Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pre-Nike Results

Layton Park - 3 miles, 48°
One race w/ all boys and girls

1. 15:33 Jason Davis M WX
2. 15:34 Carson Coleman M Davis
3. 15:59 Seth Robertson M Herriman
4. 15:59 Kyler Miller M Herriman
5. 16:06 Jake Halverson M Davis
6. 16:07 Ayden Womack M Bonneville
7. 16:10 Joshua Perry M Herriman
8. 16:10 Daniel Larsen M Davis
9. 16:14 Jared Hogan M Davis
10. 16:14 Adam Wall M Farmington
11. 16:16 Simon Mitchell M Farmington
12. 16:16 Rawson Spackman M Farmington
13. 16:21 Carson Knight M Davis
14. 16:22 Hunter Kitchen M Davis
15. 16:24 Connor Finlinson M Davis
16. 16:30 Chris Allred M Ogden
17. 16:32 Ethan Peterson M Farmington
18. 16:34 Garrett DiReda M Farmington
19. 16:35 Ethan Doller M Westlake
20. 16:40 Ty Vickers M Herriman
21. 16:42 Spencer Hogan M Farmington
22. 16:43 Keatyn Perkins M Herriman
23. 16:47 Nate Williams M Bonneville
24. 16:50 Conner Pederson M Herriman
25. 16:50 Noah Stuart M Davis
26. 16:51 Bridger Isbell M Herriman
27. 16:51 Kaden Bracken M Herriman
28. 16:54 Hite Stromberg M Ogden
29. 17:01 Kurt Thornton M Farmington
30. 17:03 Caleb Chase M Davis
31. 17:03 Caden Wheeler M Davis
32. 17:06 Nyle Ferguson M Davis
33. 17:07 Nathan Thornton M Davis
34. 17:10 Mitchell Clove M Davis
35. 17:13 Kevin Barnes M Davis
36. 17:13 Ezekiel Browne M Herriman
37. 17:13 Evan Harris M Herriman
38. 17:22 Zachary Twitchell M Herriman
39. 17:24 Drew Hildreth M Farmington
40. 17:24 Tyler Spencer M Davis
41. 17:27 Nick Siddoway M Farmington
42. 17:28 Joshua Sorensen M Syracuse
43. 17:32 Matt Neuen… M Farmington
44. 17:32 Josh Rawlings M Davis
45. 17:34 Jacob Jones M Davis
46. 17:39 Colin Major M Davis
47. 17:39 Mason Waite M Herriman
48. 17:40 Nate Eagleton M Ogden
49. 17:41 Philip Jiminez M Ogden
50. 17:42 Chayse Vickers M Herriman
51. 17:43 Tyson Mietus M Farmington
52. 17:45 Ford Draper M Ogden
53. 17:46 Mike Haven M Farmington
54. 17:47 Blake Lawson M Farmington
55. 17:50 Carter Green M Davis
56. 17:50 James Wheeler M Herriman
57. 17:51 Dylan Hill M Farmington
58. 17:51 Ryan Bennett M Farmington
59. 17:51 Carson Reading M Herriman
60. 17:55 Spencer Bradshaw M Farmington
61. 17:57 Griffin Karras M Davis
62. 17:58 Aidan Griffin M Herriman
63. 18:03 Daniel Cannon M Herriman
64. 18:06 Tony Potter M Herriman
65. 18:06 Max Bailey M Ogden
66. 18:06 Eli Hansen M Herriman
67. 18:09 Sam Boehm M Ogden
68. 18:24 Tanner Brown M Ogden
69. 18:24 Will Swain M Farmington
70. 18:25 Ben Murdock M Davis
71. 18:27 Carter Draper M Ogden
72. 18:35 Isaac Neuen… M Farmington
73. 18:36 Bryton Fisher M Farmington
74. 18:37 Michael Bown M Davis
75. 18:37 Finley Pinkas M Ogden
76. 18:38 Josh Eldredge M Davis
77. 18:47 Josh Hall M Davis
78. 18:50 Braden Wilding M Davis
79. 18:51 James Batt M Davis
80. 18:51 Anderson Perry M Davis
81. 18:53 Joseph Ray M Herriman
82. 19:01 Andy Pinkas M Ogden
83. 19:08 Coulter Ulrich M Ogden
84. 19:20 Aden Pace M Herriman
85. 19:24 Jacob Perry M Herriman
86. 19:26 Kobe Melton M Davis
87. 19:30 Oakley James M Davis
88. 19:30 James Oliver M Farmington
89. 19:31 Tate Martineau M Farmington
90. 19:34 Korbin Miller M Herriman
91. 19:39 Jacob M M Farmington
92. 19:39 Sam Willden M Davis
93. 19:42 Toby Jeffs M Herriman
94. 19:45 Tyson Slater M Bonneville
95. 19:46 Andrew Williams M Herriman
96. 19:50 Oliver Zens M Davis
97. 19:53 Thomas Hogan M Davis
98. 20:05 Walker Green M Davis
99. 20:08 Jason Peterson M Farmington
100. 20:10 Bodie Williamson M Farmington
101. 20:19 Cameron Gerhart M Herriman
102. 20:58 Jace Haven M Farmington
103. 21:10 Noah Bowent M Farmington
104. 21:52 Jay Christensen M Davis
105. 22:07 Chandler Hansen M Bonneville
106. 22:54 Damian Tschovy M Bonneville

