Saturday, August 24, 2013

DXC Summer Update - Week 12

Darts -
Great workout this morning. I really like how the entire TEAM was close together and really getting after that monster hill. It was an awesome way to end a very strong summer. I hope you are coming off of this week (our final week of summer and our first cross country meet) with a hunger to be the best TEAM we can be. Everyone on the TEAM can contribute through your attitude and your effort each day at practice and every time we get the chance to race.   

Highland Invite: We had a very exciting and successful opening cross country meet on Thursday. It was hard to know what to expect going into the race. We lost so many of our top runners to graduation, but I knew that our summer work was going to show. I felt very positive about the outcome - not just about our team places in each of the races (3 firsts and 3 seconds) - but mostly by your efforts throughout the race. 
I think the first race set a perfect tone for our TEAM. We have an excellent group of young runners, and as the freshman/sophomore boys race developed, it was evident that we were right in the mix. By the end, we had pulled away to win by 121 points - basically a blowout. Our young boys were led by four top 10 finishers - Camren Todd (2), Lance Thornton (4), Frasier Williamson (6), and Matt Ward (7) - and we had a solid group to follow them. It was a great sign for the future of the program. The freshman sophomore girls kept us going and nearly pulled off the victory - losing by just 6 points to Mountain Crest. We were led in that race by Sara Williams (7th) and Sydney Zaugg (13th). 
In the JV Boys race we were back quite a bit in 3rd or 4th place at the half way point, but closed extremely well to move up within 9 points of Westlake for first place. We had 3 boys run under 17:00 - Daniel Tumblin (2nd), Logan MacKay (with a HUGE finish for 4th), and Kent Thompson in 11th. We had a very strong group with 10 boys in the top 35. The JV Girls Race was our most dominant race of the day. We had other teams asking if we were running our varsity girls in the JV Race. With 5 runners scoring in cross country, a perfect score is 15 points if you add up the places 1-5 (low score wins). Our JV girls finished with the top 8 places - led by Josey Hedquist (1st), Grace Neuenschwander (2nd), and Ally Geisler (3rd). Grace and Ally were the 4th and 6th fastest freshman girls in the entire meet (including varsity). 
We kept our momentum going in the varsity races where we were very close to pulling off the sweep of both boys and girls champions. The boys finished only 6 points behind Bingham (74-80) with the 3rd place team over 60 points back. Skylar ran a great race to finish 7th in a highly competitive field from all divisions. Stokton ran strong for 13th and was the 2nd fastest junior in the race. Josh, Colton, and Kimball also worked well together throughout the race to all finish in the top 25. It gave us a better start than we may have expected, but really just shows that if we work for it, we can accomplish a lot of great things this season. The varsity girls race was very fun to watch because of our pack. It was fun to have all 7 girls together for nearly 1/2 of the race. Imagine being the #2 runner from another (good) team and having a pack of 7 Davis runners come by within a few seconds. It was definitely a statement as we put 7 girls in the top 24 and finished more than 50 points ahead of 2nd place in against a highly ranked field. We were led by Hannah Albrechtsen who moved from 12th to 4th in the final mile of the race. Hannah was followed closely by Ashley (11th), Taylor (13th), Miah (15th), and Aimee (18th). We looked good and can be even better as we keep that pack together longer into the race.  
Overall, we raced smart - we can be even smarter; we raced tough - we can be even tougher; we raced as a TEAM - we can do even better at staying packed together and responding to one another in the race. Even though it was a great first race, I hope none of you were satisfied. We should be pushing hard to get better each week.

Summer Miles: We have finished the final week of the summer. Please send me your totals for week 12 - and any other week you might be missing. I would like to have the mileage finalized by Monday. The boys have broken the all-time summer mileage record; the girls are very close - so all girls need to make sure to report. I thought the first half of the summer went extremely well for the whole TEAM. I have felt a little bit of slacking the last few weeks from some of you. If you feel that you didn't end the summer like you should have, I hope that you will go into the season with a determination to be more disciplined and more passionate about being your best as a runner. I hope that even though you are no longer required to email me your training logs, that you will still keep a training log. I promise it will help you to be a better, more educated runner. It is important for each of you to take ownership over your own running and your own improvement - a personal training log is one way to do that. Challenge yourself and we will rise to individual and TEAM greatness!! 
Congratulations to the shoe winners (for having the most miles for their grade): Tom Moncur or Josh Robinson (too close to call right now), Josh Ward, Colton Rimann, Frasier Williamson or Kelton Johnson, Sierra Graham or Aimee Vance, Josey Hedquist, Sam Hedquist, and Aubrey Argyle. 

