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Summer Update - August 19

Forgot to post this earlier in the week:

Darts - 
This was probably my favorite week of the summer. All of our hard work as a TEAM is starting to show, and I think we have prepared well for the season. I wasn't at Vita Course on Monday, but the kind of times you ran were amazing - we now have a record number of boys and girls on the Vita All-Time list. The 20 x 400m workout on the track on Wednesday night was awesome! I loved the excitement, the teamwork, the energy, and the fitness. And I really like the new track - it feels like we are running in a completely different place. I know that it may have left a few of you pretty tired and maybe a little sore for Saturday, but the workout was killer. And our times at the Dart Challenge were the best we've ever seen - and we are just getting started.

Dart Challenge report - What I think I liked the most about the Dart Challenge was our TEAM effort. 
For the girls, we broke the record for TEAM time (top 5 times added together). Our top 5 girls ran a combined time of 1:36.39 - shattering the old record of 1:37.51 from 2008, and a great improvement over last year (1:39.55). We also had a record number of girls under 20:00 (7), under 21:00 (11), and under 23:00 (20). We were led by Ellie Child with a time of 18:56, and we had some great improvements from a year ago from Ashley Tyndall (1:23 faster), Kenzie Weir (1:40 faster), Aimee Vance (1:45 faster), Kami Dixon (1:16 faster), Mikell Wood (2:27 faster), Sierra Graham (1:40 faster), and Josey Hedquist (1:35 faster). Basically a lot of hard work has paid off. 
The boys also set a TEAM time record with a combined top 5 of 1:19.46 - it is the first time our top 5 have ever averaged under 16:00 on the course. It broke the record of 1:20.25 from 2010. We also had a record number of boys under 17:00 (9) and under 18:00 (16). We were led by Alex Hedquist (15:48) and a very tight top 5 group - Skylar Williams (15:54), Andrew Aposhian (15:57), Brayden Cromar (15:58), and Hayden Hansen (16:09). Our biggest improvements came from Hayden Hansen (2:37), Sam Haws (1:21), Phillip Baker (1:58), Josh Ward (2:07), Ryan Tanner (1:11), Alex White (1:35), and Isaac Clouse (1:26).   
I know that some of you might have been a bit discouraged by your first race performance. A few things to realize - not every race is going to feel good or go as well as you would like; make sure you are preparing well in the days leading up to a race - analyze what you did well and what you can improve on for next time; don't dwell on a bad race - there will be more chances and there will be better days - let a bad race motivate you to try a little harder and be a little more focused in workouts and in the next few races. Running is full of ups and downs - stay humble and motivated and hungry during the ups, and stay positive and hopeful with yourself during the downs (a great life lesson).
Also congrats to Devin Lang (15:39) and Stefanie Talley (18:01) on their overall wins. 

Eligibility - Make sure that you get all of your papers to me (I attached them to a previous email). And make sure that you pay the $85 in the main office and bring me the receipt. Please have it done tomorrow (Monday) if possible. You will not get a uniform, and you will not be able to race Saturday if the papers are not turned in. Thanks.

This Week (it's a busy one) - 
Monday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am - we will be going on a long, sustained run - probably between 6-12 miles depending where you are in your training. It will also be a good time to turn in your eligibility (since it is due that day). 
Tuesday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - we will be doing a slightly different workout than I had on the original plan. 
Wednesday - On your own - probably between 5-10 miles (one or two runs). 
Thursday - Meet at the school at 7:00am - we will be doing a few 300s and 200s on the grass at a park during the run - hopefully with some makeshift practice hay bales. We will also hand out uniforms for Saturday and we will have a TEAM meeting to discuss our plan for the Grass Relays. 
Thursday Night - Meet at Abby Frodsham's backyard at 7:30 - we are going to have a movie night/party. Eat dinner before, but we will have some healthy treats at the party. I will send out another email with directions to her house and some more details. I am thinking Hunger Games - give me some feedback. 
Friday - On your own - probably between 4-6 miles (one run). If you missed the uniform handout on Thursday, you can meet me in my classroom between 9:00-10:00am.
Saturday - Grass Relays - We are meeting at the school at 6:07am - the bus will leave at 6:15am. I know it is an early one, but show up with a lot of excitement for our first race. The race is at American Fork High School. We will not be home until around 1:00pm (if you need to come home earlier, please organize a ride - but I would like for everyone to stay the entire time). Here is the race schedule:
8:00am - Girls JV Freshman and Sophomores
8:25am - Boys JV Freshman and Sophomores
8:40am - Girls JV Juniors and Seniors
9:00am - Boys JV Juniors and Seniors
9:15am - Girls Varsity Relay - most likely we will run Ellie, Joanna, Kenzie, Ashley, Shea (in that order)
10:35am - Boys Varsity Relay - most likely we will run Alex, Andrew, Hayden, Skylar, Cromar (in that order)
11:45am - awards.
*Bring things to eat and drink. Bring a lot of energy. When the JV races are over - you still have a lot of running and cheering to do during the Varsity races. We will be the loudest TEAM there. 
Saturday Night - Meet at the school at 7:30pm for our final TEAM run of the summer - the last run that will count for your summer miles. 

The following week we will meet either in the morning or the evening. I will send out an email in the middle of this week so you can make plans for next week. We do not have any races the week of August 27-Sept 1, but we will be meeting most days. 

Send in your miles this week and next week and then we are done for the summer!!
Coach Talley

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