1. 18:21 Ellie Lundgreen F Davis
2. 18:23 Elisabeth Ferrell F Farmington
3. 18:25 Abby Jensen F Westlake
4. 18:56 Hope Preston F Davis
5. 19:04 Sydney Hedquist F Davis
6. 19:10 Avery Moore F Herriman
7. 19:23 Rosie Schraedel F Davis
8. 19:23 Kalii Caldwell F Ogden
9. 19:26 Jennica Robinson F Davis
10. 19:48 Whitney Walpole F Davis
11. 19:51 Chloe Christy F
12. 19:52 Grace Drury F Herriman
13. 19:58 Brooklyn Smith F Herriman
14. 20:12 Lucy Orison F
15. 20:18 Katie Peterson F Bonneville
16. 20:20 Hope Stanley F Davis
17. 20:23 Abi Waddoups F Davis
18. 20:24 Elizabeth Stanley F Davis
19. 20:24 Chasity Munoz F Bonneville
20. 20:27 Kaylee Anderson F
21. 20:34 Molly Jensen F Westlake
22. 20:34 Bonita Gray F Ogden
23. 20:36 Katie Crabtree F Ogden
24. 20:36 Marian Janis F Herriman
25. 20:37 Kate Allred F Ogden
26. 20:40 Sasha Willie F Ogden
27. 20:48 Megan Allart F Davis
28. 20:54 Alivia Scoresby F Westlake
29. 20:56 Brooke Larson F Ogden
30. 20:59 Tilly Vasquez F Farmington
31. 21:09 Kanza Allen F Westlake
32. 21:13 Isabelle Smith F Farmington
33. 21:17 Abbey Blair F Ogden
34. 21:22 Kate Richardson F Layton
35. 21:23 Hope Smith F Farmington
36. 21:25 Isabella VanBrocklin F Davis
37. 21:37 Bailey Kealamakia F Davis
38. 22:13 Addy Rich F Davis
39. 22:18 Amanda Hatch F Ogden
40. 22:19 Chloe Caldwell F Ogden
41. 22:19 Eliza Loosli F Ogden
42. 22:44 Autumn Taylor F Davis
43. 22:45 Maddie Johnson F Farmington
44. 22:55 Rebekah Uden F Bonneville
45. 22:55 Lauryn Hall F Davis
46. 23:00 Lauren Cannon F Herriman
47. 23:05 Jane Willden F Davis
48. 23:08 Eve Christensen F Davis
49. 23:08 Maren Smith F Davis
50. 23:27 Jessie Taylor F Farmington
51. 23:43 Elisa Boehm F Ogden
52. 23:45 Abigail Bradshaw F Farmington
53. 23:45 Sofia Bobo F Davis
54. 23:46 Krissy Wheeler F Herriman
55. 23:56 Katie Cox F Davis
56. 24:04 Rachel Ballard F Ogden
57. 24:05 Janelle Burke F Davis
58. 24:08 Coral VanNoy F Farmington
59. 24:23 Pearl Marden F Ogden
60. 26:49 Elisabeth Issertell F Farmington
61. 26:49 Amanda Davies F Bonneville
62. 28:58 Jaycee Gaskins F Bonneville

Sunday, October 21, 2018

DXC Update - State Championships


We had an exciting day at the State Championships! Great job to all those that showed up ready to go crazy cheering on our TEAM. You guys help more than you probably realize. The girls finished 4th in 6A with an individual state champ (go Ellie!) and the boys finished 2nd. If you were to merge all classifications together, both our teams finish 4th in Utah.

