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DXC Update - 9/28

Darts - 
Bob Firman Summary - It was a sweet weekend for us up in Boise at the Bob Firman Invitational. I always look forward to this trip because we see some tough competition from all Utah and the Northwest, the course is challenging but fast, and it is a great test to see the progress we have made through the first half of the season. This year was probably our most successful year. We swept the boys and girls Elite races for the first time ever, and we added a win in the varsity division 1 boys race, two JV team wins, and a TON of great PRs and season bests. Conditions were near perfect, and it was a great day to run fast. 
We really had a fantastic day right from the beginning. The boys who ran in the division 1 varsity race (our #8-14) pulled off a major win against primarily varsity teams. There were 41 teams in the race, so it was a bit crowded through the first half, but our guys stayed patient and smart and then flew through the pack over the second loop. Our biggest move came from Bryce Ferguson who was close to 40th at the mile and fought all the way up to 8th by the finish. Our other scorers included Solomon (22nd), Britton (24th), Matt (30th) and Josh Peters (31st). We ended only 3 points ahead of 2nd and 11 points ahead of 3rd - and those points all came in the final half mile of the race as we finished like animals. 
In the elite girls race, we were once again facing a strong American Fork team and the best teams from Idaho (Couer D'Alene and Boise), plus there were some of the best individuals in the western U.S. We got out well, stayed patient the first lap, and hung tough on the second lap to get the victory. It is our 3rd Bob Firman title in a row. The girls also ended up with a team time course record of 92:53 (beating last year's time of 93:08). Aubrey led the way with a 3rd place finish - she ran a team record for the course in 17:43. Ally Geisler also ran tough and moved up from 17th to 9th in the final mile of the race. Miah, Tatum, and Sam rounded out our top 5 and all finished in the top 27 of the race. 
The boys followed up with a victory in the elite varsity. It was our first Bob Firman win since 2010. We had to really fight for the win with a very strong Timpanogos team. Both Stokton and Josh finished with times under our team record. They finished 6th and 7th in 15:32 and 15:33 (the old team record was 15:36 by Jared Ward). Logan MacKay picked off a ton of runners over the final mile to move up to 12th (15:52), and Colton had a strong race for 21st (16:00). Our sophomore studs (Frasier and Camren) finished 40th and 43rd to round out our top 6. They're times of 16:23 and 16:27 were the #2 and #3 Davis times ever on the course for sophomores. All combined we ran a team time record of 79:22 (our old record was 81:38 from 2010). 
The division 1 girls ran against a very competitive field and pulled off a strong 6th place finish - getting beat by some good varsity teams. We were led by Kaitlyn Datwyler in 19:51 and Emmaline Huntzinger in 20:11. Sophomores Sydnee Rayl and Jenna Connell were our 3rd and 4th finishers in 20:44 and 20:45. 
Our boys JV runners completely dominated once again. We finished with the top 11 places and 16 of the top 22 places. Jacob Vaughan, Josh Christiansen, and Kelton Johnson led a pack of brown and gold with 16 boys under 18:00 in the JV race (with only 2 seniors in the group). I would argue that our JV squad could quite possibly be the fastest, deepest group in the U.S. They had a perfect score for the 4th time this season (out of 6 meets). In fact, if we could have put our 3rd squad (these runners from the Bob Firman JV) into the small school varsity race at Bob Firman - they would have pulled off a first place and another Nike Shoe trophy. 
The girls JV (for us numbers 15-24) also pulled off a victory - giving us 5 out of 6 for the day. Madeline English ran very tough for 2nd place in 21:14, and Tiahna Cipriano came through with a 4th place finish. Jordan Barnett, Alex Tanner, and Sara Williams rounded out our top 5, and all finished in the top 20 in the race. 
It was definitely a fun trip with a lot of TEAM success. Thank you for being so well behaved and for representing Davis Cross Country in such a positive way. I also want to thank the parents who were up there and the parents who provided the opportunity for more athletes. We have such a great support group in our program. THANKS!! 
I hope that each of you came home with some motivation to finish the season strong. It is crazy that the region championships are two weeks from tomorrow. 
Our biggest improvements from 1 year ago came from Ally G (85 seconds), Kaity Datwyler (73 seconds), Sam Hedquist (71 seconds), Josh Peters (173 seconds), Dallin Kitchen (138 seconds), Zach Moncur (119 seconds), Josh Christiansen (110 seconds), Jake Welling (105 seconds), Jason Lang (103 seconds), and Bryce Ferguson (101 seconds).

