doing 800s and finishes on the region course. It is an important practice, so please let me know if you are going to have to miss.

Region Championships - Wednesday, October 12th at Layton Park. The races will begin at 3:00pm. More information to come. (3 mile race)

State Championships - Wednesday, October 19th at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake. The girls will race at 2:30pm. The boys will race at 4:00pm. More information to come. (3 mile race)

This past week we raced at the Syracuse Open Region Meet. We held out our varsity runners, but our JV runners showed that they can compete with the varsity teams from our region. The girls finished 2nd behind a decent Weber High team, and the boys were 3rd behind Syracuse and Weber. It showed that many of our JV runners would be strong varsity runners on most of the other schools in the region. I was pleased with the attitudes and the efforts of those who raced. Our seniors showed good leadership, and our young runners continued to show strength and toughness. If you would like to see the results for the girls, go to and the boys results are posted at:

Athletes of the Week - Korbin Birrell, Trevor Fry, Hannah Albrechtsen, Janice Hartvigsen

Keep up the great work. The season is over before you know it. Put a lot of heart and determination into the final 3 races of the season. Let's make this a memorable finish.
Thanks for all you do -
Coach Talley

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Meet at Syracuse - Girls Results

September 28, 2011 - Weather: 85 degrees, clear, dry, hot
Course: 3.0 miles, four short hills - Course Record: 19:09 by Shea Martinez, Davis 2010
1. 19:56 Karlee Deeter Weber
2. 20:12 Paige Brooks Weber
3. 20:30 Sharlie Dimick Syracuse
4. 20:50 Sam Heaton Weber
5. 21:00 Rudi Zurbuchen Weber
6. 21:09 Hannah Albrechtsen Davis
7. 21:11 Janice Hartvigson Davis
8. 21:15 Megan Jordan Northridge
9. 21:23 Sierra Graham Davis
10. 21:24 Elise Anderson Davis
11. 21:27 Michaela Uresk Davis
12. 21:32 Madison Bledsoe Davis
13. 21:33 Josey Hedquist Davis
14. 21:35 Lynzi Deeter Weber
15. 21:39 Nalany Resek Davis
16. 21:43 Mikaele Peterson Fremont
17. 21:46 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
18. 22:00 Cheyna Field Syracuse
19. 22:06 Mikell Wood Davis
20. 22:09 Katie Frandsen Davis
21. 22:12 Rachel Markham Syracuse
22. 22:22 Katie Clark Fremont
23. 22:22 Lindsey Bailey Syracuse
24. 22:23 Erin Kibler Syracuse
25. 22:30 Shaylee Argyle Davis
26. 22:38 Mogene Bodily Fremont
27. 22:51 Shelby Cadwell Syracuse
28. 22:55 Destry Enders Weber
29. 23:01 McKenna Heninger Layton
30. 23:03 Marijka Dame Weber
31. 23:05 Devery Starkey Layton
32. 23:21 Madie McCleary Davis
33. 23:22 Jill Anderson Fremont
34. 23:29 Angela Poll Northridge
35. 23:31 Nicole Wood Davis
36. 23:42 Whitney Williams Davis
37. 23:52 Mary Charlesworth Fremont
38. 23:53 Adriana McFarland Syracuse
39. 23:59 Alyse Hartley Fremont
40. 24:02 Ally Ellis Fremont
41. 24:16 Leisha Jones Syracuse
42. 24:17 Melodie Bird Fremont
43. 24:19 Shyli Butters Weber
44. 24:29 Whitney Champlin Northridge
45. 24:34 Sarah Parker Davis
46. 24:45 Kjersti Matheson Weber
47. 24:45 Roxy Hedges Weber
48. 24:51 Kara VanBeekum Fremont
49. 24:55 Karlee Combe Weber
50. 25:10 Sophie Cottrell Davis
51. 25:23 Kayla Berryman Syracuse
52. 25:23 Sidney Baker Layton
53. 25:35 Katelyn Davidson Syracuse
54. 25:40 Ellie Workman Weber
55. 25:44 Becca Jacobsen Syracuse
56. 25:45 Lauren Busby Syracuse
57. 26:02 Mallory Ashby Syracuse
58. 26:12 Melissa Shinn Davis
59. 26:13 Maddy Neyts Syracuse
60. 26:23 Nicole Lavely Syracuse
61. 26:28 Erin Hansen Weber
62. 26:46 Jaycie Smith Syracuse
63. 27:05 Madyson Henrie Weber
64. 28:08 Erin Ashmead Layton
65. 28:09 Elizabeth Martineau Davis
66. 29:32 Claudia Lopez-Cascon Syracuse
67. 30:35 Abby Jensen Layton
68. 31:25 Savanna Jackson Fremont

25 Weber (1, 2, 4, 5, 13) 22, 24
40 Davis (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) 11, 12
71 Syracuse (3, 15, 16, 18, 19) 21, 28
104 Fremont (14, 17, 20, 26, 27) 29, 30
144 Layton (23, 25, 31, 32, 33)
Inc Team - Northridge

