Saturday, June 24, 2017

Davis XC Summer Update #3

Darts -
Another long email this week, but a good one 😊 I imagine if you are getting serious about summer running, you can really benefit from the following information; and if you are not really doing much running this summer, you might be feeling like you want me to remove you from my email list--which is okay. If you have decided that cross country is not for you, just let me know and I will stop bothering you with emails each week. But, if you still want to give this a try, it's NOT too late to put in some work this summer and go into the fall with stronger legs, lungs, heart, and mind. This week is still a great week to start! We want ALL of you to make the choice and buy in, but we also know that it's not for everyone, so let me know if you're out.
I have attached the schedule for the next 4 weeks of training. If you have built up your mileage over the first 3 weeks, it is time for a "recovery" week either this week or next. It's good to have a slightly lower mileage week every 4 weeks or so. It's best to plan those weeks around family vacations, EFY, youth conference, etc. If you are feeling a bit tired or finding you need more sleep - that is pretty normal with summer training, especially the first few weeks. Get your rest, fuel and hydrate your body, and make sure you have some easier days (recovery days).

Kick Off Camp - We had a great time up at Cutler Flats for the kick off camp. Thanks to all those who were able to come, and thanks to the parents who helped out. The running was challenging but beautiful, and it was nice to get to know some of the new runners a little better. For those of you who were unable to make it, we gave some good advice for new runners:
Coach Timothy talked about gradual progression and taking care of aches and pains and soreness before they become injuries. We can all do a better job stretching, rolling out, and strengthening areas that might be weak. Coach T has become our expert--make sure to talk to him at a practice if you have something bothering you, and he will give you some good ideas of what you can do.
Coach Anderson talked about staying patient and trusting the process and the coaches and also taking advantage of the opportunity to be a part of a great program with awesome teammates to train with. He stressed the importance of being passionate about running and having fun while doing it. Brad is a great example of making things fun and working through challenges.
I talked about the responsibility of our experienced runners to teach, inspire, and take care of the new runners. I also talked about our expectations for everyone to do the best they can--in running and in their lives outside of running. And I promised that running cross country will challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will always be more concerned with you doing your best than with you being the fastest runner. Most of all, we wanted to stress positive attitudes, TEAMwork, patience, and confidence. Being a cross country runner is in each of you - you just have to have the desire and the belief in yourself.

Mid Summer Motivation -
As we hit the middle weeks of the summer, I know it gets hotter and it gets harder to stay motivated for a season that doesn't start until the end of August. I have always felt like these middle summer weeks really separate the weak from the strong. I hope that all of you are determined to stay strong and to fight through these weeks with our season in mind. We are going to have a tough TEAM this fall with a lot of depth, endurance, strength, guts, and speed - but it is going to take some uncomfortable work in the middle of the summer (these next 5 weeks). I hope all of you are on board with working together to get there. You athletes who are new to cross country are really in for a fun time. DXC is about running with heart and running with guts. It is a lot of work, but the rewards far exceed the effort. I think the following tips can help you to get out of bed and get after your training when it gets challenging:
1) Run in the morning. It is cooler and it is much easier to motivate yourselves than when it gets to be the afternoon. Plus then you won't stress about it all day. Running in the evening can also be really fun (especially with friends) - just be safe. If the only time you can run is mid day, still get it in. Just go a few less miles, plan your run so you can drink water at a few stops, and enjoy getting a nice summer tan.
2) Set some goals - an overall summer mileage goal (if you don't already have one), weekly mileage goals, season racing goals - and write them down and keep them in a place where you can see them on a daily basis (by your bed, on your mirror, etc). Don't be afraid to dream big - and always try to make a plan about how you are going to get there. I think it is so important to have a purpose when you are training - not just going through the motions.
3) Be patient with your training. It may take some time to get to where you want to be. Don't get discouraged if you are not as fast as you want to be right away or if you run into some challenges on your way. One of the things I love about running is that you have to work for what you get. Also - avoid comparing yourself to other people. Work on being your own individual best. Realize that all the great runners (even the ones on our TEAM) had to work to get to where they are. It takes time, and you will see ups and downs.
4) Find motivation online (videos, articles, quotes, tweets) - Share your favorites on the TEAM facebook page. One of my favorite cross country videos is (you should all watch it). Here's another one - (Michael Phelps). I'll try to share some more over the next few weeks. Watch videos or read articles on,,,, or other running websites. I can even find motivation by looking at Twitter - but that is because I primarily follow runners and running related accounts. Follow the Davis Cross Country and track Twitter if you have an account (@davistrackandxc). Follow the Davis Cross Country Facebook (Davis High Cross Country Team) and Instagram page (@davistrackandxc).
Become a student of the sport. It always makes me want to run harder and be a better runner when I read about other runners who have worked hard for their success. Here's a great article for (particularly for the girls on the team) -
You can also find some awesome running quotes that help to motivate you.
5) Switch things up. Have both hard and easy days, run different courses, run with music, run at night, run with different groups, and find ways to make running an adventure - unique and challenging. I know many of you struggle to run on vacation, but running in a new place can be one of the most exciting things about running (as long as it is safe and your parents are okay with it). Just don't let running be boring.
6) Run for your TEAM. One of the things that motivates me the most is the thought that my TEAM is working hard with me for a common goal (Region Champs, State Champs, NXN Qualifiers). There are other people out there willing to put in miles and work for me - and I am willing to put in the miles and the work for them as well (this still works for me as a coach too!). Be very positive with your TEAMmates - help them out and encourage them. Attend the TEAM practices every time you can. And help to bring your own unique personality and gifts to the TEAM.
7) Most of all - refuse to quit. Don't let yourself think about it. Don't let yourself down. I have said it many times about running - only the strong will survive. Be strong and you won't regret it. It is going to take toughness and it is going to challenge you - let that be a motivator.

