Sunday, August 26, 2012

DXC Update - Grass Relays

Darts -
One of the things that I hope you learn from the Grass Relays is the importance of your TEAM. In the JV races, you have the opportunity to run with your teammates - it gives you confidence, it helps you to relax, it helps you to push yourself. But in the varsity relay, you are running on your own - sometimes without anyone around. It is challenging to know how hard to go, and it is tough to be without your teammates running beside you (even though we did a great job cheering yesterday). I hope that you all realize how lucky we are to be a part of this TEAM - to have teammates with common goals and to have teammates who want the best for each other. Our TEAM strength is going to come from genuinely wanting each other to succeed - from genuinely wanting to help one another to be our best. I think we saw some great things at the Grass Relays, and I think it was also evident that it was our first xc race of the season and that we have some improvement to come. Those of you who ran well, keep working and stay hungry for improvement. Those of you who did not run as strong as you would have liked, be patient with yourselves - we have put in a lot of work - trust that it is going to pay off and that you are going to be strong as the season progresses. It sometimes takes a few races to get back into racing mode and to give you the experience necessary to push yourselves harder. We have a long season in front of us - and a lot can happen during the next 7 weeks. Keep working and keep believing and keep being a TEAM.
The Grass Relays gave an indication of how tough our girls TEAM can be this year. In the varsity relay, the girls ran 62:41. It is the #2 time ever run on the course (behind Bingham's 62:32 from 1999 - a year in which they ended up ranked #1 in the U.S.). It also beats our best mark from 2008 by nearly 1:00. We were led by Ellie Child who ran our best time ever for the course with 11:59. Just as impressive, our top 5 times in the JV race add up to 63:46. With those 5 girls' times, we would have tied for 2nd place in the race (behind our A-Team). Madi Garlock got the individual win with a great time of 12:36. We have never had more than 5 girls run under 13:00 - this year we had 10. We have some incredible depth, and we need to use that to keep pushing each other to be our best. This is just the start, but it could be a very good season. 
The boys also showed that we are strong. Although American Fork beat us in the varsity relay, they had to run the course record to do so. Our time of 52:33 is 1:20 faster than last year (which was our team record), and it is the 3rd fastest ever run on the course. We had 8 boys run under 11:00 - our previous best was 5 from 2010. And Alex Hedquist tied our all-time record for the course with a very solid 10:20 on our lead-off leg. Our JV boys were led by an individual victory from Jackson Sagers, who ran 10:34 for the win. One of the things that I felt a lot of our boys and girls could work on was racing rather than just running hard. It seemed that some of you settled in to a pace that was just a little too comfortable. You have to expect some amount of pain and discomfort if you are going to race your best.

Upcoming Week: I have attached a copy of the 4 week schedule that I handed out last Thursday. Here is what we have this week:
Monday - meet at the school at 7:00am we will be running 7-10 miles
Tuesday - meet at the school at 2:30 - we are going to the Lagoon trails for mile repeats
Wednesday - you are on your own - I would like everyone to get in 2 runs (5 miles each) (3-4 miles each for the few of you who are new).
Thursday - JV meet at the school at 7:00am - you are doing 8 x 600m at Nichols Park. Varsity will meet at the school at 2:30pm - we are traveling to Sugarhouse to run on the state cross country course. Boys - Hedquist, Cromar, Williams, Aposhian, Hansen, Sagers, Presto, Seth, Sam, Stokton. Girls - Ellie, Shea, Madi, Kami, Joanna, Mikell, Chelsey, Ashley, Kenzie, Aimee, Josey. If any of you cannot come in the afternoon - plan on being at the workout in the morning. 
Friday - Meet at the school at 7:00am 
Saturday - You are on your own or in groups for 7-12 miles. I am going to be at the Huntsville 1/2 Marathon.

Next Races: 
Tuesday, Sept 4 - Pre-Region @ Layton Park
Friday, Sept 7 - Murray Invite @ Murray Park
*Race schedules to come.