Coming Up:
Monday - Meet in my classroom at 2:45 (I will put on video from the race at about 2:30 if you want to come early). Freshman should come to my classroom when you get there. Usually we will meet you at the south doors - but on Monday, we will still be in my classroom when you get there. 
Monday 5:00pm - Makeup Drug Testing Meeting - the athlete and 1 parent needs to be present to sign the paper. After Monday, if the paper is not signed and turned in, you are not eligible to participate in practice or meets until the paper is turned in.
*I will hand out our September training schedule on Monday at the meeting.
*We are NOT going to the Utah County Invite on Saturday, August 31st (see attached schedule).
Tuesday, September 3rd - Pre-Region at Layton Park - our next race - more details to come. 

Athletes of the Week:
Kent Thompson - had a huge improvement over his Dart Challenge and finished the race like a BEAST
Camren Todd - stayed patient and came on very strong to place 2nd in the freshman/sophomore race and lead us to victory
Miah Weaver - ran very tough as our #5 in varsity, despite dealing with some wicked poison ivy
Alex Tanner - made a huge improvement over her Dart Challenge race

Great final week of summer. Good luck with your first week of school. Be focused and determined on your school work like you are on your running. I want to see a lot of GPAs above a 3.5 at the end of 1st Term. Please use cross country as a motivator and never as an excuse. 
See you Monday. 
~Coach Talley

Here are the TEAM results from the Highland Invite (full results can be found at - 
Girls Varsity
5. 17:44 - Hannah Albrechtsen 
11. 18:05 - Ashley Tyndall
13. 18:13 - Taylor Cox
15. 18:22 - Miah Weaver
18. 18:27 - Aimee Vance
23. 18:36 - Sierra Graham
24. 18:39 - Kenzie Weir
*210 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Davis 62
2. Bingham 116
3. Timpanogos 144
4. Park City 171
5. Ogden 196

Girls JV
1. 19:14 - Josey Hedquist
2. 19:26 - Grace Neuenschwander
3. 19:39 - Ally Geisler
4. 20:24 - Nicole Wood
5. 21:03 - Kaitlyn Datwyler
6. 21:07 - Madi Bledsoe
7. 21:12 - Alex Tanner
8. 21:19 - Elise Anderson
19. 22:28 - Morgan Miller
33. 23:12 - Sophie Cottrell
*180 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Davis 15 (Perfect Score!!!)
2. Mountain Crest 108
3. Jordan 140
4. Sky View 175
5. Stansbury 176

Girls Freshman/Sophomore
7. 22:08 - Sara Williams 
13. 22:36 - Sydney Zaugg
20. 23:08 - Sariah Dixon
21. 23:14 - BriAnna Gipson
57. 24:40 - Rachel Clouse
86. 25:47 - Ally Smith
178. 31:43 - Amber Berry
*203 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest 98
2. Davis 104
3. Herriman 133
4. Timpanogos 133
5. Park City 144

Boys Varsity
7. 15:17 - Skylar Williams
11. 15:34 - Stokton Smith
16. 15:46 - Josh Ward
21. 15:49 - Colton Rimann
25. 15:56 - Kimball Potter
62. 16:25 - Ethan Stuart
92. 16:49 - Brandon Peters
*238 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Bingham 74
2. Davis 80
3. Timpanogos 144
4. Ogden 158
5. Riverton 179

