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DXC Summer Update - Week 11

Darts -
This week's email is mostly information - all of it very important. Get into your school mode for this one - there is a lot to learn . . . 

I appreciate so many of you and your parents coming to the drug test meeting tonight. We still have about 30 of you who are going to need that information. I have passed your names on to Mr. Firmage, and he will be contacting you. If the paper is not turned in by the end of next week, you are not allowed to participate in practice or meets until the paper is turned in. 
Great job at the Vita Course and on the 20 x 400s this week. I am very pleased with how we ended up the summer. I am sure that some of you wish you could have some of the days back - but the important thing at this point is to look forward. We have work still to do and we have a lot of fun coming up. I am excited to see what you can do at the Dart Challenge and excited to see your hard work start to pay off. Make sure to send in your final two weeks of mileage (this week and next). The boys are going to break  the all-time record by over 1000 miles. The girls right now are about equal to where we were a year ago with 2 weeks to report. With all of the girls working together and reporting their miles in the last 2 weeks, we have a good shot at breaking the all-time record. We could end with over 40,000 miles this summer as a TEAM. I know that it is just a number - the thing I like to see is that we work together to accomplish something great that none of us could do on our own. And it is a great way to head into the season.
Dart Challenge - Saturday at 8:00am. I want all of you there at 7:00am - we will start the warm up at 7:20. Even if you have missed some of the recent practices, I want you at the race if you are planning on running with us this season. The cost of the race will still be $20 for Davis athletes when you register on the morning of the race. There is absolutely no need to be nervous. I know that very few of you are completely ready to start racing - think of this first race as a practice race - I still want you giving all you have, but this is just a practice race and a great opportunity to gain experience and remember what it feels like to race a 5k. 

Race Preparation - In getting ready for any race, you have to find a routine that works well for you. I like to wake up about 2 1/2 hours before the race (I know 5:30 sounds early - but on race mornings, it will help to be awake for a while). I start with getting a little bit to eat. For me, I have a piece of toast with butter and jam, some gatorade, some water, and maybe 1/2 of a banana. Some mornings I don't eat anything before the race - but I have found that most people prefer to eat at least a little. I also like to take a shower before I go to a race. It helps to wake me up, and I always feel a little better after a morning shower. I like to listen to music before I warm up. It helps put me in the mindset I want to be in. And I try to focus on positive self-talk. I tell myself that I am ready, that I am going to feel strong and relaxed, and that no matter what happens in the race I am going to do my best. Whenever I start to feel anxiety about performance - I remind myself that it is just one race and it is an opportunity to push myself and practice being mentally strong. I also remind myself that it can be fun if I approach it the right way. (You watch - when you grow up and don't get to race as much - you will miss the nerves you used to get on the race mornings). 
It is also important to get a good amount of sleep - not just the night before the race - but even more importantly the 2 nights prior to that (so in this case, last night and tonight). If you happen to be reading this on Thursday night, you are kind of blowing that part of the preparation (since it is already almost 11pm). For the race next week, focus on your sleep on Monday and Tuesday nights - it really will make a difference. 
I also like to put a lot of emphasis on hydration for the 24-36 hours before a race. Even if it is not going to be that hot, your body will perform better when it is properly hydrated. 
Lastly, I think it is important to go into a race with some goals and plans in mind. Some of the goals might be measurable (a specific time or place), and other goals might be less measurable but still important - like having a goal to stay calm on the race morning or having a goal to stay strong through the middle part of the race or to kick from a certain point in the race. We will talk more about RACE PLANS in the future, but it is also important to go into a race with an idea of how you would like to run the race. 

Schedule - There have been a few adjustments to the original schedule. I have attached the updated schedule, and it is also posted at At this point I don't think we are going to run the Utah County Invite on August 31st - but we will decide for sure after the Sugarhouse Invite.

