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DXC Update - Grass Relays

Darts - 
Sorry that I left sunscreen off of the list of things to bring to the cross country meet last Saturday. Hopefully no one got it too bad. It does look like we have another warm week in front of us - then we should start to see some fall, cross country weather begin to come. Make sure you are hydrating well during school. We'll do our best to keep you cool while out running. We have 2 races this week - Wednesday at Layton Park (2 mile) and Saturday at BYU (3 mile). 
This week we just wrapped up is going to count as our final week of summer training. It is okay to email me your mileage - or just report it on the chart when we meet in my classroom on Monday. I will put the chart up on the board. Great job this summer - especially to all of you who emailed and reported at the end of every week. I know that takes a lot of time and commitment and responsibility, and I am always very impressed with those of you who stay on top of the reporting.

Grass Relays - We had a solid start at our first cross country race of the season at Westlake High School this past Saturday. The results will eventually all be up at and I have also posted our team's results that were available at the bottom of this email (eventually I'll put them all at 
We looked very strong in all 6 races--coming away with three 1st place and three 2nd place TEAM finishes. The girls in the freshman and sophomore race dominated the field with a score of 27 (cross country scoring adds up the places of the top 5 finishers and the low score wins). American Fork girls were 2nd with 78. We were led by top 10 finishes from Abi Waddoups, Rosie Schraedel, Ellie Lundgren, Jennica Robinson, and Maddie Johnson. If those 5 girls were in the varsity relay, they would have finished 8th against all of the varsity teams. The Freshman/Sophomore boys had 14 of the top 64 places (the most sub 12:00 runners of any team - and a good sign for our future). The American Fork young runners barely beat our guys 59-69 in team score. Our top 3 boys were Colby Stettler, Nate Iverson, and Jared Hogan. We came away with a victory in the girls JV Junior/Senior race, led by Miah Weaver (2nd) in 12:47 and Sarah Waddoups (3rd) in 12:52. The boys were also champions of the JV Junior/Senior race where Jacob Vaughan was the individual champ in a stellar time of 10:16. Matt Ward finished 3rd and Daniel Harris was 4th. 
In the varsity 10 mile relay race, our girls finished very competitively with a 2nd place behind our rival, American Fork by :52. The girls ran tough for their first outing of the season. Our top time came from sophomore, Alicia Halverson with 12:22. The competition is going to be strong all season long. The varsity boys also ran well to pick up the 2nd place finish--1:26 back from the U.S. #1 American Fork boys. Our fastest boy in the varsity relay was Josh Peters with 10:18. 

Athletes of the Week - 
Boys - Jacob Vaughan, Lance Ford, Colby Stettler
Girls - Sarah Waddoups,  Ellie Lundgren, Tilly Vasquez  

Pre- Region Meet - We will have our first Region 2 Cross Country meet on Wednesday at Layton Park. 7 teams will be in attendance. The race will be 2 miles (the first 2 miles of the region championship course). I am looking for parents to volunteer to bring popsicles (there will be other opportunities as the season progresses). Let me know if you can - and then just bring a bag or 2 and put it in the cooler by where our team is set up. We are asking all athletes on the TEAM to stay until the end whenever possible. In this case, we are doing a little extra running together after the races. 
1:30 - Excused from school (including 9th graders)
1:45 - Buses Leave
3:30 - Girls JV (all non-varsity, including freshman and sophomores)
3:55 - Boys JV (all non-varsity, including freshman and sophomores)
4:15 - Girls Varsity (top 14 runners)
4:35 - Boys Varsity (top 14 runners)
5:00 - Light workout and quick cool down
5:45 - Back to the School

BYU Invite - We are also racing this coming Saturday at BYU. This is also for everyone on the team, and we need to do registration by Wednesday night. Please let me know (in an email) if you are not going to be able to attend. I will sent out some final information for the BYU meet on Thursday. The course is on their track and the fields by the track. It is a 3 mile race.
6:20 - Meet at the school
6:30 - Buses Leave
8:30 - Freshman/Sophomore Boys
9:00 - Freshman/Sophomore Girls
9:45 - College Men
10:15 - Varsity Girls 
10:50 - College Women
11:20 - Varsity Boys
11:40 - JV Boys
12:20 - JV Girls
12:50 - Awards
2:30 - Back to the School

Apparel Order - We are going to turn in the apparel order on Tuesday evening. The girls have decided to order white cotton/poly t-shirts ($10) and long sleeve, black and gray, Under Armor 1/2 zip tops ($35). The boys are going with a black t-shirt ($10) and a long sleeve heathered gray Nike Running shirt ($25). If any parents would like to order a t-shirt or a long sleeve running shirt, please send me an email with your sizes or have your son/daughter sign you up by Tuesday. The t-shirts are nice to have for cross country meets - they will have a Davis Cross Country print on the front and a DXC logo on the back. I will enter the fees to pay online by the end of the week. 

The season is underway, we have some busy weeks in front of us, and a lot of work to be done. Keep working hard, being positive, and being a good teammate!
Coach Talley

Westlake Grass Relays Results
Girls Freshman/Sophomore - 
2 Abi Waddoups 12:47
4 Rosie Schradel 12:59
5 Ellie Lundgreen 13:02
7 Jennica Robinson 13:06
9 Madelyn Johnson 13:12
13 Autumn Taylor 13:18
20 Megan Allart 13:29
32 Jackie Smith 13:45
42 Tilly Vasquez 14:06
51 Jane Anderson 14:11
53 Hannah McGuric 14:16
65 Isabelle Van Brocklin 14:34
75 Jasmin Balahadia 14:37
89 Ellie Anderson 14:50
93 Zoey Edgeman 14:53
104 Grace Christensen 15:05
109 Gabby Mason 15:16
139 Tia Goldsberry 15:52
144 Kylee Hoffman 15:55
149 Lilly Gardiner 16:05
158 Emma Oliver 16:13
162 Macy Griffin 16:14
163 Lindsey Bouwhuis 16:16
Full results not yet available
Team Score - 
1. Davis 27
2. American Fork 78
3. Alta 142
4. Lone Peak 162

Girls Junior/Senior
results not yet available

Girls Varsity
1. American Fork - 62:06
2. Davis - 62:58
     12. Alicia Halverson - 12:22
     14. Grace Neuenschwander - 12:26
     16. Aubrey Argyle - 12:27
     20. Ally Geisler - 12:30
     44. Jenna Connell - 13:13
3. Skyline - 63:15
4. Lone Peak - 63:22
5. Skyridge - 63:53
6. Springville - 64:05
7. Mountain View - 64:30
8. Olympus - 65:03
9. Pleasant Grove - 65:24
10. Bingham - 66:43
Boys Freshman/Sophomore
results not yet available

Boys Junior/Senior
results not yet available

Boys Varsity
1. American Fork - 50:41
2. Davis - 52:07
    Josh Peters - 10:18
    Camren Todd - 10:21
    Devin Jaster - 10:24
    Brigham Halverson - 10:27
    Frasier Williamson - 10:33
3. Springville - 52:13
4. Lone Peak - 52:17
5. Olympus - 53:28
6. Spanish Fork - 53:55
7. Westlake - 54:05
8. Orem - 54:17
9. Bonneville - 54:26
10. Herriman - 54:29

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