This Week:
Monday - Meet at Vita at 6:30. Theme - Crazy Socks or Lucky Socks. We are running for a time this week (either 4 miles, 5.5 miles, or the full course). Bagels and Chocolate Milk afterward.
Tuesday - Run on your own or in small groups
Wednesday - Meet at the school at 7:00am. Nichols Hollow Tempo
Thursday - Run on your own or in small groups
Friday - Boys Run @ 7:00am @ Angel Street Park (West Kaysville)
Friday - Girls Run @ 7:00am @ Heritage Park (Kaysville by the new library)
Saturday - LONG RUN on your own or in small groups

Send in your mileage (including past weeks if you missed). Keep working hard. Keep living healthy. Keep running HAPPY!!

Coach Talley

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Davis XC Summer Update #2

Darts -
Week 2 has come to an end, and I hope you can feel yourselves getting stronger and more confident in your abilities. I was very impressed with the improvements over the previous week at the Vita Course, and I hope you had fun playing Coach Catch on Wednesday (If anyone went home with poison oak, will you please report that to me). Don't forget to send in your mileage for week #2 and for week #1 if you didn't get the chance last weekend.

Cross Country is NOT for the weak. It is a sport that takes a lot of discipline and mental toughness. I hope that you are seeing that in your training. To be a cross country runner, you need to be willing to put in work on a daily basis. You have to get up early in the morning when other teenagers are sleeping in and being lazy. And you have to learn to push through some pain and discomfort. My challenge for you this upcoming week is to run EVERY day (Monday-Saturday). If you have something that keeps you from running every day this week (like girls camp or EFY or family vacation), that challenge extends to next week and the rest of the summer as well. Don't miss days out of laziness or motivation. Get out the door and get your training in - especially on the days you don't feel like it. Next week's email will focus on summer motivation and hopefully give you some ideas that will help keep you running and working through the challenging middle summer months. To begin with - set a goal on a weekly basis for how many miles you want to run that week or something else that will help improve your running (example - 5 days of doing the core routine or getting 7 hours of sleep per night). I think if you take your training one week at a time right now, it will be more manageable and you will start to see the improvements on a weekly basis.

Kick Off Camp - This Thursday-Friday (6/22-6/23). We are meeting at the school at 1:30 on Thursday and heading up to Cutler Flats Campground (north of Pineview). I have attached the information and waiver. The cost is $10 - you will need to bring the money and waiver with you when we meet at the school on Thursday. Checks made out to "Davis County Running Club".
EVERYONE is invited - including 8th graders and anyone who has not yet attended a TEAM practice. It will be a lot of fun - we will get in some nice trail running, play some games, and get to know each other better.
We are still looking for quite a number of parent drivers for both Thursday and Friday. The camp is about an hour away. If you drive Thursday, the time commitment would be 1:30-4:30. If you come and pick us up on Friday, the time commitment is about 9:30-12:00 (picking us up at 10:30).

$10 Summer Money - This is the final reminder to bring $10 to practice if you haven't already. It is to help pay for chocolate milk, bagels, and popsicles at our summer practices.

Kaysville 4th of July 5k/10k - We have a great opportunity for a mid-summer race. If you are in town and able to race at the Kaysville 4th of July 5k or 10k - I would like to see as many of you there as possible. It starts and finishes on our track - you can run either race = 5k (3.1 miles) or 10k (6.2 miles). For those of you who have never raced before, it is a good opportunity to gain some experience, to get your first PR, and to see that you can do it!! You can register in person at Bowmans for $25 and they give you a $5 Bowmans Gift Card - or you can register online for $35 (

This Weeks Schedule:
Monday - Vita Course at 6:30am
Tuesday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am - We are going to drive over to the Lagoon Trails (will need drivers)
Wednesday - Run on your own or in groups
Thursday - Kick Off Camp - Meet at the school at 1:30
Friday - Kick Off Camp
Saturday - Run on your own or in groups

Keep up the good work. Get your mileage sent in for week #2 (and week #1 if you missed it).
Happy Running!!
- Coach Talley

"Running isn't a sport for pretty boys . . . It's about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. It's the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It's about the throbbing calves and the cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It's about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion you need to live each and every day with. It's about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there's not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fiber in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel. And when you've finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that's all you can ask for." – Unknown

Saturday, June 10, 2017

DXC Summer Update #1

Darts -
This turned into a longish email...Grab a water bottle and read the entire thing (even if you are a 4th year senior). I do fully expect all of you to read the entire thing. I promise next week will be a shortish one...

We had a great opening week - we set a TEAM record for runners at Vita on Monday, and I am anticipating that we are going to set a TEAM record for miles reported on week 1 of the summer. I hope you are finding ways to have fun with your summer running.
I would like ALL of you (especially new runners) to think about the potential runner you are. As coaches, when we look at each of you, we try to see the runner you could be more than the runner you currently are. We saw some AWESOME potential from this TEAM this week. If the first week wasn't hard, it will get hard at some point. It is going to take some mental toughness and some grit to stick with it through the summer. I love running because at some point it challenges each individual to dig deep and see what you are really made of. I think a lot of times you realize that you have more toughness and character than you thought you did. Fight the self-doubt, face the fears, and keep working to be the best you can be.

Healthy Running

A very important part of summer training is staying healthy. We are putting a lot of strain on our bodies, and it takes work and time to keep them running well. In this week's email I would like to focus on 8 important factors that will keep your body strong and healthy through our summer mileage:

1. Nutrition - make sure that you are eating good foods - a lot of carbohydrates, protein, fruits, iron rich foods (red meat), and vegetables. Drink your milk or take a supplement for the calcium. It is good to have some fats and sugars as well, but they should not be the main part of your diet. For a lot of you this means eating enough calories (at least 2500-3500 per day). If you are running a lot of miles, you have to have enough calories to fuel yourself. If you are not getting enough calories, that is the number one risk factor for injury and fatigue (especially in girls). Eating is also essential for recovery - do your best to eat something with protein and carbohydrates after you run (within 30 minutes when possible). Chocolate milk is a good recovery drink - or I like to make an egg sandwich and drink a bunch of gatorade.

2. Hydration - you should be drinking a lot all summer long - water (80+ ounces), gatorade, juice. With hydration, it is important to get electrolytes in addition to straight water.

