Sunday, August 14, 2016

DXC Summer Update #10

Darts - 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and maybe getting some inspiration from the Olympics. I was inspired by your Dart Challenge 5k efforts yesterday. Thanks to all those who came and participated and all the parents who came and helped with our race. If you didn't get a chance to race, we will have plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks. While we have a ton of work in front of us, it was a solid start to our cross country season. 
The boys were led by a great race from Camren Todd in 15:38. Cam has been figuring out a few health issues, so it was very encouraging to have him back up front. Josh Peters was right behind with 15:41 and Frasier Williamson rounded out the top 3 with 15:58. It was only the 3rd time ever that we have put 3 guys under 16:00. Our top 10 boys all finished under 16:30. We set a new TEAM time record for the course (top 5 combined times) with 1:19.26, breaking last year's record of 1:19.34. We also set a team record for most boys under 17:00 (13) and most boys under 18:00 (25). It was an impressive TEAM performance. I was excited to see how well the groups of boys worked together and how tough our guys were through the middle, hard part of the race.
The girls were led by a strong performance from Ally Geisler with 18:50. It's Ally's PR for the course and a great start to her senior year. Alicia Halverson also dipped sub 19 with an 18:59 for 2nd. Grace Neuenschwander moved well over the second half of the race for our 3rd best finish in 19:29. Our girls TEAM time of 1:36.35 was only :09 behind last year, which is a positive time considering Aubrey was gone on vacation. We also set a new team record for girls under 23:00 with 21 total. 
We were also very impressed with what we saw from some of our young runners. If you take a look at some of our past 9th grade boy times, we really have an impressive group this year. Past 9th grade marks - Colter Blanchard (18:08), Camren Todd (18:21), Frasier Williamson (18:40), Colton Rimann (18:59), Josh Ward (19:28), Josh Peters (21:07). This year's 9th (and 8th and 7th) grade boys - Garrett Direda (18:31), Jalen Anderton (18:28), Carson Coleman (19:01), Jacob Halverson (19:01), Isaac Neuenschwander (19:14), Simon Mitchell (19:21), Nate Jaster (18:28), Sam Allen (19:30), Daniel Larsen (19:38), Kurt Thornton (19:42), Spencer Hogan (19:47), Colin Major (19:48). We are seeing some definite potential for the future if our current young guys will catch fire and work for it just like our current seniors did at their age. 

End of Summer - We only have 2 more weeks that count on summer mileage. Please email me anything you might be missing from the past few weeks, and then make sure to report this week and the next 2 weeks (taking us into the first week of the school year). After that, you don't need to email through the season. Both our boys and girls should set new team records for overall mileage if we get the final reports in. #teamwork #summergrind. 

This Week:
Monday - Meet at the SCHOOL at 7:00am - distance run (40-80 minutes), stretching, and abs. 
Tuesday - Meet at VITA at 6:30am for the final time this summer - we're running hard - back to the school for weights after if you can. The THEME is TWINNING (pick a partner or group and match it up). 
Wednesday - On your own or in groups (good day for 2 runs for higher mileage).
Thursday - Meet at the SCHOOL at 7:00am - we are going to the Lagoon Trails for mile repeats - and weights after. This workout will take longer. Need drivers to Lagoon Trails.
Friday - On your own or in groups (another good day for a double).
Saturday - Meet at the SCHOOL at 7:00am for a long run and abs (and post run cereal bar).

Jared Ward is running the Olympic Marathon next Sunday (8/21) at 6:30am (MST). 

Other Items:
Eligibility - Please have all of your eligibility done by Friday, 8/19. I will resend the email with the requirements (I have been waiting to resend the email because I am waiting on the school physical schedule - sorry). 
9th Grade Routine once school starts - Once we begin school (Wednesday, August 24), All Davis High students will meet in my classroom at 2:45 (25 minutes after school). We will have a 15-20 minute team meeting most days. 9th graders are supposed to hurry to Davis High as fast as possible, and meet us at the south doors of the school. If we are not there, check up in my classroom. We typically leave to run between 3:10-3:15. All athletes will receive lockers in the Davis locker rooms. Practice will typically last until 4:30pm on easy days and 5:00pm on our hard days. Please let me know if you or your parents have any other routine questions.
Email List - Please let me know if any of your parents would like to be added to the update email list for the xc season. Thanks!

Keep doing the small things that will keep you healthy and help you recover and be able to work hard when we need to work hard (fuel, hydrate, stretch, massage, sleep). 
Happy Running!!
~Coach Talley

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