Athletes of the Week - Mitch Perry, Ryan Lee, Mikell Wood, Kaitlyn Datwyler

11:59  Ellie Child
12:16  Shea Martinez
12:36  Madi Garlock
12:39  Kami Dixon
12:40  Joanna Boyd
12:43  Mikell Wood
12:47  Chelsey Johnson
12:50  Ashley Tyndall
12:55  Kenzie Weir
12:55  Aimee Vance
13:13  Josey Hedquist
13:14  Sierra Graham
13:37  Madi Bledsoe
13:37  Sierra Haslam
13:38  Katie Frandsen
13:44  Elise Anderson
14:03  Kaitlyn Datwyler
14:16  Nicole Wood
14:25  Nalany Resek
14:26  Hannah Albrechtsen
14:31  Rachel Johnson
14:52  Shaylee Argyle
15:10  Brianna Gipson
15:11  Sydney Zaugg
15:29  Sophie Cottrell
15:47  Nicole Steinicke
15:53  Alex Tanner
16:13  Addison Martin
16:50  Ella Palmer
17:52  Jessica Stewart
19:33  Paige Peterson
*The rest of the results were not up yet - I will add them when they are (

Teams - 
1. 62:41  Davis
(63:46   Davis B Team)
2. 63:46  Mountain Crest
3. 63:52  Orem
4. 64:08  American Fork
5. 64:46  Skyline
6. 66:09  Timpview
7. 67:06  Woods Cross
8. 67:06  Maple Mountain
9. 67:07  Mountain View
10. 67:16 Salem Hills

10:20  Alex Hedquist
10:25  Skylar Williams
10:32  Brayden Cromar
10:34  Jackson Sagers
10:37  Andrew Aposhian
10:39  Hayden Hansen
10:44  Seth Thompson
10:55  Sam Haws
11:17  Josh Ward
11:21  Ryan Lee
11:24  Taylor Goldsberry
11:38  Mitch Perry
11:42  Kimball Potter
11:43  Ethan Stuart
11:45  Bryce Ferguson
11:51  Alex White
11:51  Ryan Tanner
11:51  Matt Hawkins
11:52  Isaac Clouse
11:53  Brandon Peters
11:57  Devin Farnsworth
12:00  Andrew Tyndall
12:13  Zach Wilde
12:19  Logan Haviland
12:20  Caleb Gipson
12:20  Jackson Rayl
12:25  JR Oldham
12:27  Joseph Bailey
12:28  Trevor Fry
12:48  Tommy Moncur
12:49  Colton Rimann
12:59  Gavin Sundahl
13:05  Tanner Horrocks
13:07  Josh Robinson
13:19  Brady England
14:19  Adam Aposhian
14:23  Kyle Beech
15:01  Brigham Valentine
*The rest of the results were not up yet - I will add them when they are (

1. 51:46  American Fork
2. 52:33  Davis
3. 53:21  Mountain View
4. 53:53  Timpanogos
5. 53:53  Lone Peak
6. 54:14  Herriman
(54:51 - Davis B Team)
7. 55:29  Orem
8. 55:41  Salem Hills
9. 55:49  Springville
10. 56:11 Timpview

Keep up the good work. We have a great TEAM, and I have high expectations for you as individuals and as a TEAM. Let's make it fun and enjoy the journey. SEND ME YOUR FINAL WEEK OF MILEAGE.
- Coach Talley

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Update - August 19

Forgot to post this earlier in the week:

Darts - 
This was probably my favorite week of the summer. All of our hard work as a TEAM is starting to show, and I think we have prepared well for the season. I wasn't at Vita Course on Monday, but the kind of times you ran were amazing - we now have a record number of boys and girls on the Vita All-Time list. The 20 x 400m workout on the track on Wednesday night was awesome! I loved the excitement, the teamwork, the energy, and the fitness. And I really like the new track - it feels like we are running in a completely different place. I know that it may have left a few of you pretty tired and maybe a little sore for Saturday, but the workout was killer. And our times at the Dart Challenge were the best we've ever seen - and we are just getting started.