3. Proper Shoes - If you are starting to have knee pain or shin splints, it is most likely that you are running too many miles or even more likely that you are in the wrong shoes. I recommend Wasatch Running Center in Centerville for beginners because they are going to do their best to put you in the shoes that are right for the way your foot strikes the ground. Although the shoes are slightly more expensive - they will last longer before they break down. (Make sure you mention that you run for Davis for a discount). Once you know what kind of shoes you should be in, you might be able to find good deals online. Good running shoes are your best investment as a runner.

4. Sleep - Eight hours is recommended for a normal person; I have found that most runners need more like 8-10 hours - especially when you are hitting 40+ miles in a week. I know that it is a challenge in the summer to stay disciplined with your sleep - but it will pay off in the way you feel, the quickness of your recovery, and in how strong you are running.

5. Stretching - before and after you run (especially after). Flexibility can increase your speed and definitely helps to reduce injury. I recommend 10-15 minutes of solid stretching after running.

6. Strength & Core Work - It is very important to strengthen your muscles. Your core is possibly the most important area (that is why we spend so much time doing ab work). It is also recommended that you try to get in the weight room 2 times per week. The main lifting that I would like to see: legs - squats, lunges, calf raises, wall sits; arms - bench press, pullups, dumbell work, push ups.

7. Listen to your Body - if something is nagging you, take the time to ice that area, stretch, and maybe visit the physical therapist (I recommend Wasatch Peak in Farmington, Mountainland in West Kaysville, or Mike Smith at Fit Quest in Kaysville). Sometimes you might need to back off, take a few days off, or cross train (bike/swim/elliptical). I will still give you some mileage credit for cross training. Recommended cross training for running would be biking (3-4 miles biking = 1 mile running), elliptical (12-15 minutes on the elliptical = 1 mile running), and swimming (1 mile swimming = 3 miles running).

8. Consistent, Smart Building - Remember that all of you are starting and progressing at different places - stay patient with yourself as you build. Our new runners may be starting around 15-20 miles per week (I hope we can build to 35-40), and our experienced runners are all different as well and might not handle mileage the same way. I said at the start of the summer that it is good to increase your mileage by somewhere between 3-7 miles per week. It is also important to increase in cycles. If you have had 3-4 straight weeks of increase, then try a "recovery" week that is a little lower before you begin to increase again. A lot of times this might happen on a girls camp, youth conference, family vacation, or EFY week. A good progression for a new runner who is trying to build up to 40 miles per week would be: 22, 25, 28, 32, 26, 32, 36, 40, 34, 40, 42, 44 (finishing the summer with 403 miles). Remember that everyone is different, and this may be too high or too low for you. If you started around 35 miles - an increase might be: 35, 38, 42, 44, 38, 43, 47, 50, 45, 50, 52, 55 (giving you 539 miles). Some of our top boys are shooting for even higher and have started around 50-60 miles. Although most of them will end around 70 miles as a high week for the summer. A good increase for them would be: 50, 54, 58, 60, 52, 60, 65, 68, 64, 68, 70, 70 (giving them a total of 739 miles).
You also need to be consistent. You can't build correctly with running every other week. The kind of summers I don't like to see: 25, 6, 28, 28, 3, 30, 22, 15, 0, 6, 35, etc (you are just asking for injury). Occasionally you will have a low week because of a family vacation or another commitment, that is fine - just do what you can and be careful with your increase when you come back the next week (don't try to run double because you missed).

Training Logs: Those of you who are new to summer training with us, it is a requirement for everyone to send me their weekly training report on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I am looking forward to reading your emails at the end of each week and learning more about you and who you are as a runner. I would encourage each of you to keep a training log all year long (not just in the summer). You will only email me through the 12 summer weeks, but keeping a training log could be a very beneficial tool for your running. Use a notebook or just create a Word or Excel file on your computer. Make notes about how far you ran, what your time was, how you felt, how hard the effort was, who you ran with, and any other things you find important. For your weekly emails, I am really just looking for a few basics - your daily mileage and any running related questions you might have. You can also share running stories if you want (Megan).

Sample Training Log:
Monday - 8 miles; ran with the team at vita. Time = 54:30
Tuesday - 6 miles; West Kaysville loop on my own. About 7:15 pace.
Wednesday - 7 miles; Mountain Road with Josh and Nate.
Thursday - 6 miles; Coach Catch plus a long cool down
Friday - 6 miles; boys run from Ponds Park.
Saturday - 8 miles; ran in Provo (staying with my Grandma); Time = 55:15
Week Total = 41 miles (Summer Total = 78 miles)

Mileage Tips - I have had quite a few questions about how much mileage you should be running. As long as you can stay healthy, here are some general guidelines:
Girls - Beginners: 15-30 miles per week
Girls with Some Experience: 25-40 miles per week
Girls - 3rd Year Runners & Varsity Level: 35-50 miles per week
Boys - Beginners: 20-35 miles per week
Boys with Some Experience: 30-50 miles per week
Boys - 3rd Year Runners & Varsity Level: 45-65 miles per week
*Vary the intensity of your runs - If you run six days per week: Two days per week should be harder efforts; two runs per week should be recovery or easier efforts; and the other two days should be somewhere in between depending on how you feel.
*Vary the distance of your runs - If you are going to run 30 miles per week (5 miles per day), have a range between 3-7 miles (3 + 5 + 7 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 30).
*Remember that everyone is different and you should each try hard to make a plan for each week that challenges you, but that you can still handle (mentally and physically).

Kick-off Camp - June 22-23 - For everyone. Meet at Davis at 2:00pm. More details to come this week.

High Altitude Camp - July 31-August 4 at Marsh Lake in the Uintahs. This will be by invitation. We are going to try to take 80-90 team members based on mileage from the first 4-5 weeks and what kind of running you are ready to handle. A lot of this will be determined by attendance at summer practices. It is a pretty intense week of running. The cost will be $135. I will be sending out more information in a few weeks.

