Saturday, August 19, 2017

DXC Summer Update #11


I hope you enjoyed your last full week of summer break. You may not be ready for school to start back up, but we're approaching my favorite time of the year. I love when it starts to cool off, the leaves turn, and you can see your breath in the morning. I'm also looking forward to all being on the same schedule. It seems like we're missing half of the team every practice due to vacations or church activities. I hope you haven't been skipping practices out of laziness or fear. Running rewards those that are committed, hard-working, and determined. I know cross country isn't easy. It can hurt... a lot! But there's something extremely satisfying about working hard and seeing progress. It builds confidence, it gets you excited, and you start to set your sights on goals that you previously thought were impossible. I promise you won't regret choosing to commit from here on out. It builds mental and physical toughness, and one day you'll be out racing and it will hurt like crazy, but you push through and cross the finish line and think to yourself, "I can't believe I just did that!" It's funny how something can hurt so bad, yet feel so good.

I know for some of you, summer training hasn't gone as planned it was out of your control. Let's move forward with a positive attitude and do our best. This is an exciting and fun time of year! Let's refocus and get ready to work because it will be over before you know it. 

Remember to send in your miles. We only have one more week to report miles. I'll attach the mileage files I have and you can email me with any corrections or omissions.

Payson Night Hunt Invitational
Our first official race of the cross country season will be on Friday, August 25th at Legends Field, 1060 South Main St, in Payson. The race will be 3 miles on grass, dirt, and concrete. We'll have to decide if we want to put spikes in our shoes once we get there. We have not been to this race, but coach Talley found it and it sounds fun. Everyone on the team is expected to participate. If you can't race (due to injury), you can still come and support your teammates and have fun. It will be a late night coming home. Here's the schedule:

7:00pm - JV Girls
7:30pm - JV Boys
8:00pm - Varsity Girls (7 girls TBD)
8:30pm - Varsity Boys (7 boys TBD)
9:00pm - Awards
11:00pm - Arrive back at Davis

Racing Shoes (for those who still don't have spikes)
Although it is not required to race in cross country spikes, most of you will want to find a pair of spikes that you can race in this fall. Cross country spikes have a full rubber sole (no hard plastic on the bottom). You can find great cross country spikes at Striders and Wasatch Running. You can also check at Ross and sometimes find some killer deals. And you can order spikes online - I think the best online option is (last year's models are often at a great discount). Ask your teammates which spikes they like.

In School Routine
Starting Wednesday, we will meet at 2:45 in my classroom (2512) every day after school. Freshman will join us at 3:10 or so by the south doors. Our "hard" practices will last until about 5:00-5:15, our "easy" practices will go until about 4:30-4:45. The first 2 weeks are typically the HOTTEST - make sure you are carrying a water bottle with you all day at school. Also, try to have a snack or something in your locker for after the hard practices. We will figure out lockers this week as well.

Drug Test Consent Form Meeting
We need to get the drug test consent forms signed and out of the way for the year (you won't need to attend again for track). We are meeting with the athletic director at 5:00pm on Thursday (8/24) in the Davis cafeteria - right after practice. We need all the athletes to be there with 1 parent representative. If your parents can't come - still show up and get the form. This meeting will only take 10 minutes. There will be a way to make up if you missed, but it is a ton easier if you can just make it to this meeting. Thanks!

This Week
Monday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am. Tempo run + 6 x 400m
Tuesday - Run on your own or in groups (5-10 miles)
Wednesday - Meet in my classroom at 2:45. Light intervals
Thursday - After school practice (3-6 miles). Drug consent form meeting
Friday - Payson Night Race
Saturday - Long run on your own or in groups (6-12 miles)
Sunday - Stretch. Send in miles.

I hope everyone is getting excited for the season to begin! Go get a haircut and pick out your clothes for Wednesday. Look good, feel good. Run fast.

Coach T

Sunday, August 13, 2017

DXC Summer Update #10


I can't believe how fast summer has flown by. We only have two more weeks of summer mileage to report. Make sure you send in your mileage from this week and any other weeks you may be missing. I feel like we're getting a great base and ready to put in some serious work once the season starts.