Boys JV
2. 16:40 - Daniel Tumblin
4. 16:46 - Logan MacKay
11. 16:57 - Kent Thompson
16. 17:03 - Britton Porter
18. 17:04 - Adam Aposhian
19. 17:10 - Tom Moncur
25. 17:23 - Alex White
30. 17:35 - JR Oldham
34. 17:41 - Bryce Ferguson
35. 17:42 - Zach Wilde
43. 17:52 - Josh Robinson
59. 18:07 - Gavin Sundahl
74. 18:31 - Brady England
75. 18:33 - Mitch Perry
93. 18:55 - Jackson Rayl
102. 19:03 - Tanner Horrocks
103. 19:04 - Caleb Gipson
118. 19:16 - Kyle Beech
123. 19:21 - Nathaniel Neubert
128. 19:25 - Josh Haviland
163. 19:59 - Nate Butterfield
*308 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Westlake 42
2. Davis 51
3. Timpanogos 74
4. Mountain Crest 171
5. Bingham 177

Boys Freshman/Sophomore
2. 17:21 - Camren Todd
4. 17:34 - Lance Thornton
6. 17:36 - Frasier Williamson
7. 17:38 - Matt Ward
16. 18:12 - Kelton Johnson
29. 18:35 - Josh Christiansen
52. 19:09 - Lance Ford
72. 19:29 - Josh Peters
74. 19:31 - Nate Welling
81. 19:37 - Dallin Kitchen
97. 19:49 - Josh Wilkinson
100. 19:50 - Jason Lang
111. 20:02 - Jason Boyd
115. 20:06 - Trevor Zimmerman
121. 20:13 - Jace Callor
187. 21:11 - Branson Petty
201. 21:36 - Zach Moncur
217. 22:07 - Brandon Christensen
273. 24:18 - Cole Stephenson
302. 28:15 - Seth Valentine
*318 Total Runners
Team Score:
1. Davis 31 
2. Bonneville 152
3. Herriman 154
4. Olympus 216
5. Syracuse 231

Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Dart Challenge Results

August 17, 2013 - 75 Degrees, Sunny
Course Records: 14:43 - Jared Ward, 2012; 17:20 - Morgan Haws, 2011

Boys/Mens Results Age
1. 15:08.1 John Coyle 23
2. 15:08.6 Jake Krong 29
3. 15:43 Ryan Waite 25
4. 16:02 Skylar Williams 17
5. 16:04 Stokton Smith 16
6. 16:08 Brad Barton 47
7. 16:36 Josh Ward 16
8. 16:40 Kimball Potter 17
9. 16:44 Andrew Aposhian 18
10. 16:58 Colton Rimann 15
11. 17:29 Ethan Stuart 17
12. 17:29 Brandon Peters 16
13. 17:38 Logan MacKay 15
14. 17:41 Collin Anderson 25
15. 17:42 Alex White 17
16. 17:44 Paul Timothy 31
17. 17:52 Daniel Tumblin 15
18. 17:55 Adam Aposhian 15
19. 17:56 Zach Wilde 16
20. 18:06 Lance Thornton 15
21. 18:07 James Moore 28
22. 18:18 Bryce Ferguson 15
23. 18:21 Camren Todd 14
24. 18:33 Kent Thompson 17
25. 18:40 Frasier Williamson 14
26. 18:45 Josh Robinson 17
27. 18:50 Tom Moncur 17
28. 18:54 Gavin Sundahl 16
29. 18:54 JR Oldham 17
30. 18:55 Josh Christiansen 14
31. 18:56 Bradley Neuenschwander 40
32. 19:00 Orson Thornton 41
33. 19:05 Caleb Gipson 16
34. 19:09 Cody Robbins 21
35. 19:31 Jared Benjamin 16
36. 19:42 Andrew Tyndall 17
37. 19:52 Jason Lang 15
38. 20:03 Brady England 16
39. 20:04 Mitch Perry 16
40. 20:04 Lance Ford 14
41. 20:13 McGyver Clark 15
42. 20:20 Kelton Johnson 14
43. 20:23 Jace Callor 14
44. 20:32 Dallin Kitchen 14
45. 20:44 Cory Ferguson 39
46. 20:47 Tanner Horrocks 17
47. 21:01 Blake Garrett 17
48. 21:01 Trevor Zimmerman 14
49. 21:07 Josh Peters 14
50. 21:09 Nate Butterfield 17
51. 21:10 Jason Boyd 14
52. 21:40 Josh Wilkinson 15
53. 21:47 Brent Clove 52
54. 22:02 Isaac Neuenschwander 11
55. 22:17 Hayden Vance 14
56. 22:22 Brandon Christensen 14
57. 22:27 Dan Hayward 22
58. 22:28 Zach Moncur 14
59. 22:31 Ethan Anderson 13
60. 22:34 Jake Gipson 13
61. 23:06 Branson Petty 14
62. 23:08 Josh Downs 15
63. 23:11 Jeff Callor 54
64. 23:12 Troy Williamson 40
65. 23:19 Jason Robinson 43
66. 23:32 Chris Hedquist 46
67. 24:14 Deveri Thornton 38
68. 24:28 Joey Royer 12
69. 24:45 Justin Gipson 40
70. 25:06 Gregory Schaelling 52
71. 26:10 Scott Hall 40
72. 26:14 Will Dixon
73. 26:27 JD Oldham 44
74. 26:52 Brad Anderson 36
75. 27:02 Griffin Argyle 11
76. 27:06 Kurt Thornton 11
77. 28:24 Nyle Ferguson 12
78. 28:56 Spencer Hall 14
79. 29:11 Spencer Anderson 11
80. 29:57 Aaron Aposhian 13
81. 31:23 Jerry Ellis 58
82. 32:08 Kraig Graham 51
83. 32:13 Caden Anderson 11
84. 45:06 Josh Wood 7

