Thursday, September 11, 2008

High altitude Camp (Part 1)

Corbin and Brad looking in the garbage can at Caleb's "Camp Project".

Corbin liked what he saw. It's funny how the same project a month later aint so enjoyable.

"And as I grabbed that bag of Barbies, just like this." Corbin was saying. "My friends came in the room. and I knew I had to hide them so they wouldn't laugh. But then they stole my candy and I had to chase them. I was so darn mad. I yelled at them in anger, and frustration; 'Give me back my damn candy.'. But you shouldn't swear like I did."

"What?" Caleb asked. "Now it's wrong for a fella to leave a gift in a garbage can?"

And just hours later, baby Samantha was looking at this face too.

"Corbin, Caleb left us a present in this garbage bag!"

"There's a what that looks just like who? You're freakin' me out Brad!"

"And I'm tellin' you, when that Racoon came up, and out of that Garbage can, just like this, I was jumping around like Popcorn was poppin' in my long johns." Roger told his buddies.

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