Sunday, August 9, 2015

DXC Summer Update - #10

Darts - 
We are down to the final 2 weeks of summer training. It is time to step up our game and really be strong and committed going into the season. Many of you have put in a great summer and are ready to go - some of you have not been able to run as much, but if you are still interested in racing cross country this season, there is no better time to start back up than right now, with this week's workouts and the Dart Challenge 5k. If you want to participate in cross country, show up this week. If you don't want to participate, just send me an email, and I will remove you from the roster and the the email list (I hope you choose to run even if you don't feel like you had a very good summer of running). 

High Altitude Camp: We had an awesome week at Marsh Lake. I was very pleased with the work we got in at 9200+ feet, I thought your attitudes were great, and I was pleased with the way we came together and had fun as a TEAM. Thank you for being so helpful and so well behaved. Thanks for making it a great camp. I hope you are all recovering well and feeling excited about our upcoming weeks of training and racing. I want to make sure to thank all the parents, alumni, and coaches who made it happen - thanks for the help driving, for the help with chaperoning, for the prizes, and for the support. It was a challenge with 100+ people at camp, but it went well and we had a great time. Those of you who couldn't come or didn't quite qualify - I hope you had a solid week of training, and I hope you get the opportunity to come to camp at some point. I have placed a bunch of pictures on Facebook for anyone interested. I also have a few things that were left that I will bring to the Vita Course on Monday.

Back to Basics: As we finish up the summer and get ready for the season, I would like you all to keep a few things in mind. Some basics of running and racing well:
1. Take care of yourselves! You will perform your best and stay healthiest if you are taking the proper steps to take care of your bodies. Fuel yourselves well with enough calories, plenty of protein and iron, good hydration, some fats in your diet, and a good amount of healthy carbs (whole grains, pastas, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc). Make sure you are getting a good night's sleep every night - there is no quicker way to get run down than to miss out on valuable rest. Take extra time to stretch, massage, and ice - even if you are just doing it to prevent problems. 
2. Core Work - We need to do a better job strengthening your cores. I would like everyone to have a goal of doing core work at least 4 times per week for 12-15 minutes per session. We will do it after most practices, and you can also do core work on your own.
3. Smart Running - We are going to be working pretty hard over the next 2 months. I want you to work hard and work smart. Always have a purpose in mind as you train. Find a LOVE for running.
4. Team Work - Look out for each other, push each other, and be unselfish. Let's find our greatness together.

Dart Challenge 5k - Next Saturday (August 15th) at 8:00am at Barnes Park. You are all required to run the Dart Challenge (if you are in town). It is not an optional race, but if the money is an issue let me know and we will work something out. I would also encourage you to get your family, friends, or neighbors to register because it is a fundraiser for the TEAM. Plan on coming and running your best, it will give us a starting point for the season. Prepare for it like you would for any other race. It is a great time to practice and to get out some of the first race jitters. I have attached the registration form to this email - you can bring it to practice this week or you can turn it in on Saturday morning at the race. You can also register for the race at Everyone should be at Barnes Park at 7:00am for registration. We are going to warm up together at 7:20am. 

Eligibility - I sent out an email a few weeks ago about eligibility. I will send it out again today. Things are due by August 13th (Thursday). You should have the following done:
1. Pay $90 in the office.
2. Turn in a physical (A Form).
3. Register for cross country on - and fill in the appropriate forms.
4. We will have to fill out the drug test consent forms - there will be a parent meeting at a later date TBA.

Physicals - Any of you who have not been able to get a physical can get one at the school on Wednesday, August 12th at 5:00pm. You have to pay $15 in the office and bring your receipt (office is open from 8am-2pm). 

Highland Invite - Our first cross country meet is before school starts - Thursday, August 20th. I am planning on all of you racing at the Highland Invite. You will be placed in either the varsity race, the freshman-sophomore JV Race, or the junior-senior JV race, depending on your Dart Challenge performance. 
Race Schedule:
1:30pm - Meet at the School; Buses leave at 1:45
4:00 - Fresh/Soph Boys
4:25 - Fresh/Soph Girls
4:50 - JV Boys
5:15 - JV Girls
5:45 - Varsity Boys
6:10 - Varsity Girls
*More details will be sent out this next week. 

This Week:
Monday - Vita Course 7:00am. We are going for our best time of the summer.
Tuesday - 4-10 miles on your own
Wednesday - Meet at the School at 7:00am - We are doing 1000m repeats at Nichols Park on the grass.
Thursday - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am - We are running the Dart Challenge course and doing strides on the grass.
Friday - 4-8 miles on your own
Saturday - Dart Challenge 5k - 8:00am at Barnes Park (show up at 7:00). 

Remember that practices are now MANDATORY if you are on the cross country team. If you are going to miss practice, I expect an email letting me know why you weren't there. Please schedule work and other appointments around cross country team practice. 
Also remember to email me your mileage - for both of the last 2 weeks if you have not done so.

Thanks and Happy Running!!
Coach Talley

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