Dart Challenge 5k
Yesterday we ran the Dart Challenge. I know I didn't set you up to make the all-time list, but I'm really happy and encouraged by what I saw. I hope you all learned something from your race. There's a lot of valuable feedback you can get from a race if you have a plan, do your best to follow through, and analyze what did and didn't work... especially early on in the season. Find something positive from your race and let's build on it.

Our boys TEAM was led by Seth Stromberg who ran a patient, consistent race. We then had another 10 guys finish within 30 seconds of each other. We're going to have another TEAM with great depth. It's important to stay positive, work together, push each other, do your best, and be happy for each other. Don't compare yourself with your TEAMmates. You'll be happier and be a better runner if you focus on the TEAM rather than just yourself. Our girls finished like our boys. Alicia Halverson led our girls followed by a solid group within seconds of each other. Behind Alicia was one of our many talented future darts, Brooke Taylor (8th grade). It's always fun to see what our future could look like (boys and girls).

First official race: Friday night, August 25th

This Week (note we're meeting at Vita on Tuesday this week)
Monday - Meet at school at 7am (long run)
Tuesday - Meet at Vita at 6:30am
Wednesday - Run on your own or in groups
Thursday - Meet at Davis at 7am - Lagoon trail mile repeats
Friday - Run on your own or in groups - Eligibility due
Saturday - Meet at Davis at 7am - TEAM run and breakfast (w/ homemade buttermilk syrup)

Thanks to all those that have completed eligibility. If there isn't a cross country fee on your DSD account, I probably wasn't sure you're doing cross country this fall. Please let me know if you plan on being on participating. It's a lot of hard work, but a ton of fun!

9th Graders
Once we begin school (Wednesday, August 23), All Davis High students will meet in my classroom at 2:45 (25 minutes after school). We will have a 15-20 minute team meeting most days. 9th graders are supposed to hurry to Davis High as fast as possible, and meet us at the south doors of the school. If we are not there, check up in my classroom (2512). We typically leave to run between 3:10-3:15. All athletes will receive lockers in the Davis locker rooms. Practice will typically last until 4:30pm on easy days and 5:00pm on our hard days. Please let me know if you or your parents have any other routine questions.

Email List - Please let me know if any of your parents would like to be added to (or dropped from) the update email list for the xc season. Thanks!

It's about to get real, y'all. I'm pumped for this season to begin. Stay on top of your recovery (hydrate, eat, sleep, stretch, roll, wrap, massage, ice, or whatever else).

Coach T

Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017 Dart Challenge 5k Results

26th Annual Dart Challenge 5k
August 12, 2017 @ Barnes Park
Weather: 75 degrees, clear skies, Course: 5000m on flat asphalt
Men’s Race Record 14:43 by Jared Ward, 2011
Women’s Race Record 17:20 by Morgan Haws, 2011

