Saturday, August 21, 2010

Final Summer Update

Darts -
Are you tired of getting my emails yet? I feel like I have sent a lot this summer. Don't worry, I will continue to send at least one per week all season long. Please continue to read them.
Although I have come down with a nasty cold and sore throat, I could not be more pleased with how the summer wrapped up this morning. This was the greatest Dart Challenge ever. We had our biggest turnout ever, there were tons of parents there supporting me and the TEAM, and we ran extremely well as a TEAM. We had our most ever girls run under 21:00 (8), under 22:00 (13), and under 23:00 (18). We also ran the 3rd best team time (combined top 5 times) ever for the girls - just barely behind 2007 and almost 2 minutes faster than last year. We had our most ever boys under 17:00 (7), and under 17:30 (13), and we ran the fastest boys team time by over 2 minutes (1:20.25 breaking last year's record of 1:22.41). I thought we ran very well as individuals and I thought we did a great job as a TEAM. Congrats to Austin Neuner for running the course record for current high school athletes (15:49). Congrats to Neuner, Brad Nye, Joe White, Preston Johnson, Skylar Williams, Brayden Cromar, Logan Wood, Shea Martinez, Anni Andersen, Meghan Hedquist, Abby Frodsham, Tessa Brown, and Madi Holt for running times fast enough to get yourselves on the back of the shirt next year. Congrats to all those who ran big time improvements over last year. Results are posted on Thanks for coming prepared and on time, and thanks for racing hard and making it fun and successful. A special thanks to all the parents who came to help this morning with registration, course directions, cutting fruit, the finish line, taking pictures, and many other things - we have some great parents on this TEAM. Also, congrats to my wife, Stefanie, for setting a blazing fast course record (17:27) and congrats to the boys who were able to beat her (including you, Colton).
I hope that all of you got some confidence from this morning's race. It is important that you realize we are ready for this season as a TEAM. We may still have some things to work on, but we have never been this ready to go out and work hard and race fast. This has been our best summer as a TEAM, and I want you to go into the season with confidence. Confidence in yourselves and in your teammates. Believe that the work you have done will pay off. Believe that the attitudes you have will help us to be successful. Obviously not everyone who is getting this email is satisfied with their summer or with the race today, but I want everyone on board as a TEAM as we go into this season that we are going to make it the best DXC season in history. That is all up to you. We have done the work and we are in a position to accomplish some great things. Now you all need to continue to bring positive energy to practice, continue to take care of yourselves, continue to work together and believe in each other, and continue to trust your coaching staff to help get you ready to go. We cannot let doubt creep in as we go after our goals. (Even in the challenges we will face).
If there are any of you who are disappointed in your summer training, think of this week as a fresh start, and come and run with us this week. There is still time to get ready for the later races, and there is still a lot of fun to be had.

Here's what we got:
1) Send me your miles for the final week of the summer - I will be posting in on the board in my room.
2) Show up to practice on Monday in my classroom with your running clothes on at 2:45. 9th graders get over to the school as quick as you can - we will wait for you in my classroom or at the bottom of the stairs by the south doors. We will need to work out some carpooling from Farmington and Fairfield this week. I will have lockers ready to hand out on Monday or Tuesday. Boys, if you bring your own locks you can snag a locker in the TEAM room (I wouldn't put anything valuable in there not locked up). Sophomores will have to share lockers in there.
3) Tuesday - Mandatory TEAM meeting in my classroom at 2:45. Everyone be there. This would be a good day for new runners to show up. I will go over the info with the freshman later that day.
4) Eligibility - If you haven't turned your stuff in, do so by Wednesday this week.
5) Grass Relays - We will be meeting at the school at 6:15 am next Saturday to go down to American Fork for the grass relays (I know that is really early). We will be going down and back on buses. The first race starts at 8:00am. More details to come this week.
6) Bob Firman - Watch for the surveys in the mail this week. Fill them out and turn them in to the office ASAP.

Thanks for a great summer. Enjoy the last few moments of it.
Coach Talley

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