Saturday, July 6, 2013

DXC Update - Week 5

Darts - 
I hope that you had a great 4th of July and that your training has stayed strong through this holiday week. After 4 weeks, I am very excited about our consistency and our weekly totals. The boys have run more than 2,200 miles every week so far this summer - with a high of 2,310 last week (our 2nd highest week ever); the boys are also on pace to hit our most ever for a single summer. The girls have turned in more than 1,100 miles every week and are only about 100 miles behind our record-setting 2012 summer. I just want to remind each of you to be patient with yourselves and realize that your hard work will pay off. You may have days where you don't feel your strongest - but be patient and be very positive with yourselves and you will eventually see the rewards. I also want to remind you that we are working together as a TEAM toward our TEAM goals. I want to see a lot of teamwork and positive energy with one another over the next few weeks. 

To those of you who came to the original meeting, but have not yet come to any practices or haven't emailed your miles: It is NOT too late to start training with us!! If you are still interested, see if you can come to the workouts this week and start putting in some miles that will help you to be more ready for when the summer is over and the racing begins. I hope that you will seriously consider starting up and giving a full effort. I really feel like this is going to be one of our most fun and most successful seasons ever and we want you to be a part of it. It is definitely not too late to start. If you know you are not interested, send me an email and let me know, and I will remove you from the roster. Thanks.

Cross Country Camp - Don't forget to bring your camp permission slips to the workout at Vita on Monday morning. You should have gotten an email from me earlier this week with the invite list and the other information.

Congrats to those of you who ran the Kaysville 4th of July 5k/10k. We had some very solid performances:
Men's 5k
1. Jared Ward (alumni) - 16:03
2. Skylar Williams - 17:23
5. Josh Robinson - 18:42
8. Caleb Ward (alumni) - 19:23
28. Isaac Neuenschwander (future Dart) - 21:58
56. Branson Petty - 24:13
66. Matt Neuenschwander (future Dart) - 24:44
Women's 5k
1. Natalie Haws (alumni) - 18:46
2. Laurissa Neuenschwander (mom) - 20:18
3. Aubrey Argyle - 20:36
11. Tatum Beard - 24:23
17. Sariah Dixon - 25:01
53. Ella Palmer - 29:16
Men's 10k
1. Seth Gutzwiller (alumni) - 35:26
2. Josh Ward - 35:49
13. JR Oldham - 44:21
48. Jason Boyd - 54:02
Women's 10k
2. Joanna Boyd (alumni) - 42:36
3. Sierra Graham - 42:49
5. Ally Geisler - 45:04
8. Grace Neuenschwander - 46:08
11. Sarah Waddoups - 49:34

2013 Cross Country Schedule - I have attached the season schedule to this email. There are a few tentative races - we will not be going to all 3 of them. I will also post the schedule on the blog ( Let me know if you have any questions about the schedule. 

Upcoming Week:
Monday - Vita Course at 7:00am - Bring your Camp Permission Slips
Wednesday - Varsity Run - meet at the school at 6:45am (by invitation)
Thursday - Meet at the school at 7:00am - We will be doing a Tempo Run

Don't forget to send in your miles for week 5 (hard to believe we are almost half way there). 
Consistency, Patience, Positive Attitude, TEAMwork.
- Coach Talley

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