This Week:

Monday - Vita Course at 6:30am. The theme is BLACKOUT - Wear BLACK.
Tuesday - On Your Own (or in groups)
Wednesday - Meet at the school at 7:00am. We will be playing "Coach Catch" at Nichols Park and Hollow (Prize Drawing Afterward).
Thursday - On Your Own (or in groups)
Friday - Girls Run at 7:00am at Barnes Park in West Kaysville (by the volleyball pavilion); Boys run at 7:00am at Ponds Park.
Saturday - Long run on your own (or in groups)

*If you didn't make it to any of our runs in week 1, don't be afraid to come this week :)

Nice job on week 1. Send in your miles by Monday. Best of luck with week 2. Keep your motivation and focus.
Happy Running!
Coach Talley

If your parents want the emails - send me their email address
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram - @davistrackandxc
Facebook Group - Davis High Cross Country Team

Sunday, December 4, 2016

DXC Update - NXN - 4th Place!!!

Darts -
It has been a great season! The boys wrapped it up with an incredible performance at the Nike Nationals yesterday. Our 7 guys represented the entire program well throughout the weekend--and particularly in the race. The NXN course is pretty challenging because of the soft, wet, muddy ground and quite a few hills throughout the course. We knew it would take a patient effort and we knew the boys would have to be mentally focused and physically tough over the final mile of the race. At the first mile, we established good position and came through the timing chip checkpoint in 8th place with 227 points. Our focus the 2nd mile was maintaining and preparing for the finish, and by the 2nd checkpoint (mile 2), we had actually moved up one spot to 7th with 210 points, and we were closing the gap on a few of the teams in front of us. We didn't know the official outcome for about 30 minutes after the race. We were hoping we had moved up one more spot to 6th, and thought if we were lucky we might have caught 2 teams to finish 5th. When we heard the announcement with Davis in 4th place, it was hard to contain our excitement--I think we were just as excited as the teams on the podium (top 3). The boys really closed the final mile and finished with 180 points to beat 5th place by just 1 point. Fighting all the way through the finish line got them that extra finishing spot. Had the race been a bit longer, we would have caught the third place team. We were trailing the 3rd place team by 48 points with a mile to go, and we finished just 17 points off of the podium. Our 4th place team finish is the 2nd highest finish for our boys team (3rd in 2011), and the 5th highest finish in Utah history. We were pretty proud of the fact that we finished 7th in the Utah state combined results, and came back with a 4th place finish at the Nationals.
Camren led the way for us with a 33rd place finish (11th in team scoring - without the individuals). It is the highest finish in Davis cross country history (Brad Nye finished 39th in 2011). Cam's time was 16:12 - only 11 seconds off of All-American. Jacob Vaughan had a monster race for us, and held on strong through the finish as our #2 guy. Jacob ran 16:38 and finished 72nd (36th in team scoring). Matt Ward didn't quite get out as well as he hoped, but made some great adjustments in the first half of the race and then fought with our group over the 2nd half. Matt finished with 16:40 in 76th place (40th team scoring). Devin Jaster was a total beast as well and really moved over the final 800m to pick up a few key points. Devin ran 16:42 and was 79th (43rd in team scoring). The 5th man is so key in cross country, and Brigham didn't let us down. He fought through the line as well and ended as the 3rd highest 5th man in the race. Brigham ran 16:47 and placed 89th (50th in the team scoring). Josh Peters mixed it up in our group throughout the race, helping his teammates and beating nearly every team's 5th man. Josh was only :07 back with 16:54. Good enough for 98th place (57th in team scoring). And Seth (our lone junior in the race), struggled for a bit through the first 2 miles, but came on very strong over the final stretch, never giving up. Seth finished in 134th place (90th in team scoring) with a time of 17:13.
In a race that is very difficult to find your teammates, our guys grouped very well. Our 2-5 spread was only :09, and our 1-5 spread was only :35, starting with an outstanding race from Camren. One of the coolest statistics I saw all weekend was pointed out by one of our parents. If you were to score all 7 runners on every team in the race, we would have been National Champs by 32 points over Bozeman. I know that doesn't mean much in cross country, but we had the best full 7 on the course yesterday, and I was really proud of their effort as a TEAM. When you get the chance, congratulate the boys, but also realize that they were doing their best to represent ALL OF YOU. After the race, they kept talking about how excited they hoped all of you were back home watching them. I really felt like this group was inspired by their entire TEAM - boys and girls - and they would not have run as well without your support and help all season long.

NXN Results -
33. Camren Todd - 16:12.2
72. Jacob Vaughan - 16:38.4
76. Matt Ward - 16:40.9
79. Devin Jaster - 16:42.8
89. Brigham Halverson - 16:47.2
98. Josh Peters - 16:54.4
134. Seth Stromberg - 17:13.7

Team Scores
1. Bozeman (MT) - 105
2. American Fork - 141
3. Brentwood (TN) - 163
4. Davis - 180
5. Naperville (IL) - 181
6. Temecula (Great Oak, CA) - 224
7. Lincroft (CBA, NJ) - 235
8. The Woodlands (TX) - 236
9. Liverpool (NY) - 275
10. Wayzata (MN) - 280
15. Springville (UT) - 348
Full Results -

Coming Up -
Indoor Track Meeting - Tuesday, 12/6 at 2:30pm in the cafeteria. We will go for a group run after the meeting. 8th and 9th graders are supposed to meet in the cafeteria at 3:15 - and try to bring some friends that might be interested in starting up with us.
2017 XC Meeting - Tuesday, May 30th at 3:00 in my classroom
2017 High Altitude Camp - July 31-August 4

This is the final updated for the 2016 XC season. I hope that you have all enjoyed your experience. I hope that you are motivated to get after it in indoor and outdoor track (and cross country next year if you aren't graduating). Go forward with renewed energy and a desire to work harder than ever before to be your best and to have fun doing it!

Sincerely -
Coach Talley

Sunday, November 27, 2016

DXC Update - Nike Southwest

Darts -
I hope that you have had a great Thanksgiving break and that you have spent some time with the people who are most important to you. It is a good time to step back and be grateful for the many blessings and opportunities in your life. I also hope that you are getting some rest and feeling excited about what's next - indoor/outdoor track and next year's cross country season. We have a lot of great things to look forward to, and a lot of work to do in the near future.