Dart Challenge report - What I think I liked the most about the Dart Challenge was our TEAM effort. 
For the girls, we broke the record for TEAM time (top 5 times added together). Our top 5 girls ran a combined time of 1:36.39 - shattering the old record of 1:37.51 from 2008, and a great improvement over last year (1:39.55). We also had a record number of girls under 20:00 (7), under 21:00 (11), and under 23:00 (20). We were led by Ellie Child with a time of 18:56, and we had some great improvements from a year ago from Ashley Tyndall (1:23 faster), Kenzie Weir (1:40 faster), Aimee Vance (1:45 faster), Kami Dixon (1:16 faster), Mikell Wood (2:27 faster), Sierra Graham (1:40 faster), and Josey Hedquist (1:35 faster). Basically a lot of hard work has paid off. 
The boys also set a TEAM time record with a combined top 5 of 1:19.46 - it is the first time our top 5 have ever averaged under 16:00 on the course. It broke the record of 1:20.25 from 2010. We also had a record number of boys under 17:00 (9) and under 18:00 (16). We were led by Alex Hedquist (15:48) and a very tight top 5 group - Skylar Williams (15:54), Andrew Aposhian (15:57), Brayden Cromar (15:58), and Hayden Hansen (16:09). Our biggest improvements came from Hayden Hansen (2:37), Sam Haws (1:21), Phillip Baker (1:58), Josh Ward (2:07), Ryan Tanner (1:11), Alex White (1:35), and Isaac Clouse (1:26).   
I know that some of you might have been a bit discouraged by your first race performance. A few things to realize - not every race is going to feel good or go as well as you would like; make sure you are preparing well in the days leading up to a race - analyze what you did well and what you can improve on for next time; don't dwell on a bad race - there will be more chances and there will be better days - let a bad race motivate you to try a little harder and be a little more focused in workouts and in the next few races. Running is full of ups and downs - stay humble and motivated and hungry during the ups, and stay positive and hopeful with yourself during the downs (a great life lesson).
Also congrats to Devin Lang (15:39) and Stefanie Talley (18:01) on their overall wins. 

Eligibility - Make sure that you get all of your papers to me (I attached them to a previous email). And make sure that you pay the $85 in the main office and bring me the receipt. Please have it done tomorrow (Monday) if possible. You will not get a uniform, and you will not be able to race Saturday if the papers are not turned in. Thanks.

This Week (it's a busy one) - 
Monday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am - we will be going on a long, sustained run - probably between 6-12 miles depending where you are in your training. It will also be a good time to turn in your eligibility (since it is due that day). 
Tuesday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - we will be doing a slightly different workout than I had on the original plan. 
Wednesday - On your own - probably between 5-10 miles (one or two runs). 
Thursday - Meet at the school at 7:00am - we will be doing a few 300s and 200s on the grass at a park during the run - hopefully with some makeshift practice hay bales. We will also hand out uniforms for Saturday and we will have a TEAM meeting to discuss our plan for the Grass Relays. 
Thursday Night - Meet at Abby Frodsham's backyard at 7:30 - we are going to have a movie night/party. Eat dinner before, but we will have some healthy treats at the party. I will send out another email with directions to her house and some more details. I am thinking Hunger Games - give me some feedback. 
Friday - On your own - probably between 4-6 miles (one run). If you missed the uniform handout on Thursday, you can meet me in my classroom between 9:00-10:00am.
Saturday - Grass Relays - We are meeting at the school at 6:07am - the bus will leave at 6:15am. I know it is an early one, but show up with a lot of excitement for our first race. The race is at American Fork High School. We will not be home until around 1:00pm (if you need to come home earlier, please organize a ride - but I would like for everyone to stay the entire time). Here is the race schedule:
8:00am - Girls JV Freshman and Sophomores
8:25am - Boys JV Freshman and Sophomores
8:40am - Girls JV Juniors and Seniors
9:00am - Boys JV Juniors and Seniors
9:15am - Girls Varsity Relay - most likely we will run Ellie, Joanna, Kenzie, Ashley, Shea (in that order)
10:35am - Boys Varsity Relay - most likely we will run Alex, Andrew, Hayden, Skylar, Cromar (in that order)
11:45am - awards.
*Bring things to eat and drink. Bring a lot of energy. When the JV races are over - you still have a lot of running and cheering to do during the Varsity races. We will be the loudest TEAM there. 
Saturday Night - Meet at the school at 7:30pm for our final TEAM run of the summer - the last run that will count for your summer miles. 

The following week we will meet either in the morning or the evening. I will send out an email in the middle of this week so you can make plans for next week. We do not have any races the week of August 27-Sept 1, but we will be meeting most days. 

