Sunday, September 20, 2009

XC Update #4

Darts -
It is hard to believe that we are half way through the season. We only have 5 more races until the state championships. Two of them are big ones where it will be very important that we show up ready to compete (Bob Firman and Region). The others will still be important and hopefully will provide us some learning opportunities.
Thanks for bringing energy to practice this past week. I was pretty tired all week from the 100 and I had a hard time being energetic, but I found some strength from watching each of you workout. I was impressed with the JV workout on Friday in the heat, and I also thought the Varsity workout on Saturday went well.
I am extending a challenge for the final 4 1/2 weeks of the season. Each of you needs to re-commit to bring energy and focus to each workout and each race. The key to our TEAM ending the season with our best races is by finding a way to be really excited and give as much heart and focus as we can over the final races. We can't be satisfied with the level at which we are performing. We have got to find ways to push ourselves beyond what we thought capable. We really have had a good season up to this point, I just think we can finish it in an amazing manner. I hope that each of you can bring the desire and the personal motivation to make it happen.
I thought that many of you were not ready to do that at the District Championships at Layton Park this past Wednesday. Sure, we won all 4 races and we brought home 35 medals (out of a possible 37 our TEAM could get), but were we really racing our best? I don't think as a TEAM that we were. I also don't think we were helping our teammates like we could have after each race was done. Once your race is over, I expect you on the course bringing energy to your teammates during their race. Boys should be cheering for the girls and girls should be cheering for the boys.
For full results from the Davis County Clipper, you can go to
Let's do a much better job this week at the Bob Firman Invite on giving our personal best and on supporting our teammates.
Speaking of Bob Firman. I want to express my regret at not being able to take the entire TEAM. When I was first at Davis we would take just the varsity runners to a race called the Great American Cross Country Festival back east (usually in North Carolina). I didn't like that it was just the varsity runners, although it did provide them a great opportunity to see some of the best in the nation. We decided it would be better to switch to a meet that was closer, but that still provided some great competition with the idea that we could take the entire TEAM. Somehow our TEAM has grown a little too large in the past 3 years. Last year we had to leave home about a dozen runners. This year we are leaving home closer to 20. If you feel like it is not fair, I really am sorry that we are not able to take everyone. I have tried to think of a solution, but other than staying home from the meet, or charging twice as much and getting a 2nd bus, I can't come up with a reasonable solution. If you are a junior who is getting left home this year, I will do my very best to take you next year as a senior - regardless of your position on the TEAM - as long as you continue to work hard and deserve it.
One thing I really have felt is that everyone on this TEAM deserves the chance of going to Bob Firman. We had an excellent summer, and you have all continued to work hard and give me and the TEAM the best you can through the season. I hope that not going to Bob Firman will not make anyone feel like they are not a part of the TEAM. Instead, I hope that it will motivate you to continue to work hard and have desire to be ready to go next year (or even next trip in November).

Coming Up:
Tues 9/22 - Bob Firman $$$ is due ($100 in the office) bring me the receipt
Wed 9/23 - we are NOT going to the region meet at Roy
Thurs 9/24 - TEAM meeting about Bob Firman - all should attend
Fri-Sat 9/25-9/26 - Bob Firman Invite in Boise, ID.
Wed. 9/30 - Davis Home Meet - We are hosting the region open meet at Barnes Park
Fri 10/2 - Top of Utah Relay in Tremonton - It is on Friday during fall break. We will most likely be attending for those who are not out of town with family.

Athletes of the Week:
Tracey Munson - always bringing a great attitude, supportive of teammates, and finished the week with a killer workout on Friday.
James Stenquist - has improved tremendously over the past year. Works hard - Never complains.

Alumni News:

Many of the Davis Graduates competed this weekend. Most competed at the Montana State Invite in Bozeman, MT.
Women's 3 mile
Natalie Haws (WSU) - 3rd, 17:23
Loren Storey (WSU) - 13th, 17:59
Men's 5 mile
Jace Nye (WSU) - 7th, 25:23
Chris Burnett (WSU) - 22nd, 26:07
Seth Gutzwiller (UVU) - 23rd, 26:10
Curtis Carlisle (WSU) - 53rd, 27:45
UC Riverside Invitational
Women's 5k
Katie Swanson (BYU) - 36th, 17:50 (217 runners)

Thanks again to the parents who brought us some snacks at the District Meet this Wednesday. We are really enjoying the parental support this year.
Let me know if you have any questions,
Coach Talley

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