Sunday, August 4, 2013

DXC Summer Update - Week 9

Darts - 
I hate to say it, but school starts in only 3 more weeks. I guess the good news is that cross country season is quickly approaching, and it is going to be a very fun and exciting season. Our first race is in less than 2 weeks (Dart Challenge on August 17), and our first official cross country race is on the final Thursday of the summer (August 22 at Sugarhouse Park). While the first 9 weeks of the summer have gone very well, don't for a second think that we have 'arrived' where we want to be at the end of the season. Keep working with focus. Keep doing the things we need to do to improve. Go into every workout and every run with purpose as individuals and as a TEAM. We have got to get tougher both mentally and physically.

Mileage: Make sure to send in your miles for the week. Some of you are also missing last week. If you were at camp, and you have no idea how much to count it for, I will estimate for you - just let me know what you did on Saturday. We are still on pace to shatter the boys record and we still have a shot at getting the girls record if we have a strong finish to the summer - it will take efforts from everyone!!

Cross Country Camp: As I said on the final night of camp, I feel like it was one of our best years ever. I was so impressed with your attitudes and the TEAM unity I saw. It was definitely not an easy camp - and I am sure that most of you are still tired and maybe a little sore (get a lot of rest and eat really well the next few days and that should go away). I was very proud of our TEAM throughout the week. We are showing that we have what it takes to accomplish some great things this season. Brad gave the challenge to train and act like a champion - no matter how fast or slow you are. I want to extend that challenge to those of you who were not at camp. Do the things you know you need to do in order to be the best runner you can be. If each of us are doing our parts, the TEAM will succeed. Hard work, TEAM work, commitment, sacrifice, and strong leadership will get us prepared for region, state, and NXN. We still have a lot of work to do, and it is up to each of you to stay motivated and stay hungry. I want to remind each of you to keep doing the little things: abs, stretching, lifting, eating right, hydrating, getting the proper sleep, and preparing mentally for workouts and races. 
A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped with camp. Thanks to Coach Brad and Coach Timothy for their time and efforts in getting us prepared for camp and in making it so much fun. Thanks to our parents who came and helped with meals and chaperoning - Barry and Jane Vance, Kenny Rayl, Andrea Geisler, Jon Argyle, and Shawna Cox. Thanks to a great group of alumni who were very helpful and who have inspired us for years - you will all be missed tremendously. And thanks to all of you athletes who came with the right attitude and made it so much fun.  
I will try to have some pictures on facebook today or tomorrow.

Bair Gutsman: We were well represented this last weekend at the Bair Gutsman trail race. The race is 11 miles and goes up Bair Canyon to the top of Francis Peak (the towers) and then back down the other side into Farmington Canyon. It is a brutal challenge of your fitness and your toughness. Josh Ward came by me when we got to the toughest part of the climb. He had 3 guys out in front of him (all of them in their 30s). At the top of the mountain, Josh was in 4th place and the leader had nearly 2 minutes on him. Going down the road, Josh caught all 3 runners and pulled away for the victory. One of the other runners said, "It was just a cloud of dust when he flew by me." I think Josh is the youngest Bair Gutsman champion - and he finished with an incredible time for the course - 1:58.54 (the only runner under 2 hours). I held on for 5th place in 2:07.41. Tommy Moncur ran very well for 7th in 2:10.14. Coach Timothy was 11th in 2:17.34. And JR Oldham was 13th in 2:21.02. Also congrats to the Neuenschwanders, the Zauggs, and a bunch of DXC Alumni - Caleb Ward, Leland Stenquist, Cody Robbins, and Sierra Haslam.

Dart Challenge 5k: The Dart Challenge is on Saturday, August 17th at 8:00am at Barnes Park. It is a fundraiser for our TEAM. You are all expected to register and to run. You are also expected to try to get other people to run in the race as well (family, neighbors, and friends). The cost is $20. It includes a dry-fit running shirt and breakfast. I have attached the registration form. You can bring this to me at practice, or send it in the mail. You can also register at - but there is a small processing fee. Registration on the morning of the race is $25 - even for Davis runners. There is a family discount if you have 5 or more members of your family running in the race (ask for more details). You can find more information at Let me know if you have any other questions. We do take the race seriously and you should all be there (unless you are on vacation with your family).

Upcoming Workouts:
Monday - 7:00am at the Vita Course - we will be running easy.
Tuesday - 7:00am at Layton Park (we are going to do a 4 mile tempo run)
Thursday - 7:00am at Davis (we are going to do a workout on the grass at Nichols Park)

Thanks again for a great week at camp. Let's keep getting after it and prepare for an outstanding season. 
- Coach Talley

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