Send in your miles this week and next week and then we are done for the summer!!
Coach Talley

Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Dart Challenge Results

21st Annual Dart 5k Challenge
August 18, 2012 @ Barnes Park
Weather: 75 degrees, sunny. Course: 5000 meters on asphalt, flat
Women’s Race Record: 17:20 by Morgan Haws, 2011
Men's Race Record: 14:43 by Jared Ward, 2011

Girls/Womens Results
1. 18:01 Stefanie Talley 36
2. 18:27 Natalie Haws WSU 22
3. 18:40 Allie Moore 25
4. 18:56 Ellie Child Davis 17
5. 19:16 Ashley Tyndall Davis 16
6. 19:24 Joanna Boyd Davis 16
7. 19:26 Kenzie Weir Davis 16
8. 19:37 Aimee Vance Davis 16
9. 19:40 Shea Martinez Davis 17
10. 19:41 Laurissa Neuenschwander 35
11. 19:48 Carly Lockard 23
12. 19:52 Kami Dixon Davis 17
13. 20:01 Mikell Wood Davis 17
14. 20:02 Sierra Graham Davis 16
15. 20:24 Josey Hedquist Davis 15
16. 20:30 Aubrey Argyle 13
17. 20:34 Ally Geisler 13
18. 20:46 Isabella Williams Syracuse 15
19. 20:57 Chelsey Johnson Davis 16
20. 21:14 Sierra Haslam Davis 17
21. 21:42 Grace Neuenschwander Davis 13
22. 21:53 Madi Bledsoe Davis 16
23. 21:57 Katie Frandsen Davis 17
24. 22:04 Nalany Resek Davis 17
25. 22:07 Janice Johnson 43
26. 22:19 Amber Anderson 33
27. 22:28 Brooke Johnson 18
28. 22:36 Tiahna Cipriano Davis 15
29. 22:37 Shaylee Argyle Davis 17
30. 22:41 Janice Hartvigsen 18
31. 22:41 Becca Albrechtsen 18
32. 22:43 Elise Anderson Davis 16
33. 22:44 Michaela Uresk Davis 17
34. 22:44 Hannah Albrechtsen Davis 16
35. 22:58 Lizzy Wallin 21
36. 23:41 Nicole Wood Davis 15
37. 24:03 Taylor Barton Davis 16
38. 24:03 BriAnna Gipson Davis 14
39. 24:08 Sophie Cottrell Davis 15
40. 26:05 Madelyn Johnson 11
41. 26:06 Alex Tanner Davis 15
42. 26:17 Caron Child 41
43. 26:19 Carrie Robinson 39
44. 26:29 Erika Kristensen 26
45. 26:45 Angie Rayl 38
46. 26:46 Gracie Rayl 9
47. 27:02 Becky Hayward 50
48. 27:49 Carrie Jackson 30
49. 27:58 Monica Boyd 40
50. 28:40 Donna Leighton 47
51. 29:24 Sara Williams 13
52. 29:38 Jessica Stewart Davis 15
53. 29:38 Ella Palmer Davis 16
54. 31:03 Paige Peterson Davis 14
55. 31:15 Krystal Wood 12
56. 31:32 Kandis Willes 28
57. 33:05 Holly Ferguson 36
58. 33:05 Debbie Price 58
59. 38:21 Emily Shunn 35
60. 38:21 Amy Liechty 38
61. 41:25 Meg Miller 10
62. 41:27 Madison Sargent 26
63. 47:53 Angie Smith 36