Bob Firman - We are going to be attending the Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, ID on September 20-21. We are going to be missing a few seniors who are taking the ACT that weekend (this is the first time we have faced this conflict with this race). We will be taking 50-55 athletes on the trip - that will be determined by summer workout performance, the first few races, and a few other factors. If you think you are borderline for getting an invite to the trip, work really hard to show me you deserve to go over the next 3 weeks. The trip will cost $110. I will announce the invitations on September 4th. 40 of you will be getting a survey in the mail sometime in the next 10 days - please watch for that. It needs to be filled out and returned to the school within 2 days after you receive it. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Eligibility - If you have not turned in all of your eligibility, please do so ASAP. We are handing out uniforms on Monday, and I am only giving uniforms to those of you who have turned in your papers and paid the participation fees. You CAN turn in your papers and pay your fees on Monday morning (the fees are $90- all together). I apologize that the eligibility process is somewhat complicated - please refer back to the eligibility email if you have questions (or let me know if I need to re-send that to you). 

Injury Prevention - We have got to do a better job PREVENTING injuries. I am seeing a lot of injuries that I feel could have been avoided (at least partially). We are working hard, and there are going to be injuries when we are pushing our bodies - it is part of the risk we take to be our best. BUT there are things you can all be doing to avoid the injuries in the first place. 1) Stretching - Especially after you run/workout. Spend 15 minutes stretching before you go to bed. 2) Diet/Sleep - watch what you eat, and be disciplined with your sleep. Protein after hard workouts, plenty of good calories, and a lot of hydrating. It is also important that each of you make sure to get iron in your diets (low iron is very common in distance runners - particularly in girl distance runners), and iron is so essential to endurance because it gives oxygen to our muscles. 3) Be SMART - don't overdo it - even when you really want to. And don't try to fit too much into one day. For example - don't go on vacation and not run for 3 days and then come home and try to fit 15 miles into one day to make up your mileage. 4) Make sure you are in good shoes - and the right shoes (neutral/stability). One of the reasons I always recommend Striders is because they do a foot analysis to get you into the right shoes. 
We have many great resources to help when an injury does occur. There are other great doctors and resources as well. I like the people on this list because they know runners and they are very experienced with running injuries: 
Dr. Todd Flitton (Foot Doctor) at the Kaysville Tanner Clinic - is great with shins/feet. He is always very willing to fit in Davis athletes (especially runners). 801-773-4840 for appointments. 
Dr. Jason Blackham (Sports Medicine Physician) at McKay Dee hospital (Calton Harrison Clinic). He is great with knees, hips, and any other running related injuries. 801-387-2750. Dr. Steve Scharmann is in the same office and is also incredible (Weber State's team doctor). 
Nate Graven (Massage Therapist) - in South Ogden. 801-698-1910. They also run a clinic on Tuesday nights in the fall where high school athletes can have a "problem area" worked on for only $15.
Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy in Farmington - they are the official physical therapists for Davis High and will see Davis athletes for free for the first 5 visits. 801-451-9616 (or just talk with Carrie at the school).
Mountain Land Physical Therapy in West Kaysville at the Sportsplex - they have been incredible in assisting our injured athletes. Nylin, Jeremy, and Trisha are some of the best around. 801-547-1155.  

Next Week - 
Monday: Meet at the school at 7:00am. We will be doing a long run, abs, and weights. We will also be handing out uniforms after practice (if you have your eligibility finished).
Tuesday: Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - we will be doing something hard - mostly on grass.
Thursday: Highland Invitational - The bus will leave at 2:00pm from the school. You will want to wear your race uniform, bring your racing shoes and training shoes, and be ready to rock and roll. I will send out a separate email after the Dart Challenge that will tell you the race schedule and what race you will be entered in. We should be home by 7:30pm.
Saturday: Meet at Davis at 7:00am for our final TEAM run of the summer. We will also be having some sort of breakfast/party.

That is a lot to digest. Let me know if you have any questions - and as always, let me know if your parents would like to be added to the email list. 
Coach Talley

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