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DXC Update - 9/14 - BYU and District Champs

Darts - 
It was another busy week - and one of the most successful weeks for Davis Cross Country that I can remember. Just like last week, we were in a total of 10 races (JV and Varsity combined) between the 2 meets this week. We finished a perfect 10-0 as a team. The district meet was highlighted by some awesome TEAM efforts in each of the 4 races, and we showed a lot of toughness at the BYU Invite against some of the best competition in Utah. 

District Championships: We nearly pulled off a perfect score in all 4 races at the district championships. The JV girls had the most dominating performance of the day by taking the top 12 spots. We were led by Rachel Johnson (19:09) and Jenna Connell (19:14). Some of our biggest improvements came from Jordan Barnett, Malaree Wood, and Julia Haerle. In the boys JV race, we continued to show our depth with 29 of the top 36 runners. We were led by Britton Porter (15:16) and Bryce Ferguson (15:17). Our biggest improvements came from Zach Moncur, Brigham Halverson, and Zach Jenkins. Both Varsity races were a great display of teamwork. The girls finished 1-5 with a virtual tie for first from Tatum Beard, Miah Weaver, Aubrey Argyle, and Ally Geisler - all 4 of them finished with a time of 17:03. Sam Hedquist was not far behind with 17:09. The boys also ran together and finished with a 2 second spread for 1-5. Stokton Smith got the individual title in 14:31, Josh Ward was 2nd in 14:32, and Colton Rimann, Logan MacKay, and Camren Todd came in together at 14:33 for 4th-6th. You can find the full results on the blog - 

BYU Invite: We had a lot of fun at the BYU Invite yesterday. I was very pleased with the enthusiasm, unity, and TEAM support that I saw throughout the day. In a competitive meet (over 30 teams represented), we finished 1st in the team scores in each of the 6 races - I believe that is the first time we have ever done that at the BYU meet. The course ended up being a bit longer than a 5k (probably between 3.15 and 3.20). Jenna Connell and Sydnee Rayl ran together and were our top finishers in the freshman/sophomore girls race. They led a strong group of 6 girls who placed between 10th and 30th. We finished with a win against the American Fork squad who beat our rookies at Highland. Grace Neuenschwander and Kaitlyn Datwyler pulled away from the field to finish 1-2 in the JV Girls race. We had a strong pack with our top 5 all finishing in the top 13. It was fun to see our varsity girls respond to some tough competition from American Fork. Aubrey looked very strong again as she pulled away early and widened the gap for the individual title. Miah put in a killer move with 1000m to go and finished in 2nd place. Our 3-4-5 runners crossed the line only 2 seconds apart in 9th, 10th, and 11th. It was a good victory - and once again showed our girls patience and toughness. The Freshman and Sophomore boys were led by a tremendous effort from Jacob Vaughan. He is still pretty new to cross country, but is really showing some great promise. He got the individual win with 17:53. Josh Christiansen and McKay Treadwell also had their best performances of the year, finishing 5th and 6th. We finished with 11 of the top 20 in the race. I am very impressed with our young group of boys. It is a HUGE group (something like 30 sophomores), and we have a lot of potential to be strong over the next few years (with some hard work of course). The older JV boys could probably make a case that we have the strongest and deepest JV group in the country. We swept the top 8 places and had 15 of the top 30 runners. We bumped sophomore Josh Peters up into the Junior/Senior race and he took advantage of the opportunity with a victory. He finished in 17:22 and was followed by 7 teammates under 18:00. And finally in the boys Varsity race, we showed why we are a top 10 team in the U.S. We finished with all 5 of our scorers in the top 10 of the race. Josh Ward and Stokton Smith ran strong and pushed each other to a 2-3 finish. Colton Rimann stepped up big for 5th place. Camren Todd finished 9th (and was the #2 sophomore in the entire meet by only .5 seconds), and Logan MacKay passed 11 runners in the final kilometer to finish in 10th place. It was our toughest TEAM performance yet this year. Having a :27 gap from the 1st to 5th is very impressive. You can see the Davis results at the bottom of this email and the full results at 
It was also a lot of fun to see so many alumni in the races. Great job to Kimball Potter (Unattached), Preston Johnson (Weber), Kenzie Weir (BYU), Hannah Albrechtsen (BYU), Ellie Child (Weber), Taylor Cox (Weber).

Our early season races have come to a close. As we look forward, we will really focus on preparing perfectly for a few championship races - Bob Firman, Region, State, and NXN. We are just getting to my favorite part of the season. 

Athletes of the Week:
Madeline English - Huge PR at the BYU Invite for 23rd overall.
Sam Hedquist - Strong race at BYU for 9th place with a killer kick.
Amber Berry - Always works hard, gives a ton of heart, and had a great race for 36th at BYU.
Brigham Halverson - 2 solid races this week with some great improvement.
Bryce Ferguson - Ran smart and strong this week; displayed great teamwork with Mitch Perry at the BYU race.
Colton Rimann - Has worked incredibly hard and it pays off - 5th overall at BYU. 

This Week: The Wednesday meet at Weber has been cancelled. We will be focusing on a very strong week of workouts. The hardest days will be Tuesday and Thursday. 

T-Shirts: Will be in by the end of the week. Pay $10 per shirt in the office sometime this week. Thanks.

Bob Firman: We will also be finalizing our plans for the Bob Firman trip this week. I have attached the itinerary to this email once again. Please let me know if you have any questions. I wish we could take everyone on the trip. Those who do not race at Bob Firman will have the option to race next week Wednesday (the 24th) at the Layton High Open Region Meet. 