Boys/Mens Results
1. 15:39 Devin Lang USU 21
2. 15:48 Alex Hedquist Davis 17
3. 15:54 Skylar Williams Davis 16
4. 15:57 Andrew Aposhian Davis 17
5. 15:58 Brayden Cromar Davis 17
6. 16:06 Logan Wood UVU 18
7. 16:09 Hayden Hansen Davis 17
8. 16:26 Jackson Sagers Davis 17
9. 16:35 Seth Thompson Davis 17
10. 16:36 Cody Buhler TX 18
11. 16:48 Sam Haws Davis 17
12. 16:57 Stokton Smith Davis 15
13. 17:07 Phillip Baker Davis 17
14. 17:15 Bib #5 25
15. 17:20 Taylor Goldsberry Davis 18
16. 17:21 Josh Ward Davis 15
17. 17:23 James Moore 27
18. 17:31 Ryan Tanner Davis 17
19. 17:33 Alex White Davis 16
20. 17:38 Matt Hawkins Davis 16
21. 17:46 Bryce Ferguson Davis 14
22. 18:08 Colter Blanchard 14
23. 18:09 Andrew Tyndall Davis 16
24. 18:19 Isaac Clouse Davis 17
25. 18:27 Logan Haviland Davis 16
26. 18:39 Bradley Neuenschwander 39
27. 18:44 Ryan Lee Davis 17
28. 18:46 Brandon Peters Davis 15
29. 18:48 Art FiveK 44
30. 18:54 Caleb Gipson Davis 15
31. 18:55 Trevor Fry Davis 17
32. 18:59 Colton Rimann Davis 14
33. 18:59 Logan Mackay Davis 15
34. 19:03 Nate Butterfield Davis 16
35. 19:07 Tommy Moncur Davis 16
36. 19:12 Josh Martineau Davis 16
37. 19:13 Britton Porter Davis 14
38. 19:15 Caleb Ward 21
39. 19:19 Matt Spencer 30
40. 19:23 Blake Garrett Davis 17
41. 19:31 J.R. Oldham Davis 16
42. 19:33 Jared Godfrey Syracuse 16
43. 19:34 Jackson Rayl Davis 15
44. 19:46 Cory Ferguson 38
45. 19:53 Kelton Johnson Davis 13
46. 19:53 Dan Hayward 21
47. 19:59 Daniel Tumblin Davis 14
48. 20:05 Michael Murray 24
49. 20:24 Josh Robinson Davis 16
50. 20:47 Tanner Horrocks Davis 16
51. 20:48 Frasier Williamson Davis 13
52. 21:23 Nathaniel Neubert Davis 15
53. 21:32 Derek Gallacher 21
54. 21:46 Justin Gipson 39
55. 21:50 Isaac Neuenschwander 10
56. 22:00 Devon Hansen 45
57. 22:07 Ethan Anderson 12
58. 22:11 John Garrett 45
59. 22:49 Kyle Beech Davis 16
60. 23:07 Jason Robinson 42
61. 23:34 Brendan Saxey 16
62. 23:34 Blaine Bays 15
63. 24:15 Adam Hedquist 12
64. 24:33 Braylen Williams 11
65. 24:38 Ryan Johnson 11
66. 24:53 Jake Gipson 12
67. 25:34 Anthony Peters 43
68. 25:41 Matthew Neuenschwander 8
69. 26:14 Spencer Anderson 10
70. 26:21 Nyle Ferguson 11
71. 26:26 Shey Johnson 41
72. 26:52 Merrick Jackson 33
73. 27:24 Ezra Resek Davis 15
74. 28:36 Todd Grant 48
75. 31:16 Rick Smith 56
76. 32:27 Peter Neubert
77. 32:28 Reed Neubert 47
78. 35:15 Ben Anderson 7
79. 37:00 Josh Wood 6
80. 37:57 Tyson Smith 38
81. 47:54 Brett Bass 47

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darts - 
It is hard to believe that we only have 2 more weeks of official summer training to go. I feel like the first 10 weeks have been the greatest start I have ever been involved with in many ways. We have our most TEAM mileage at this point, we are relatively healthy (other than a few injuries and probably too many ankle sprains this summer), and the attitude of the TEAM seems to be in the right place on most days. However, this was just the first step (and a very important one). We have set ourselves up for a great season - but it doesn't end here - it just begins. The next month of training and racing really sets the tone for us. There are still many things we can improve and many things to continue working on. 
1) Keep your mileage up - I would like to see most of the boys shooting for 50 miles a week for the next 3 weeks - then we will probably drop down to 40. A few of you will stay higher than that, but our intensity will increase, and the mileage will drop. Girls should keep their weekly miles around 40-45 for 3 weeks, and then we will drop to 35-40 through the first part of the season. 
2) Be prepared for some hard workouts. Some of the workouts over the next month will be the most challenging you will see. Don't let that scare you - let it motivate you. Show up ready to do your best. There is both mental and physical preparation involved here. It will be hot, so make sure to hydrate. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and make sure you are eating enough good calories. Be positive with one another and work together to get better. 
3) Keep doing the "small things". I would put stretching, sprint drills, icing, abs, and lifting into this group - although all of those things are very important to your overall health and fitness. 
4) We have got to be a unified TEAM. We have to work on coming together as a whole. The experienced runners have to work on encouraging the younger runners and making them feel like part of the group. We have to look for ways to build and lift each other. It is okay to get competitive with each other - but our focus should be on working with each other to get better. I think this might be the biggest challenge for our TEAM this season, and I would like to look back on the season and see that we were unified and that we had TEAM chemistry and that everyone felt like they were part of a great TEAM - but that will take individual efforts and it will take some humility. Everyone should do what they can to make it happen. 
5) Be ready and excited to race - that is what all the work has been for. Starting with the Dart Challenge and the Grass Relays - let's prepare to test ourselves and really take advantage of our summer work. 