1        16:12     Seth Stromberg             17
2        16:40     Derek Thornton             17
3        16:42     Porter VanDrimmelen   17
4        16:44     Matthew Wolpert          41
5        16:49     CJ Rees                         17
6        16:55     Carson Knight               16
7        16:59     Adam Hedquist             17
8        17:01     Ben Murdock                16
9        17:07     Jacob Halverson           15
10     17:08     Noah Stuart                    16
11     17:09     Connor Finlinson           15
12     17:10     Jared Hogan                   16
13     17:16     James Gareth                 27
14     17:19     Branson Petty                18
15     17:20     Daniel Harris                 18
16     17:26     Lance Newman              34
17     17:28     Carson Cox                    17
18     17:36     Zach Jenkins                  17
19     17:40     Caden Wheeler              16
20     17:59     Trey Ferrin                     16
21     18:03     Adam Wall                     15
22     18:12     Simon Mitchell              14
23     18:13     Daniel Hunter                 30
24     18:19     Rawson Spackman         15
25     18:29     Jalen Anderton               15
26     18:31     Nyle Ferguson                15
27     18:31     Josh Hall                         16
28     18:50     Bradley Neuenschwander  44
29     18:57     Luke Wilde                     15
30     19:14     Joshua Robinson            21
31     19:26     Joshua Gunnell              16
32     19:35     Kurt Thornton                15
33     19:38     Carson Coleman            15
34     19:39     Isaac Halverson              13
35     19:44     Scott Ward                      43
36     19:45     Tanner Stuart                  13
37     19:49     Chuk Mitchell                 22
38     19:51     Orson Thornton              45
39     19:54     Braden Wilding              16
40     20:02     Caleb Chase                   14
41     20:14     Isaac Neuenschwander  15
42     20:20     Hyrum Palmer                18
43     20:34     Ryker Facer                    13
44     20:38     Sam Willden                   15
45     20:40     John Hess                       15
46     20:41     Griffin Karras                 15
47     21:05     Jason Robinson              47
48     21:25     Cole Taylor                     11
49     21:27     Troy Williamson             ?
50     21:30     Justin Talor                     42
51     21:39     Kimball Yates                 14
52     21:40     Jonas Clay                        8
53     21:41     Cory Ferguson                 43
54     22:25     Brett Wilding                    ?
55     22:28     Bryan Wilde                    49
56     22:34     Matt Lawrence                 ?
57     22:35     Landon Baird                  18
58     22:36     Cris Hogan                      47
59     22:38     Scott Finlinson                11
60     22:42     Kyle Bown                      54
61     23:00     Jared Prisbrey                  39
62     23:13     Chris English                   39
63     24:09     Maxwell Stuart                10
64     24:09     Ryan Froisland                17
65     24:11     Nate Stuart                       50
66     24:21     Stephen Clay                   40
67     24:51     Jacob Wheeler                12
68     24:56     Jeff Taylor                       52
69     25:06     John Palmer                    50
70     25:14     Chase Finlinson               9
71     25:18     Clark Finlinson               44
72     25:41     Hyrum Haworth              38
73     27:39     Darren Stuart                  45
74     27:39     Connor Harrison             15
75     27:42     Lucas Bitner                    11
76     27:46     Russ Wilding                   59
77     27:52     Michael Bown                 14
78     27:56     Chris Nelson                   56
79     28:33     Kenneth Berry                 46
80     30:24     Bodie Williamson           12
81     30:50     Josh Wood                       11
82     30:50     Ryan Facer                       42
83     32:51     Bib 1132                           ?
84     35:52     Perfecto Lopez                43
85     35:52     Benino Lopez                   9
86     35:59     Hank Wright                     ?
87     36:46     Lance Reese                     60

1        18:33     Jessica Walker                 25
2        18:37     Sharlie Dimick                  21
3        19:42     Haylee Downey              18
4        20:00     Megan Call                        ?
5        20:10     Alicia Halverson              16
6        20:23     Abby Lawrence               18
7        20:32     Stefanie Talley                 41
8        20:32     Laurissa Neuenschwander 40
9        20:36     Brooke Taylor                  13
10     20:42     Ruth Wright                      14
11     20:43     Madeline English            16
12     20:44     Rosie Schraedel              16
13     20:58     Jennica Robinson           16
14     20:59     Jenna Connell                  18
15     21:07     Sarah Waddoups            17
16     21:21     Jacque Smith                    16
17     21:39     Kate Stuart                        17
18     21:55     Sydney Hedquist            14
19     22:16     Alexa Peters                     14
20     22:24     Hope Stanley                   13
21     22:26     Andie Groll                        17
22     22:41     Elizabeth Stanley            13
23     22:46     Erin Berry                          17
24     22:49     Isabella VanBrocklin      15
25     22:49     Whitney Walpole           14
26     22:53     Alecia Finlinson               42
27     22:57     Addy Rich                          16
28     23:01     Jaysi Porter                       16
29     23:01     Hannah McGurk             16
30     23:15     Maddie Johnson             16
31     23:24     Chalise Wood                  13
32     23:29     Abi Waddoups                16
33     24:19     Indai Edgar                        15
34     24:29     Elizabeth Ferrin               51
35     24:36     DesiJo Haworth               15
36     24:52     Emma Oliver                    16
37     24:54     Rebecca Waddoups      43
38     25:09     Autumn Taylor                16
39     25:10     Colleen Mills                     19
40     25:11     Heather Jenkins              43
41     25:15     Lauryn Hall                        13
42     25:25     Jessica Gibbs                    24
43     26:07     Katie Cox                           13
44     26:20     Lily Prisbrey                      13
45     26:21     Jessica Vegas                   17
46     26:30     Anna Thomson                17
47     26:44     Aidan Romney                17
48     26:49     Ashley Lee                        15
49     27:03     Rebekah Issertell           17
50     27:23     Emma Francis                  17
51     27:58     Lindsey Reich                   17
52     27:58     Jaden Jeppsen                15
53     28:30     Whitney Ball                     29
54     28:39     Jennifer Ensign                16
55     29:11     Clara Thompson             16
56     29:21     Lindsey Bouwhuis          15
57     30:03     Emily Alvord                     15
58     30:22     Abbey Taylor                    17
59     30:59     Elizabeth Brown             14
60     31:14     Carly Behrmann              15
61     31:26     Lily Neuenschwander  11
62     33:35     Lauryn Ferguson            11
63     34:04     Kate Potter                       15
64     34:26     Debbie Price                     63
65     35:18     Shala Haworth                 37
66     35:20     Elisabeth Issertell           14
67     36:09     Randi Wright                    38
68     36:10     ?                                            ?
69     36:38     Holly Potter                      42
70     36:50     Ashlie Little                       36
71     36:50     Scarlet Little                     9

