Friday, September 12, 2008

High altitude Camp (Part 2) 2008

"Dear diary" Corbin wrote. "Today I am feeling okay. I don't smell that great, and I am glad that I am married and not dating since my smell would scare away any women I may be trying to court. Brad gave me some good advice today. He sure does have a lot of good advice. He should start a website or somethin' where I can go to get good advice anytime I need it...which is quite often if you know what I mean. The beans I ate last night aint sittin' well, if you smell my drift. Ha Ha LOL, that was funny."

You've gotta look good before you run.

"And as I pulled back the lid off of what I thought was a can of peanuts" The Gutz explains. "Out shoot a bunch of snakes. Not real snakes, just spring loaded fake ones. But man oh man. Now you know why they call me 'oopsy poopsy'."

"Intervals...Oh Goody!"

"And as you can see from this map I drew. "Corbin tells Steve. "It's pretty well a straight shot down, and a straight shot back. I'm not really sure why I drew a map. To pass the time I guess. I shoulda got Brad's advice before I did it."

It's obvious to see who found out about .

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