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DXC Update - Grass Relays

Darts -
One of the things that I hope you learn from the Grass Relays is the importance of your TEAM. In the JV races, you have the opportunity to run with your teammates - it gives you confidence, it helps you to relax, it helps you to push yourself. But in the varsity relay, you are running on your own - sometimes without anyone around. It is challenging to know how hard to go, and it is tough to be without your teammates running beside you (even though we did a great job cheering yesterday). I hope that you all realize how lucky we are to be a part of this TEAM - to have teammates with common goals and to have teammates who want the best for each other. Our TEAM strength is going to come from genuinely wanting each other to succeed - from genuinely wanting to help one another to be our best. I think we saw some great things at the Grass Relays, and I think it was also evident that it was our first xc race of the season and that we have some improvement to come. Those of you who ran well, keep working and stay hungry for improvement. Those of you who did not run as strong as you would have liked, be patient with yourselves - we have put in a lot of work - trust that it is going to pay off and that you are going to be strong as the season progresses. It sometimes takes a few races to get back into racing mode and to give you the experience necessary to push yourselves harder. We have a long season in front of us - and a lot can happen during the next 7 weeks. Keep working and keep believing and keep being a TEAM.
The Grass Relays gave an indication of how tough our girls TEAM can be this year. In the varsity relay, the girls ran 62:41. It is the #2 time ever run on the course (behind Bingham's 62:32 from 1999 - a year in which they ended up ranked #1 in the U.S.). It also beats our best mark from 2008 by nearly 1:00. We were led by Ellie Child who ran our best time ever for the course with 11:59. Just as impressive, our top 5 times in the JV race add up to 63:46. With those 5 girls' times, we would have tied for 2nd place in the race (behind our A-Team). Madi Garlock got the individual win with a great time of 12:36. We have never had more than 5 girls run under 13:00 - this year we had 10. We have some incredible depth, and we need to use that to keep pushing each other to be our best. This is just the start, but it could be a very good season. 
The boys also showed that we are strong. Although American Fork beat us in the varsity relay, they had to run the course record to do so. Our time of 52:33 is 1:20 faster than last year (which was our team record), and it is the 3rd fastest ever run on the course. We had 8 boys run under 11:00 - our previous best was 5 from 2010. And Alex Hedquist tied our all-time record for the course with a very solid 10:20 on our lead-off leg. Our JV boys were led by an individual victory from Jackson Sagers, who ran 10:34 for the win. One of the things that I felt a lot of our boys and girls could work on was racing rather than just running hard. It seemed that some of you settled in to a pace that was just a little too comfortable. You have to expect some amount of pain and discomfort if you are going to race your best.

Upcoming Week: I have attached a copy of the 4 week schedule that I handed out last Thursday. Here is what we have this week:
Monday - meet at the school at 7:00am we will be running 7-10 miles
Tuesday - meet at the school at 2:30 - we are going to the Lagoon trails for mile repeats
Wednesday - you are on your own - I would like everyone to get in 2 runs (5 miles each) (3-4 miles each for the few of you who are new).
Thursday - JV meet at the school at 7:00am - you are doing 8 x 600m at Nichols Park. Varsity will meet at the school at 2:30pm - we are traveling to Sugarhouse to run on the state cross country course. Boys - Hedquist, Cromar, Williams, Aposhian, Hansen, Sagers, Presto, Seth, Sam, Stokton. Girls - Ellie, Shea, Madi, Kami, Joanna, Mikell, Chelsey, Ashley, Kenzie, Aimee, Josey. If any of you cannot come in the afternoon - plan on being at the workout in the morning. 
Friday - Meet at the school at 7:00am 
Saturday - You are on your own or in groups for 7-12 miles. I am going to be at the Huntsville 1/2 Marathon.

Next Races: 
Tuesday, Sept 4 - Pre-Region @ Layton Park
Friday, Sept 7 - Murray Invite @ Murray Park
*Race schedules to come.

Athletes of the Week - Mitch Perry, Ryan Lee, Mikell Wood, Kaitlyn Datwyler

11:59  Ellie Child
12:16  Shea Martinez
12:36  Madi Garlock
12:39  Kami Dixon
12:40  Joanna Boyd
12:43  Mikell Wood
12:47  Chelsey Johnson
12:50  Ashley Tyndall
12:55  Kenzie Weir
12:55  Aimee Vance
13:13  Josey Hedquist
13:14  Sierra Graham
13:37  Madi Bledsoe
13:37  Sierra Haslam
13:38  Katie Frandsen
13:44  Elise Anderson
14:03  Kaitlyn Datwyler
14:16  Nicole Wood
14:25  Nalany Resek
14:26  Hannah Albrechtsen
14:31  Rachel Johnson
14:52  Shaylee Argyle
15:10  Brianna Gipson
15:11  Sydney Zaugg
15:29  Sophie Cottrell
15:47  Nicole Steinicke
15:53  Alex Tanner
16:13  Addison Martin
16:50  Ella Palmer
17:52  Jessica Stewart
19:33  Paige Peterson
*The rest of the results were not up yet - I will add them when they are (

Teams - 
1. 62:41  Davis
(63:46   Davis B Team)
2. 63:46  Mountain Crest
3. 63:52  Orem
4. 64:08  American Fork
5. 64:46  Skyline
6. 66:09  Timpview
7. 67:06  Woods Cross
8. 67:06  Maple Mountain
9. 67:07  Mountain View
10. 67:16 Salem Hills

10:20  Alex Hedquist
10:25  Skylar Williams
10:32  Brayden Cromar
10:34  Jackson Sagers
10:37  Andrew Aposhian
10:39  Hayden Hansen
10:44  Seth Thompson
10:55  Sam Haws
11:17  Josh Ward
11:21  Ryan Lee
11:24  Taylor Goldsberry
11:38  Mitch Perry
11:42  Kimball Potter
11:43  Ethan Stuart
11:45  Bryce Ferguson
11:51  Alex White
11:51  Ryan Tanner
11:51  Matt Hawkins
11:52  Isaac Clouse
11:53  Brandon Peters
11:57  Devin Farnsworth
12:00  Andrew Tyndall
12:13  Zach Wilde
12:19  Logan Haviland
12:20  Caleb Gipson
12:20  Jackson Rayl
12:25  JR Oldham
12:27  Joseph Bailey
12:28  Trevor Fry
12:48  Tommy Moncur
12:49  Colton Rimann
12:59  Gavin Sundahl
13:05  Tanner Horrocks
13:07  Josh Robinson
13:19  Brady England
14:19  Adam Aposhian
14:23  Kyle Beech
15:01  Brigham Valentine
*The rest of the results were not up yet - I will add them when they are (

1. 51:46  American Fork
2. 52:33  Davis
3. 53:21  Mountain View
4. 53:53  Timpanogos
5. 53:53  Lone Peak
6. 54:14  Herriman
(54:51 - Davis B Team)
7. 55:29  Orem
8. 55:41  Salem Hills
9. 55:49  Springville
10. 56:11 Timpview

Keep up the good work. We have a great TEAM, and I have high expectations for you as individuals and as a TEAM. Let's make it fun and enjoy the journey. SEND ME YOUR FINAL WEEK OF MILEAGE.
- Coach Talley

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