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Davis XC Update - Murray Invite

Darts - 
We had another solid week of training and a great TEAM performance at the Murray Invitational. Our boys got another sweep, winning all three race divisions, and the girls finished in the top 3 in all divisions. The thing I was the most proud of was the way we ran as a TEAM. I think we are getting better and better and pushing our teammates and racing together against our opponents (rather than each other). I could feel our TEAM energy - and I can see us getting more unified. Let's continue to work hard to support, encourage, push, inspire, and uplift our teammates. 
Murray started with the varsity races. Our boys varsity narrowly pulled out the victory over a very strong Ogden team (60-69). Camren and Colton gave us a solid 1-2 punch at 5th and 11th against a talented group. Colter and Logan did a great job working together through the tough parts of the race and moved up to finish 13-14. Matt and Frasier continue to impress as our 5-6, and finished strong giving us 6 guys in the top 20 of the race. Bryce and Danny also moved up well through the pack to finish together at 35-36. 
Our dynamic duo of Courtney and Aubrey led the way in the girls varsity with a 1-2 finish - despite getting lost multiple times on the confusing twists and turns of the course. They did a great job pulling away together and putting the hurt on the rest of the field. Sam Hedquist also finished in the top 10 with a very strong final mile. Ally Geisler finished with a monster kick for 14th. Our youngster, Abi Waddoups, moved up well and finished as our #6 in 32nd - she was the 4th fastest freshman in all the races combined.
The JV Boys dominated both of their races. In the Open Race, we pulled off a perfect score (top 5 finishers) facing many schools varsity squads. It was a photo finish with Seth Stromberg, Devin Jaster, and Josh Peters going 1-2-3 all running 16:50 - they finished only .4 seconds apart. We also had top 10 performances from Jacob Vaughan (4), Britton Porter (5), Lance Thornton (6), Nate Wilde (8), and McKay Treadwell (10). If those boys were able to run in the varsity race, they would have finished 4th or 5th. The freshman and sophomore boys also won in a close match up with Pine View (49-58). We were led in that race by Derek Thornton (4th), Zach Jenkins (8th), Connor Jones (11th), and Cole Weaver (12th). Our freshman/sophomore group would have been 2nd in the Open JV race and would have beaten at least 6 teams in the varsity race. We saw some great pack running from them as well.
The JV girls had an intense head-to-head battle with the AF JV team - They got us by 7 points in a very close matchup. Rosie Schraedel had a breakout race to finish 6th (with the 2 open races combined), Sarah Waddoups and Emmaline Huntzinger ran tough for 7th and 8th, and our top 7 were rounded out by Maddie Johnson (12), Sydney Zaugg (13), Malaree Wood (14), and Sydnee Rayl (16). We are seeing a ton of toughness, depth, and teamwork from our young girls. The girls in the freshman/sophomore race also ran strong with Addy Rich finishing 6th and Jennica Robinson in 13th to lead the way. They finished 3rd in the team scoring without the help of 6 underclassman that wee moved up to the other races. 
You can see the Davis results at the bottom of the email and the full results at 

Athletes of the Week:
Girls - Sam Hedquist, Sydney Zaugg, Ciara Fuller
Boys - Seth Stromberg, Devin Jaster, Cole Weaver

Davis District Championships - Wednesday, 9/16 at Layton Park. The race is 2.75 miles. We would love to have parents bring popsicles to this one (even though I am hoping that it is a cooler day). 
Here is the schedule:
1:30 - Excused from class
1:45 - Bus Leaves
3:30 - Girls JV (all freshman-seniors not in varsity)
3:55 - Boys JV (all freshmen-seniors not in varsity)
4:20 - Girls Varsity (Courtney, Aubrey, Sam, Ally, Grace, Miah, Abi, Jenna, Madeline, Sarah W)
4:45 - Boys Varsity (Camren, Colton, Colter, Logan, Matt, Frasier, Seth, Devin, Josh, Jacob, Bryce, Danny)
5:10 - Open Race - any alumni, parents, siblings, friends are welcome to race for FREE. I encourage future cross country runners to participate. 
5:30 - Awards
6:00 - Back to the School

Bob Firman - We are set to go to the Bob Firman Invite in Boise on September 25-26. I have updated the invite list with a few alternates, and I will post that at practice tomorrow. Please let me know if you were on the original list and you are NOT going to be able to attend. You will be able to pay in the office or online after Tuesday this week (when the fee is entered into the system). More specific information to come. 

T-Shirts - I have had some interest in a 2nd order of t-shirts. Please email me if you are interested and if the order gets above 20 shirts, we will be able to do another order. Parents and/or athletes are welcome to order. Thanks!

Upcoming Week - 
Monday - We are working out at Layton Park on the course we are racing Wednesday. 9th graders can either meet us at Layton Park at 3:15 (or close to that) or come by the school at 3:05 for a ride over. 
Tuesday - AM - 3 miles; PM - Normal Afternoon Practice
Wednesday - Davis District Championships at Layton Park
Thursday - Normal Afternoon Practice
Friday - Normal Afternoon Practice
Saturday - Long Run on your own or in groups (Vita Course would be a great suggestion).