Open Meet at Syracuse - Boys Results

September 28, 2011 - Weather: 85 degrees, clear, dry, hot
Course: 3.0 miles, four short hills - Course Record: 16:22 by Austin Costley, Syracuse, 2009
1. 16:36 Brandon Yardley Syracuse
2. 16:58 Jaxon Hansen Syracuse
3. 17:02 Shane Goudy Northridge
4. 17:08 Parker Greenhalgh Syracuse
5. 17:10 Will Barlow Weber
6. 17:12 Jeff Michel Syracuse
7. 17:12 Eric Stakebake Weber
8. 17:15 Landon Greenhalgh Syracuse
9. 17:18 Phillip Baker Davis
10. 17:19 Frank Owens Syracuse
11. 17:33 Mike Russell Syracuse
12. 17:40 Sam Haws Davis
13. 17:42 Seth Thompson Davis
14. 17:50 Stetson Hohman Weber
15. 17:51 Ryan Haltli Weber
16. 17:53 Korbin Birrell Davis
17. 17:53 Thomas Hill Syracuse
18. 17:55 Will Palmer Weber
19. 18:05 Parker Hall Northridge
20. 18:06 Dustin Pagano Weber
21. 18:07 Ryan Tanner Davis
22. 18:13 Josh Ward Davis
23. 18:18 Trevor Newey Weber
24. 18:22 Dalin Froerer Weber
25. 18:24 Adam Hunt Fremont
26. 18:29 Spencer Griffin Syracuse
27. 18:35 Mike Linder Weber
28. 18:36 Jeremy Porter Weber
29. 18:40 Trevor Fry Davis
30. 18:41 Cody Kelley Syracuse
31. 18:42 Garret Doxey Fremont
32. 18:42 Brendon Starkey Layton
33. 18:44 Riley Wheeler Fremont
34. 18:46 Rex Simsion Davis
35. 18:46 Rylan Heninger Layton
36. 18:47 Devin Farnswerth Davis
37. 18:48 Ryan Clark Davis
38. 18:48 Brandon Willliams Fremont
39. 18:57 Christian Carver Fremont
40. 19:00 Jared Clouse Davis
41. 19:03 Ethan Stuart Davis
42. 19:06 Derek England Fremont
43. 19:08 Jeremy McGinnis Fremont
44. 19:09 Nathan Seffker Syracuse
45. 19:09 Trevor Parry Northridge
46. 19:10 Carson Stromberg Weber
47. 19:12 Travis Pitts Weber
48. 19:16 Isaiah Barnes Fremont
49. 19:18 Chris Newey Fremont
50. 19:22 Devon Jennings Weber
51. 19:23 Josh Martineau Davis
52. 19:24 Austin Morse Weber
53. 19:27 Jesse Whetton Fremont
54. 19:29 Tommy Moncur Davis
55. 19:33 Jeff Reed Syracuse
56. 19:37 Blake Garrett Davis
57. 19:39 Alex White Davis
58. 19:41 Ryan Vause Fremont
59. 19:46 Spencer Boltz Fremont
60. 19:47 Zach Wilde Davis
61. 19:48 Jayden Slater Fremont
62. 19:51 Ryan Stanley Weber
63. 19:54 Nate Spell Fremont
64. 19:54 Jeff Knighton Syracuse
65. 19:57 Nate Baker Weber
66. 19:58 Caleb Gipson Davis
67. 20:02 Jeared Godfrey Syracuse
68. 20:02 Braedin Butler Weber
69. 20:05 Brady Cook Syracuse
70. 20:06 Kimball Potter Davis
71. 20:08 Eric Clements Layton
72. 20:11 Trenton Behunin Layton
73. 20:12 Eric Larsen Weber
74. 20:23 Jon Morrell Fremont
75. 20:24 Clayton Shaw Fremont
76. 20:28 Jackson Rayl Davis
77. 20:31 Austin Crudele Fremont
78. 20:32 Cameron Dower Syarcuse
79. 20:32 Easton Potokar Weber
80. 20:36 Cody Griffin Weber
81. 20:40 Eric Dickamore Fremont
82. 20:40 Jonathon Cardinal Layton
83. 20:46 Sam Fuller Weber
84. 20:48 Dan Wybrow Davis
85. 20:49 Chauncey Griffin Weber
86. 20:56 Caleb Hunt Fremont
87. 20:56 Calder Craven Davis
88. 20:58 Aaron Hirschi Fremont
89. 21:05 J.F. Oldham Davis
90. 21:10 Brevin Schade Layton
91. 21:23 Tyler Littlefield Northridge
92. 21:23 Jed Brough Davis
93. 21:24 Austin Wilcox Syracuse
94. 21:33 Cameron Kemp Fremont
95. 21:34 Jake Speth Weber
96. 21:35 Bryan Saunders Fremont
97. 21:38 Brady England Davis
98. 21:51 Mitch Perry Davis
99. 21:56 John Morris Northridge
100. 22:01 Blake Jeffrey Northridge
101. 22:05 Mitchell Dill Syracuse
102. 22:07 Andrew Dobrowski Layton
103. 22:17 Joseph Bernards Layton
104. 22:35 Nathaniel Neubert Davis
105. 22:39 Dylon Rossmango Syracuse
106. 22:42 Josh Robinson Davis
107. 22:49 Wil Schwarzwaldar Davis
108. 22:49 Garrett James Layton
109. 23:02 Joseph Gillespie Layton
110. 23:03 Mitch Garrett Fremont
111. 23:04 Jareck Nelson Syracuse
112. 23:07 Chris Hooper Layton
113. 23:15 Nick Merriman Syracuse
114. 23:16 Tanner Horrocks Davis
115. 23:21 Brigham Valentine Davis
116. 23:23 Nathan Butterfield Davis
117. 23:32 Josh Valentine Davis
118. 23:35 Josh Miller Northridge
119. 23:42 Jalan Barrow Fremont
120. 24:10 Esteban Zhang Weber
121. 24:17 Quin Neilson Weber
122. 24:22 Spencer Stenquist Weber
123. 25:23 Derek Hussain Layton
124. 25:29 Tom Lakey Syracuse
125. 27:49 Kelson Kealamakia Syracuse
126. 28:22 Drew Holley Fremont
127. 29:01 Josh Morrell Fremont
128. 29:06 Stephen Jones Fremont
129. 30:19 Cooper Park Syracuse
130. 31:59 Spencer Hull Syracuse

21 Syracuse (1, 2, 4, 6, 8) 10, 11
58 Weber (5, 7, 14, 15, 17) 19, 22
70 Davis (9, 12, 13, 16, 20) 21, 24
128 Northridge (3, 18, 32, 37, 38) 39, 42
132 Fremont (23, 25, 27, 28, 29) 30, 31
164 Layton (26, 33, 34, 35, 36) 40, 41

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

XC Update - Bob Firman

Darts -

Sorry that I didn't get the opportunity to send out an email this past weekend. It is hard to believe that we are over half way through the season. With only 4 races to go, it is important that you take advantage of your opportunities. Again, I challenge each of you to bring a positive attitude and a lot of energy and focus to our practices and races over the next 2 weeks of workouts - which are really there to prepare us for the final 2 races of the season (region and state). Even though the varsity runners are not competing at Syracuse tomorrow, it is still an important race for the rest of the TEAM, and a great opportunity for the JV runners to step up and perform for the TEAM.

