Sunday, September 20, 2015

DXC Update - District Champs

Darts -
It is hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks until the Region Championships and less than 5 weeks until State. We still have a lot of work to do, but the time is going to fly by and we need to take full advantage of every day (even the rest days). I was thinking today how important it is that you fully commit to being your best and making the choices that will keep you healthy and help you improve. This means not being a typical high school teenager at times - it means making sacrifices and being out of your comfort zone. I have a few challenges for each of you: 1) Don't miss any practice from here to the end without a very valid reason (this includes the TEAM abs at the end of practice). 2) Go to bed by 10:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends. 3) Don't complain at any time - at practice and meets, at school or doing homework, or about things your parents ask you to do. Be positive in all your thoughts and all you do (this will carry over to running and it will make you and those around you happier). 
Our moments as a TEAM are going to slip away. Show up each day with some urgency, some focus, and a growing love for what we are doing together.

District Championships - We had fun and ran very well at the District Meet last Wednesday. Despite the rain, the marshy grass, and the mud, we had some of our best marks of the year. We won all 4 of the races, and took home 32 of the 40 medals. I loved your energy, your positive attitudes, and your teamwork.
It was a great display of our TEAM depth in the JV races. The girls finished 1-9 and 11-21 with 28 of the top 32 runners. We set a record for number of girls under 20:00 and under 21:00. Our JV girls would have taken 2nd to our varsity girls if they were in the varsity race. Our top 5 placers were Mallaree Wood, Sydney Zaugg, Alicia Halverson, Haylee Downey, and Rosie Schraedel. We also had very strong (season best mile average) performances from Addy Rich, Jennica Robinson, Anne Hawkins, Isabella Van Brocklin, Brianna Clark, Makenna Haycock, Julia Schraedel, Erin Berry, and Natalie Olsen. 
The boys JV continued their undefeated with complete dominance streak. We placed 1-23 and had 29 of the top 30 places. We broke every record we keep for the course (most under 14:30, most under 15:00, most under 15:30, most under 16:00, and fastest Varsity and JV team times). It is a sight to see - the mob of brown coming through one after the other - we had 17 boys within :60 of each other in that JV race. And we only had 6 seniors in that top 29 group. Our top 5 finishers were Bryce Ferguson, Danny Tumblin, Brigham Halverson, Zach Moncur, and Britton Porter. We also had some very good performances from Porter Van Drimmelen, Nate Hales, Cole Weaver, Jared Hogan, Jace Callor, Landon Wheeler, Jake Miller, Caden Wheeler, and Mitch Clove.
The varsity girls cruised to a perfect score victory and 8 of the top 10 places. It was good to see a solid pack up front with Aubrey, Courtney, and Ally crossing the line as teammates for 1st place. Sam was only :02 back and Grace only :06 behind. It was also a strong race for Jenna in 6th, Abi in 7th, and Madeline in 10th. 
The varsity boys also got a big win and looked very impressive with only :22 dividing our 1-5 runners. Camren led the way in 2nd place with a stellar time for the course and the conditions - 14:09. Cam was only  2 seconds behind the previous course record (his time is now the #3 all-time on the course). Leatham (Viewmont) had gapped our boys by a considerable amount, but after taking a wrong turn, the gap was only about 12 seconds with 1200m to go. Camren closed that to only 3 seconds at the line. Colton had a great race as well with 14:15 and the #6 all-time mark for the course. Our top 5 were rounded out with Colter (4th), Matt (5th), and Frasier (6th). Josh Peters also had a very strong race in 12th at 14:48. Our top 5 boys' times combined to set the team time record by nearly a minute (14:21 average).

Athletes of the Week:
Coach Timothy - 2:53 in the Top of Utah Marathon on Saturday (age division winner)
Anna Ferrell - 3:50 in the Top of Utah Marathon (age division winner)
Girls - Mallaree Wood, Anne Hawkins
Boys - Brigham Halverson, Nate Sheffield

Bob Firman: We are excited to be going up to Boise this upcoming weekend for the Bob Firman Invitational. We are going to see some of the best teams in the U.S. Girls teams: Great Oak (U.S. #1), American Fork (U.S. #8). Boys Teams: Great Oak (U.S. #8), North Central (U.S. #9), and Timpanogos (U.S. #15) - we are currently ranked #9 for the girls and #7 for the boys.
We will have a mandatory meeting for those attending on Wednesday after the workout. I have attached a copy of the itinerary to this email. You can pay at any point in the office or online ($115). Please let me know if you have any questions. 

*We are NOT attending the region meet at Syracuse on Wednesday (9/23). Instead, those who are not racing at Bob Firman on Saturday will be doing a 2.5 mile time trial on Thursday at practice. 

T-Shirts: I did put in a 2nd order of t-shirts. I will enter those in to the payment system and you should be able to pay online or in the office by Wednesday.

Keep working hard, keep believing in yourself and your TEAM, and keep having fun. We have our best times in front of us!
Coach Talley

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