Saturday, July 25, 2015

DXC Summer Update #8

Darts - 
A lot of you know what the Strava app is. It is a biking or running app designed to help runners/bikers know things about their run/ride - distance, speed, elevation, etc. It also gives you a time comparison with other runners and riders who have used Strava on the same course or same section of your run. The top runner or rider is called the King of the Mountain (KOM) or Queen of the Mountain (QOM). Sometimes there are over 1000 people who have been on the more popular runs/rides. I like the app as a runner for the details it gives, but I also like that I rank pretty well on some of the courses (even a few KOMs). Well, due to an injury, I have picked up biking in recent weeks. Thinking I am pretty fit and can hold my own at another endurance sport, I decided to Strava a few of my rides. I was a little surprised at my results when I started seeing the comparisons to other riders. I am not as good as I thought I would be. I found that I am around the middle - some segments a little above average, some a little below average, none of the segments in the top 25 percent. And I found myself not wanting to use the app because I am not thrilled with the comparison. However - I still really like the details it gives me about my ride.
Well, this morning, I had a great ride - my favorite one yet. I worked really hard, had some good climbs, went farther than I ever have, and felt really good (which is rare for me in biking). I didn't use Strava this morning (or this week) because I was "embarrassed" that I am showing up on the Strava lists as an "average" rider. But I really wish I would have because I like knowing the statistics about my ride - so I can compare to myself and my other rides.
I think I am learning a good lesson - one that I have tried to teach many times, but don't always follow. Don't compare yourself to others! It will make you complacent and maybe arrogant if you are better than someone else, and it will make you discouraged and negative if you are not as good as whoever you are comparing yourself to. I have seen WAY too many people quit or give up because they are not as good as someone else. When you are evaluating your effort or performance, compare to your own efforts and performances. Maybe that's one reason that a training log is so important - it helps you see your own progress. The most important thing in what we are doing is to be your own best - to give the best effort you have and be proud of that effort. We have a ton of new runners on this TEAM - don't get in the habit of comparing yourself to others. You will find so much more joy in running (and life) if you focus on doing your best and helping others to do their best and reach their potential. It is also one of the greatest things about running. You against You!

DXC Assignment - In this week's mileage emails, I would like you to include something that you have done with running this summer that makes you proud. What have you done with your running/training that you are really excited or proud about? It might be your improvement, your discipline, conquering a fear, or anything that really makes you happy about your training so far. For example - although I am hurt and may have to sit out of running for multiple weeks, I am proud of myself because I am not getting grumpy - instead, I am attacking my cross training with more energy and determination than I ever have before. I am proud of my attitude (most of the time). 

Cross Country Camp (August 3-7) - If you didn't turn in your waiver, money, or physical, please do so ASAP this week. I will send out an email with a lot of camp details on Monday or Tuesday. Please let me know if you have questions at this point.

This week:
Monday - Vita Course 7:00 am. We are going to do "the hill". I still don't have an official name for it - but maybe we will be inspired this week. That hill needs a name. Theme will be TWINS - dress up with a teammate (same color, same shirt, same hairdo, etc) -- can be triplets too I guess.
Thursday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am. We will be running a workout in Nichols Hollow.
Friday - Girls Run at Sydney Zaugg's house at 7:00am (address will be sent out later). 
Friday - Boys Run at Farmington Pond at 7:00am
*The rest of the days you are on your own or with teammates - make it QUALITY.

We are wrapping up an awesome week! I hope you had a solid Saturday run. Great work at Adams Canyon, the fartlek, and tempo run this week.
Keep up the good work! Be passionate about what we are doing! Always train with Purpose!
Coach Talley

Brad's Corner:
About 3 months after I got out of the hospital I decided I was going to run a mile at the Morgan High Track. I hadn't run since September 2nd, and had only been walking again for 3 months. It was late February. It was late at night and dark. I set out with my left leg barely lifting, and nearly making me trip. A half lap in, in frustration, I quit. Kicked over the garbage cans. Tipped over the football bench and swore I would never run again. That was it!
Within a day or two I was planning my next attempt at a mile. I knew I had come too far and invested too much to quit now. I had to face it...I loved running. Just 6 months earlier I thought I ran because I won. Now I realized it was running and pushing myself that I loved.
My last couple of months of running have not been great. I have been battling tendinitis and a sore Achilles. Then the last couple of weeks things went into "uber crap mode". ( Scientific term for uber not good.)  I sprained my ankle, and other ailments. But last Monday, after a week off, I made what I thought would be a triumphant return to glory...swollen ankle and all.
At the two mile mark my left foot caught a piece of jagged asphalt and I took a hard spill. Breaking my Garmin, scratching up my new watch and cutting up my knees, elbow and hand, luckily sparing my beautiful face. 
In frustration I decided I was going to find a new sport. 
But I realized my frustration was more that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run on vacation. I love running on our family trip to Blue Mountain in Southern Utah. See, I love to run. Even though I am running slower than ever, I still love to run. 
Running isn't easy. There are times it down right sucks. But, I promise, if you put in the work we ask of you and really become a part of this TEAM you will love running. I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and with every fiber of my being. (See what I did there?) You WILL LOVE TO RUN! Now get out for a run...your lover awaits!

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