Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bob Firman

Bob Firman
I just wanna say thanks to those of you who went to Bob Firman for being well-behaved and racing hard. We had a lot of fun and I was really pleased with how the races went. I put the results at the bottom of this email.
The weather was nice and cool (49°) when we arrived and by the time the JV girls raced it felt much hotter (76°). For the most part, people ran their fastest pace of the year. The varsity boys kicked things off with a 3rd place finish. Tyler (8th) and Jacob Jones (12th) picked up top-20 finishes and earned backpacks. The Elite girls were next and Hope also earned a backpack finishing 15th for #12 all-time from Davis (#1 junior all-time). Kenedy was the #5 freshman in the race. The boys race started out super fast and we got swallowed up instantly. Halfway through the race our boys were in 5th place. They stayed focused and moved well during the second half to take 2nd overall! Daniel (15th) and Jake (18th) earned backpacks and moved to #6 and #7 all-time from Davis while Carson (21st) just missed out on a backpack, but is now tied for #12 all-time from Davis. The boys team-time (79:50) is #3 all-time from Davis. The varsity girls took 9th place, JV boys were 4th, and JV girls were 5th.

Bob Firman Results (full results)

18:28(5:57)Hope Preston
19:00(6:07)Kenedy Maudsley
19:55(6:25)Janelle Burke
20:29(6:36)Whitney Walpole
20:31(6:37)Hope Stanley
21:02(6:47)Sydney Hedquist
21:03(6:47)Isabelle Karren
21:05(6:48)Annie Walpole
21:38(6:58)Elizabeth Stanley
21:44(7:00)Lily Prisbrey
22:10(7:09)Maliah Jolley
22:16(7:10)Jane Willden
22:20(7:12)Tara Jones
22:24(7:13)Eve Christensen
22:28(7:14)Eva Thompson
22:46(7:20)Maren Smith
23:26(7:33)Alex Matthews
23:29(7:34)Mikelle Burnett
23:33(7:35)Sofia Van Brocklin
23:38(7:37)Greta Svagr
24:17(7:50)Katie Cox

15:40(5:03)Daniel Larsen
15:42(5:03)Jake Halverson
15:52(5:07)Carson Coleman
16:13(5:13)Tyler Spencer
16:15(5:14)Connor Finlinson
16:21(5:16)Hunter Kitchen
16:24(5:17)Jacob Jones
16:31(5:19)Josh Rawlings
16:54(5:27)Caleb Chase
17:05(5:30)Liam Baird
17:12(5:32)Luke Wilde
17:14(5:33)Colin Major
17:23(5:36)Josh Eldredge
17:42(5:42)Carter Green
18:07(5:50)Griffin Karras
18:08(5:50)Anderson Perry
18:11(5:51)Michael Bown
18:13(5:52)James Batt
18:17(5:53)Henry Scheuller
18:21(5:55)Sam Willden
18:28(5:57)Jacob Nielson
18:35(5:59)Myles Rawlings
19:00(6:07)Kobe Melton
19:25(6:15)Caleb Daw
19:42(6:21)Mason Otteson
19:43(6:21)Colby Cox
19:45(6:22)Brandon Geckler
19:47(6:22)Walker Green
19:57(6:26)Ethan Whicker
20:12(6:30)Quinn Corry
20:27(6:35)Liam Major

BYU Autumn Classic Results

BYU Autumn Classic (photos - I didn't do a great job taking pictures)
The BYU course was interesting this year. It was longer than 5k, had lots of turns, and had the strangest starting line I have ever seen. The course setup for the Fr/Soph boys was a disaster. The course doubled back on itself at the end, so the leaders had to navigate through a hundred kids to get to the finish. I'm glad they fixed it for the rest of the races.  Since the course was long, I adjusted the times at the end of the email so you can see the equivalent 5k and 3-mile times. The girls teams were 5th place in each race (Fr/Soph, JV, and Varsity) and the boys were 4th, 6th, and 4th. We had top-10 finishes in races by Jacob Jones (2nd), Annie Walpole (6th), and Hope Preston (9th). Kenedy Maudsley was the top freshman of the day taking 16th place overall.

BYU results w/ times for other distances (full results)
Hope Preston6:0119:1118:4218:05
Kenedy Maudsley6:0619:2418:5418:18
Ruth Wright6:1720:0119:3018:53
Whitney Walpole6:2520:2719:5619:17
Hope Stanley6:3821:0720:3519:55
Annie Walpole6:4421:2720:5420:14
Lily Prisbrey6:5522:0021:2620:45
Sydney Hedquist7:0122:2121:4721:05
Maliah Jolley7:1122:5322:1821:35
Eve Christensen7:1823:1322:3721:54
Eva Thompson7:2023:2122:4522:01
Jane Willden7:2323:3122:5522:11
Tara Jones7:2623:4123:0522:20
Maren Smith7:3424:0523:2822:43
Katie Cox7:4124:2623:4923:03
Sofia Van Brocklin7:4624:4224:0423:18
Anna Hogan7:4924:5324:1523:28
Breanna Wilson7:5725:1724:3823:51
Alex Matthews7:5725:2024:4123:53
Sarah Robinson7:5825:2224:4323:55
Bryndee Maxfield7:5925:2524:4623:58
Greta Svagr8:1126:0425:2424:35
DesiJo Haworth8:1326:0825:2824:39
Ellie Kay8:4727:5627:1326:21
Laine Blaser8:5328:1527:3226:39
Shandrey Allman8:5928:3427:5026:56

Carson Coleman5:0416:0915:4415:14
Daniel Larsen5:0916:2315:5815:27
Jake Halverson5:1116:3016:0515:33
Hunter Kitchen5:1716:4916:2315:51
Jacob Jones5:2217:0516:3916:06
Caleb Chase5:2217:0616:4016:07
Josh Rawlings5:2317:0816:4216:09
Tyler Spencer5:2717:2216:5516:23
Liam Baird5:3717:5417:2616:53
Josh Eldredge5:4118:0617:3817:04
Anderson Perry5:4418:1617:4817:13
Colin Major5:4618:2317:5517:20
Luke Wilde5:4718:2617:5817:23
James Batt5:4818:2717:5917:24
Henry Scheuller5:4818:2818:0017:25
Carter Green5:4918:3118:0317:28
Quinton Anderson5:5218:4218:1317:38
Michael Bown5:5618:5518:2617:50
Myles Rawlings5:5919:0218:3317:57
Griffin Karras6:0019:0518:3618:00
Sam Willden6:0119:0918:4018:03
Jacob Nielson6:0419:1818:4818:12
Kobe Melton6:1319:4719:1718:39
Caleb Daw6:1319:4719:1718:39
Mason Otteson6:1519:5519:2418:47
Colby Cox6:1720:0119:3018:53
Ethan Whicker6:1920:0619:3518:57
Brandon Geckler6:2220:1519:4419:06
Dallin Kemeny6:3420:5420:2219:43
Liam Major6:3621:0220:3019:50
Cooper Lucas6:4521:3020:5720:16
Landon Berning6:5321:5421:2020:39
Zach Jorgensen6:5321:5521:2120:40
Carson Stettler7:1022:4822:1321:30
Cole Winward7:1222:5522:2021:37
Andrew Slade7:1623:0922:3421:50