Kids 1k
1        4:01        Joshua Halverson           M    11
2        4:22        Baden Francis                 M    10
3        4:28        Hyrum Thompson          M    9
4        4:33        Henrik VanBrocklin       M    8
5        4:34        Courtney Wall                 F      11
6        4:36        Jense Wall                       M    6
7        4:43        Hope Potter                     F      10
8        4:49        Ruby Wright                    F      8
9        4:51        Annie Newman               F      8
10     4:54        Dash VanBrocklin           M    7
11     4:55        Declan Harrison              M    8
12     4:57        Heidi Thomson                F      11
13     5:00        Jackson Prisbrey             M    11
14     5:01        Payton Wall                     M    10
15     5:06        Joseph Vegas                   M    11
16     5:07        Abigail Prisbrey               F      8
17     5:08        Sammy Talley                  F      9
18     5:10        Aspen Taylor                    F      7
19     5:13        Sadie Wall                        F      8
20     5:16        Jarom Waddoups             M    7
21     5:49        Mari Nye                          F      4
22     5:58        George Little                   M    12
23     6:02        James Prisbrey                M    5
24     6:08        Blank                                ?      ?
25     6:18        Blank                                ?      ?
26     6:21        Ashlyn Talley                   F      11
27     6:25        Sloane Williamson           F      7
28     6:28        Rose Wright                     F      5
29     6:31        Grant Little                      M    7
30     6:31        Lucy Newman                 F      9
31     7:54        Maverick Nye                  M    2
32     8:07        Preston Newman             M    7
33     9:21        Jace Newman                  M    4
34    10:36       Jarrett Newman               M     4

Saturday, August 5, 2017

DXC Summer Update #9

Darts -

Summer is flying by. We have 2 1/2 weeks 'til the first day of school, and about 3 weeks 'til our first official race, but we still have a couple of months before we get to the heart of the season. If you haven't felt like your summer training has gone as planned there is still time to get really fit. Stay (or get) motivated to finish the summer strong and get ready to work hard and have fun.

XC Camp
We had a great week at camp. We worked hard between all the laughs, games, food, and fun. Thanks to the athletes for staying well-behaved and positive. I guess we can do it again next year. Huge thanks to the alumni and all the parents that gave rides and especially those that stayed and helped. We couldn't have done it without you.

We were lucky enough to have an olympian, Jared Ward, speak to the TEAM about running for more than just yourself. Your running is not your own. Your parents, coaches, and TEAMmates have invested much of their lives for your benefit and you owe it to them to give your best. Coach Talley and Coach Anderson expressed their love for all of you and asked you to care for this TEAM and carry on the tradition of excellence.

I wish everyone could have been there for such a great bonding experience. There will be other opportunities for those that work hard and stay committed.

