Saturday, July 25, 2015

DXC Summer Update #8

Darts - 
A lot of you know what the Strava app is. It is a biking or running app designed to help runners/bikers know things about their run/ride - distance, speed, elevation, etc. It also gives you a time comparison with other runners and riders who have used Strava on the same course or same section of your run. The top runner or rider is called the King of the Mountain (KOM) or Queen of the Mountain (QOM). Sometimes there are over 1000 people who have been on the more popular runs/rides. I like the app as a runner for the details it gives, but I also like that I rank pretty well on some of the courses (even a few KOMs). Well, due to an injury, I have picked up biking in recent weeks. Thinking I am pretty fit and can hold my own at another endurance sport, I decided to Strava a few of my rides. I was a little surprised at my results when I started seeing the comparisons to other riders. I am not as good as I thought I would be. I found that I am around the middle - some segments a little above average, some a little below average, none of the segments in the top 25 percent. And I found myself not wanting to use the app because I am not thrilled with the comparison. However - I still really like the details it gives me about my ride.
Well, this morning, I had a great ride - my favorite one yet. I worked really hard, had some good climbs, went farther than I ever have, and felt really good (which is rare for me in biking). I didn't use Strava this morning (or this week) because I was "embarrassed" that I am showing up on the Strava lists as an "average" rider. But I really wish I would have because I like knowing the statistics about my ride - so I can compare to myself and my other rides.
I think I am learning a good lesson - one that I have tried to teach many times, but don't always follow. Don't compare yourself to others! It will make you complacent and maybe arrogant if you are better than someone else, and it will make you discouraged and negative if you are not as good as whoever you are comparing yourself to. I have seen WAY too many people quit or give up because they are not as good as someone else. When you are evaluating your effort or performance, compare to your own efforts and performances. Maybe that's one reason that a training log is so important - it helps you see your own progress. The most important thing in what we are doing is to be your own best - to give the best effort you have and be proud of that effort. We have a ton of new runners on this TEAM - don't get in the habit of comparing yourself to others. You will find so much more joy in running (and life) if you focus on doing your best and helping others to do their best and reach their potential. It is also one of the greatest things about running. You against You!

DXC Assignment - In this week's mileage emails, I would like you to include something that you have done with running this summer that makes you proud. What have you done with your running/training that you are really excited or proud about? It might be your improvement, your discipline, conquering a fear, or anything that really makes you happy about your training so far. For example - although I am hurt and may have to sit out of running for multiple weeks, I am proud of myself because I am not getting grumpy - instead, I am attacking my cross training with more energy and determination than I ever have before. I am proud of my attitude (most of the time). 

Cross Country Camp (August 3-7) - If you didn't turn in your waiver, money, or physical, please do so ASAP this week. I will send out an email with a lot of camp details on Monday or Tuesday. Please let me know if you have questions at this point.

This week:
Monday - Vita Course 7:00 am. We are going to do "the hill". I still don't have an official name for it - but maybe we will be inspired this week. That hill needs a name. Theme will be TWINS - dress up with a teammate (same color, same shirt, same hairdo, etc) -- can be triplets too I guess.
Thursday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am. We will be running a workout in Nichols Hollow.
Friday - Girls Run at Sydney Zaugg's house at 7:00am (address will be sent out later). 
Friday - Boys Run at Farmington Pond at 7:00am
*The rest of the days you are on your own or with teammates - make it QUALITY.

We are wrapping up an awesome week! I hope you had a solid Saturday run. Great work at Adams Canyon, the fartlek, and tempo run this week.
Keep up the good work! Be passionate about what we are doing! Always train with Purpose!
Coach Talley

Brad's Corner:
About 3 months after I got out of the hospital I decided I was going to run a mile at the Morgan High Track. I hadn't run since September 2nd, and had only been walking again for 3 months. It was late February. It was late at night and dark. I set out with my left leg barely lifting, and nearly making me trip. A half lap in, in frustration, I quit. Kicked over the garbage cans. Tipped over the football bench and swore I would never run again. That was it!
Within a day or two I was planning my next attempt at a mile. I knew I had come too far and invested too much to quit now. I had to face it...I loved running. Just 6 months earlier I thought I ran because I won. Now I realized it was running and pushing myself that I loved.
My last couple of months of running have not been great. I have been battling tendinitis and a sore Achilles. Then the last couple of weeks things went into "uber crap mode". ( Scientific term for uber not good.)  I sprained my ankle, and other ailments. But last Monday, after a week off, I made what I thought would be a triumphant return to glory...swollen ankle and all.
At the two mile mark my left foot caught a piece of jagged asphalt and I took a hard spill. Breaking my Garmin, scratching up my new watch and cutting up my knees, elbow and hand, luckily sparing my beautiful face. 
In frustration I decided I was going to find a new sport. 
But I realized my frustration was more that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run on vacation. I love running on our family trip to Blue Mountain in Southern Utah. See, I love to run. Even though I am running slower than ever, I still love to run. 
Running isn't easy. There are times it down right sucks. But, I promise, if you put in the work we ask of you and really become a part of this TEAM you will love running. I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and with every fiber of my being. (See what I did there?) You WILL LOVE TO RUN! Now get out for a run...your lover awaits!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