With still two weeks to go in the summer, we have a group of boys who have already surpassed the 500 mile goal: Preston Johnson, Alex Hedquist, Sam Haws, Seth Thompson, Jackson Rayl, Hayden Hansen, and Caleb Gipson. It looks like we have about 14 more who are over 400 and have a good shot at hitting the 500 mark - and we have a bunch more who will finish with over 400. 
There are also quite a few girls who have already passed 400: Ashley Tyndall, Chelsey Johnson, Josey Hedquist, Sierra Graham, Kenzie Weir, Aimee Vance, Joanna Boyd, Mikell Wood, and Katie Frandsen. And 9 or 10 more look to join that group by the end of the summer. 
Take a look at where your mileage is for the summer (attached to the email) and finish up strong!!

Coming up: 
Wednesday, August 15th - 7:00pm - meet at the Davis High track (the brand new one). We will be breaking the track in with a few 400m repeats (hopefully 20 for most of you). Bring a lot of energy and excitement to this workout - it will be one of your favorites of the summer. I know a few of you have said you can't make it. It would be okay to make this up on Thursday morning, but I would not do 20 on Thursday night (maybe adjust it to 12) because we want to be ready for the Dart Challenge. 
Thursday, August 16th - 7:00am - meet at Barnes Park. We are going to run some on the grass, then the Dart Challenge course, then some more on the grass. I will also open the weight room after this run. 
Saturday, August 18th - Dart Challenge 5k - The race will start at Barnes Park at 8:00am. You can bring me your registration and $20 sometime this week - or you can register the morning of the race (still for $20). Try really hard to invite a few people to come and run as well. If each of you could convince 2 people to run the race, we would make some okay money from it. I want you all to show up on Saturday no later than 7:15 - we will do a warm up as a TEAM. Prepare yourselves for this one. Get good rest on Thursday and Friday night, eat a meal with plenty of carbs on Friday night, and mentally be ready to do your best - show up positive and energetic. 

Monday, August 20th - Eligibility papers and payment is due. We will be meeting at the school at 7:00am for a run. I sent an email last week that explains all of the eligibility. Let me know if you have any questions. One clarification is that the 9th graders will NOT need to withdraw from any classes at the end of the day (I guess it says that on their form). They will be checked out early on the weekdays when we have meets - but 9th graders will not have to miss any school for normal practices. They will have to hurry over to Davis after school. 

Thanks - see you tomorrow evening.
- Coach Talley

ps. This will be the final email for some of you if I don't see you at the 400s on Wednesday or the Dart Challenge on Saturday. The invitation to join us for a great season officially ends after this week. Don't be intimidated to run with us - be motivated to contribute and to be involved in something. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

DXC Summer Update - August 6

Darts - 
I think I am nearly recovered from high altitude camp. Once again, it was a great year filled with challenging runs, competitive games, and memorable experiences. I think our TEAM came home more unified, more focused, and more excited for the upcoming season. I was really pleased with your attitudes and your helpfulness. I felt like we grew as a TEAM, and I was very satisfied by the time I returned home from camp. I have also really enjoyed reading your training log emails this week. Great job on the mile repeats and the Red Castle hike. I hope you had a great time and that you are motivated to do your very best this season. Here is a summary of the prizes:
Campers of the Week: Seth Thompson, Joanna Boyd, Sam Hedquist, Ryan Tanner
Best Cooking/Clean-up Team: Team 2 (Joanna Boyd and Sam Haws captains)
Best Frisbee Golf Score: Boys - Coach Talley (22), Girls - Hannah Albrechtsen (32)
Thanks to everyone who made sacrifices to be there. Thanks to all of the parents who helped with driving and who were able to spend time with us at Marsh Lake (The Thompsons, Kenny Rayl, Gary Uresk, Jill Hedquist), thanks to the alumni who came up to spend some final time with us, and thanks to the Wards for letting us use their awesome ice truck again. Oh, and thanks to all of those who volunteered at the Legacy Midnight Run. I am sure you were exhausted, but I appreciate your help.

Workouts - From here out, attendance at workouts are mandatory to being on the TEAM. Please do your very best to be there and to be ready to go. If you are unable to attend for whatever reason, please let me know through email or text that you will be missing (preferably before-hand). If you miss workouts and you fail to communicate the reason with me, you are jeopardizing your spot on the TEAM. It is also extremely important that you are running on your own on the days that we don't meet as a TEAM. Now is the time to dig deep and to really find motivation for the season. 