The girls ran tough. Ellie didn't take the lead until about 1.75 miles and kept pulling away until the end. Hope and Syd had a monster 3rd mile and passed about 15 girls each to finish 14th and 15th, and the rest of the girls held on tough. At mile 2 the girls were in 5th place - 16 points behind 4th place - and by the end had gapped that team by 50 points and came within 4 points of 3rd place.

1Ellie Lundgreen18:06.0
14Hope Preston19:06.2
15Sydney Hedquist19:06.5
34Roselind Schraedel19:30.8
36Alicia Halverson19:34.7
37Jennica Robinson19:37.5
60Abi Waddoups20:37.0

Team Scores
73 AF
81 LP
96 WL
100 Davis
151 PG

The boys' strength all year has been the pack. They worked together and ran a consistent, tough race. There were a lot of teams gunning for them and third place came within 7 points. So proud of these boys! It looked like it was going to be a close race before the season started and these boys have worked hard to be their best.

12Carson Coleman15:57.0
13Jacob Halverson15:57.9
19Daniel Larsen16:09.5
21Connor Finlinson16:13.7
30Jared Hogan16:18.9
32Carson Knight16:19.4
59Nate Iverson16:59.7

Team Scores
72 AF
95 Davis
102 Riverton
120 Herriman
122 LP

TEAM Banquet
The banquet is this Thursday the 25th at DHS at 6:00. We'll order pizza and have people sign up to bring salads and desserts. I hope most of you can make it even if you're not running with us anymore.

We're turning in uniforms this week. Please bring them Monday or Tuesday after school so we can get it all done at once. Please get them in promptly so I don't have to create a long fine list.

12-hour Run
I have attached a pledge sheet for the 12-hour run. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the run - including those not going to NXR.

I hope you had a great Fall Break and feel rested and ready to get back to work. I hope everyone feels like they can come practice with us even if they aren't invited to NXR. It will make for a good track base if you keep running, and we have one more race everyone can run. I expect those that have been invited to NXR to bring commitment, energy, and focus the next few weeks. I'll have new training schedules at practice.

Important Upcoming Dates
ThursOct 25TEAM Banquet at DHS
FriNov 212-hour run fundraiser
WedNov 7Pre NXR race
SatNov 17NXR Southwest
July15-19XC Camp

This is the best time of year! The weather is perfect for running. Let's make the next couple weeks count.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

DXC Update - 10/14


The regular season is coming to an end, but we will continue to run and train through November. I'm really proud of all the progress that has been made this year. Keep up the good work. Be determined.

We have a TEAM meeting after our run on Monday for those that are NOT running at state. Those that aren't racing still have a big role at the state championships and we need to go over a few things. Davis High Culture Expert, Noah Stuart, will also be there to address us.

State Championships
State Championships are Wednesday at Sugarhouse Park. I realize some of you may be going out of town for the break, but we want everyone to be there and to bring a lot of energy. We'll stop at Cafe Rio in Farmington on the way home. Each athlete needs to bring $5 for the meal and the team budget will cover the rest.

Wednesday's Schedule
11:15 - Excused
11:30 - Bus Leaves
2:00 - 6A Girls Championships - Abi, Alicia, Ellie, Hope, Jennica, Rosie, Sydney
3:30 - 6A Boys Championships - Carson C, Carson K, Connor, Daniel, Jake, Jared, Nivo
5:30 - Dinner at Cafe Rio (Bring $5)

NXR Invites
If you are on the invite list and are not able to attend, please let me know ASAP.