This Week - We have another full week without any organized practice. I will leave this upcoming week up to you. Some of you will find that you would like the majority of the 2 week break without running, and some of you may find that you are ready to run most days in the upcoming week - most of you are probably somewhere in between. If you feel that you were fairly beat up (or injured) from the xc season, use this next week to continue to recover, but maybe start some form of cross training if available to you. If you are feeling pretty good, try to fit in a few runs during this next week - nothing hard, just some mileage - 2-5 days of running with 3-8 miles per run. We will officially be back to practice on Tuesday, December 6th, when we start our winter base training and try to build our mileage going into the track season.

Important Dates:
Tuesday, December 6th - Indoor Track Meeting in the Cafeteria at 2:30pm. 8th and 9th graders are invited and encouraged to participate in indoor track with us. Just come to the cafeteria on Tuesday after you get out of school. We will have a small meeting that day with the junior high students at about 3:10 before going for a run. The indoor track meet schedule is up on the blog -
Tuesday, June 20th - 2017 Cross Country Meeting (Tentative)
July 31 - August 4: 2017 Cross Country Camp

Nike Southwest - We had a great trip to Arizona for the Nike Southwest Regional. The course was a bit longer than 5k (probably 3.18-3.20 miles), so the times were relatively slower than previous years on the course, but we still had some incredible efforts and performances.
In the open girls race, our girls finished in 3rd place against primarily varsity squads (even though #1 Mountain Vista was their JV). It was our highest finish since 2013. Sarah Waddoups and Madeline English ran strong in the front pack, and both finished in the top 25. 6 of our top 7 girls from that group are coming back, which should help us reload and come back strong a year from now. Great races in the open from Jacque Smith, Sara Miller, and Kate Stuart.
In the boys open race, we came away with a victory for the 2nd year in a row against some very strong varsity teams (2nd place Riverton was 11th in the Utah state merge results). Connor Jones had a phenomenal race for 9th place, and Josh Christiansen, McKay Treadwell, Derek Thornton, and Porter Van Drimmelen were all in the top 35. We showed our team depth in the open race with our 'C' team finishing in 6th place and our 'D' team finishing 10th. For the 2nd year in a row, the JV boys squad went undefeated - even in the varsity races they were entered in (Bob Firman and NXR). It will take some hard work to replace our outstanding group of seniors, but the young guys are looking good and hopefully very excited to step up. Great races in the open race from Porter Van Drimmelen, CJ Rees, and Nate Steed.
The girls in the championship race put it on the line from start to finish. They have worked very hard over the past 6 months, and really put their heart and soul into this race (and this TEAM). Although it wasn't the outcome we hoped for, I could not be more proud of these young women. They are a true TEAM and true CHAMPIONS. They sacrificed for one another and ran for one another all season long. It would have been great to qualify for the Nationals, but just as great is the type of teammates and people they have become. Aubrey led us in the race with an all-Southwest performance and a 19th place finish. The team finished in 6th place (the #2 team from Utah). For the seniors in the race, it might have been their final cross country race representing the 'D', but they have plenty of challenges in front of them that they will face with the same heart and determination. We had 2 sophomores in the race (Alicia and Abi), who are going to comeback and help the TEAM have success in the future.
The highlight of the day was the Boys Championship race. This has been a boys team that has shown strength and some renewed fire and grit since the state championship. I was very proud of the way they bounced back from a disappointing 7th in the state merge. We kept believing and just kept working for the shot at redemption. They ran extremely gutsy and aggressive in the southwest race to earn a spot at NXN with the 2nd place finish. I learned a lot from this team and their resilience, and I am excited to see what they can do this Saturday (12/3). In the southwest race, we were led by Camren Todd with a 13th place finish. It was great to have Cam feeling strong and running near top form again. Josh Peters came through like he has all season with a 31st place finish. Matt Ward and Seth Stromberg were kind of the heroes of the day - neither got out as well as we were hoping, but both of them fought through the groups and never gave up. They finished the 2nd half strong and moved into our 3-4 positions at 51st and 58th. Brigham Halverson also kept fighting throughout the race to secure the NXN spot for us with a 65th place. Devin, Frasier, and Jacob also put it all on the line - and though they struggled over the final 400-800m, they gave everything they had for their teammates. This is our 6th boys team to qualify for NXN.
*I will send out the link to the live feed to Nike Nationals later in the week.
Thanks to all of you who went with us to Nike Southwest and for everyone who supported the team in getting there. Once again, I hope that it gave you a renewed desire and motivation to be your best and to keep working hard. I know it doesn't always pay off or end up like you have hoped, but there is a lot to be said for working hard and sacrificing to accomplish a goal. I hope you will continue to be as passionate (or more passionate) about being your best in things to come.

Thanks for a great season!!!
Coach Talley

NXR Results
Boys Championship Race

13. Camren Todd - 15:40
31. Josh Peters - 15:59
51. Matt Ward - 16:07
58. Seth Stromberg - 16:16
65. Brigham Halverson - 16:19
95. Devin Jaster - 16:37
111. Frasier Williamson - 16:46
174. Jacob Vaughan - 17:16
Team Scores
1. American Fork - 121
2. Davis - 163
3. Springville - 195
4. Timpanogos - 201
5. Olympus - 209
6. Mountain Vista, CO - 216
7. Exceler8, CO - 250
8. Lone Peak - 255

Girls Championship Race
19. Aubrey Argyle - 18:21
53. Ally Geisler - 19:09
65. Grace Neuenschwander - 19:18
88. Alicia Halverson - 19:34
93. Abi Waddoups - 19:39
100. Miah Weaver - 19:43
121. Jenna Connell - 20:00
Team Scores
1. Mountain Vista, CO - 88
2. Desert Vista, AZ - 100
3. Broomfield, CO - 127
4. American Fork - 133
5. Vail Valley, CO - 183
6. Davis - 199
7. RIo Rancho, NM - 261
8. Pine View - 276

