Sunday, August 16, 2015

DXC Summer Update #11

Darts -
It was a great week of training capped off by a good TEAM start to the season with the Dart Challenge. I hope you are recovering well from the race, and I hope you are excited to race even harder/smarter on Thursday this week. I have a lot of information for you in this week's update . . .  

Dart Challenge 5k - It was fun to get our first race in yesterday. We had some awesome performances and some very solid PRs. On the boys side, Colton Rimann set the high school record with 15:30 and Camren Todd ran the #3 all-time mark with 15:36. We also set our TEAM time record (top 5 combined times) with 79:34, and we set our depth records for most runners under 16:30, most under 17:00, and most under 18:00. The girls also looked solid - led by a strong 1-2 punch from Courtney Wayment (18:47) and Aubrey Argyle (18:50). Our girls ran our #3 all-time TEAM time with 96:26. One of the best things on the girls side was that we had 19 girls run under 23:00 (we only had 11 last year, and the all-time record is 20). It was a solid start for us, and hopefully a good practice race for each of you. The best part is that we are capable of getting better and we have more 'tests' to come. I know not all of you were happy about your performance, but you have to realize that running is not always going to give you good days. It is important to find positive things about each race and to find things to work on after each race. Getting to where we want to be is a process with many things to learn along the way. Things to analyze include: preparation, warmup, race strategy (and following a race plan), pacing, toughness, and mindset. 
Thanks to all the parents, athletes, and alumni who helped at the race!!
You can see the results for the Dart Challenge at 

Racing Shoes - Although it is not required to race in cross country spikes, most of you will want to find a pair of spikes that you can race in this fall. Cross country spikes have a full rubber sole (no hard plastic on the bottom). You can find great cross country spikes at Striders and Wasatch Running. You can also check at Ross and sometimes find some killer deals. And you can order spikes online - I think the best online option is (last year's models are often at a great discount). I really like the Nike Victory and XC Rival, the Saucony Shay and Kilkenny, the Brooks Mach 16 or Mach 17, and the New Balance XC900 Cross Country Shoes -
I suggest buying shoes where you can put spikes in if you want them in.

Strider's Shoe/Spike Night - We are having a TEAM discount night at Striders on Tuesday (8/18) from 5:00-7:30pm. All training shoes are discounted 15% and all spikes are discounted 20% for both athletes and families (parents included). I should be there for most of the night if you have questions. 

Eligibility - Quite a few of you did not get things done by the August 13th due date. Some of you still need to pay $90 in the office, and a lot of you still need to go on to and get signed up for cross country. Please do so today or tomorrow!
The following people have signed up, but didn't sign the registration checklist (go back on to the website and fill out ALL available forms) - Aubrey Argyle, Erin Berry, Cameron Bunch, Ellie Lundgren, Autumn Taylor, Nate Iverson, David Michelson, Ethan Nunes, Nate Sheffield, Travis Sodja.
If your eligibility is not 100% complete, you CAN race at Highland Invite, but you will not be able to participate once the first week of school starts (until you are all done). Thanks!

Highland Invite - Our first cross country meet of the year is this Thursday. It is a 2.9 mile race on a course similar to the state cross country course at Sugarhouse Park (SLC). HYDRATE because it is going to be a hot one and we may not be accustomed to the afternoon heat.
We will go over more details in practice this week - here is the schedule:
1:30 - Meet at the school
1:45 - Bus Leaves
4:00 - Freshman/Sophomore Boys
4:25 - Freshman/Sophomore Girls
4:50 - Junior/Senior Boys
5:15 - Junior Senior Girls
5:45 - Varsity Boys - Colton Rimann, Camren Todd, Logan MacKay, Colter Blanchard, Matt Ward, Daniel Tumblin, Josh Peters
6:15 - Varsity Girls - Courtney Wayment, Aubrey Argyle, Ally Geisler, Sam Hedquist, Jenna Connell, Sarah Waddoups, Grace Neuenschwander
6:45 - Awards
8:00 - Back to the School

Uniforms - We will hand out uniforms after practice on Monday morning. If you miss practice Monday, show up 15-20 minutes early on Thursday and I will issue you a uniform before we leave for Highland.
The girls will need to purchase their own black spandex bottoms (any brand) or black running shorts. We will issue gold shorts to the boys that they will need to race in.

This Week:
Monday - Meet at the school at 7:00am. We are going to run for 40-70 minutes (long run). Uniform Handout.
Tuesday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am. We are going to do some race pace work on the region loop.
Wednesday - Between 4-8 miles on your own.
Thursday - AM: 10-15 minute shake out run (1-2 miles); PM: Highland Invite - Meet at the school at 1:30.
Friday - AM: 3-8 miles on your own; PM: 3-6 miles on your own (2 runs today).
Saturday - Meet at the school at 7:00am - final run of the summer. Food after!!

Once School Starts - We will meet in my classroom at 2:45 for a team meeting. The 9th graders will meet us at the south doors at 3:05 (or as close to that as possible). The workouts will typically last until 5:00pm - that will include the core work and stretching at the end of practice which I would like everyone to participate in. Some hard days will take a little longer - some practices won't go quite until 5:00.

Email me your mileage and any thoughts you might have had about the Dart Challenge 5k.
Coach Talley

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