Important Dates
Wed, Oct 17:   State Championships at Sugarhouse Park
Thur, Oct 25:   TEAM Banquet
Fri, Nov 2:       12 hour run fundraiser
Sat, Nov 17:     NXR Southwest
July 15-19:       XC camp

We have a big week! Bring a ton of positive energy the next few days.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

DXC Update - Region Championships


It's been a great season so far! Thanks to those that have dedicated so much to make this TEAM great! State is coming up in 10 days (Wed, Oct 17 at Sugarhouse Park). I would like the entire TEAM to continue to train together until we get to the state meet. Those not running at state should still show up to our practices the next 2 weeks with positive energy. The focus will obviously be on the group running at state, but it will give all of you an opportunity to train through the entire season. I am also hoping that most of you can come to the state championships. I know it is the final day of school before fall break, but I still expect everyone who can to be there to support the team and be part of our final race. That one is not just about the 14 running, but about all 90 of you and the work you have put in throughout the summer and the season. The 14 running will be out there representing all of DXC (past and present). 

Region Championships
The Region Championships were awesome! The course was soft and muddy and slowed us down a bit, but we fought hard and won each race. The JV girls set the tone with all 5 scorers in the top 8 to win with only 21 points led by Hope Stanley. Biggest improvements for the region race made by Allie Nielsen, Breanna Wilson, Liz Brown, Sofia, Tara, and Jane Willden. The JV boys looked awesome having 16 of the top 18 finishers. Hunter and Tyler took the lead early on and pushed the pace. They held on to go 1-2 and lead us to a perfect score. It's great seeing the progress of our young guys throughout the season. We'll be counting on you for years to come. HUGE improvements by Liam, Quinton, Jacob Nielson, Sam, Michael Bown, Walker, Anderson, Henry, and Quinn, and others. 

You could tell at the beginning of the varsity girls race that the other schools were gunning for us. The race went out hard and we were not in the lead at the first mile, but some big moves by Rosie, Jennica, and Alicia secured the win. Ellie didn't take the lead until about 1200 meters into the race. Nobody went with her and her lead just kept growing until she finished Region Champ by 19 seconds.

The varsity boys race also went out hard for how soft the course was. Our boys put themselves in the mix up front and basically stayed there to win the race with 28 points. Our 1-5 spread was 7 seconds and our 1-7 spread was 12 seconds. They're basically all the same runner.

Athletes of the Week
Jennica Robinson, Alicia Halverson, Jane Willden, Maren Smith
Connor Finlinson, Carson Knight, Quinton Anderson, Michael Bown

This Week
Tues: 5 miles, 8 x 100m strides
Wed: Hollow Fartlek
Thurs: TEAM pictures and 4 miles
Fri: Track Workout
Sat: 6 miles
Sun: Stretch/Roll-out

Important Dates
Thur, Oct 11:   TEAM pictures after school (BRING UNIFORMS)
Wed, Oct 17:   State Championships at Sugarhouse Park
Thur, Oct 25:   TEAM Banquet
Fri, Nov 2:        12 hour run fundraiser
Sat, Nov 17:     NXR Southwest
July 15-19:       XC camp

See you in the morning!


Sunday, September 30, 2018

DXC Update 9/30


I hope the cold that a bunch of us passed around the past couple weeks is done affecting our TEAM. I know I feel better. Make sure you're taking care of yourself this week and getting to bed early every night, not just the night before our race. Starting Tuesday it's going to be cooler than past weeks. People tend to forget to drink water when it's not hot, so remember to stay hydrated. We have our last official race of the season on Friday. We'd like everyone to continue to train with us through November.

Good job at our race on Wednesday. I'll attach the results to this email. Also, it was good to see so many of you embrace the dress code for the day. That makes it fun. Thanks to those that helped set up, run, and take down the race. It's a lot of work that I couldn't do alone.

Athletes of the Week
Noah Stuart - for the culture
Braden Wilding - for buying into the culture
Maliah Jolley
Megan Allart 

Region Dinner
Typically we've done a boys dinner and a girls dinner the night before Region. It sneaked up on me fast this year. We don't have a place to hold the dinners yet. Let me know if you are willing to host one of them on Thursday evening. I'm a little concerned about the weather that night.