Girls/Womens Results
1. 17:23 Morgan Haws 25
2. 17:48 Allie Moore 26
3. 18:09 Candace Carlisle 22
4. 18:40 Hannah Albrechtsen 17
5. 18:50 Ashley Tyndall 17
6. 18:55 Aubrey Argyle 14
7. 19:06 Sierra Graham 17
8. 19:15 Joanna Boyd 17
9. 19:22 Miah Weaver 14
10. 19:33 Aimee Vance 17
11. 19:45 Taylor Cox 17
12. 19:56 Laurissa Neuenschwander 36
13. 20:17 Ally Geisler 14
14. 20:21 Grace Neuenschwander 14
15. 20:36 Josey Hedquist 16
16. 21:05 Elise Anderson 17
17. 21:06 Nicole Wood 16
18. 21:27 Mikell Wood 18
19. 21:34 Madison Bledsoe 17
20. 21:40 Janice Johnson 44
21. 22:03 Tatum Beard 16
22. 22:36 Alex Tanner 16
23. 22:44 Sydney Zaugg 15
24. 23:07 Morgan Miller 17
25. 23:25 Kelli Holiday 12
26. 23:26 Sara Williams 14
27. 24:03 BriAnna Gipson 15
28. 24:13 Sophie Cottrell 16
29. 24:21 Sariah Dixon 15
30. 24:56 Amber Anderson 34
31. 26:04 Alayna Williamson 37
32. 26:14 Anna Dixon 43
33. 26:59 Kandis Willes 29
34. 27:02 Carrie Robinson 39
35. 28:01 Monica Boyd 41
36. 28:49 Holly Ferguson 37
37. 29:44 Dawn Christiansen 37
38. 31:05 Christine Stuart 44
39. 32:00 Kami Graham 13
40. 32:13 Audrey Howell 26
41. 32:14 Brooke Anderson 34
42. 35:55 Debbie Price 59
43. 36:02 Rhonda Petty 48
44. 45:06 Krystal Wood 13

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DXC Summer Update - Week 11

Darts -
This week's email is mostly information - all of it very important. Get into your school mode for this one - there is a lot to learn . . . 