Dart Challenge 5k
The Dart Challenge 5k is this coming Saturday (August 12th) at 8:00am at Barnes Park in West Kaysville. You can register online at or bring me the attached registration form at any of the practices this week. You can also register in person on the morning of the race. The cost is $25. It is the TEAM time trial - so it is a mandatory race if you are in town. We also encourage you to get friends, family, and neighbors to participate - all the proceeds go back to the TEAM. Thanks!

Wasatch Running Center in Centerville
High school athletes can get 20% off shoes and spikes and 30% off apparel for the month of August. While spikes are not essential for racing, it is recommended that you find a good pair of racing spikes - it will make you faster on the courses we race. You can also find good deals online. Just make sure you are ordering cross country spikes (full rubber bottom - preferably with places for spikes).

I will be re-sending the eligibility email. Everything is due by Friday, August 18th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

This Week
Monday - Vita Course at 6:30am
Tuesday - Run on your own or in groups
Wednesday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am - 1000m repeats at Nichols Park
Thursday - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am - Running the Dart Challenge Course
Friday - Run on your own or in groups
Saturday - Dart Challenge 5k - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am

Thanks again for a great week at camp! Although summer is coming to an end I'm getting pumped for racing season to begin. Stay focused. Be positive with yourself and your TEAMmates. Let's finish the summer strong!


Saturday, July 29, 2017

DXC Summer Update #8

Darts –

Please try to get your mileage turned in today or early tomorrow (Sunday). Especially if you are heading to xc camp. It will be harder to go back 2 full weeks after camp. I hope you had another solid week of training. I still want you to have about 2 recovery days per week, but we should start pushing the limits a bit more. Don't get stuck in the comfort zone--try to make your body a little better with pain and discomfort. We will be doing 2-3 hard runs/workouts a week as a TEAM from here out, and it becomes very important that you attend the TEAM practices when you are in town. After cross country camp, the organized practices are MANDATORY to being on the TEAM. If you are not going to make it to the practices, you need to let me know through text or email. Everything to this point has been optional (to some extent), but now we are going to pay closer attention to who is attending the practices (beginning August 7th).

Those of you who are not attending cross country camp should do your best to get in workouts on your own or with friends. It is a great time to work hard and to be a little extra motivated. We will have future opportunities like this for all runners (Bob Firman, NXN Southwest, and next year's XC Camp).

Monday - 4 - 8 mile Trail Run
Tuesday - 10 x 400 @ race pace on a Hill with Gradual Slope. Walk a quick recovery.
Wednesday - 3 - 6 mile Training Run (Easy Pace) + Strides
Thursday - 3 mile Tempo Run + 4 - 8 x :60 (on grass)
Friday - 3 - 6 mile Training Run + Strides
Saturday - 6 - 10 mile Training Run
Sunday - Day Off - Send in Mileage

Discounts – Wasatch Running in Centerville will give high school athletes 20% off shoes and 30% off apparel until the end of August.

August 12th (Saturday) - Dart Challenge 5k - 8:00am at Barnes Park (show up at 7:00am for registration and TEAM warm up). You can pre-register at or you can bring me the attached registration form with the money at one of the practices. You can also register the morning of the race (still for $25). More information can be found at This is a fundraiser for the TEAM - we hope you will encourage family members, neighbors, and friends to participate.

August 18th (Friday) - All Eligibility requirements need to be complete. Please refer to the eligibility email that I sent out. I'll send some reminders after camp.

I'll see the campers at the school on Monday morning at 8:00am.

Happy Running!
Coach Timothy

Saturday, July 22, 2017

DXC Summer Update #7


I’m attaching the final set of summer workouts that will take us through our first week of school (yikes) and our first official race (yay)!

I love summer training. I love waking up early and hitting the trails when it’s not too hot. I love taking my time to get a really good quality stretch/roll/wrap routine post-run. I love cross training in the weight room and on the mountain bike. I love cooking and eating lots of good foods, etc.

