Sunday, August 1, 2010

XC Camp Update

Darts -
Each year I have a few goals going into high altitude camp. The first is that we get some quality running in at 10,000 feet. The second is that no one gets too beat up from the workload (the reason you need to be prepared). And the third is that we build some team unity by getting to know each other a little better. This year's camp turned out to be a huge success in those and other areas. I knew it would be a challenge with so many of you up there, but I came home extremely satisfied in the way things went. Monday's run, as always, was a shock to the system, but everything I heard was positive. Tuesday's mile repeats taught me a few things about our TEAM - we showed some mental and physical toughness that we are going to need as the season progresses. It also showed me a few areas where we could use some work. There was some great TEAM running on the long trail Wednesday going up to Red Castle. The Thursday run from Bridger Lake is always one of my favorite trails - personally I was a little beat up, but I enjoyed the run for its beauty and I was grateful to be running with so many good kids. All of the runs showed me that this TEAM knows how to work hard and have a good time. The games were fun, the conversations were hilarious at times, and the memories are going to be lasting. I hope that you each had the opportunity to learn something about yourself - that you came home from camp with a greater appreciation for running and for your TEAM. I hope that you made some new friends and that you strengthened older friendships. I hope that camp is something that will motivate you to continue to run hard for yourselves and for your TEAM. Where we go from here is completely up to you. We talked quite a bit about individual and TEAM goals up at camp - let's go after those goals with passion and focus.
Thanks a ton to all of the coaches and parents who helped make camp possible. Thanks to Janae, Ken, Steve, and Brad for coming up all week and giving their time and making camp a lot of fun. Thanks to the Brown family, the Seelos family, the McCleary family, the Neuner family, the Hansen family, Striders, Interform Graphics, Ragnar, and Peak Performance for all of the cool prizes. Thanks to all the parents who took the time to drive up or back from camp. And thanks to all of the kids for your positive attitudes and for following all of the camp rules without too many reminders.
Congrats to our Athletes of the week at camp: Brad Nye, Jackson Sagers, Tessa Brown, and Joanna Boyd.
Congrats to our Campers of the week (the most helpful): Matt Munns and Abby Frodsham
Congrats to the winning team - Day 4 - led by Spencer Jones and Meghan Hedquist
Congrats to our Horseshoe Champions - Alex Hedquist and Skylar Williams (Brad and I are definitely training for the rematch next year)

Coming Up:
Monday, August 2nd
- Vita Course - 7:00am
Wednesday, August 4th - meet at Davis at 7:00am - we will be going to the Lagoon trails for a training run
Thursday, August 5th - meet at Layton Park at 7:00am for a tempo run
Saturday, August 7th - Distance for Davis 5k (encouraged but optional - you can even use it as part of a longer run if you can) - registration can be done at I don't know a lot about the race, but the web site seems to have most of the answers.
Saturday, August 14th - Colton Cottrell's Eagle Project 5k. Will be run on the Dart Challenge Course. He will be getting you more details. Registration cost is to bring a toy to donate. This is an optional TEAM run.
Saturday, August 21st - Dart Challenge 5k - 8:00am - Barnes Park (TEAM will show up at 7:00am) This is a mandatory TEAM race if you are in town. (Let me know if you have a problem with the $15 registration fee). The registration fee includes a t-shirt and breakfast. All the money we raise will be going to the program. Try to get as many people as you can to come. I have attached the registration form. You can mail or bring it to me with the money.
Monday, August 23rd - first day of school - first day of after school practice. 2:45 in my classroom with your running clothes.
Saturday, August 28th - Grass Relays - American Fork. Our first cross country meet.

Deseret News 10k
Although it was over a week ago - we had some Darts perform very well at the Deseret News 10k.
Austin Neuner - 31:14 - 2nd high school (top non-graduate); 22nd overall
Logan Petty - 32:17 - 5th high school
Joe White - 33:28 - 12th high school (7th non-graduate)
Skylar Williams - 33:43 - 15th high school; 1st in the 12-14 division
Preston Johnson - 33:44 - 16th high school; top 15 year-old
Adam Mathias - 34:40
Alex Hedquist - 35:00
Logan Wood - 35:30
Hayden Hansen - 35:35
Matt Munns - 35:46
Colton Cottrell - 36:19
Spencer Jones - 36:29
Brayden Cromar - 37:58

Jessie Wilding - 39:15 - 4th in the high school division
Shea Martinez - 39:23 - 5th in the high school division
Emily Hansen - 39:51 - 8th in the high school division
Tessa Brown - 40:18 - 9th in the high school division
Meghan Hedquist - 41:03 - 14th in the high school division
Abby Frodsham - 41:12 - 15th in the high school division
Becca Albrechtsen - 42:41
Anna Ward - 43:09
Janice Hartvigsen - 44:00
Joanna Boyd - 44:13 (3rd place in the 12-14 age group)
Megan Parker - 44:53
Whitney Williams - 46:09

It is hard to believe that there are only 3 weeks left of summer training then we hit the school year and we start to race. Stay on top of your training. All the workouts from here out are mandatory workouts and I would like to know why you have to miss when you have to miss. If you have a good reason to miss - I am okay with that - but I expect you to be getting the workouts in on your own those days. We cannot afford to have zeros on the training logs from here out. Let's finish the summer with a lot of energy and a lot of focus on what we want to accomplish as a TEAM. The season will be over before you know it - so take every opportunity to enjoy the journey -
Coach Talley

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