Sunday, September 21, 2014

DXC Update - 9/21

Darts & Parents - 
While we didn't have any races this past week, it was still a very strong week for our TEAM. I felt like we got physically and mentally stronger each day. It was the kind of week we needed at this point of the season, and I hope that each of you are fired up going into our second half. I hope that each of you are determined to have your best races still to come. We have some very fun races in front of us over the next 4 1/2 weeks (Bob Firman, our home meet, Region, and State). 
So much of what we do is about hard work, and this week really captured what you were capable of accomplishing. Tuesday was one of the hottest days of the year for us. We tried to cool it off a bit by running in Nichols Hollow - but it was still a very challenging day. I love the way you ran hard and pushed each other through the workout. It took a lot of toughness to run the 2nd set hard and then come back and run even faster on the 4 x 2:00. I hope that is one of the workouts you remember when think back about all the hard work you have done this season. Thursday was one of my favorite workouts of the year so far. We rarely get the chance to be on the track during cross country, but every time we do, I love seeing the excitement and the energy that each group brings to finishing the workouts together. I know it was a hard workout - but we nailed it as a TEAM. It should give you some confidence as we go forward. I want to see each of you racing the rest of the season with CONFIDENCE, UNITY, HEART, PURPOSE, and even a bit of SWAG - knowing we have worked harder than anyone else. When we stand on any starting line, we should know we are the toughest, most prepared TEAM on the course. Believe in yourselves. Believe in your coaches. Believe in your teammates.

Athletes of the Week - Even though we didn't race, I wanted to choose a few of you who have been great examples of hard work and commitment through the summer and the season:
Brandon Peters
Solomon Twitchell
Sydney Zaugg
Madi Meyer

Bob Firman - A slight change in the itinerary - we will be leaving the high school at 7:15 instead of 6:45. You are welcome to show up around 6:45-7:00 to load up and get your seats on the bus. 
We will have a meeting for those going to Bob Firman after we run on Thursday. Please make sure you can be at the meeting. We will go over any last minute instructions. Parents - please let me know if you have any questions. 
The fines have been entered on your accounts - please try to pay sometime this week before the trip. 

Open Region Meet at Layton - Those of you who are not racing at Bob Firman WILL get a chance to race this week. We are going to go to the Open Region Meet at Layton Park on Wednesday. You will be excused at 1:45 - the bus will leave at 2:00. The boys will run in the JV race at 3:30. There is only one girls race at 4:00. We will go over the other details at practice on Monday and Tuesday.

T-Shirts - I know most of you picked up your t-shirts order. Please make sure to pay the money that has been submitted on your school accounts. If you didn't get your shirt(s), they are in my classroom. If we ran out of your size, the 2nd order should come in early next week.

Current U.S. Rankings -
Boys #8 -
Girls #10 -

Brad's Corner: My Dad used to have a saying about racing hard at the end if a race: "You never know when the guy in front if you is going to trip." What he meant was keep racing for the guy in front of you because if they crash and burn you need to be in position to capitalize on it. "If you're not there they can still get up and win." He said.
I still think about that at the end of races. And the first time someone went down I thought: "Holy crap! It happened." (Note: Obviously the point was not to hope you beat runners because they trip or pass out.)
My dad knew how to race. He taught me to race to win. Never race to "Not get caught". Late in a race when you're hurting, runners tend to try and "not get caught". This mind set hurts you. If you are racing to catch someone ahead of you out racing the people behind you takes care of itself. Racing to "not get caught" leaves you giving the bare minimum to win. Whenever I see a runner looking behind them late in a race I tells me they are dying hard. I know they are merely running to "not get caught".  It's like blood in the water.
I challenge each of you, forever more, late in your races to race to beat people. Never race to "not get caught".

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