I appreciate so many of you and your parents coming to the drug test meeting tonight. We still have about 30 of you who are going to need that information. I have passed your names on to Mr. Firmage, and he will be contacting you. If the paper is not turned in by the end of next week, you are not allowed to participate in practice or meets until the paper is turned in. 
Great job at the Vita Course and on the 20 x 400s this week. I am very pleased with how we ended up the summer. I am sure that some of you wish you could have some of the days back - but the important thing at this point is to look forward. We have work still to do and we have a lot of fun coming up. I am excited to see what you can do at the Dart Challenge and excited to see your hard work start to pay off. Make sure to send in your final two weeks of mileage (this week and next). The boys are going to break  the all-time record by over 1000 miles. The girls right now are about equal to where we were a year ago with 2 weeks to report. With all of the girls working together and reporting their miles in the last 2 weeks, we have a good shot at breaking the all-time record. We could end with over 40,000 miles this summer as a TEAM. I know that it is just a number - the thing I like to see is that we work together to accomplish something great that none of us could do on our own. And it is a great way to head into the season.
Dart Challenge - Saturday at 8:00am. I want all of you there at 7:00am - we will start the warm up at 7:20. Even if you have missed some of the recent practices, I want you at the race if you are planning on running with us this season. The cost of the race will still be $20 for Davis athletes when you register on the morning of the race. There is absolutely no need to be nervous. I know that very few of you are completely ready to start racing - think of this first race as a practice race - I still want you giving all you have, but this is just a practice race and a great opportunity to gain experience and remember what it feels like to race a 5k. 

Race Preparation - In getting ready for any race, you have to find a routine that works well for you. I like to wake up about 2 1/2 hours before the race (I know 5:30 sounds early - but on race mornings, it will help to be awake for a while). I start with getting a little bit to eat. For me, I have a piece of toast with butter and jam, some gatorade, some water, and maybe 1/2 of a banana. Some mornings I don't eat anything before the race - but I have found that most people prefer to eat at least a little. I also like to take a shower before I go to a race. It helps to wake me up, and I always feel a little better after a morning shower. I like to listen to music before I warm up. It helps put me in the mindset I want to be in. And I try to focus on positive self-talk. I tell myself that I am ready, that I am going to feel strong and relaxed, and that no matter what happens in the race I am going to do my best. Whenever I start to feel anxiety about performance - I remind myself that it is just one race and it is an opportunity to push myself and practice being mentally strong. I also remind myself that it can be fun if I approach it the right way. (You watch - when you grow up and don't get to race as much - you will miss the nerves you used to get on the race mornings). 
It is also important to get a good amount of sleep - not just the night before the race - but even more importantly the 2 nights prior to that (so in this case, last night and tonight). If you happen to be reading this on Thursday night, you are kind of blowing that part of the preparation (since it is already almost 11pm). For the race next week, focus on your sleep on Monday and Tuesday nights - it really will make a difference. 
I also like to put a lot of emphasis on hydration for the 24-36 hours before a race. Even if it is not going to be that hot, your body will perform better when it is properly hydrated. 
Lastly, I think it is important to go into a race with some goals and plans in mind. Some of the goals might be measurable (a specific time or place), and other goals might be less measurable but still important - like having a goal to stay calm on the race morning or having a goal to stay strong through the middle part of the race or to kick from a certain point in the race. We will talk more about RACE PLANS in the future, but it is also important to go into a race with an idea of how you would like to run the race. 

Schedule - There have been a few adjustments to the original schedule. I have attached the updated schedule, and it is also posted at At this point I don't think we are going to run the Utah County Invite on August 31st - but we will decide for sure after the Sugarhouse Invite.

Bob Firman - We are going to be attending the Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, ID on September 20-21. We are going to be missing a few seniors who are taking the ACT that weekend (this is the first time we have faced this conflict with this race). We will be taking 50-55 athletes on the trip - that will be determined by summer workout performance, the first few races, and a few other factors. If you think you are borderline for getting an invite to the trip, work really hard to show me you deserve to go over the next 3 weeks. The trip will cost $110. I will announce the invitations on September 4th. 40 of you will be getting a survey in the mail sometime in the next 10 days - please watch for that. It needs to be filled out and returned to the school within 2 days after you receive it. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Eligibility - If you have not turned in all of your eligibility, please do so ASAP. We are handing out uniforms on Monday, and I am only giving uniforms to those of you who have turned in your papers and paid the participation fees. You CAN turn in your papers and pay your fees on Monday morning (the fees are $90- all together). I apologize that the eligibility process is somewhat complicated - please refer back to the eligibility email if you have questions (or let me know if I need to re-send that to you). 