Here is how the race schedule is looking for the rest of the season:

Wednesday, 9/28 Open Region Meet @ Syracuse - Girls race at 3:45; Boys at 4:15. The race is 3 miles and starts on the field to the west of the Syracuse track.

Friday/Saturday 9/30-10/1 - We were originally going to go to UVU on the 30th, then I changed it to Park City on the 1st - but we have decided not to attend a race this weekend.

Wednesday, 10/5 - Open Region Meet @ Davis (Barnes Park). Girls will race at 3:45; Boys at 4:15.

Wednesday, 10/12 - Region Championships @ Layton Park

Wednesday, 10/19 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park - even though we can only race with 7 runners, I expect the entire TEAM to come and be a part of the race by cheering and supporting the varsity group.

The Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, ID gave us the opportunity to race against some very strong teams. It was a fun and memorable trip, highlighted by a tough race. There were 7 of the top 22 nationally ranked teams in the boys race, and we ended up with a solid 2nd place. The only team ahead of us was Arcadia, CA (currently ranked #5 and last year's national champions). We finished ahead of North Central, WA (US #10), Woodlands, TX (#11), Rancho Cucamungo, CA (#17), Trabuco Hills, CA (#21), and Mountain View, UT (#22). Brad Nye led us with a great race for 2nd place in a time of 15:50. Although it was a unseasonably hot day, Brad's time was the fastest run by a Davis athlete in the 6 years we have been attending the race. We also had a solid performance by Logan Wood, who stepped up and ran with our top 5 to finish 29th. The boys in the Division I Varsity race also ran tough and earned one of the coveted shoe trophies by finishing 3rd behind the Arcadia JV and the Ogden Varsity group. And I was probably most impressed with our boys JV performance. We ran patient and tough during the hottest part of the day - great races by Seth Thompson, Justin Schofield, Ryan Tanner, Josh Ward, Ethan Stuart, Rex Sumsion, Kimball Potter, Trevor Fry, and Isaac Clouse. Of all of the races, the JV boys averaged closest to the Murray Invite from the previous week.

The girls didn't face quite the amount of ranked teams, but still competed well against some great teams from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, California, and other states. We finished in 5th place out of well over 100 teams entered in the meet. In the girls elite races, Joanna Boyd continued to show her strength and show that she has been working hard with her 21st place finish (1 shy of getting a back pack), but she did move up from 35th place over the 2nd half of the race. The girls Division I varsity finished in 4th place - all of the schools ahead of us were the varsity teams from their schools. We were led by Sierra Haslam, Sadie Hutchinson, and McKenzie Weir. The girls have continued to show strength and depth. We have a very young TEAM, and I expect them to work hard and come back to the same meet in a year and race for the TEAM victory. We also had a great showing in the JV race, where we pulled off the TEAM win (again at the hottest time of the day - probably 90 degrees). We had tough races from Sierra Graham, Janice Hartvigsen, Madi Bledsoe, Elise Anderson, Michaela Uresk, Nalany Resek, and Mikell Wood.

I was really impressed with our toughness from both the boys and the girls. The course was tough, and the weather was HOT, but we ran with heart and guts. I don't think it was our strongest performance of the year, but I like that we are out there giving our all - even when the circumstances aren't ideal. I have grown to expect a lot from this year's TEAM, and I am proud of how most of you are responding to those expectations. Keep working hard, and keep being positive with yourselves and each other.

I didn't have time to type of the Davis results, but you can see all the results at They also have some race video from each of the 6 races we were participating in. I also have some pictures on facebook if you would like to take a look.

Thanks to all the parents who were able to come and support the TEAM, and thanks to Jill and Charla for helping with the supervision. Overall, I felt it was a very successful trip, and I think it made us stronger as a TEAM as we head into the championship part of our season.


Coach Talley

Athletes of the Week - Sierra Haslam, Joanna Boyd, Brad Nye, Taylor Goldsberry

Sunday, September 18, 2011

XC Update - Murray and Districts

Darts -
This week showed what Davis Cross Country is all about. We ran hard, competed as a TEAM, had a lot of fun, and showed we are champions. It was one of the most fun weeks I have had as a coach. From racing in the rain, to the introduction of "Johnny", this has been a memorable and exciting week. The Murray Invite was definitely one of the most exciting and energetic meets I have been to in a while. Great job staying positive through a few challenges.