Girls Open Race (Large Schools)
14. Sarah Waddoups - 19:12
21. Madeline English - 19:21
51. Haylee Downey - 19:51
82. Rosie Schraedel - 20:11
94. Jennica Robinson - 20:21
96. Jacque Smith - 20:23
97. Sara Miller - 20:24
101. Sara Williams - 20:26
121. Kate Stuart - 20:35
130. Maddie Johnson - 20:39
184. Autumn Taylor - 21:08
203. Malaree Wood - 21:26
213. Amanda Ruvalcaba - 21:32
221. Louisa Twitchell - 21:40
222. Julia Schraedel - 21:40
225. Becky Swanson - 21:41
248. Ruby Jane Mathewson - 22:02
249. Sydnee Rayl - 22:03
290. Sarah Ferrell - 22:38
292. Megan Allart - 22:40
299. Abby Lawrence - 22:47
*383 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Vista, CO - 100
2. Timpview - 164
3. Davis B - 171
4. American Fork B - 205
16. Davis C - 387
28. Davis D - 744
*38 Total Teams

Boys Open Race (Large Schools)
9. Connor Jones - 16:27
15. Josh Christiansen - 16:38
24. McKay Treadwell - 16:45
30. Derek Thornton - 16:47
33. Porter Van Drimmelen - 16:50
42. Zach Jenkins - 16:55
49. CJ Rees - 17:00
57. Adam Hedquist - 17:04
58. Caden Wheeler - 17:05
72. Nate Iverson - 17:11
80. Brandon Christensen - 17:15
83. Lance Ford - 17:17
101. Carson Knight - 17:22
105. Jacob Halverson - 17:24
110. Jared Hogan - 17:25
113. Zach Moncur - 17:27
120. Nate Steed - 17:29
123. Sam Francis - 17:30
126. Dallin Kitchen - 17:32
135. Garrett Direda - 17:36
141. Daniel Harris - 17:37
158. Cole Weaver - 17:43
160. Branson Petty - 17:44
177. Kaleb Stinger - 17:50
189. Tanner Bilton - 17:54
204. Carson Cox - 17:58
226. Jake Miller - 18:07
239. Kelton Johnson - 18:11
481. Nate Wilde - 21:17
*537 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis B - 83
2. Riverton - 138
6. Davis C - 239
10. Davis D - 395
25. Davis E - 702
*60 Total Teams

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pre-Nike Results

Pre-Nike Race
November 9, 2016 @ Layton Commons Park Weather- 65 degrees, clear Course- 3.0 miles, soft ground
Region One/Two Course Records – 16:58 Courtney Wayment, Davis 2015; 14:52 Dallin Leatham, Viewmont 2015
Pre-Nike Records: 17:14 Lucy Biles, Herriman 2012; 14:58 Jordon Cross, Ogden 2012

Boys Results
1. 15:04 Garrett Barton Ogden
2. 15:04 Travis Feeny Ogden
3. 15:05 Camren Todd Davis
4. 15:14 Josh Leatham Viewmont
5. 15:18 Josh Peters Davis
6. 15:24 Brigham Halverson Davis
7. 15:30 Seth Stromberg Davis
8. 15:31 Jacob Vaughan Davis
9. 15:42 Matt Ward Davis
10. 15:45 Max Jones Ogden
11. 15:51 Christian Warren Ogden
12. 15:54 Frasier Williamson Davis
13. 15:58 Connor Jones Davis
14. 16:02 Ben Keller Ogden
15. 16:04 Josh Christiansen Davis
16. 16:05 McKay Treadwell Davis
17. 16:05 Bam Bam Unattached
18. 16:15 Adam Wood Herriman
19. 16:15 Derek Thornton Davis
20. 16:16 CJ Rees Davis
21. 16:17 Zach Moncur Davis
22. 16:21 Jorge Vasquez Bonneville
23. 16:22 Caden Wheeler Davis
24. 16:22 El Caballo Loco (Bracken) Herriman
25. 16:27 Zach Jenkins Davis
26. 16:27 Tyler Coy Bonneville
27. 16:28 Jared Hogan Davis
28. 16:40 Mr. Beyonce Herriman
29. 16:41 Taylor Burgess Herriman
30. 16:41 Lance Ford Davis
31. 16:45 Joe Gonzalez Bonneville
32. 16:45 Carson Knight Davis
33. 16:46 Nate Iverson Davis
34. 16:47 Alejandro Torres Ogden
35. 16:47 Hite Stromberg Ogden
36. 16:47 Dallin Kitchen Davis
37. 16:48 Cole Weaver Davis
38. 16:48 Corbin Romney Herriman
39. 16:50 Brandon Christensen Davis
40. 16:50 Nick Burrell Herriman
41. 16:50 Andrew Blackham Ogden
42. 16:50 Jonathan McNair Woods Cross
43. 16:51 Joe Barney --
44. 16:52 Sam Francis Davis
45. 16:52 Tanner Bilton Davis
46. 16:53 Jacob Halverson Davis
47. 16:54 Kyle Brenchley Viewmont
48. 16:56 Jensen Perry Bonneville
49. 16:59 Tyler Woods Bonneville
50. 16:59 Garrett Direda Davis
51. 17:02 Jansen Webber Herriman
52. 17:03 Oakley James Davis
53. 17:03 Baegoal Briggs Herriman
54. 17:04 Keinan Fratto Viewmont
55. 17:04 Nate Steed Davis
56. 17:05 Ethan Anderson Ogden
57. 17:06 Trey Ferrin Davis
58. 17:11 Mason Jones Ogden
59. 17:14 Kyle Miller Herriman
60. 17:15 Kaleb Stinger Davis
61. 17:17 Levi Timothy Herriman
62. 17:19 Seth Robertson Herriman
63. 17:19 Simon Mitchell Davis
64. 17:22 Noah Stuart Davis
65. 17:23 Devin Johnson Viewmont
66. 17:24 Jacob Hall Bonnevillle
67. 17:25 Daniel Larsen Davis
68. 17:27 Bobsicle Johnson Herriman
69. 17:29 Nyle Ferguson Davis
70. 17:30 Andrew K --
71. 17:30 Mitch Clove Davis
72. 17:31 Ty Vickers Herriman
73. 17:34 Sexy Centaur Herriman
74. 17:40 Tom Waite Davis
75. 17:41 Ayden Womack Bonneville
76. 17:45 Matt Thornblad Viewmont
77. 17:46 Jake Miller Davis
78. 17:50 Chris Brown Ogden
79. 17:50 Nate Sheffield Davis
80. 17:50 Danylo Syracuse
81. 17:51 Jaiden Marriot Bonneville
82. 17:51 Abram Peery Viewmont
83. 17:53 Luke Wilde Davis
84. 17:54 Ben Murdock Davis
85. 17:55 Kalvin Stinger Davis
86. 17:55 Sam Syracuse
87. 17:55 Drew Hogan Syracuse
88. 17:57 Tyson Datwyler Davis
89. 17:57 Tate Pace Viewmont
90. 18:06 Tanner Brown Ogden
91. 18:08 Xander Gonzales Bonneville
92. 18:14 Kelton Johnson Davis
93. 18:16 Jayden Stout Viewmont
94. 18:16 Jared Gerhart Herriman
95. 18:22 Hayden Stout Layton
96. 18:28 David Michelsen Davis
97. 18:29 Will Holland Herriman
98. 18:36 Phillip Jimenez Ogden
99. 18:36 Ford Draper Ogden
100. 18:42 Mike Haven Davis
101. 18:45 Noah Roberts Ogden
102. 18:45 Ethan Peterson --
103. 18:51 Merlin Syracuse
104. 18:57 Hayden Walpole Davis
105. 18:57 Andrew Rowley Bonneville
106. 18:58 Noah Isom Bonneville
107. 18:59 Spencer Hogan Davis
108. 19:02 Burrell Syracuse
109. 19:03 Austin Saunders Herriman
110. 19:04 Braden Wilding Davis
111. 19:10 John Christensen Viewmont
112. 19:11 Mikey Savage Davis
113. 19:11 Nathan Thornton Davis
114. 19:18 Rylan Ellwood Jr. Woods Cross
115. 19:18 Seth Pettey Viewmont
116. 19:22 David Bell Davis
117. 19:23 Staniel Fawcett Viewmont
118. 19:30 Joey Knight Clearfield
119. 19:33 Nick Meyer Syracuse
120. 19:42 Tever Holbert Clearfield
121. 19:53 Ashton Hansen Clearfield
122. 19:55 Sam Willden Davis
123. 19:56 Kurt Thornton Davis
124. 20:05 Karson Hugie Davis
125. 20:25 John Eaton Davis
126. 20:30 Landon Wheeler Davis
127. 20:31 Aaron Kohler Davis
128. 20:44 Carver Wilcox Syracuse
129. 20:55 Hunter Welsh Woods Cross
130. 21:30 Todd Goodwin Bonneville
131. 21:47 Tyler Barclay Bonneville
132. 22:03 Brayden Watt --
133. 22:31 Nathaniel Burrell Syracuse

