Monday, September 28, 2009

Cross Country Update #5

It was another successful trip to Boise for the Bob Firman Invitational. I was pleased with our overall effort and with your attitudes on the entire trip. It was fun to spend the two days with you because you were positive and you brought a lot of energy. Our TEAM came home with 3 TEAM trophies, 11 Varsity backpacks, 12 JV medals, and 40 PRs. I thought you did a great job supporting your teammates and being excited for their successes. We were in 7 races during the day, so by the time it got to the final race, I know we were all tired and hot, but you still showed support as the JV girls ran their hardest.
On the boys side, each of the 4 teams entered finished in the top 4. The JV boys finished 1st, led by a great race from Keigunn Kunz and big improvements from Hayden Hansen and Jason Barfus. The boys in the small school varsity race (our 3rd team) ran incredibly well to finish 1st. The 7 boys in the race all finished in the top 32 and had an average season best of :47 per person. The boys in the large school race (our 2nd team) ran well enough to bring home a 2nd place trophy behind Mountain Crest's varsity team. Our top 5 boys in that race had a :19 gap and ran great as a TEAM. The varsity boys were out of the trophies by 1 point. They ran well, but I hope that they remember what it feels like to be so close. When we say every point counts, and every second counts, it is the truth. If each of our boys had run :05 faster, we would have been 2nd place (only 18 points behind Mountain View and ahead of North Central - the 17th ranked team in the U.S.) We will have more chances to prove ourselves.
The girls varsity team finished in the top 2 for the 3rd year in a row. We had some outstanding races from Jessie Wilding and Anni Anderson. It shows that if we all put it together on the same day, we can compete with any team. Even those who struggled in the race fought hard and gave everything they could. The girls who ran in the large school varsity race competed hard in the heat. It was incredible to watch Karaline stagger to the finish line - I was so proud of how hard each of them ran. The girls JV race, although at the hottest point of the day, had a number of great performances led by Janice Hartvigsen, who ran so hard that she didn't know where to turn for the finish.
Overall I thought we fought hard and ran well as a TEAM. I saw a lot of people in pain after their races, and I was impressed with the efforts that got you there. We have to continue to improve in those areas over the final 4 weeks of the season.
Thanks to the great help we had from parents and from Steve and Brad who are so willing to give their time and their precious advice.

Coming Up:
Tuesday, 9/29 - TEAM pictures - BRING YOUR UNIFORMS. We will take the pictures in the bleachers after the team meeting (at about 3:10). Freshman - get here as fast as you can.
Wednesday 9/30 - Open Region Meet @ Davis - the race will be at Barnes Park - the schedule will go as follows:
Girls JV - 3:30
Boys JV - 4:00
Girls Varsity - 4:30
Boys Varsity - 5:00
Thursday 10/1 - TEAM practice at 8:00am at Davis High - We don't have school, but we will meet for a run. If you are going to be out of town, it is just a distance run that day.
Friday 10/2 - Top of Utah Relay at Jeanie Stevens Park in Tremonton. The bus will leave Davis at 10:00 am. I will send out more details tomorrow. If you can't come because of family commitments, it is okay, I would just need to know by Wednesday.
Saturday 10/3 - No practice, but I would like everyone to run for 45-60 minutes. It would be a great day to go up to the vita course at 8:00 am and run together there.

Athletes of the Week:
Spencer Jones
Jason Barfuss
Caitlin Miller
Janice Hartvigsen

Boys Results:
Elite Varsity
19 Logan Petty 16:29
24 Joe White 16:36
27 Brad Nye 16:39
30 Brian Alfaro 16:44
35 Mike King 16:49
39 Austin Neuner 16:57
74 Jeff Taylor 17:33
Team Scores:
1. 75 Mountain View
2. 100 North Central, WA
3. 114 Timpanogos
4. 115 Davis

Large School Varsity
13 Adam Matthias 17:05
15 Brayden Cromar 17:07
18 Preston Johnson 17:10
24 Jason Thomas 17:15
27 Alex Hedquist 17:24
44 Colton Cottrell 17:39
Team Scores:
1.Mountain Crest 83
2.Davis 92
3.Hillcrest 204

Small School Varsity
11 Spencer Jones 17:15
13 James Stenquist 17:16
14 Logan Wood 17:21
15 Matt Swanson 17:24
20 Zach Schofield 17:33
29 Adam Seelos 17:58
32 Ben Poulson 18:04
Team Scores
1.Davis 73
2.Challis 151
3.Judge Memorial 156

1 Keigunn Kunz 18:02
7 Cody Robbins 18:23
8 Hayden Hansen 18:24
10 Joseph Albrechtsen 18:28
11 Cade Cloward 18:35
16 Jason Barfuss 18:42
19 Brandon Estoque 18:51
20 Bradley Fry 18:51
24 Nate Lee 18:59
33 Andrew Steinicke 19:14
38 Sam Callister 19:23
70 Jackson Sagers 20:13
Team Scores
1. Davis 37
2. Boise 48
3. Eagle 91

Girls Results:
Elite Varsity
7 Jessie Wilding 19:04
12 Meghan Hedquist 19:16
32 Emily Hansen 19:59
37 Anni Anderson 20:08
41 Abby Frodsham 20:18
57 Brooke Gutzwiller 20:55
73 Becca Albrechtsen 21:37
Team Scores
1. Mountain View 65
2. Davis 107
3. Bishop Kelly 113
4. Timpanogos 122

Large School Varsity
34 Brooke Stromberg 21:27
39 Megan Parker 21:38
46 Madi Holt 21:47
52 Danna Stuart 21:55
58 Caitlin Miller 22:03
67 Karaline Vandemerwe 22:19
68 Tessa Brown 22:22
Team Scores
1. West Torrence 74
2. Mountain Crest 117
3. Meridian 120
4. Star Valley 139
5. Hillcrest 180
6. Davis 220

5 Janice Hartvigsen 22:21
7 Kayla Sagers 22:33
11 Tracey Munson 22:50
13 Sarah Parker 23:04
30 Julia Anderson 23:43
34 Missy Lott 23:51
38 Katie Christensen 24:06
Team Scores
1. Boise 41
2. Davis 61
3. Highland 121

Collegiate Women (5k)
13 Candace Eddy 18:43
17 Katie Swanson 18:50

Collegiate Men (8k)
55 Derek Gallacher 28:35

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