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XC Update #3

Darts -
I have to start by telling you all how much you helped me get through the toughest race of my life. The support you all gave me was incredible. I really appreciated the text messages and the cards and the other things you did for me to show your support. Just the thought of all of you racing hard and giving your all for me and for your TEAM got me through so many difficult times. There will be a full report of my race tomorrow - with as many details as I can remember - but for now, I just want you to know that I love you all and I am so grateful for your support. I would not have finished if it had not been for you, my TEAM. I am the luckiest coach in the world to be able to work with you.

It looks to me like the Murray Invite went pretty well. I wish I could have been there to see some of the races. It looks to me like most of the times from all teams were a little slower than the BYU Invite--probably because of the heat. So, if you ran slower than your BYU time, don't be too discouraged, it was a harder race. If you ran faster than your BYU time, you should be pumped about your Murray race. We will have another 5k in 2 weeks in Boise where I know we can run some fast times. I would like to see every one of you run a season or personal best in the 5k at Boise.

I was really happy to hear that we made a lot of noise at the awards and that there was energy on the bus ride home. That's the kind of positive attitude we need to keep the rest of the season.

Our most impressive TEAM performances continue to come from our JV boys. The JV and rookie boys continue to stay undefeated. I have never witnessed a PERFECT score in a big invite like this in any division. That is simply incredible that our JV boys went 1-5. If we had put those 5 runners in the varsity boys they would have finished up 7th out of nearly 40 teams. Our varsity boys ran well, but if I had placed Mike in the race with his same time (17:14), we would have swept all 3 boy's races. Some of the standout performances that I see from what the other coaches said and from looking at the results were Colton Cottrell's win in the rookie boys with a 17:59 (I hear he had a monster finish), Jackson Sagers 15 second improvement over BYU (continuing to show our strength in the freshman boys group), Michael King winning the JV boys showing that he belongs with our varsity group, Brayden Cromar coming back strong after a disappointing BYU race, Bradley Fry running almost a minute faster than he did at BYU, Austin Neuner running as our #4 and continuing to tear it up in his first year of running cross country, and just the fact that we had a record-setting 33 boys go under 20:00. Joe White, Adam Mathias, James Stenquist, and Adam Seelos all improved by nearly 2 minutes over last year's Murray time. Our varsity boys were only 10 seconds away from our all-time fastest team time on the course.

I thought overall the girls ran better than we did at BYU. There are a few who struggled on both the boys and the girls side, it is only natural that you are going to have some bad races or bad days. It is also normal to go through some rough times with distance running that may last for more than just a week. The important thing is that we continue to stay positive and look for little things we can do to improve and take care of ourselves. Don't beat yourselves up over a bad race--it is not worth it. Realize that it is only running, find a way to find some joy in it--even if you are had a race that was not what you hoped for.
The girls were led again by an outstanding performance by Meghan Hedquist. She was the overall Murray champion. I wish I could have seen when she pulled away in the final 400 meters for the win. Way to go Meghan! All 3 of the girls teams finished in the top 3 in team scoring. It was good to see that we can compete closer to Park City and American Fork in the varsity race. I like to look at what the score would be like if everyone ran 10 seconds faster. I think that 10 seconds is something you can always do--a manageable goal. If we had all run 10 seconds faster we would be right in the mix. Keep thinking positive, and keep working with the goal of STATE CHAMPIONS in mind. We will have to really fight for it, but it is within reach. I thought the standout performances on the girls side came from Jessie Wilding for running 30 seconds faster than at BYU and 45 seconds faster than last year at Murray, Kayla Sagers for continuing to show she can do more than just sprint, Annie Anderson for coming back from a rough race at BYU and nearly winning the JV race (barely lost to Viewmont's #1 varsity girl), Julia Anderson and Sarah Bilton for both improving last year's time by over 4 minutes, and Anna Ward and Brooke Gutzwiller for getting a little closer to our top 5 where we need them.