District Championships - We started at the Davis District Championships at Layton Park on Wednesday. As a TEAM, we were victorious in all 4 races (boys and girls--varsity and JV). The girls were led by a course record performance from Shea Martinez. She pulled away from the pack during the first mile, and never looked back on her way to a 16:38 - 26 seconds under the previous course record. It was an impressive time for running solo through most of the race. Our girls varsity group ran patient and moved up through the other groups to finish with a final score of 22. Ashley Tyndall and Joanna Boyd finished 2-3 behind Shea, and Kami Dixon moved up throughout the race to place 6th. All though all the girls ran together, if the JV runners had been separate, we would have taken the top 16 places and had a perfect score of 15. I was most impressed with the way we moved well as packs and with how much strength we showed in the final mile. Even though we have many young and new runners on this girls TEAM, we are showing that we are extremely deep and have a solid future in front of us. The full results from the meet are at
The boys looked equally strong in the District Championships. Preston Johnson nearly broke the course record as well. He ran the 2.75 mile course in 14:11. The course record is held by Josh Adams at 14:07. Preston's time ranks #2 on the all-time list for the course. Alex Hedquist ran tough for 2nd place (14:28) and was followed by Skylar Williams, Brayden Cromar, and Logan Wood - all 5 scorers finishing in the top 6. Even though we were saving some for the Murray Invite, it was still a TEAM time record for the District course (top 5 times combined). The JV boys had 7 of the top 10 finishers and were led by JV champ Ryan Lee (15:25). Phillip, Sam, and Korbin also finished in the top 5. As I said in the meeting on Thursday after the race, it is amazing what hard work and discipline and consistency will do for a young distance runner. We have seen some incredible improvements over the past year. Full results for the district meet are at

Murray Invitational -
The girls started out strong at the Murray Invite in the rookie race. Although there was quite a bit of confusion at the finish, and some of the girls would have run faster times if people hadn't forced them to run the wrong direction with 100m to go, we still grabbed 5 of the top 7 places. The rookie girls would have been about 15th out of 38 teams in the girls varsity race. Kenzie Weir was the individual champion with a time of 21:02. Hannah, Sierra, Madison, and Josey were all under 21:10. Some of the girls would have been under 21:00 without the finish confusion. The rookie girls finished 1st with 18 points (2nd place scored 67). The JV girls ran a very tough and patient race. I loved the way we moved over the second half of the race - especially Sierra, Janice, and Brooke. We were led in the race by Emily Hammond - who came back strong after collapsing in an incredible effort on Wednesday. Emily finished 2nd overall and ran a great time of 20:26. Becca also looked strong in her 6th place effort with 20:42. Sierra, Janice, and Brooke moved up to finish 7, 12, and 14 and nearly earn us the victory over the Ogden girls - but we fell just short with a final score of 37-40. Once again, if we had combined the rookie and the JV races, we would come out with the strongest JV team in the field. We had great improvements over our BYU times from Madie McCleary, Janice, Becca, Brooke, and Whitney Williams - our senior girls really ran tough this week. On average, other teams' runners were running 5-10 seconds slower than at BYU, but our girls averaged 3 seconds faster per girl. The girls varsity race was a lot of fun to watch. It was extremely intense, and we responded well to the challenge. Most of the best girls teams and individuals from Utah were in the race with 38 total teams. Shea ran with the lead group and finished 7th with a time of 18:36 - she is looking stronger each week (especially when considering it was 2 days after the district course record). Joanna continues to tear it up with her 19th place finish (4th among 5A runners). Chelsey Johnson was our big surprise of the meet - finishing as our 3rd girl in her first varsity race. She finished with a big pr (20:02) and a 44th place finish (10th among 5A runners). Ashley Tyndall also ran solid for 45th (11th for 5A). Kami Dixon and Aimee Vance finished right together - both with great kicks - in 20:18 and 20:19 - 62nd and 63rd (18th and 19th for 5A). It was Aimee's first varsity race as well, and although she was completely freaked out, she ran an incredibly smart and strong race. The girls finished 3rd behind Ogden and Skyline - both nationally ranked teams. The meet did show us that both Lehi and Alta (and maybe a few others) will be gunning for us at the state championships for 5A. We need to keep seeing improvements and stay humble and keep working hard. Full results can be found on Our TEAM results can be found at the bottom of the email.
The boys looked strong against the 45 team field. The 2nd set of national rankings came out again this week, and our boys remained at 9th place in the ESPN rankings - and we ran like a top 10 TEAM on Friday. And I am not just talking about the varsity group, but all the way through we had boys pushing hard and running with passion and determination. We started with a first place TEAM effort in the rookie boys race. Our rookies are really starting to show some solid progression. Justin Schofield nearly got the win, but ran into a lady close to the finish. He held on for 2nd place - just half a second behind the winner. (It looks like he is following in his brother's footsteps who ran a great first marathon in 3:07 yesterday at the Top of Utah Marathon - way to go Zach). Josh Ward moved extremely well over the last mile of the race to place 9th in 18:25. Tommy Moncur was 17th, Ryan Clark was 23rd, and Ethan Stuart was 28th - to finish off our top 5. We won with 72 points (over 2nd place Riverton with 125). In the middle of the boys JV race is where the fun really began, amidst some rain, thunder, and a little lightning, the boys ran away with the victory by scoring 21 points. Hayden Hansen got the individual win followed by Jackson Sagers in 2nd, Austin Allred in 4th, Ryan Lee in 5th, and Phillip Baker in 9th. Those 5 boys would have finished 8th place in the 45 team varsity field. The varsity boys ran tough through some pouring rain, placing 5 in the top 10 at an invite for the 2nd week in a row. This time we went 2-4-6-8-10. Brad Nye just about got the individual victory with 15:42, Brayden Cromar showed what he was capable of with 15:53, Preston Johnson might have been a little tired after his stellar Wednesday race - but still showed his tremendous strength with a 6th place 16:16, Alex continues to amaze me with his 16:19 for 8th, and Skylar is ready for a huge breakthrough and finished 10th with 16:24. Our final score of 30 was good enough to win by 126 points. Our combined top 5 times also shattered our TEAM time record for the Murray course. Andrew Aposhian looked solid in his first varsity race with a time of 17:00, and Logan Wood ran a gutsy effort for 17:02 with only one shoe over the second half of the course. Again, we have a lot of great competition in front of us. We are close to where we want to be at this point in the season, but it will take continued focus and TEAM work and humility to get us where we want to be in 5 weeks (state) and 9 weeks (NXN).

Fremont Region Meet - we will not be attending in order to prepare for the Bob Firman Invite on Saturday.

