Sunday, September 6, 2009

XC Update #2

It has been a busy week. We have raced 3 times in the past 8 days, and I think we are learning a lot from our experiences and we are moving in the right direction. Plan on the next 2 weeks being some of the hardest training we have done. We are only racing 3 times in the next 3 weeks, so we are going to focus on getting ourselves ready for the big races which count the most later in the season.

Tomorrow (Monday) - at the vita course at 7:30 am. It will be a good, steady 8 mile run for most of you.

Pre - Region: The pre-region 2 mile was on Wednesday at Layton Park. It is the first 2 miles of the 3 mile region championship course. I don't know that we have ever dominated a region meet like we did on Wednesday. Our boys varsity finished with a 5 second gap for the top 5 runners and came in 2nd through 6th for a very low score of 20 (2nd place Syracuse at 61). Our boys JV took the top 18 spots in the JV race. We are really learning to run together as a team. I am pleased with the way we are pushing each other and with the positive energy we are giving our teammates when we race. The girls looked just as strong with 5 in the top 7 for a score of 19 (2nd place Syracuse at 63). The girls also had the top 11 spots in the JV standings. On both sides, we were deep enough to put our 2nd 7 in the varsity competition and we would have taken 2nd to our own varsity teams. Weber High was the only school who didn't attend, they might end up being our biggest challenge within the region for the boys and the girls. I will post full results from all races on the blog at - also watch for some pictures from the races this week on the blog.

Parents Night: We had our parent's night on Thursday at the school. We were lucky enough to have Mike Spence and his wife Kristi present to us. Mike talked about the importance of "planning your race and racing your plan". He also talked about overcoming the fear and the doubt that we all have to battle in racing. He pointed out how important it is to stay patient with our running and know that improvement comes over time. He challenged each of you to keep a training log - a challenge that I am also giving you. It helps you to monitor your health, but it also helps you to see your progress and will give you confidence in the work you have done. Kristi presented on nutrition and the importance of keeping our bodies fueled for the hard work we put them through. She gave us some handouts about carbs, protein, fats, hydration, and recovery - if any of you missed, I have some extra copies in my room.

BYU Invite: On Saturday we raced at the BYU Invitational. Once again, we showed that we are the deepest team in the state. Our JV boys and girls were outstanding we won both of the JV boys races, and we put 5 in the top 7 in the JV girls race. In the 3 races our JV was represented in, they handed out 90 shirts (top 30 in each race) we took home 29 of the 90 shirts (there were about 40 teams present). We need our JV to continue to improve and really push and support our varsity runners.
After two years of running at the top on the girls side, we have some teams that have really been coming after us this year. We have established ourselves as the TEAM to beat. Finishing 4th as a TEAM at BYU shows us that we have a big challenge in front of us. It is going to make us work hard to earn the state title. We were the 2nd 5A team behind American Fork. We might not see them again until state. If we continue to work hard and trust each other and run for each other, we can go a long way between now and then. Challenges like this will make us stronger and will make the accomplishments more satisfying. We did not run poorly at BYU, but the other teams did show that they have come up to our level. Meghan had a great race finishing in 2nd (5 seconds behind the leader). We also had a great performance from Abby - who continued to show that she is going to help our TEAM a ton this season. Anni ran herself so hard that she collapsed twice - once in the race and once at the finish. She pushed her body as hard as she could, and we were proud of her effort. Anna did a great job of stepping up and scoring for us.
On the boys side, we had our best TEAM race of the season. Even though our gap was bigger than on Wednesday, I think we risked a lot better at BYU. Logan had a tremendous race finishing in 3rd place (and the top 5A finisher). Brad Nye was the #1 sophomore of the day with his 18th place finish (but being the #1 soph is not good enough for Brad) he was also the 5th 5A runner in the race (with a few key teams missing). Joe came through strong in 25th, and Jeff was one place out of getting a t-shirt. He will redeem himself at Murray - where the prize is also a t-shirt (I think top 20). Jason moved up well like we need him to - he is coming off of an injury and will hopefully join the top 4 soon.
The TEAM results are listed below, and full results can be found at
Our goal from this point on should be to get some solid, consistent training in. Our workouts will get more intense, and we need to run each one with a TEAM focus in mind. We are now the underdogs on both the boys and the girls. I would like to see us step up to the challenge and really accomplish a lot as a TEAM.