Mileage - with only 3 weeks left to record, we are getting down to summer mileage crunch time. The boys set a single week record last week with 2,469 miles. We also passed the summer record some time on Friday or Saturday. The boys are at 18,498 miles this summer. The old TEAM record (for 12 weeks) was 18,098 in 2010. This doesn't mean we are done - we still have 3 weeks to set the mark so high that it will be hard to repeat. The girls are sitting at 10,654 and are still on pace to break the record of 12,821 from 2010. If everyone stays focused and runs their best over the final 3 weeks, we are going into the season in our best shape ever. I have attached the miles to this email. Take a look at where you are at this point, and set one final goal for the summer. Make plans for what you would like to do over the final 3 weeks. We are also looking to break the record for the most boys over 500 and the most girls over 400. This has been a great TEAM summer - continue to contribute to our TEAM goals by finishing strong. If you see any errors on the mileage chart, please let me know what I am missing. Thanks.

Dart Challenge 5k - I have attached the registration flier for the 2012 Dart Challenge 5k. We hope to have about 200 runners at this year's race. A lot of that is up to you - I need your help recruiting friends, family, neighbors, etc. to register for the race. It will be on August 18th at 8:00am at Barnes Park. The cost is $20 and all proceeds will benefit the cross country TEAMs. You can see more information (including the all-time list) at

Cross Country Racing Shoes - Now is a good time to start looking at what you would like to race in during the cross country season. It is not necessary to buy racing shoes - if anything, make sure you have good training shoes first - but it is definitely recommended. Racing flats/spikes are lighter and the traction is designed for the types of courses we will run. They are going to make you race faster. I would recommend finding a pair that gives you the option of having spikes or no spikes. I would either look at Striders in Layton, or I would go to to see what kind of deals they currently have available. They have some killer deals on last year's models, but they will run out of sizes soon. The prices range from $25 to $110). Here are some links to some recommended racing shoes:
Girls - 
(The Nike Victory is the most expensive shoe - and they come in boys sizes, but boys and girls colors - you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere - especially if you can find last year's models).
Boys -
(The Nike Victory is the most expensive shoe - and they come in boys sizes, but boys and girls colors - you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere - especially if you can find last year's models).

Coming up:
Tuesday, 8/07 - Meet at the school at 7:00am. Tempo run either at the Ogden River Trail or on the Dart Challenge Course. We may need some drivers here. If there are any alumni or parents who would like to join us, you are welcome to help out. 
Thursday, 8/09 - Meet at the school at 7:00am. We will be running to Nichols Park for some 1000m repeats. Prepare for this one like you would for a race. Get good sleep, eat a good meal on Wednesday night, hydrate, and show up excited to push yourselves and push your teammates. 
Monday, 8/13 - Meet at the Vita Course at 7:00am. It will be our final Vita Course of the Summer (we will probably run it during the season a time or two). Be ready to go for your best time of the summer. Everyone should be shooting for a pr on the course. Boys should be shooting for the sub 50:00 club, girls should be going after the sub 63:00 barrier. I will not be there. Please bring your watches and get as accurate of a time as you can - and then record the times on the clipboard that Joanna will have.
Wednesday, 8/15 - Meet at the school at 7:00pm. We are going to be running 12-20 x 400m on the brand new track. We will throw on some music and it should be a great workout. It is one of the few times that I will ask you to meet on a Wednesday evening, but it is a very important workout. If you have to come late to the workout, we will still be there, and you should be able to finish even after it is dark. Please make this workout a priority.
Saturday, 8/18 - Dart Challenge 5k (see note above). 

A few different national rankings have been released:
Marc Bloom (Harrier Magazine) who has been doing national rankings since the 1970s, has our boys as the preseason #5 team and our girls are regionally ranked.

Bill Meylan (another national expert) also has our boys at #5 ( and our girls at #22 ( and he gives mention to Brayden Cromar and Preston Johnson just outside of his top 50 individual boys (

It can most definitely be the most successful season in our programs history (even though last year will be hard to top). We have to stay humble, stay hungry, stay positive, and stay united. And we have to find our power animals!
-Coach Talley

ps. We wish Ryan Clark the best of luck with his new team in China. It has been nice knowing Ryan, and he is always welcome to come back and run with Davis XC. 

pps. There will be a second email this week with all of the eligibility information. I am sure you can't wait.