Monday, September 22, 2008

XC Update - Bob Firman

Darts - Sorry for the delay on the update this week. It has been a busy week. It has also been a successful week. I had a lot of fun at both of our races this week - Davis Clipper & Bob Firman in Boise. I was pleased with our EFFORTS this week. I think that many of you are coming along, and the improvements are showing in the races. As I said today in the meeting, we have 30 days until the state cross country meet and 23 days until Region. The next 2 1/2 weeks are going to be our most intense training - don't let that scare you. Working hard can also be some of the most fun time of the season.

The Davis Clipper Results can be found at our blog - - We came home with 4 wins - JV and Varsity Boys, JV and Varsity Girls. I thought we had some key performances and some great improvements from Brandon Estoque, Adam Seelos, Seth Clark, and Marlowe Haws on the boys side, and Caitlin Miller, Madi Holt, Rachel Hunsaker, and Melissa Welling on the girls side. Basically a lot of our new runners really stepped up. Their consistency in training is beginning to pay off. One note - our girls JV Team placed 1st through 18th.

At the Bob Firman race we had the opportunity to face some tough competition and some tough course conditions. It had rained all night and into the morning and the course turned into a muddy, slippery, sloppy mess. We ran smart races, even though I put a lot of pressure on many of our athletes putting the JV runners into Varsity races. After 6 straight intense races, we ended with 6 top 6 Team finishes (5 varsity and 1 JV race). The varsity girls won the elite varsity race. The JV girls placed 4th in the Division 1 Varsity Race and 6th in the Division 2 Varsity Race. The Varsity boys were 4th in the elite boys race (behind 2 nationally ranked teams), and the JV boys finished 4th in the division 1 varsity race and 6th in the JV boys race.

The trip was successful because we ran hard and we ran well. It was also successful because we had fun as a group. It was also successful because I came home without having been mad for 2 straight days (I was only mad like 2 or 3 total times - that's good). And it was also successful because we had some good help. Thanks to Dave King for coming along and helping me with the organizing. Thanks for Brad for providing entertainment and inspiration. Thanks to Ethan for being so cool and for being a great fan of Davis Cross Country. Thanks to Janae for continuing to coach and run around even with the baby on board and for all of her insight into racing. Thanks to Steve Petty for the support and for the bagels on the way out. Thanks to Jill for coming along as a chaperone and putting up with all of our craziness (even adding to it a little). Thanks to Spencer for video taping and for being willing to come with us even though he had his wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Thanks to Becky Kussee and The Wildings and all other parents who made the trip up and were willing to help out. We have some great help and support and I appreciate it and I know the athletes appreciate it.

Bob Firman full results can be found at (do not confuse with Bob Fireman) Some pictures of the team can be found at

Varsity Elite Girls
9. Katie Swanson 19:22
10. Meghan Hedquist 19:23
13. Emily Hansen 19:25
16. Julianne Wirthlin 19:40
37. Jessie Wilding 20:21
47. Hollie King 20:41
60. Talya Kussee 21:09
*98 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Davis 64
*12 Total Teams

Varsity Division 1 Girls
23. Lizzy Wallin 21:05
33. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:35
39. Brooke Stromberg 21:44
48. Brittany Sumsion 21:55
62. Hannah Firth 22:08
78. Chelsea Jackson 22:26
114. Rachel Jackson 23:13
*216 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Kuna 102
4. Davis 185
*29 Total Teams

Varsity Division 2 Girls
26. Megan Parker 21:37
29. Becca Albrechtsen 21:40
53. Anna Ward 23:06
67. Carlee Petersen 23:29
69. Missy Lott 23:34
71. Danna Stuart 23:36
83. Emily Prince 24:25
87. Tracey Munson 24:35
89. Madi Holt 24:39
95. Karaline Vandemerwe 24:47
*178 Total RunnersTeam Scores:
1. Bear Lake 79
6. Davis 211
*23 Total Teams

Varsity Elite Boys
8. Seth Gutzwiller 16:17
42. Leland Stenquist 17:18
49. Carston Feigleson 17:21
57. Michael King 17:28
61. Jason Thomas 17:30
78. Jeff Taylor 17:43
91. Derek Gallacher 17:50
*142 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. North Central, WA 51
2. Timpview 115
3. Alta 123
4. Davis 188
*19 Total Teams

Varsity Division 1 Boys
16. Logan Petty 17:35
33. Curtis Carlisle 18:03
37. Brian Alfaro 18:06
47. Caleb Ward 18:18
57. Colin Cromar 18:23
58. Joe White 18:241
41. Trevor Mills 20:04
*237 Total Runners
Team Score:
1. Centennial 123
2. North Central 124
4. Davis 181
*35 Total Teams

JV Boys
23. Mike Murdock 18:53
26. Keigunn Kunz 19:04
30. Brandon Estoque 19:09
36. Adam Mathias 19:23
37. Joe Albrechtsen 19:24
38. Andrew Steinicke 19:24
54. James Stenquist 19:50
58. Bradley Frye 19:57
59. Adam Seelos 19:59
65. Kye Kunz 20:06
85. Cody Robbins 20:38
*200 Total Runners
Team Scores:
6. Davis 152
*20 Total Teams

Upcoming Week:We will be working out hard on Tuesday and Thursday. Be ready for some solid and tough workouts. Prepare yourselves mentally and physically. I will be taking the top 10-12 to Sugarhouse Park on Saturday morning to get another hard workout on the state course. We will work out the details of that workout later in the week.

Athletes of the Week: Emily HansenMegan ParkerBecca AlbrechtsenBrandon EstoqueJoe White
Alumni News: Congrats to Natalie Haws, Loren Storey, and Chris Burnett for their great performances at the Montana State University Invite this past weekend. They all ran in the top 7 for Weber State (both the men's and women's teams won the invite).

Next Races:Wed, October 1st - Fremont High Open RaceSat, October 4th - Orem Invitational at UVU

Coach Talley

PS. Could all of the girls who went on the Bob Firman trip please please please wash their smelly Bob Firman uniforms (the new nike ones) and check them back in with me. thanks

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