DXC Summer Update #7

Darts -
You never know what a year of hard work can do. Not everyone improves at the same rate, and not everyone makes these kind of jumps - but I wanted to point out one very impressive improvement over the past 365 days. A year ago, Nate Hales (a junior) was beginning his first year of cross country. He came to all the summer workouts, and on the Lagoon Trail mile repeats, he struggled through 4 repeats in 7:10, 7:26, 9:51, and 9:19. Not that impressive to look at, but he did not give up. Nate has worked so hard over the past year, he puts his whole heart into running - can't get enough of it. It is obvious that he loves it. As a result, his mile repeats this week at Lagoon Trails were 5:35, 5:13, 5:42, 5:29, and 5:52. Great workout, Nate! Thanks for inspiring all of us to work hard, commit, and love running!

With only 5 weeks left of summer training, I want to challenge all of you to do your best to come to the TEAM practices. I was a bit disappointed with the attendance at our runs this week. I know many of you are out of town - but some of you missed because you were in bed or you did not prioritize. These are workouts you can't make-up later and you can't get back. We will all get so much stronger if we are doing them together! If you are going to contribute to this TEAM and this amazing season we have in front of us - and if you are going to get the full effects of summer training, you have got to be at the organized TEAM workouts!! Working, sweating, hurting, and enjoying running with your TEAM, getting better together! Don't miss for lame reasons. Don't be an ordinary high school kid - I am asking for so much more out of you! Consistency is King in Distance Running.

Don't forge to be doing the little things (that require a lot of discipline):
Hydrate - Shoot for 80+ ounces of water and gatorade (electrolyte drinks) a day.
EAT - Make sure you are getting a lot of calories (2500-3000 or more per day). Especially important for recovery to eat something with carbs and protein within 45 minutes after you run. Iron in your diet is essential for all endurance athletes. You need fat in your diet 20-25%. Sugars are even good in moderation (to help with calorie intake). Put a lot of nutritious food in your body (breads, pastas, rice, meat, veggies, fruit, granola, nuts, etc).
Sleep - 8 hours per night plus naps when possible - another great recovery tool. 
Stretch - Post run stretching will really help with recovery. Icing/Massage/Foam rollers are also beneficial.
Down Weeks - If you have had 3 weeks of pretty hard training and high mileage (or mileage increase), then make sure to have a week where you back off your mileage and your intensity by about 20%.
Abs/Core Work - I suggest you do your core routine 4-5 times per week. Here is a basic one, if you don't know these, you need to stick around after our workouts and get to know them. Try to mix it up - be creative on how much you can make it burn:
   - Crunches: 50 crunches or 45 seconds
   - Right Over Left: 25 crunches or 30 seconds
   - Left Over Right: 25 crunches or 30 seconds
   - Flutter Kicks: 100 flutters or 45 seconds
   - Scissors: 45 seconds - switching every 3-5 seconds
   - V-Ups: 10-15 reps or 45 seconds
   - Side Crunches: 25 per side or 30 seconds per side
   - Milos (Inch Worms): 20 reps or 45 seconds
   - "Russian Twists": 60 twists or 45 seconds
   - Penguins: 40 reps or 45 seconds
   - Row the Boat: 20 reps or 45 seconds
   - Hold the Boat: 30-45 seconds
   - Plank: Build up to 2:00 (or higher for some of you)
   - Side Plank: 60 seconds per side
   - Push Ups: Good ones - 2 sets
   - Lunges: 40-50 reps (20-25 per leg)
   - Total Time Spent = 15-18 minutes

XC Camp - Your money and waivers are due this week at practice (Mon-Tues-Thurs). The cost is $125 and the waiver is attached to this email. You will also need to turn in a physical (A-Form) before we leave. 

Dart Challenge 5k - You should ALL be planning on racing the Dart Challenge 5k on August 15th at 8:00am. It is at Barnes Park and it is our TEAM time trial (mandatory). Let me know if you are going to be out of town. It does cost $25, but includes a tech t-shirt and breakfast. All the proceeds go to the TEAM (it's a fundraiser) 

This Week:
Monday - Meet at the Vita Course at 7:00am - we are going to run to Adams Canyon Waterfall (and take it slowly on the way down). Theme is favorite cereal - bring a box or bag of cereal if you can. I will bring the milk, bowls, and spoons.
Tuesday - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am - if you can't make it, we are doing a Fartlek (speedplay) where you alternate fast and slow running. 5:00 fast, 5:00 slow, 4:00 fast, 4:00 slow, 3:00 fast, 3:00 slow - repeated 2 times for experienced runners.
Wednesday - make sure it is an easy run (recovery day).
Thursday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - We are doing a 4 mile tempo run and some 300m repeats on the grass.
Friday - Easy/recovery run on your own. Happy 24th!
Saturday - Long Run for the week (on your own or in groups).