Injury Prevention - We have got to do a better job PREVENTING injuries. I am seeing a lot of injuries that I feel could have been avoided (at least partially). We are working hard, and there are going to be injuries when we are pushing our bodies - it is part of the risk we take to be our best. BUT there are things you can all be doing to avoid the injuries in the first place. 1) Stretching - Especially after you run/workout. Spend 15 minutes stretching before you go to bed. 2) Diet/Sleep - watch what you eat, and be disciplined with your sleep. Protein after hard workouts, plenty of good calories, and a lot of hydrating. It is also important that each of you make sure to get iron in your diets (low iron is very common in distance runners - particularly in girl distance runners), and iron is so essential to endurance because it gives oxygen to our muscles. 3) Be SMART - don't overdo it - even when you really want to. And don't try to fit too much into one day. For example - don't go on vacation and not run for 3 days and then come home and try to fit 15 miles into one day to make up your mileage. 4) Make sure you are in good shoes - and the right shoes (neutral/stability). One of the reasons I always recommend Striders is because they do a foot analysis to get you into the right shoes. 
We have many great resources to help when an injury does occur. There are other great doctors and resources as well. I like the people on this list because they know runners and they are very experienced with running injuries: 
Dr. Todd Flitton (Foot Doctor) at the Kaysville Tanner Clinic - is great with shins/feet. He is always very willing to fit in Davis athletes (especially runners). 801-773-4840 for appointments. 
Dr. Jason Blackham (Sports Medicine Physician) at McKay Dee hospital (Calton Harrison Clinic). He is great with knees, hips, and any other running related injuries. 801-387-2750. Dr. Steve Scharmann is in the same office and is also incredible (Weber State's team doctor). 
Nate Graven (Massage Therapist) - in South Ogden. 801-698-1910. They also run a clinic on Tuesday nights in the fall where high school athletes can have a "problem area" worked on for only $15.
Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy in Farmington - they are the official physical therapists for Davis High and will see Davis athletes for free for the first 5 visits. 801-451-9616 (or just talk with Carrie at the school).
Mountain Land Physical Therapy in West Kaysville at the Sportsplex - they have been incredible in assisting our injured athletes. Nylin, Jeremy, and Trisha are some of the best around. 801-547-1155.  

Next Week - 
Monday: Meet at the school at 7:00am. We will be doing a long run, abs, and weights. We will also be handing out uniforms after practice (if you have your eligibility finished).
Tuesday: Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - we will be doing something hard - mostly on grass.
Thursday: Highland Invitational - The bus will leave at 2:00pm from the school. You will want to wear your race uniform, bring your racing shoes and training shoes, and be ready to rock and roll. I will send out a separate email after the Dart Challenge that will tell you the race schedule and what race you will be entered in. We should be home by 7:30pm.
Saturday: Meet at Davis at 7:00am for our final TEAM run of the summer. We will also be having some sort of breakfast/party.

That is a lot to digest. Let me know if you have any questions - and as always, let me know if your parents would like to be added to the email list. 
Coach Talley