Bob Firman - We will be taking 50 members of the TEAM to Boise for the Bob Firman Invitational this next Friday and Saturday. We will be leaving the school on Friday morning at 7:00am - plan on meeting at 6:45. The $100 is due by Tuesday. Please pay in the office and bring me the receipt. Tomorrow morning, I will send out an email with itinerary attached for those athletes and parents who are attending (the itinerary is saved on my school computer). Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Athletes of the Week - Kenzie Weir, Emily Hammond, Madie McCleary, Preston Johnson, Justin Schofield, Ryan Lee

T-Shirts - The T-Shirts order should show up by Thursday. If you have paid (in the office), you can pick up your t-shirts before we go on the Bob Firman trip. Remember it is $8 for short sleeve and $15 for long sleeve (+ $2 if you have your name on the sleeve).

BYU College Meet - Jared Ward finished 2nd overall in the 4 mile race with 19:11, Josh Adams was 9th in 19:53, and Caleb Waldron was 30th in 21:18. Candace Eddy was 7th in the 5k in 18:46, Katie Swanson was 28th, and Meghan Hedquist was 32nd.
Montana College Meet - Austin Neuner finished 19th in the 8k race (5 miles) in 25:49, and Devin Lang was 20th in 25:53 - they were Utah State's 6th and 7th runners. In the women's 3 mile race, Loren Storey was 17th in 17:59, Jessie Wilding was 26th in 18:18, Anna Ward was 31st in 18:41, Tessa Brown finished 37th in 19:06

Murray Invitational (Davis Results) -
Girls Rookie Race -
1. Kenzie Weir 21:02
2. Hannah Albrechtsen 21:03
5. Sierra Graham 21:07
6. Madison Bledsoe 21:09
7. Josey Hedquist 21:10
26. Elise Anderson 22:12
30. Katie Frandsen 22:17
47. Nicole Steinicke 23:02
55. Nicole Wood 23:12
126. Sophie Cottrell 25:30
175. Melissa Shinn 26:57
*285 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. Davis 18
2. Maple Mountain 67
3. Ogden 128
4. Mountain Crest 138

Girls JV Race -
2. Emily Hammond 20:26
6. Becca Albrechtsen 20:42
7. Sierra Haslam 20:49
12. Janice Hartvigsen 21:08
14. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:15
21. Michaela Uresk 21:42
25. Nalany Resek 21:46
34. Madie McCleary 22:14
46. Whitney Williams 22:36
49. Shaylee Williams 24:14
113. Sarah Parker 24:14
*306 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. Ogden 37
2. Davis 40
3. Mountain Crest 87
4. Park City 95
5. Skyline 120

Girls Varsity Race -
7. Shea Martinez 18:36
19. Joanna Boyd 19:24
44. Chelsey Johnson 20:02
45. Ashley Tyndall 20:03
62. Kami Dixon 20:18
63. Aimee Vance 20:19
83. Sadie Hutchinson 20:42
*258 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. Ogden 87
2. Skyline 97
3. Davis 168
4. Park City 183
5. Mountain Crest 184
6. Timpview 185
7. Lehi 188 (Next 5A Team)
*38 Total Teams

Boys Rookie Race -
2. Justin Schofield 17:56
9. Josh Ward 18:25
17. Tom Moncur 18:45
23. Ryan Clark 19:05
28. Ethan Stuart 19:10
35. Kimball Potter 19:24
62. Caleb Gipson 19:40
69. Alex White 19:52
73. Zach Wilde 19:54
77. Blake Garrett 19:57
115. Josh Martineau 20:26
120. Jackson Rayl 20:27
177. Calder Craven 21:09
226. Mitch Perry 21:51
231. Brady England 21:54
243. J.R. Oldham 22:01
283. Josh Robinson 22:34
309. Nate Butterfield 22:57
323. Wil Schwarzwalder 23:05
346. Scott Taylor 23:34
353. Nathaniel Neubert 23:51
357. Brigham Valentine 23:59
386. Tanner Horrocks 24:57
*437 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 72
2. Riverton 125
3. North Summit 298
4. Timpview 202
5. Mountain Crest 229

Boys JV Race -
1. Hayden Hansen 17:03
2. Jackson Sagers 17:14
4. Austin Allred 17:16
5. Ryan Lee 17:25
9. Phillip Baker 17:45
13. Sam Haws 17:53
15. Korbin Birrell 17:56
16. Taylor Goldsberry 17:58
35. Ryan Tanner 18:24
38. Seth Thompson 18:26
97. Rex Sumsion 19:16
126. Devin Farnsworth 19:43
133. Trevor Fry 19:48
135. Isaac Clouse 19:49
207. Jed Brough 20:23
252. Dan Wybrow 20:53
421. Josh Valentine 23:12
*473 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. Davis 21
2. Mountain Crest 87
3. Sky View 156
4. Orem 192
5. Bonneville 198
*40 Total Teams

Boys Varsity Race -
2. Brad Nye 15:42
4. Brayden Cromar 15:53
6. Preston Johnson 16:16
8. Alex Hedquist 16:19
10. Skylar Williams 16:24
35. Andrew Aposhian 17:00
36. Logan Wood 17:02
*313 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 30
2. Bonneville 156
3. Orem 165
4. Sky View 165
5. Ogden 210
6. Syracuse 234
7. Park City 234
*45 Total Teams

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cross Country Update - BYU Invite

Darts -
It was a very impressive Saturday for the Darts at the BYU Invite. We finished in the top 3 as a TEAM in all 6 of the races, and we brought home 46 t-shirts for finishing in the top 30 as individuals. It was good to see so many of you looking focused and prepared during the races. We thought that it was a good TEAM effort - you were running in packs, competing together, pushing each other, and helping each other out. We were also very pleased with your strong finishes. We felt like the majority of the TEAM kicked very well when we got onto the track.

