Saturday, July 28, 2012

DXC Summer Update - July 28

Darts - 
The season is getting close - I can feel it. I hope that you can feel it too and that you are getting excited to prove yourselves. I also feel a slight slip in our motivation as a TEAM, and we have to fight through that. There have been a few of you who have slacked on sending in miles the past few weeks, a few of you have had a dip in mileage the past 2 weeks, and I felt like we were not as positive and prepared as we should have been at the TEAM workouts this week. Maybe it is just me - I also had a rough time motivating myself this week. Sometimes it can be tough to get out and do what you know you need to do. It helps me to think about my teammates working their tails off for me. I don't want to let them down. It also helps to think about the TEAM goals and the work that I have committed myself to. Those things motivate me and when it comes to racing this fall - I don't even get to race. With August approaching, re-commit yourself to doing your best, to sacrificing for your TEAM, and to getting the most out of your running. That is one of the best things about running - even for me at 35 - that it pushes me to be my best, it challenges me, and it is not easy. The easy way would have been sleeping in this morning. 
I put a lot of trust in you as individuals. Some coaches at this point in the summer are meeting every day with their teams. I like the way we do things. I expect you to run on your own sometimes. It makes you more self-disciplined, it allows you to run when you want at your own pace, I hope it helps you to enjoy running (some of my favorite runs are on my own), and most of all - it gives you ownership over your running. If you struggle to run on your own when we don't meet as a TEAM, work on overcoming that weakness in your running. Someday you are not going to have a TEAM there to rely on. Someday you are not going to have your parents there to encourage you (or make you) do things that are good for you. Learn to take charge of your own life and your own success. Be self-disciplined. Doing things of your own choice and your own commitment give those things a lot of personal worth and satisfaction. Starting in about 3 weeks, we will be meeting most days as a TEAM, but there will still be some things I will expect you to do on your own. 

Camp - Those who are going to camp should be at the school at 8:00am on Monday morning. I sent out an important camp email earlier this week. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have all the equipment we need except a hatchet - so if any of you have one, please let me know. 
Those of you who are not going to camp, this is one of those times to work on some self-discipline. Here is what I have for you on the schedule, do your best to follow it:
Jul 30      6 - 8 mile Trail Run
Jul 31      10 x 400 @ race pace on a Hill with Gradual
                    Slope. Walk a quick recovery.    
Aug 1     3 - 6 mile Training Run + Strides
Aug 2     3 mile Tempo Run + 4 - 8 x :60 (on grass)
Aug 3     3 - 6 mile Training Run + Strides
Aug 4     6 - 10 mile Training Run
*The next time we will meet as an entire team will be on Monday, August 6th at the Vita Course.

Legacy Midnight Run - I need about 40 volunteers to help with the Legacy Midnight Run on August 3rd. We will be meeting in Farmington at 8:00pm (exact location tba) and helping at aid stations and at the finish line. They will be making a nice donation to our program for our help. You will also receive a t-shirt for helping. This can be Davis athletes, parents, friends, siblings, alumni, anyone really. We probably won't be done until about 12:30am or so (hopefully not much later).

Send in your mileage ASAP. I would like to have most of it updated before we head off to the Uintahs. 

Coach Talley

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