Girls Results
1. 17:32 Aubrey Argyle Davis
2. 18:00 Ally Geisler Davis
3. 18:20 Micaela Rivera Herriman
4. 18:22 Grace Neuenschwander Davis
5. 18:29 Miah Weaver Davis
6. 18:30 Kalii Caldwell Ogden
7. 18:34 Megan Nielsen Herriman
8. 18:39 Alicia Halverson Davis
9. 18:41 Jenna Connell Davis
10. 18:43 Abi Waddoups Davis
11. 18:47 Madeline English Davis
12. 18:56 Jessica Peterson Bonneville
13. 19:03 Sarah Waddoups Davis
14. 19:15 Haylee Downey Davis
15. 19:28 Rosie Schraedel Davis
16. 19:34 Kyrstal Kemp Herriman
17. 19:36 Abbey Blair Ogden
18. 19:44 Ellie Lundgreen Davis
19. 19:53 Abi Lawrence Davis
20. 19:54 Jennica Robinson Davis
21. 20:01 Emily Mann Viewmont
22. 20:03 Tilly Vasquez Davis
23. 20:07 Maddie Johnson Davis
24. 20:13 Sara Miller Davis
25. 20:18 Sara Williams Davis
26. 20:19 Sydney Garner Bonneville
27. 20:21 Kate Stuart Davis
28. 20:26 Abby Trudeau Ogden
29. 20:35 Malaree Wood Davis
30. 20:42 Brooke Larson Ogden
31. 20:44 MacKay Hardy Clearfield
32. 20:48 Sydney Stout Layton
33. 20:48 Anna Carter Herriman
34. 20:54 Sydnee Rayl Davis
35. 20:55 Jasmine Balahadia Davis
36. 21:04 Julia Schraedel Davis
37. 21:07 Kate Hughes Ogden
38. 21:13 JeriLynn Egnew Viewmont
39. 21:14 Amanda Hatch Ogden
40. 21:14 Georgia Dickson Ogden
41. 21:18 Amanda Ruvalcaba Davis
42. 21:20 Louisa Twitchell Davis
43. 21:21 Erin Berry Davis
44. 21:23 Chasity Munoz Bonneville
45. 21:37 Autumn Taylor Davis
46. 21:52 Ruby Jane Mathewson Davis
47. 21:53 Becky Swanson Davis
48. 22:00 Chloe Lunt Herriman
49. 22:06 Jaysi Porter Davis
50. 22:06 Hannah McGurk Davis
51. 22:12 Valancy Christensen Bonneville
52. 22:20 Shauntelle Collings Herriman
53. 22:21 Krissy Wheeler Herriman
54. 22:23 Morgan Allen Ogden
55. 22:32 Caroline Christensen Herriman
56. 22:44 Natasha Shaw Syracuse
57. 22:46 Erin Anguinao Herriman
58. 23:14 Elizabeth Gottfredson Ogden
59. 23:14 Caroline Gottfredson Ogden
60. 23:18 Felicia Barcinas Syracuse
61. 23:20 Adrianna Barcinas Syracuse
62. 23:39 Bailee Bristol --
63. 23:40 Macy Griffin Davis
64. 23:41 Emma Oliver Davis
65. 23:43 Morgan Winterton Herriman
66. 24:02 Kylee Hoffman Davis
67. 24:21 Kamryn Burnside Viewmont
68. 24:21 Laryn Naegle Viewmont
69. 24:51 Bailey Hatch Ogden
70. 24:57 Kellie Haddon Davis
71. 25:14 Katelyn Peterson Clearfield
72. 25:15 Genesis Wonderlich Clearfield
73. 25:16 Lauren Adams Bonneville
74. 25:17 Sydney Cockerham Syracuse
75. 25:29 Sydney Steele Syracuse
76. 26:26 Atlantis Plaff Clearfield
77. 26:27 Abbie Bullock Herriman
78. 26:31 Clara Thomson Davis
79. 26:39 Aneeka Nunnikhoven Clearfield
80. 27:29 Anavae Remetio Syracuse
81. 28:33 Olivia Perry Bonneville
82. 28:33 Sydney Hansen Syracuse