The boys races started off with the freshmen and sophomores. Our top 5 finishers (Josh, Tommy, Ethan, Kimball, and Alex) snagged the victory over Mountain View by 12 points. I thought Josh moved particularly well through the middle of the race, then had a monster kick on the track. Reminds me of his older siblings. The JV boys weren't far off the perfect score from a year ago. We finished with 5 of the top 7 places and 10 in the top 20. Logan Wood pulled away for the individual victory with an impressive 16:47. Andrew Aposhian was 2nd with a strong kick in 16:59. The varsity boys race really showed that we have worked hard for this season. Our top 5 boys all finished in the top 7. Brad Nye got the victory with a 15:50, Preston Johnson was 2nd overall with 16:00, Alex and Brayden were 4-5 (both running 16:11), and Skylar came through at 16:20. I thought Hayden and Jackson also fought hard in their first varsity performances. We dominated the race, but this is not the end by any means - we will continue to work hard, stay humble, and stay focused on our goals. Davis Results are below - full results can be found at

The girls races showed our depth once again. We started off in the freshman/sophomore race with 7 of the top 12. Madison Garlock looked strong in her first ever cross country race with the 20 second victory and a time of 19:46 (would have been 20th in the varsity race). Chelsey, Kenzie, Josey, and Elise were our other scorers as pulled off the TEAM victory. Elise had a killer kick to pass 3 or 4 girls over the final 200 meters. The JV girls also looked strong as they faced off with a very good Ogden team. Ogden is currently ranked 13th in the U.S. We looked like we had a victory in the JV race for a while, but it just slipped away over the last 800m. We still had very strong, gutsy performances from our girls in the race and we finished with 6 girls in the top 14. We were led by Sierra Haslam (5th) Aimee Vance (6th) and Hannah Albrechtsen (8th). I was really impressed with the way all the girls in this race fought over the final mile of the race. In the girls varsity race, we were facing some tough competition from Ogden, Mountain View, and Mountain Crest (all ranked among the best in the state). We were missing Ellie, but had some other girls really step up and we finished in 3rd place. Shea was our top finisher in 7th, Joanna had a great race to finish 12th overall, and Ashley Tyndall, Kami Dixon, and Sadie Hutchinson all looked very strong and poised in their first shot at running in a varsity race. We have a bright future ahead for the girls TEAM. Davis Results are below - full results can be found at

Overall, some very solid performances. I felt this was one of our better TEAM races over the past few years. However, we must continue to build off of this. We need to continue to bring energy and purpose to the workouts. And we need to continue to do the small things that will make us stronger - abs, weights, plenty of sleep, getting plenty of sleep, cooling down, stretching, icing, etc. Let's put a lot into the next 2 weeks as we prepare for our biggest race of the regular season (Bob Firman).

Parents Night - We were lucky to have the opportunity to listen to BYU Coach Ed Eyestone on Wednesday night. Thanks to those of you who were able to attend. I hope you were all inspired, as I was, to "run like a horse" in all that you do in life.

Coming Up -
District Championships - will be at Layton Park on Wednesday (the 14th). The JV boys will race at 3:30, all girls will race at 4:00, and the varsity boys will be at 4:30. If there are parents who would like to bring popsicles again - please let me know (I will have the cooler there). The race is 2.75 miles.
Murray Invitational - will be on Friday at Murray Park in Salt Lake. The first race begins at 4:00pm. I will send out another email with more information and an exact schedule of races. The Murray race is a 5k.

Athletes of the Week 3 - Kami Dixon, Elise Anderson, Andrew Aposhian, Josh Ward

BYU Invitational
Freshman/Sophomore Boys

8. Josh Ward 18:16
17. Tom Moncur 18:44
18. Ethan Stuart 18:45
20. Kimball Potter 18:46
26. Alex White 19:04
31. Caleb Gipson 19:13
42. Josh Martineau 19:38
44. Zach Wilde 19:40
46. Blake Garrett 19:41
80. Calder Craven 20:56
89. Brady England 21:13
90. Mitch Perry 21:15
110. J.R. Oldham 22:04
134. Nate Butterfield 23:23
139. Brigham Valentine 23:59
142. Tanner Horrocks 24:16
Team Scores
1. Davis 83
2. Mountain View 95
3. Westlake 108
4. Mountain Crest 137

Boys JV
1. Logan Wood 16:47
2. Andrew Aposhian 16:59
4. Austin Allred 17:14
6. Ryan Lee 17:27
7. Taylor Goldsberry 17:36
9. Phillip Baker 17:36
10. Korbin Birrell 17:40
14. Sam Haws 17:54
16. Seth Thompson 18:04
18. Ryan Tanner 18:12
19. Justin Schofield 18:13
28. Ryan Clark 18:48
31. Isaac Clouse 18:56
35. Trevor Fry 19:08
39. Jed Brough 19:11
42. Devin Farnsworth 19:20
50. Rex Sumsion 19:38
76. Dan Wybrow 20:31
128. Josh Robinson 22:31
139. Scott Taylor 23:00
151. Josh Valentine 23:53
Team Scores
1. Davis 20
2. Desert Hills 81
3. Mountain Crest 126
4. Mountain View 155

Varsity Boys
1. Brad Nye 15:50
2. Preston Johnson 16:00
4. Brayden Cromar 16:11
5. Alex Hedquist 16:11
7. Skylar Williams 16:20
20. Hayden Hansen 16:59
22. Jackson Sagers 17:01
Team Scores -
1. Davis 19
2. Mountain View 50
3. Bountiful 139
4. Mountain Crest 142
5. Desert Hills 144
6. Riverton 171