Athletes of the Week:
Jessie Wilding
Julia Anderson
Austin Neuner
Colton Cottrell

Coming Up:

Wednesday, Sept 16th - Davis County Clipper - 3:30 at Layton Park (2.75 miles)
Saturday, Sept 19th - Varsity Workout at Sugarhouse Park. We will meet at the school at 7:00am. I will let you know if I would like you to for sure be there.
Saturday, Sept 26th - Bob Firman Invitational, Boise, ID.

I will send out an email tomorrow with the full report from the Wasatch 100. Thanks again for the support you all gave me.
- Coach Talley

Murray Invitational Results (full results on -
Girls Rookie
14. Janice Hartvigsen 23:04
17. Sarah Parker 23:21
19. Kayla Sagers 23:35
37. Katie Christensen 24:36
45. Addie Ferguson 24:54
90. Sarah Woodbury 27:09
158. Whitney Williams 29:49
*229 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest 80
2. Park City 110
3. Davis 118
4. Cedar 145
*27 Total Teams

Girls JV
2. Annie Anderson 20:55
7. Becca Albrechtsen 21:47
12. Megan Parker 22:11
18. Madi Holt 22:24
20. Danna Stuart 22:37
21. Karaline Vandemerwe 22:38
27. Tessa Brown 23:12
38. Julia Anderson 23:30
48. Tracey Munson 23:50
64. Missy Lott 24:24
104. Melissa Welling 25:36
134. Sarah Bilton 26:33
218. Kensie Stephens 31:08
*245 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. American Fork 56
2. Davis 59
3. Timpanogos 73
4. Alta 129
*27 Total Teams

Girls Varsity
1. Meghan Hedquist 19:03
11. Jessie Wilding 19:45
18. Emily Hansen 20:01
27. Abby Frodsham 20:25
53. Anna Ward 21:04
56. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:08
74. Brooke Stromberg 21:46
*241 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Park City 63
2. American Fork 81
3. Davis 107
4. Timpanogos 158
*36 Total Teams

Boys Rookie
1. Colton Cottrell 17:59
6. Zach Schofield 18:30
10. Jackson Sagers 18:55
19. Nate Lee 19:18
20. Hayden Hansen 19:19
32. Sam Callister 19:36
38. Mike Arnold 19:40
58. Kaden Gilchrist 20:24
73. Curtis Knight 20:39
97. Cameron Layton 21:21
98. Taylor Goldsberry 21:24
117. Joe Valentine 21:37
141. Taylor Burwell 22:11
168. Nick Mason 22:52
238. Ben Thomas 25:39
268. Isaac Clouse 27:39
*291 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 50
2. Bear River 80
3. Timpanogos 119
4. Riverton 148
*29 Total Teams

Boys JV
1. Mike King 17:14
2. Brian Alfaro 17:21
3. Adam Mathias 17:35
4. Alex Hedquist 17:37
5. Brayden Cromar 17:54
7. James Stenquist 18:17
9. Spencer Jones 18:20
14. Matt Swanson 18:25
15. Logan Wood 18:25
18. Adam Seelos 18:31
21. Ben Poulson 18:32
23. Cody Robbins 18:43
34. Joe Albrechtsen 19:03
35. Keigunn Kunz 19:05
41. Bradley Fry 19:08
42. Andrew Steinicke 19:10
45. Brandon Estoque 19:13
46. Cade Cloward 19:14
85. Spencer Jewett 19:59
139. Logan Siguenza 20:46
170. Devin Vance 21:13
*375 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 15 (PERFECT SCORE!!!)
2. Weber 91
3. Mountain Crest 155
4. Roy 156
*35 Total Teams

Boys Varsity
11. Logan Petty 16:40
12. Joe White 16:42
14. Jeff Taylor 16:47
33. Austin Neuner 17:16
48. Jason Thomas 17:31
53. Preston Johnson 17:36
85. Brad Nye 18:00
*264 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Pine View 100
2. Timpanogos 105
3. Davis 112
4. Canyon View 141
*38 Total Teams (Boys JV would have been 7th with their times)

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