Brad's Corner:
My dad was a pretty good runner. Didn't start running until he was 40, and ran sub 16 minutes for the 5K. I remember my Dad saying once: "It's not the guy in the new shiny shoes I worry about, it's the guy in the old worn out racing flats. He's usually the guy who trained his guts out."
What he meant was that looks are not everything.
The first race I ever ran in 3rd Grade was a 400 meter race in Liberty, UT. I remember this girl is a turquoise track suit. I remember thinking: "Oh wow! She must be good." I was in Levi jeans and Velcro shoes. The gun went off. I took off like a shot eventually winning. The girl in the turquoise suit was nowhere near the front.
Runners come in all shapes and styles. Tall, short, skinny, muscly, etc. We all have different strengths. Never count out a competitor or new teammate by if they look fast. Respect all racers and teammates. You never know who your competition will be.
*Next week though, I'll write about dressing like a runner, and looking good. :)

BYU Results

Fr./So. Boys JV
1. Jacob Vaughn 17:53
5. Josh Christianson 18:00
6. McKay Treadwell 18:02
8. Daniel Harris 18:04
9. Lance Ford 18:07
10. Jason Boyd 18:16
11. Kelton Johnson 18:20
13. Brigham Halverson 18:24
15. Seth Stromberg 18:30
18. Adam Hedquist 18:37
19. Dallin Kitchen 18:38
26. Tyson Datwyler 18:53
29. Porter Van Drimmelen 18:58
32. Zach Jenkins 19:03
33. Branson Petty 19:05
34. Devin Jastor 19:05
35. Nate Wilde 19:06
63. Jace Callor 19:42
72. Cee Brown 19:55
84. Eduardo Castillo 20:08
104. Landon Wheeler 20:26
112. Kaleb Stinger 20:31
114. Hayden Vance 20:33
145. Karson Hugie 21:16
148. Brandon Christensen 21:20
175. Jonah Taylor 22:00
202. David Michelsen 22:49
203. Derek Thornton 22:50
264. Carson Jennings 26:44
*285 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 29
2. Desert Hills 87
3. Lehi 142
4. East 170
5. Corner Canyon 179

Jr./Sr. Boys JV
1. Josh Peters 17:22
2. Britton Porter 17:27
3. Daniel Tumblin 17:32
4. Mitch Perry 17:33
5. Bryce Ferguson 17:42
6. Brandon Peters 17:47
7. Lance Thornton 17:56
8. Solomon Twitchell 17:57
11. Dallin Larsen 18:15
13. Zach Moncur 18:18
15. Adam Aposhian 18:22
19. Jason Lang 18:26
26. Jackson Rayl 18:57
27. Jake Welling 18:58
28. Zach Wilde 19:00
44. McGyver Clark 19:22
54. Sam Leavitt 19:31
59. Nathaniel Neubert 19:39
128. Cade Hyde 21:28
129. Isaak Hugh 21:30
166. Jacob Luddington 22:48
*228 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Mountain View 71
3. Lehi 103
4. Desert Hills 116
5. Star Valley 173

Varsity Boys
2. Josh Ward 16:16
3. Stokton Smith 16:19
5. Colton Rimann 16:29
9. Camren Todd 16:43
10. Logan MacKay 16:43
28. Matt Ward 17:06
38. Frasier Williamson 17:16
*194 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 21
2. Desert Hills 60
3. Lehi 93
4. Westlake 158
5. Mountain View 160
6. Lone Peak 197

Fr./So. Girls JV
10. Jenna Connell 21:54
12. Sydnee Rayl 21:57
20. Sara Waddoups 22:41
23. Madeline English 22:56
24. Sara Williams 22:57
30. Malaree Wood 23:15
50. Ruby Jane Matthewson 24:02
54. Bailey Cipriano 24:10
60. Louisa Twitchell 24:25
64. Kate Stuart 24:32
78. Brylie Robinson 25:08
136. Krystal Wood 28:10
166. McKelle Holt 29:49
*198 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 70
2. American Fork 82
3. Highland 133
4. East 136
5. Riverton 149

Jr./Sr. Girls JV
1. Grace Neuenschwander 20:42
2. Kaitlyn Datwyler 20:54
6. Tiahna Cipriano 21:58
7. Sydney Zaugg 22:01
13. Alex Tanner 22:43
24. Hannah Naylor 23:23
32. Sophie Cottrell 23:48
36. Amber Berry 23:58
41. Nicole Wood 24:08
42. Ella Palmer 24:10
85. Anne Hawkins 25:43
102. Taylor Davis 16:15
121. Morgann Holt 27:26
143. Madi Meyer 29:03
163. Colleen Mills 31:11
170. Emily Berry 33:39
*173 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 28
2. Lehi 46
3. American Fork 80
4. Lone Peak 159
5. Riverton 169

Varsity Girls
1. Aubrey Argyle 18:37
2. Miah Weaver 18:55
9. Sam Hedquist 19:42
10. Tatum Beard 19:43
11. Ally Geisler 19:44
60. Emmaline Huntzinger 21:27
67. Josey Hedquist 21:35
*156 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 33
2. American Fork 53
3. Lehi 147
4. Lone Peak 180
5. Jordan 182

College Men (4 miles)
28. Preston Johnson 21:15
45. Kimball Potter 22:18

College Women (5k)
15. Kenzie Weir 18:42
20. Ellie Child 18:54
30. Taylor Cox 19:13
47. Hannah Albrechtsen 20:02

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