Freshman/Sophomore Girls
1. Madi Garlock 19:46
4. Chelsey Johnson 20:48
6. Kenzie Weir 20:56
7. Josey Hedquist 20:57
9. Elise Anderson 21:17
11. Sierra Graham 21:24
12. Madison Bledsoe 21:25
29. Nicole Wood 22:51
31. Nicole Steinicke 22:54
53. Sophie Cottrell 24:46
Team Scores
1. Davis 27
2. Mountain Crest 100
3. East 105
4. Westlake 108
5. American Fork 115

JV Girls
5. Sierra Haslam 20:54
6. Aimee Vance 21:06
8. Hannah Albrechtsen 21:11
12. Janice Hartvigsen 21:31
13. Michaela Uresk 21:32
14. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:33
19. Mikell Wood 21:53
23. Nalany Resek 21:58
26. Shaylee Argyle 22:09
29. Katie Frandsen 22:14
41. Whitney Williams 22:48
45. Madie McCleary 22:55
95. Elizabeth Martineau 26:35
Team Scores
1. Ogden 26
2. Davis 37
3. Mountain View 89
4. Mountain Crest 109
5. American Fork 151

Varsity Girls
7. Shea Martinez 18:53
12. Joanna Boyd 19:20
19. Ashley Tyndall 19:45
29. Kami Dixon 20:16
37. Sadie Hutchinson 20:41
45. Becca Albrechtsen 21:17
Team Scores
1. Ogden 44
2. Mountain View 60
3. Davis 80
4. Mountain Crest 95
5. American Fork 107
6. Jordan 142
7. Westlake 223
8. Viewmont 224

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cross Country Update #2

Darts -
The season is officially in full swing. We had our 2nd meet of the year this past week on Wednesday. The pre-region race at Layton Park showed that we are going to be very strong in the region this year. The girls and the boys both came away with 1st place TEAM finishes in both varsity and JV.
In the girls race, Shea Martinez ran a very strong 2nd mile to pull away for the victory. Her 11:56 was the 2nd fastest time ever run on the 2 mile pre-region course. Shea was followed by Joanna Boyd, Emily Hammond, Ashley Tyndall, and Kami Dixon. All 5 of our scores placed in the top 7 to give us a final of 19 points. For those of you new to cross country, a perfect score is 15 points. Cross country scores are determined by adding together the places for the top 5 runners on your team. The team with the lowest score wins. So, a 1-2-3-4-5 finish gives you a perfect 15. There are typically 7 runners in the varsity race and the remaining runners race in the JV race. If you remove the top 7 from every team in the girls race, our JV girls would have finished 1st through 20th - to win the JV race with a perfect 15. It shows we have some incredible depth. Our best improvements this week were by Michaela Uresk, Katie Frandsen, and Becca Albrechtsen.
In the boys JV race, we did end with a perfect score of 15. Ryan Lee was the JV champ in 10:59, Taylor Goldsberry was right behind in 11:01, Phillip Baker, Korbin Birrell, and Ryan Tanner rounded out our top 5. It was good to see some of our young, new boys making a good improvement over the grass relays from a week ago.
In the varsity race, our boys had 10 of the top 12 places for a final score of 17. Brad Nye narrowly missed the course record but ran a great time of 10:05 - only 1 second off of Neuner's 10:04 from last year. Preston Johnson placed 2nd overall, Brayden Cromar was 3rd, Alex Hedquist was 5th, and Skylar Williams was 6th. We looked stronger than we did a week ago, but still need to work on our final 1/2 mile of the race.
Overall it was a good meet. The weather was hot (90 degrees), but we looked strong. As coaches, we are happy about the beginning of the season, but we are really looking for some of you to step up your performances over the next few weeks. It is important that we take these early races as an opportunity to learn to run as a TEAM, learn to push through the pain, and learn to finish races with strength and determination. It is also important to be patient and to realize that it doesn't come all at once. Keep working hard and stay focused. Full results from the pre-region meet can be found at

Our next big test will be at the BYU Invitational this coming Saturday. The boys will see a strong team from Mountain View who has been running with a very tight 1-4 gap, and the girls are going to face our big 5A competition from the Alta team who was missing a few of their top girls at the Grass Relays. It will also be our first chance at racing a 5k.
We have an important week in front of us as far as training goes. Please come to each of the practices with the right mind-set. That mind-set would be with a determination to run hard and be extra positive through the workouts. I also want each of you training with purpose and with TEAMwork. Be excited for what we have coming up. . .
Thanks for your commitment and sacrifice -
Coach Talley

Important Information:
Monday Practice - Meet at the Vita Course at 7:00am tomorrow morning.
Parent's Night - Thursday, 9/8, 7:00pm in the Cafeteria. Ed Eyestone (Olympic Marathoner and BYU Men's xc coach) will be speaking. Don't miss it. This is for both parents and athletes.
BYU Invitational - Saturday, 9/10, We will be meeting at the school at 6:45am to head down to the BYU track for the race - I will send out more information later in the week.
Bob Firman Invite Surveys - were sent out in the mail this past week. Please turn them in to the main office on Tuesday. We must get all the surveys turned in. Thanks.
T-Shirts - We will be putting in the order for t-shirts this week. The sign up sheet will be at practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Short sleeve shirts will be $8 and long sleeve will be $15-$17 depending on if you put your name on the sleeve.

