Saturday, August 20, 2016

DXC Summer Update #11

Darts - 
It is hard to believe we are wrapping up the summer. For the most part, it has been a great summer of training. I feel like we have grown as a TEAM and as individuals. We have a ton of work in front of us, but we have set ourselves up for a solid season. The point of all the summer running was to get us to this point with a strong base, some mental toughness, some TEAM unity, and some excitement. I am proud of those of you who put in the work and developed as distance running animals, and those of you who are putting your full heart and effort into the TEAM. I feel like some of you lost your passion that I saw at the start of the summer, but I hope that you will give it another try going forward and really put some effort into finding your greatness and contributing to the TEAM this season. 
For some of you, the summer training may not have gone the way you planned - try to stay positive and hopeful, and be determined to still put together a strong cross country season. Sometimes it is more about your toughness and your ability to make it through hard times and overcome challenges. Believing in yourself and the program will pay off in the long run (no pun intended). Just don't give up!
I have attached the summer mileage as I currently have it. Please email me your week 11 and anything you might be able to report from previous missing weeks. I will also expect one last report from you next week to give us our traditional 12 weeks of training. The TEAM record is still in reach, but we have not finished as strong as I was hoping, so we may not get it without everyone reporting what is missing.

DXC Assignment -  Also in this week's mileage email, I would like you to include something that you have done with running this summer that makes you proud. What have you done with your running/training that you are really excited or proud about? It might be your improvement, your discipline, your attitude, conquering a fear, overcoming a challenge, or anything that really makes you happy about your training so far. 

Grass Relays at Westlake High School - Our first official race of the cross country season will be on Saturday, August 27th at Westlake High. The race will be 2 miles with some hay bales. We have not been to this race in the past 4 years, but it was always a fun opener when we did go. Everyone on the team is expected to participate. If you can't race (due to injury), you can still come and support your teammates and have fun.
6:05am - Meet at Davis
6:15am - Bus Leaves
8:00am- Girls JV - Freshmen/Sophomore
8:25am - Boys JV - Freshmen/Sophomore
8:45am - Girls JV - Junior/Senior
9:05am - Boys JV - Junior/Senior
9:20am - Girls Varsity Relay (top 5 TBA) 
10:40am - Boys Varsity Relay (top 5 TBA)
1:00pm - arrive back at Davis High (your parents can bring you home early if needed, but you will always be encouraged to stay through all the races and come home on the bus). 

Racing Shoes (for those who still don't have spikes)- Although it is not required to race in cross country spikes, most of you will want to find a pair of spikes that you can race in this fall. Cross country spikes have a full rubber sole (no hard plastic on the bottom). You can find great cross country spikes at Striders and Wasatch Running. You can also check at Ross and sometimes find some killer deals. And you can order spikes online - I think the best online option is (last year's models are often at a great discount). I really like the Nike Victory and XC Rival, the Saucony Shay and Kilkenny, the Brooks Mach 17 or Mach 18, and the New Balance XC900 Cross Country Shoes - 

In School Routine - Starting Wednesday, we will meet at 2:45 in my classroom every day after school. Freshman will join us at 3:10 or so by the south doors. Our "hard" practices will last until about 5:00-5:15, our "easy" practices will go until about 4:30-4:45. The first 2 weeks are typically the HOTTEST - make sure you are carrying a water bottle with you all day at school. Also, try to have a snack or something in your locker for after the hard practices. We will figure out lockers this week. The Senior, Junior, and Varsity boys will be in the team locker room - sophomores and freshmen will be in the big locker room. The girls will have the TEAM room (and most will have a locker buddy).

This Week:
Monday - 6:30am at the School. We have to meet earlier than originally planned because of an early faculty meeting. We will be doing a tempo run and some track work. 
Tuesday - Distance run on your own. Get it done in the morning and enjoy your last day of summer.
Wednesday - Meet in my classroom at 2:45pm. 9th graders come to the school as quickly as you can and change into your running clothes. We will meet you at the south doors around 3:10. 
Thursday - Same as Wednesday; Uniform Handout; Drug Test Consent Meeting.
Friday - Same. 9th graders meet in my classroom at 2:30. Make up Uniform Handout.
Saturday - Grass Relays at Westlake.  

Drug Test Consent Form Meeting - We need to get the drug test consent forms signed and out of the way for the year (you won't need to attend again for track). We are meeting with one of the administrators at 5:00pm on Thursday (8/25) in the Davis cafeteria - right after practice. We need all the athletes to be there with 1 parent representative. If your parents can't come - still show up and get the form. This meeting will only take 10 minutes. There will be a way to make up if you missed, but it is a ton easier if you can just make it to this meeting. Thanks!

That email sure had a lot of detail. Thanks for reading through it all. Let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Running!!
Coach Talley

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