BUT… racing season gets me pumped more than I can stand. To you new kids who are still undecided on whether or not you enjoy this enough to continue, once racing starts you’ll understand why so many kids obsess over cross country. It’s exciting to see the results of a summer of hard work, and I feel it’s the time the TEAM really comes together and has fun. Set some new goals (even small ones) this week and keep working. Be mentally tough and overcome any negative thoughts that will keep you from being your best. Come to TEAM workouts.

Cross Country Camp (July 31 – Aug 4) – I still haven’t received confirmation from some of you that you are attending. The waiver and money was due last week. Get it to me ASAP. Updated invite list is attached.

Dart Challenge – You should ALL be planning on racing the Dart Challenge 5k on August 12th at 8:00am. It is at Barnes Park and it is our TEAM time trial (mandatory). Let me know if you are going to be out of town. It does cost $25, but includes a tech t-shirt and breakfast. All the proceeds go to the TEAM (it's a fundraiser).

Eligibility – I’ll send out a separate email with the details

This Week
Monday: 4-10 miles on your own or in groups (easy pace)
Tuesday: Meet at Vita at 6:30 am. Theme is face paint (paint provided)
Wednesday: 5-8 mile training run + strides
Thursday: Meet at school at 7:00 am. 2-3 x Nicholls Loop at tempo pace
Friday: Meet at Angel Street Park at 7:00 am
Saturday: 6-12 miles on your own or in groups
Sunday: Day off – send in mileage

TIP of the week: Wake up early and go somewhere new… even if you have to drive for 30 minutes. It’s refreshing to have a change of scenery. There’s a free app called Trail Forks that will show you most dirt trails. Check out Ogden, Snow Basin, Mueller Park, Salt Lake, Park City, etc. Let me know what you find.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Davis XC Summer Update #6

Well darts, our world got shaken up a bit, eh? We’re going to miss Coach Talley and Coach Anderson. Between the two of them there’s a lot of expertise, wisdom, care, love, fun, inspiration, and experience. I feel lucky to have coached with the best for 5 years. It will feel different without them, but I hope we can carry on the tradition of excellence.

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I’ve felt from the athletes and parents. You guys are the best!

I’d like to welcome Adam and Bonnie Wood as coaches to our team. They’re both experienced runners and have some cute kids. I’m sure you’ll love them once you get to know them. They might be scared of the size of our team so try to make them feel welcomed.

We are halfway(!) done with our summer training. If you feel like you haven’t done as much as you would have liked, it’s not too late. We can still build a great base before racing starts. I promise you new athletes that if you’re consistent the rest of this summer, you’ll be amazed with your progress by the end of the season. To you experienced runners, make sure you’re fueling yourself to back up the mileage. We don’t want to break down and wear out before racing begins.

Cross Country Camp (July 31 – Aug 4) – The invite list, camp waiver, and physical form ‘A’ will be attached to this email. The camp waiver and money is due this week. I’d like you to get the physical done as well, but it’s officially due Aug 20. Let me know if you won’t be able to make it.

Parents, we have plenty that have volunteered to stay at camp all week, but we will need drivers to and from camp. Please let me know if you can drive (to or from) and how many you can take (it's about 2 hrs 40 min from Davis).

Dart Challenge 5k and Kids 1k (August 12) – I’d like everyone to plan on running the Dart Challenge 5k if you’re in town. It’s a great first test for everyone and gives us a reference point for future workouts and races. I’ll bring the registration fliers to practice on Monday. Last year, the kids 1k was a last-minute addition, but it was a huge success and dang cute. You can take a stack of fliers if you have any family, friends, or neighbors that might want to join in on the fun.

This Week
Monday – Meet at Vita at 6:30. Theme is blackout. We’re going for a time.
Tuesday – Run on your own or in small groups.
Wednesday – Meet at Layton Park at 7:00 am. Cruise Intervals.
Thursday – Run on your own or in small groups.
Friday – Girls run at 7:00 at Ponds, Boys run at 7:00 at Barnes.
Saturday – Long run on your own or with groups.
Sunday – Rest day

Remember to send in your mileage. Include the total miles for the week. Even though I’m a math teacher it’s a pain to add it up while reading your questions and comments. ☺

“You must expect great things from yourself before you can do them” –Michael Jordan

Coach T