Sunday, October 30, 2016

DXC Update - 10/30

Darts -
It was an awesome first week of Post-Season training. It was fun to see you all working so hard and working with so much determination. I hope you were able to rest and recover a little bit this weekend--just enough to get back at it on Tuesday. We have 2 more weeks of pretty hard work and then we'll be ready for a strong Nike Southwest Race. I did update the Vita Course All-Time list, and a HUGE congrats to all of you who joined the sub 50 and sub 63 clubs and to Aubrey Argyle for setting the girls all-time record at an incredible time of 49:58!! (

Those of you who have not been coming to practices (since State) - You should come!! I would love to see more of you at the practices for the next two weeks. We had a few die-hards who aren't going to NXR, but I would love for all of you who did XC with us this season to come to our final 2-3 weeks. At the very least, you should all be doing some running on your own. If you take the entire month of November off (and the last half of October), you are going to have a lot of re-building to do going into indoor track. Anyway, I hope you all know that you are invited and encouraged to keep running with us - even if you don't have any more cross country races this season. There is always something to work for: indoor and outdoor track and next year's cross country. The work you are doing right now (or not doing) will effect your fitness and performances through those seasons. We strongly believe that in order to reach your potential as a distance runner, it is important to train all year (with some much needed breaks in between seasons). Remember that all 9th graders can compete with us in indoor track. We hope to have our strong group of freshmen continue to build.

Uniform Turn In - Please bring your uniforms to turn in this week on Tuesday or Wednesday at practice (or drop them off after school in my classroom). We would like to collect all of the uniforms so that we can make an inventory for track. Please turn them in EVEN IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO TRACK. I will be keeping a record of those who turn in their uniforms. If you do not turn in your uniform this week, you will be fined through myDSD.

Nike Regionals - I have attached the itinerary and the waiver for Nike Regionals. All of you who are attending need to turn in your money and waiver by Friday, November 11th. The cost is $300. Checks need to be made out to "Davis County Running Club". You can use 100% of your proceeds from the 12 hour run. You will also need to make sure you are members of the USATF (Club #34-0166). More information about the USATF is on the bottom of the itinerary. Join after November 1st if you are a first time member, because it will last through all of 2017 (Simplot and NXR next year). Please let me know if you or your parents have any other questions.

12 Hour Run -
We are going to be able to use the track and the field for the 12 hour run "fundraiser" next Friday (November 4th). We will start with a small group at 1:00pm (during school) and keep the baton going until 1:00am. Everyone who wants to be involved will get to run at least 1 mile, but you can do more running with your teammates when it is their turn. We are shooting for at least 120 miles in the 12 hours (6:00 per mile). I handed out the pledge sheets and fundraising fliers at practice on Friday - and I will have them at practice this week as well. Anyone on the team is more than welcome to participate. Any proceeds raised by those not going to NXR will go into the running club budget - and are greatly appreciated!!

Grace Christiansen's Humanitarian Information -
Grace is heading to the Philippines and is looking for a few donations that she can take with her: Ties for perspective missionaries (used), Receiving Blankets (light and thin), small toys and stuffed animals (light weight), and/or cash or check donations (all money goes toward purchasing supplies for missionaries and orphans). Checks should be made out to "Type of Wood Charities, Inc". Any donations need to be turned in before November 11th. You can bring them to Grace or to my classroom. Thanks!

Alumni Update - Congrats to all of our alumni who ran in their college conference xc meets this past weekend. Ellie Child (Weber State) finished 1st in the Big Sky, Ashley Tyndall (SUU) finished 22nd in the Big Sky, Courtney Wayment (BYU) finished 14th in the West Coast (freshman of the year), Sam Hedquist (UVU) finished 29th in the WAC, Preston Johnson (Weber State) finished 45th in the Big Sky.

Athletes of the Week:
Girls - Miah Weaver (State), Jennica Robinson (Vita Course)
Boys - Matt Ward (State), Noah Stuart (Vita Course)

This Week:
Monday - Halloween Run. We are meeting at the school at 8:00am. Wear your costume (you don't have to run in it if you don't want). Or just come, ready for a nice TEAM run.
Tuesday - Mile Repeats at Lagoon Trails - 9th graders meet us at the trailhead or at the south doors by 3:15.
Wednesday - Recovery Run
Thursday - Track Workout
Friday - 12 Hour Run Fundraiser for NXR
Saturday - Long Run (6-10 miles) *Part of this can be Jacob Halverson's Eagle Project 5k (details at practice).

Important Upcoming Dates:
11/4 (Friday) - 12 Hour Run
11/9 (Wednesday) - Pre-Nike 3 mile Race at Layton Park - 4:00pm
11/10 (Thursday) - TEAM Banquet - 6:00pm @ TBA
11/11 (Friday) - Nike Southwest Money and Wavier Due
11/17-11/20 (Thursday-Sunday) - Nike Southwest Regionals.
12/6 (Tuesday) - Indoor Track Meeting

Keep up the great work. Keep the energy and motivation high. Work with purpose. Work together. And have fun!
Coach Talley.