Region Championships
The Region 1 Championships are Friday, October 5th. The top 4 teams will go to the State Championships. The course is slightly different than previous years because of the memorial built on the north end, but it's the same 3-loop idea. The location of the finish is the biggest change.
3:00 - JV Girls
3:30 - JV Boys
4:00 - Varsity Girls - Ellie L, Hope P, Rosie S, Sydney H, Alicia H, Abi W, Jennica R, Whitney W, Maliah J, Megan A
4:30 - Varsity Boys - Nate I, Jared H, Daniel L, Carson C, Connor F, Jake H, Carson K, Trey F, Nyle F, Noah S
5:15 - Awards Ceremony at Kenley Amphitheater

This Week
Mon: AM 3-4 miles EASY PM Hollow Fartlek one-to-one rest: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 
Tues: AM 3-4 miles EASY PM 5 miles EASY
Wed: AM 3-4 miles EASY PM 800, 600, 400, 200 on grass
Thur: AM 3-4 miles EASY PM 3 miles EASY with 2 x :30 pickups
Fri: AM 10 min EASY PM Region Championships
Sat: 6-12 miles aerobic range long run on your own or in groups
Sun: Stretch/Roll-out

Everyone show up to practice this week ready to work out and run your best! Morning Crew, see you in the morning.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

DXC Update - Antelope and Bob Firman


The season's end is closing quickly! For the majority of you we only have two more races, and one of those is more casual. We're hosting an open region meet on Wednesday at Nicholls Park. It's one of the harder courses we run and we treat it like a workout. The region championship races will be held on Fri, Oct 5 at Layton Park. A small group of kids will still have one more race at the state championships, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to keep training with us through November. After state we continue training for a race down in Arizona in November. That race is by invitation only. I'll be able to take 50 athletes and I'll base invitations off of race results, dedication to the TEAM, contributions to TEAM chemistry, and in some cases seniority.

Antelope Island
This week we went out to Antelope Island for an interesting race. The course was... boring. But I really enjoyed being out on the island. It's pretty and feels like a different place and time period. A bunch of our athletes didn't race and I'm happy about the way the rest of you stepped up to represent our TEAM. We had a good group of young boys run varsity and do really well to take 3rd place led by Hunter Kitchen. Our girls team placed a solid 4th place led by Bailey Kealamakia. For some reason I wasn't sent the team scores for the JV boys, but they did well and the race was won by Griffin Karras who has been working hard and putting in extra miles with the morning crew. Results from our TEAM are below.

Bob Firman
A handful of athletes went up to Boise over the weekend for a big race with teams from eight different states. There were several nationally ranked teams and individuals on a course that is used as a Nike Nationals qualifying course in November. It's a great opportunity to get experience against high-quality competition.

Our 2nd group of varsity boys kicked off racing against a lot of teams racing their top 7 and came out 2nd overall between two varsity races. Carson Coleman had, by far, his best race of the season and took 4th place in his race which was our 3rd fastest time of the day.

The Elite girls raced against some of the best teams in the nation. The start of the race is always smokin' fast because there are so many great runners. Ellie got out in a decent position (probably between 30-40th place) and didn't panic. Half way through the race she was in 25th place, and by mile 2 she was with the lead pack which was still a group of 15 girls. Ellie finished the 3.1 mile course in 7th place with a time of 18:07 (5:50/mile) which ranks #3 all-time from a Davis athlete (behind Aubrey Argyle and Courtney Wayment). Hope and Rosie also had their fastest races of the season to put our girls in 10th place.

The Elite boys race was also crowded with region and nationally ranked teams and individuals. The start was blazin' and turned out to be a little violent. The race is timed by a chip you have to attach to your shoe and within the first 150 meters Trey got spiked and his shoe came off. I didn't notice until 2 miles in that Trey was carrying his shoe. I thought he was just worried about losing his shoe so I yelled at him to throw it to me, but he pointed at the shoe and it was the one with the timing chip attached. Our boys finished with a 14 second 1-5 spread and only a 23 second 1-7 spread led by Nate Iverson. We had by far the closest group of runners in the field. The boys finished in 3rd place behind Great Oak, CA (the #3 team in the nation) and Skyridge which looked like the best team in the state of Utah this week.