Davis Open Region Meet: We are hosting an open region meet this Wednesday (October 1). It has been at Barnes Park in the past, but this year we are going to try our new course at Nichols Park. The races will begin on the upper fields (baseball fields) and will go down into the hollow for the middle and the end will be back up on the fields. It will not be as spectator friendly as Barnes, but it will be a lot of fun for the athletes to race. It is kind of a trial run for the course. You will all be excused from school at 1:45 - and will be expected to be up to Nichols Park by 2:15. We are not taking a bus. You will need to find your own ride. I am looking for some parent volunteers to help with the course directions during the race. Please let me know if you would like to help. 
3:30 - Girls JV
4:00 - Boys JV
4:30 - Girls Varsity
5:00 - Boys Varsity 

Remaining Schedule:
Oct 1 - Davis Open Region Meet (Nichols Park)
Oct 8 - Viewmont Open Region Meet 
Oct 13 - Region Championships (Layton Park)
Oct 22 - State Championships (Sugarhouse Park)

Athletes of the Week:
Aubrey Argyle - Awesome race for 3rd in the elite; course record for our team.
Kaitlyn Datwyler - Led the way with a strong race in division one and sub 20:00 5k. 
Sophie Cottrell - Our top girl at the Layton Meet
Logan MacKay - 12th at Bob Firman (elite). Huge last mile to help us get the victory.
Josh Christiansen - 2nd in the JV Boys with 17:18 (a Huge PR). 
Sam Leavitt - JV Champ at the Layton Meet

Bob Firman Results - full results are at
Boys Elite Varsity
6. Stokton Smith 15:32
7. Josh Ward 15:33
13. Logan MacKay 15:52
21. Colton Rimann 16:00
40. Frasier Williamson 16:23
43. Camren Todd 16:27
86. Daniel Tumblin 17:11
*130 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 65
2. Timpanogos 73
3. Ogden 142
4. Vallivue 150
5. North Central 154
6. Lehi 173
7. Orem 188

Boys Division 1 Varsity
8. Bryce Ferguson 16:34
22. Solomon Twitchell 16:49
24. Britton Porter 16:50
30. Matt Ward 16:57
31. Josh Peters 17:03
45. Brandon Peters 17:17
57. Mitch Perry 17:25
*293 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 110
2. Stansbury 113
3. Woods Cross 121
4. Mountain Crest 210
5. Hillcrest 224
6. North Central 238

Boys JV
1. Jacob Vaughan 17:16
2. Josh Christensen 17:18
3. Kelton Johnson 17:21
4. Lance Thornton 17:22
5. Daniel Harris 17:28
6. Zach Moncur 17:30
7. Brigham Halverson 17:34
8. Jason Boyd 17:38
9. Jason Lang 17:40
10. Adam Aposhian 17:41
11. McKay Treadwell 17:43
14. Dallin Larsen 17:50
15. Zach Wilde 17:50
17. Jake Welling 17:53
21. Lance Ford 17:57
22. Dallin Kitchen 17:57
26. Jackson Rayl 18:08
27. Adam Hedquist 18:15
29. Tyson Datwyler 18:19
34. Porter VanDrimmelen 18:26
35. Branson Petty 18:31
38. Nate Wilde 18:34
45. Jace Callor 18:49
52. Carson Cox 18:58
54. Nathaniel Neubert 19:02
72. Landon Wheeler 19:26
124. Derek Thornton 20:38
*208 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Bingham 63
3. Boise 65
4. Eagle 172
5. Lehi 196

Girls Elite Varsity
3. Aubrey Argyle 17:43
9. Ally Geisler 18:27
15. Miah Weaver 18:39
19. Tatum Beard 18:53
27. Sam Hedquist 19:10
44. Grace Neuenschwander 19:40
53. Josey Hedquist 19:56
*114 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 53
2. American Fork 72
3. Coeur D'Alene 149
4. Trabuco Hills 161
5. Herriman 167
6. Ogden 183
7. Boise 188
8. Timpanogos 199

Girls Division 1 Varsity
23. Kaitlyn Datwyler 19:51
34. Emmaline Huntzinger 20:11
56. Sydnee Rayl 20:44
59. Jenna Connell 20:45
79. Sydney Zaugg 21:07
86. Rachel Johnson 21:14
152. Sarah Waddoups 22:31
*275 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest 63
2. Timberline 80
3. Eagle 187
4. Sky View 203
5. Meridian 209
6. Davis 225

Girls JV
2. Madeline English 21:12
4. Tiahna Cipriano 21:18
11. Jordan Barnett 21:59
12. Alex Tanner 22:07
19. Sara Williams 22:27
26. Nicole Wood 22:41
38. Emma Call 23:15
42. Amber Berry 23:21
53. Kate Stuart 23:56
69. Krystal Wood 24:35
138. Madi Meyer 29:05
*163 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 45
2. Lehi 80
3. Eagle 98
4. Boise 121
5. Coeur D'Alene 123

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