Athletes of the Week:
Anni Anderson - 5th girl for us at pre-region, pushed to the limit at BYU
Danna Stuart - huge pr at BYU - also earned a shirt :)
Logan Petty - raced with the big dogs at BYU - earned a spot in the top 10 individuals to watch in the state
Preston Johnson - finished the week with 2 first places in the JV races - will be running varsity at Murray as a freshman

Welcome new members of the TEAM - Alex (10th), Katie (9th), and Emily (9th)

Coming Up:
Monday - at the vita course - 7:30 am
Murray Invite - Friday, 11th - Murray Park, 4:00 pm
Davis County Championships - Wednesday, 16th - Layton Park, 3:30 pm
Bob Firman - Saturday, 26th - Boise, ID - I will be emailing those who are invited today. If you cannot go, let me know ASAP - we will take as many as we have seats for on the bus.

Freshman/Sophomore Boys
1. Preston Johnson 17:32
2. Alex Hedquist 17:39
13. Logan Wood 18:26
15. Brayden Cromar 18:43
22. Hayden Hansen 19:06
27. Jackson Sagers 19:10
81. Kaden Gilchrist 20:33
99. Taylor Goldsberry 20:53
196. Jed Brough 22:57
242. Isaac Clouse 27:30
*254 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 32
2. Cedar 121
3. Orem 130
4. Pine View 141

JV Boys
2. Austin Neuner 17:35
3. Adam Mathias 17:37
6. Spencer Jones 17:58
8. Matt Swanson 18:16
11. James Stenquist 18:19
12. Keigunn Kunz 18:22
14. Adam Seelos 18:26
16. Colton Cottrell 18:26
17. Ben Poulson 18:27
18. Zach Schofield 18:30
20. Cody Robbins 18:35
25. Brandon Estoque 18:44
26. Nate Lee 18:45
30. Joe Albrechtsen 18:56
39. Cade Cloward 19:11
43. Sam Callister 19:20
44. Andrew Steinicke 19:21
81. Mike Arnold 19:57
89. Bradley Fry 20:09
97. Spencer Jewett 20:16
98. Jason Barfus 20:16
121. Curtis Knight 20:46
132. Devin Vance 20:53
152. Taylor Burwell 21:17
164. Joe Valentine 21:26
215. Ben Thomas 23:33
216. Drew Beard 23:33
*236 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 29
2. Pine View 76
3. Mountain View 116
4. Copper Hills 198

Varsity Boys
3. Logan Petty 16:27
18. Brad Nye 16:45
25. Joe White 16:55
31. Jeff Taylor 17:02
46. Jason Thomas 17:22
68. Brian Alfaro 17:41
81. Michael King 17:49
*235 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain View 82
2. Davis 115
3. Pine View 135
4. Timpanogos 150
5. Pleasant Grove 162
6. Hillcrest 176

JV Girls
1. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:17
3. Megan Parker 21:37
4. Becca Albrechtsen 21:40
6. Madi Holt 21:50
7. Tessa Brown 21:51
15. Danna Stuart 22:20
20. Caitlin Miller 22:41
24. Janice Hartvigsen 22:48
27. Sarah Parker 22:52
35. Katie Christensen 23:17
39. Julia Anderson 23:27
40. Tracey Munson 23:30
44. Kayla Sagers 23:48
64. Missy Lott 25:01
72. Addie Ferguson 25:25
103. Sarah Woodbury 26:32
119. Whitney Williams 27:45
*166 total runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 21
2. American Fork 60
3. Ogden 83
4. Timpanogos 102

Varsity Girls
2. Meghan Hedquist 19:08
21. Emilyl Hansen 20:07
26. Jessie Wilding 20:18
28. Abby Frodsham 20:20
54. Anna Ward 21:11
74. Brooke Stromberg 21:41
78. Annie Anderson 21:52
*206 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Park City 66
2. American Fork 79
3. Mountain View 81
4. Davis 121
5. Ogden 154

Alumni News - Many of our alumni had their first college races this past weekend. They continue to make us proud.
BYU Invite:
Candace Eddy, BYU - 19:28 (finished with Katie, but was not registered)
Katie Swanson, BYU - 19:28, 21st place
Talya Kussee, BYU - 20:08, 30th place
Josh Adams, BYU - 21:42 (4 mile), 29th place
USU Invite:
Loren Storey, WSU - 17:51, 10th
Julianne Wirthlin, WSU - 19:19, 33rd
Natalie Haws, WSU (did not run, but should be back for the next race in 2 weeks)
Jace Nye, WSU - 22:00, 2nd
Chris Burnett, WSU - 22:49, 13th
Curtis Carlisle, WSU - 23:12, 16th
Devin Lang - USU - 24:20, 23rd
Wyoming Invite:
Seth Gutzwiller, UVU - 22:51, 9th (2nd from UVU)

Great week - let's have do the same this next week.
Never Back Down
Coach Talley

ps. I will be focusing quite a bit on my own race this week (Wasatch 100). You will be without me on Friday at the Murray Invitational. Brad, Janae, and Steve will all be there to help. I expect the TEAM to be ready to have a lot of FUN and to run with a lot of HEART.

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