Athletes of the Week (Week 1) - Austin Allred, Ashley Tyndall, Aimee Vance
Athletes of the Week (Week 2) - Alex Hedquist, Ryan Tanner, Sadie Hutchinson, Michaela Uresk

And Finally - A HUGE Congratulations to Janae and Kenneth on the birth of their son, Teague. He was born on the evening of September 1st. 7 pounds, 8 ounces (I think) and 19 inches long. I am sure he is a future distance running champion. We are proud of you Janae! Thanks for all you do for our TEAM.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Season Update #1 - Grass Relays

Darts -
It is nice to get the season started with a successful showing at the Grass Relays yesterday. Although it was quite hot throughout the morning, we had some very strong early season times. Both our boys and our girls finished up the varsity relay (5 x 2 miles) with 2nd place finishes in a very strong field on both sides. The boys ran our fastest TEAM time in 9 years of running the relays. We finished with a time of 53:53 - which also ranks us in the top 10 team times ever run on the course. We finished 2nd to American Fork (52:48) who looks stronger than expected. We will also see some good competition from the Mountain View team who finished 3rd in 54:31. The boys JV team looked strong and gained the victory in the Junior/Senior division, but we would have been a close 2nd to American Fork in the JV races if they had been combined (also to A.F.). Our boys were led by Preston (5th overall), Brad (6th overall), and Cromar (15th overall). We also had strong JV performances by Allred (2nd in the junior/senior), and Logan (5th in the junior/senior). All of the times are listed at the bottom of this email.
The girls finished with a time of 65:44 to finish 2nd by about :30 behind a very strong Skyline team. It was a very positive start for our girls in both the Varsity and the JV races. We had 16 girls run under 14:00 - our previous most was 11. If we combine our 5 best times of the day, we are right behind the time our state championship TEAM ran a year ago. The girls would have won both of the JV races as well - with 5 of the top 18 places in the freshman/sophomore race, and 8 of the top 21 in the junior/senior race. Our girls were led by Shea (5th overall) and Ellie (9th overall). We also had great performances by Ashley (winning junior/senior), Kami (5th in the junior/senior), and Aimee-Hannah-Chelsey (who finished 2-3-4 in the freshman/sophomore race). All of the times are listed at the bottom of this email.
I thought overall we had some ups and downs - but mostly ups. Our TEAM looks strong coming off of a solid summer - and we hope to improve from where we are. I hope that some of you were excited about your performances and thinking about how you can run even faster and stronger, and I know that some of you left the race feeling slightly unsatisfied - or maybe even a bit discouraged. To those of you who were a little down after the race - I say, it is only one race. We have many more opportunities to test ourselves. Don't beat yourselves up over the first race. Stay positive and stay motivated. Running is full of ups and downs - but the great thing is that you will always get another chance at redemption. I will be watching for each of you to step it up in the next few weeks. As you gain experience and fix your mistakes and get stronger (both mentally and physically) we hope that you will show us what you are really made of. One of the things I felt we can work on as a TEAM is racing with passion - really racing, not just running hard. One of the things I thought we did great as a TEAM was to support each other and cheer for each other (we were the best TEAM out there at showing support for our runners).

Coming up this week -
Monday - we are doing mile repeats at Lagoon trails - we might be done with practice a little later than normal, but we will try to hurry.
Wednesday - Pre-Region at Layton Park. The boys JV will race at 3:30, all girls will race at 3:50, and the varsity boys will race at 4:10 (this will be the top 10 boys from the grass relays). We will be excused from school at 1:45 and leave on the bus at 2:00. I will send an excuse list to the junior highs for 1:45 as well. 9th graders from Kaysville and Farmington should try to be on the bus at 2:00. 9th graders from Fairfield and Centennial can meet us at Layton Park as close to 2:15 as possible.
Thursday - just a reminder that the parents' night has been changed to Thursday, September the 8th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria at Davis High. BYU Men's Cross Country Coach - Ed Eyestone will be our guest speaker this year. I have heard him speak a few times before, and it is very inspiring. Don't miss it.
Saturday - we will meet at the school at 7:00am - most likely to travel to the Ogden trails for a distance run.

Eligibility - if you have not finished your eligibility papers or paid your fee, please do so early this week.

12:34 Shea Martinez
12:40 Ellie Child
13:06 Joanna Boyd
13:10 Ashley Tyndall
13:24 Aimee Vance
13:25 Hannah Albrechtsen
13:26 Chelsey Johnson
13:27 Kami Dixon
13:35 Emily Hammond
13:36 Sadie Hutchinson
13:39 Madison Bledsoe
13:49 Becca Albrechtsen
13:52 Brooke Gutzwiller
13:56 Nalany Resek
13:57 Sierra Haslam
13:57 Josey Hedquist
14:01 McKenzie Weir
14:02 Janice Hartvigsen
14:10 Sierra Graham
14:24 Mikell Wood
14:28 Elise Anderson
14:37 Liz Ashby
14:57 Michaela Uresk
15:07 Shaylee Argyle
15:08 Katie Frandsen
15:13 Madie McCleary
15:18 Whitney Williams
15:20 Megan Parker
15:27 Nicole Steinicke
15:59 Nicole Wood
16:12 Sarah Parker
16:57 Sophie Cottrell
17:55 Elizabeth Martineau

10:26 Preston Johnson
10:27 Brad Nye
10:48 Brayden Cromar
10:55 Austin Allred
11:01 Skylar Williams
11:04 Logan Wood
11:11 Alex Hedquist
11:12 Andrew Aposhian
11:13 Jackson Sagers
11:15 Hayden Hansen
11:19 Ryan Lee
11:24 Taylor Goldsberry
11:35 Phillip Baker
11:43 Sam Haws
11:43 Korbin Birrell
12:03 Josh Ward
12:03 Ryan Tanner
12:05 Ethan Stuart
12:05 Tommy Moncur
12:21 Ryan Clark
12:30 Trevor Fry
12:33 Kimball Potter
12:43 Rex Sumsion
12:50 Devin Farnsworth
12:55 Blake Garrett
13:02 Caleb Gipson
13:07 Isaac Clouse
13:09 Zach Wilde
13:22 Josh Martineau
13:33 Dan Wybrow
13:35 Calder Craven
14:07 Jackson Rayl
14:08 Will Schwarzwalder
14:10 Brady England
14:20 J.R. Oldham
14:23 Jed Brough
14:44 Mitch Perry
15:14 Nathaniel Neubert
15:18 Brigham Valentine
15:32 Scott Taylor
15:38 Tanner Horrocks
15:50 Josh Valentine