Saturday, July 27, 2013

DXC Summer Update Week 8

Darts - 
Great job on another solid week. The hill (which I have not yet named) was killer on Monday, we were well-represented at the Deseret News 10k on Wednesday, and the 800s at Barnes Park were awesome on Friday. I hope that your Saturday morning run capped off another very good week. With camp coming next week, make sure to email in your mileage early (by Sunday evening if possible). 

Those Not Going to Camp: This next week is still very important to your training. I hope that you will be extra motivated to get out and run every day knowing that your teammates are training hard in the Uintahs. I wish that we could bring the entire team to high altitude camp, but we are somewhat limited on space. I hope you realize that with this program, if you work hard you will have many opportunities like this. Those of you who have to miss camp due to family vacations, work, etc. do your best to put in some solid running on your own. 

Those Going to Camp: Be at the school on Monday morning at 8am. We will be loading the truck, going over the rules, handing out t-shirts, and heading to the mountains. We are set on the rides to and from camp. We are still looking for an axe, one canoe, and if any parents have a few dutch ovens we are also trying to gather some of those for a dessert. Those of you with good, large tents please bring them - even if we don't end up using them.  Please let me know if you have any last minute questions. Also let me know if for some reason you did not get my final camp email earlier this week that had the packing list and other instructions. Be ready for a great time.

That's all for this week. Keep up the great work.
Coach Talley

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