I couldn't stay to watch the rest of the races because of commitments I made back at home, but I posted the results at the bottom. I also put last year's Bob Firman results next to their names. Huge improvements from Carson Coleman, Ellie Lundgreen, Whitney Walpole, all the elite boys, and Colin Major.

Kays Creek 5k
Kays Creek Elementary is hosting a 1k and a 5k Monday evening. We helped out at their race in the spring and apparently we were the highlight of the race. The kids are excited we're helping again. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help out. They'll mainly need pacers and aid station help. I just realized I have parent/teacher conference. Maybe I can get out of it and come to the race instead 😊.

If anyone has taken some really good pictures from any of the races this year will you send them to me? Just pick a few of your favorites. I'm not always the best at taking/uploading pictures. Sorry.

This Week
Mon:     AM    3-4 miles EASY     PM   3 miles of :30 hard/easy + WU and CD
Tues:     AM    3-4 miles EASY     PM   4-7 miles, 6 x 100m strides
Wed:     AM    3-4 miles EASY     PM    Open Region - Nicholls Park
Thur:     AM    3-4 miles EASY     PM   4-7 miles
Fri:        AM    3-4 miles EASY     PM    Dice Workout on track (2 miles or more)
Sat:        6-12 miles aerobic range long run on your own or in groups
Sun:       Stretch/Roll-out

I don't know why the excitement doesn't wear off, but I can't wait for another week of workouts! Let's make 'em count!


ps Morning Crew, I might not make it tomorrow because I have a cold. I'll see how I feel in the morning.


13           23:30     Maren Smith
15           23:45     Jane Anderson
23           24:57     Eve Christensen
37           25:51     Kara Haddon
38           25:52     Tara Jones
39           25:52     Alex Matthews
43           26:14     Sofia Bobo
48           26:43     Elizabeth Brown

17:50     Griffin Karras
17:51     Josh Rawlings
18:22     Tanner Stuart
18:29     Josh Eldredge
18:51     James Batt
19:00     Braden Wilding
19:01     Anderson Perry
19:24     Quinton Anderson
19:42     Kobe Melton
19:47     Nathan Thornton
19:53     Michael Bown
20:22     Henry Scheuller
20:28     Sam Willden
20:33     Oliver Zens
20:47     Jacob Nielson
20:48     Ryker Facer
21:04     Quinn Corry
21:10     Walker Green
21:13     Andrew Slade
26:19     Ammon Brower

7             20:14     Bailey Kealamakia
18           20:56     Hope Stanley
20           21:07     Elizabeth Stanley
30           22:18     Jane Willden
32           22:27     Lauryn Hall
34           22:42     Lily Prisbrey
38           23:02     Katie Cox

5             16:45     Hunter Kitchen
10           17:05     Caleb Chase
12           17:07     Kevin Barnes
23           17:28     Carter Green
26           17:35     Mitchell Clove
27           17:37     Noah Stuart
34           17:46     Jacob Jones

BOB FIRMAN RESULTS (Last Year's Time) Full Results
4             16:10     Carson Coleman(17:29)
16           16:44     Caden Wheeler (16:55)
24           16:56     Lincoln Nielson
30           17:06     Ben Murdock     (16:54)
31           17:07     Nyle Ferguson   (17:30)
94           18:14     Josh Hall               (17:41)
135         19:16     Thomas Hogan  (20:16)

7             18:07     Ellie Lundgreen (18:56)
42           19:07     Hope Preston   
63           19:41     Rosie Schraedel (19:36)
67           19:45     Sydney Hedquist(19:55)
95           20:16     Alicia Halverson
96           20:17     Whitney Walpole(21:59)
109         20:42     Abi Waddoups  (20:15)

30           16:05     Nate Iverson      (17:08)
35           16:07     Jared Hogan       (16:35)
36           16:11     Daniel Larsen     (17:28)
39           16:14     Connor Finlinson(17:21)
52           16:19     Jacob Halverson(16:51)
59           16:27     Carson Knight    (17:03)
62           16:28     Trey Ferrin          (16:40)

14           20:17     Maliah Jolley     
30           20:58     Megan Allart      (20:06)
62           21:58     Bella Van Brocklin(21:54)
87           23:03     Grace Christensen          
97           23:17     Addy Rich            (21:46)

10           18:11     Colin Major         (19:15)