Sunday, August 11, 2013

DXC Summer Update - Week 10

Darts - 
Running is not always easy. On your road to being the best runner you can be, you are going to face challenges and setbacks sometimes as often as you have victories and rewards. I point this out because I know that many of you are struggling with injuries or frustrated with your progress - and all of you will face these things at one time or another if you stick with running long enough. 
When I think back to all of the stages of my running, I can remember challenges I had to face that made me who I am as a runner and a coach and a person. In high school I really struggled my entire junior year. I had an amazing sophomore year and figured my junior year would be a breeze and I would win every race. Not so. Nearly every cross country race was slower than the year before, and I didn't set a single PR on the track. I had some injuries and some illness that year and my confidence wasn't where it needed to be. But I was determined to get through it, and I didn't give up (even if I sometimes wanted to). I learned from the experiences, and came back a stronger runner my senior year - both mentally and physically. And I don't think I would have enjoyed my successes as a senior without having gone through some definite lows as a junior. I also learned that I had a great support system made up of teammates, coaches, and parents. 
In college, after my mission, I thought I would get right back to the fitness I had when I had left. It was probably the most challenging part of my entire running career. I would start to get strong again and then get hurt or have some other setback. It took me over 2 years to finally run the times I was running as a freshman in college. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to work my butt off and feel like I wasn't getting anywhere (some of you might understand that). But eventually, I was back, and again - stronger both mentally and physically. And I don't think I would have enjoyed my successes over the next few years without having those really hard days to teach me. 
Even with my running right now - this summer as I train for the Wasatch 100 - things are not happening like I had planned them. I was sure by now that I would be in amazing shape ready to handle 100 miles better than I had the first 2 times. But instead I have faced one setback after another. I won't go into details - but my body is not as young and healthy as it once was - and I can't seem to run injury free for more than a week at a time. What am I going to do? Give it my best every day. Cross train a little harder when I can't run. Try to stay mentally positive. Improve on the little things I know are important (sleep, diet, stretching, abs). And just keep moving forward the best that I can. 
I think the hardest part of it all is trying not to get discouraged. You can ask my wife - I'm not always in the best mood when I can't run or when I am running poorly. But it is so important to stay happy and stay hopeful and keep working through it. I have found that it is a little easier when I think long-term. When I am struggling, I try not to put too much emphasis on the next workout or the next race - but just take it a little at a time keeping in mind that someday it will feel better and I will get through the current challenge. (That's kind of a hard thing to do when I am facing a race this big btw). The fact that running gives you challenges is really one of the best parts of being a runner. Someday you will look back and appreciate the entire spectrum of running - from your lowest to your highest experiences.

Anyhow, that's my thought for the week. I hope you had a great week 10 and that you are getting more and more excited about the final two weeks of summer and about the races which are quickly approaching. Take every opportunity to gain experience and to keep yourself and your teammates positive about the challenges you face with your running. Keep doing your best. 

Dart Challenge 5k - Is this coming Saturday at 8:00am. I want all of you to be there at 7:00am so that you can pick up your race number and t-shirt and be ready to warm up at 7:20 as a group. I have attached the registration form and I will also have copies at practice all week. It is a fundraiser for our TEAM - please invite friends, family, and neighbors. You can look at for the Dart Challenge All-Time list. 

Eligibility Night - Meeting on Thursday at 6:00pm in the Choir Room at the school. Please bring at least one parent if possible and bring your eligibility papers. Try to pay your fee in the office some time this week before Thursday night. Refer back to the eligibility email that I sent this week for all of the details. It is very important to come to this meeting because the athletic director (Coach Welk) will be going over the new drug testing policy and procedures. If you are out of town - I will get the information to you later. 

Cross Country Racing Shoes - It will greatly improve your performance in cross country to have shoes to race in on the dirt and grass. Try to find shoes that have the option of having spikes and have a rubber bottom. (Track spikes will work if they have a rubber sole). Striders in Layton is a great place to check. You can also look online at The availability on their clearance spikes looks pretty good right now - but they eventually run out of sizes. Here are a few links to some good cross country shoes on Eastbay:

This Week:
Monday - 7:00am at the Vita Course - theme is to wear your favorite race number (an old one). We are going for PRs on the course.
Tuesday - run on your own
Wednesday - Meet at the Davis Track at 7:30pm (the schedule says 7:00). We are going to be doing 400s on the track. Still come if you are going to be late - maybe we will turn the lights on.
Thursday - Meet at 7:00am at Barnes Park - we are going to run the Dart Challenge course together.
Thursday - Meet at the school in the choir room at 6:00pm for the eligibility night - bring a parent.
Friday - run on your own.
Saturday - Dart Challenge 5k. Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am - the race is at 8:00. We will warm up together at 7:20.

Only 2 more weeks of summer mileage. Send in your miles from last week and finish the final two weeks with determination and focus. 
Coach Talley

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DXC Summer Update - Week 9

Darts - 
I hate to say it, but school starts in only 3 more weeks. I guess the good news is that cross country season is quickly approaching, and it is going to be a very fun and exciting season. Our first race is in less than 2 weeks (Dart Challenge on August 17), and our first official cross country race is on the final Thursday of the summer (August 22 at Sugarhouse Park). While the first 9 weeks of the summer have gone very well, don't for a second think that we have 'arrived' where we want to be at the end of the season. Keep working with focus. Keep doing the things we need to do to improve. Go into every workout and every run with purpose as individuals and as a TEAM. We have got to get tougher both mentally and physically.