Keep up the good work! Our first cross country race is one month away!!! #NoFear #Desire #FinishtheSummerStrong
Coach Talley

Sunday, July 12, 2015

DXC Summer Update #6

Darts - 
Believe it or not, we are half way through our 12 week summer training program. It is a good time to re-evaluate your summer mileage goal and re-commit to reaching a certain number for the end of the summer. For the most part, you should be able to get more miles over the 2nd 6 weeks than you did during the first 6 weeks. I will update week 6 from your emails and then send out a copy of the mileage so far (expect it tomorrow). I challenge you to challenge yourselves and see what number you can get to by the end of the summer. Don't overdo it! We want healthy, strong, prepared runners when we get to the end of August. If you are in the 220-240 range, you should shoot for 500; if you are in the 170-190 range, you should shoot for 400; and so on. Time to recommit to your summer goal and really put in some hard work. It will all pay off in October!

About a week ago, some of the boys on the TEAM told me they met a high school teammate of mine while they were running the Wasatch Back Relay. They didn't get his name - only his nickname, "Blondie". I knew immediately who they were talking about - Curtis Moore. Curtis and I joined the cross country team together in 9th grade and for the next 4 years we ran together nearly every day. We did not know each other very well until we spent time as teammates. By the time we were juniors, Curtis and I were best friends - and we were also running 1-2 on our cross country team (at Bingham). We were back and forth our whole senior year - sometimes he would get me and sometimes I would get him - but no matter who won, we were always teammates before competitors and we were always trying to get better together. I am grateful for the awesome teammates I have had with my running. My teammates are my closest friends. They have been there for me at the most important moments of my life - both in running and away from running. I attended two mission farewells today, and I was so happy to see teammates of the missionaries showing their love and support. 
I hope you all realize how lucky you are to have amazing teammates. I hope that you will develop your friendships and grow together this next season (and this next year). And I hope that each of you will work hard to be a good teammate and friend - and not always focus on yourself. I was seriously lucky to have some of the greatest teammates - Blondie, Phil, Bullock, Hop, Deak, Shakespeare, Stevie, Adamn, the Rat Pack (Joe Joe, Tolmanator, Dickey), Atwater, Jed and Mark, Schoner, Evans, Hooper, Richardson, Cook, and the list could go on. Guys with character. Guys with toughness. Guys who had my back no matter what. Guys who taught me how to be gutsy, taught me how to work, taught me how to race. Guys who kept me laughing and kept me positive through any hard times. So much of who I was/am as a runner, I owe to them. When we stood on the starting line together, I knew I had teammates who would hurt and race to the point of exhaustion for each other. I wouldn't say it happened every season of my career, but the best seasons were always the ones where the TEAM came first and we were unified. Where we were working our butts off with a purpose - and that purpose was to be great TOGETHER. The greatest teams I have seen have not always been the most talented ones - but they have been unified and they have learned to race for one another.
There is most definitely something special about being on a TEAM - and if you don't feel it, you aren't doing it right. I know some of you are new to DXC - and I hope all of you will help us build what we have into an unstoppable TEAM. 
Be grateful for solid teammates and always strive to be the best teammate you can be.  When the going gets tough, when you are trying to find motivation, think of your TEAM and get out the door and get work done!

Eligibility - I sent out an email last night that covers the important eligibility information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cross Country Camp - a few of you who were invited have still not confirmed for cross country camp. Please let me know through email or at the Vita Course tomorrow if you can or can't come. I will send out the waivers this week. Waivers and money will be due on Tuesday, July 21st. Thanks!

This Week:
Monday - Vita Course at 7:00am - we are going for a time (running hard) to Fernwood and back. Theme = "Junior High". Wear a junior high t-shirt or uniform. Prepare to run fast (hydrate/eat some carbs/get some sleep). 
Thursday - Meet at the school at 7:00am. We are going to the Lagoon trails for mile repeats (will need drivers). 
Friday - Boys Run & Girls Run - Both groups meet at the school at 7:00am.
Saturday - Long Run - Shoot for your longest run of the week - on your own or in small groups.  

Have another great week of training and playing!
Coach Talley

Brad's Corner: Running has taught me so much. Things like, Adidas is superior to all other brands, sweat in your eyes burns, chicks dig runners, and muscle cramps are not fun at 3 AM. But one of the biggest things I learned is to not give up. 
My Dad used to say before races, "You never know when the guy in front of you is going to fall." What that meant is no matter how far behind I got, don't give up. Keep racing, because the guy in front could trip, hit the wall or whatever and if I gave up I wouldn't be there to capitalize on it. 
When am going through injuries, or my running is going well, had a bad race, or I am going through a slump it is easy to want to give up. But I know if I just keep at it will turn around. 
Running can be tough! That is what is so rewarding about it. That is why I love it. And after all of these years it still gives me the same enjoyment and fulfillment. 
Trust me, over your summer training or soon enough in a race, you will want to give up. You will want to let up. You will want to stay in your comfort zone. When that times does come, and it will, DON'T GIVE UP! Fight through the slumps. Fight through the last mile of a race. You may be the only one that really knows you didn't give up, but trust me...that is enough.