Mileage: Make sure to send in your miles for the week. Some of you are also missing last week. If you were at camp, and you have no idea how much to count it for, I will estimate for you - just let me know what you did on Saturday. We are still on pace to shatter the boys record and we still have a shot at getting the girls record if we have a strong finish to the summer - it will take efforts from everyone!!

Cross Country Camp: As I said on the final night of camp, I feel like it was one of our best years ever. I was so impressed with your attitudes and the TEAM unity I saw. It was definitely not an easy camp - and I am sure that most of you are still tired and maybe a little sore (get a lot of rest and eat really well the next few days and that should go away). I was very proud of our TEAM throughout the week. We are showing that we have what it takes to accomplish some great things this season. Brad gave the challenge to train and act like a champion - no matter how fast or slow you are. I want to extend that challenge to those of you who were not at camp. Do the things you know you need to do in order to be the best runner you can be. If each of us are doing our parts, the TEAM will succeed. Hard work, TEAM work, commitment, sacrifice, and strong leadership will get us prepared for region, state, and NXN. We still have a lot of work to do, and it is up to each of you to stay motivated and stay hungry. I want to remind each of you to keep doing the little things: abs, stretching, lifting, eating right, hydrating, getting the proper sleep, and preparing mentally for workouts and races. 
A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped with camp. Thanks to Coach Brad and Coach Timothy for their time and efforts in getting us prepared for camp and in making it so much fun. Thanks to our parents who came and helped with meals and chaperoning - Barry and Jane Vance, Kenny Rayl, Andrea Geisler, Jon Argyle, and Shawna Cox. Thanks to a great group of alumni who were very helpful and who have inspired us for years - you will all be missed tremendously. And thanks to all of you athletes who came with the right attitude and made it so much fun.  
I will try to have some pictures on facebook today or tomorrow.

Bair Gutsman: We were well represented this last weekend at the Bair Gutsman trail race. The race is 11 miles and goes up Bair Canyon to the top of Francis Peak (the towers) and then back down the other side into Farmington Canyon. It is a brutal challenge of your fitness and your toughness. Josh Ward came by me when we got to the toughest part of the climb. He had 3 guys out in front of him (all of them in their 30s). At the top of the mountain, Josh was in 4th place and the leader had nearly 2 minutes on him. Going down the road, Josh caught all 3 runners and pulled away for the victory. One of the other runners said, "It was just a cloud of dust when he flew by me." I think Josh is the youngest Bair Gutsman champion - and he finished with an incredible time for the course - 1:58.54 (the only runner under 2 hours). I held on for 5th place in 2:07.41. Tommy Moncur ran very well for 7th in 2:10.14. Coach Timothy was 11th in 2:17.34. And JR Oldham was 13th in 2:21.02. Also congrats to the Neuenschwanders, the Zauggs, and a bunch of DXC Alumni - Caleb Ward, Leland Stenquist, Cody Robbins, and Sierra Haslam.

Dart Challenge 5k: The Dart Challenge is on Saturday, August 17th at 8:00am at Barnes Park. It is a fundraiser for our TEAM. You are all expected to register and to run. You are also expected to try to get other people to run in the race as well (family, neighbors, and friends). The cost is $20. It includes a dry-fit running shirt and breakfast. I have attached the registration form. You can bring this to me at practice, or send it in the mail. You can also register at - but there is a small processing fee. Registration on the morning of the race is $25 - even for Davis runners. There is a family discount if you have 5 or more members of your family running in the race (ask for more details). You can find more information at Let me know if you have any other questions. We do take the race seriously and you should all be there (unless you are on vacation with your family).

Upcoming Workouts:
Monday - 7:00am at the Vita Course - we will be running easy.
Tuesday - 7:00am at Layton Park (we are going to do a 4 mile tempo run)
Thursday - 7:00am at Davis (we are going to do a workout on the grass at Nichols Park)

Thanks again for a great week at camp. Let's keep getting after it and prepare for an outstanding season. 
- Coach Talley