We are really focused on working hard this week and trying to get our mileage up just a little bit. In order to do so without getting worn down, it is very important to get a lot of sleep and to stay on top of your nutrition and hydration.
Coach Talley

Brad's Corner - 
My running went through many stages. And I'm  not just talking about the stage of being a good looking, clever, witty, and tall runner to the stage of a better looking, much more clever, measurably more witty and slightly taller runner either. Though I did go through those stages. 

During my freshman and sophomore year, when I felt great, I ran great! But when I didn't feel great I let everything go to crap.

Why? I'm not sure. I think in my head, I wanted people to know I wasn't feeling great. So instead of running 10-20 seconds slower I would put this look of pain on my know...that look like "I am working so hard, but gosh darn it, I don't feel very well." (We've all seen it.) Soon after I would crash and burn. Then people, in my head of course, were thinking: "Too bad he felt so extremely horrible today, or he would have won. It's not his fault. Poor Anderson." But the hard reality was...I was giving up. No way to sugar coat it. I gave up when the race was not going my way and I had doubts. 

When I ran like this I had plenty of good races. Plenty of terrible races. And very few in the middle. I could see the pattern. 

By my Junior year, after lots of running, and some serious soul searching I turned my running around. I decided when I felt things going badly in a race, instead of giving up I was going to find a manageable gear and just focus on that and grind it out. I thought about my TEAM and how they counted on me too. And something amazing started happening. When I did this, I always realized I could work through the pain and feeling badly then the race would turn around. Where before, I gave up and didn't work through the struggles so I never gave myself the opportunity to work through it. My running became consistent. You knew what you were going to get from me. A coach could count on me. My TEAM could count on me. 

I still often wonder how much better I would have been had I learned this when I were a Freshman. This biggest thing I hate to see a runner do is GIVE UP! I know it hurts! I know racing is hard! You don't need to tell me. You don't even have to show me. I KNOW! But I also know that working through the pain and struggle is not only possible, it is extremely rewarding. I didn't learn much in the races I felt amazing and ran fast. I learned in the races I felt badly, things weren't going my way, but I dug in and pulled through. That my friends is where the great runners are made!

So next time you feel it coming on, oh and it will, find that manageable gear. Fight through it, and it will turn around. But NEVER...EVER...especially when you have "Davis" on your jersey...give up! 

Murray Invite Results
Varsity Girls
1. Courtney Wayment 18:39
2. Aubrey Argyle 18:47
10. Sam Hedquist 19:30
14. Ally Geisler 19:47
24. Grace Neuenschwander 19:57
32. Abi Waddoups 20:20
44. Jenna Connell 20:34
60. Madeline English 20:58
Team Scores 
1. American Fork 29
2. Davis 51
3. Pine View 120
4. Jackson, WY 181
5. Lone Peak 192

JV (Open) Girls (Some Varsity Teams)
6. Rosie Schraedel 20:50
7. Sarah Waddoups 21:05
8. Emmaline Huntzinger 21:11
12. Maddie Johnson 21:24
13. Sydney Zaugg 21:26
14. Malaree Wood 21:27
16. Sydnee Rayl 21:29
19. Haylee Downey 21:41
28. Sarah Ferrell 22:10
35. Melanie Sullivan 22:19
36. Sara Williams 22:21
42. Alicia Halverson 22:39
46. Hannah Naylor 22:45
54. Anne Hawkins 22:57
56. BriAnna Gipson 23:01
63. Louisa Twitchell 23:08
71. Brianna Clark 23:25
76. Amber Berry 23:38
96. Taylor Davis 23:54
102. Ruby Jane Mathewson 24:04
113. Rachel Clouse 24:16
121. Natalie Olsen 24:28
139. Julia Schraedel 25:02
145. Ally Smith 25:08
215. Autumn Jenkins 27:06
234. Katelyn Hoskins 27:59
Team Scores
1. American Fork 39
2. Davis 46
3. Woods Cross 117
4. Riverton 135
5. Layton 163

Freshman/Sophomore Girls
6. Addy Rich 21:37
13. Jennica Robinson 22:00
27. Ciara Fuller 22:34
33. Jaysi Porter 22:43
37. Krystal Wood 22:56
45. Kate Stuart 23:08
47. Isabella Van Brocklin 23:12
51. Andie Groll 23:16
80. Erin Berry 24:28
104. Makenna Haycock 25:10
110. Cameron Bunch 25:27
131. Beth Richards 26:18
143. Afton Judd 26:50
222. Abbee Davis 33:27
223. Liz Larsen 33:30
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest 49
2. Pine View 77
3. Davis 109
4. Lone Peak 158

Varsity Boys
5. Camren Todd 15:55
11. Colton Rimann 16:09
13. Colter Blanchard 16:19
14. Logan MacKay 16:19
18. Matt Ward 16:30
20. Frasier Williamson 16:31
35. Daniel Tumblin 16:57
36. Bryce Ferguson 16:58
Team Scores
1. Davis 60
2. Ogden 69
3. Lone Peak 148
4. Pine View 158
5. Bonneville 206

JV (Open) Boys (Some Varsity Teams)
1. Seth Stromberg 16:50
2. Devin Jaster 16:50
3. Josh Peters 16:50
4. Jacob Vaughan 16:56
5. Britton Porter 17:04
6. Lance Thornton 17:07
8. Nate Wilde 17:18
10. McKay Treadwell 17:25
11. Zach Moncur 17:26
14. Porter Van Drimmelen 17:33
17. Brigham Halverson 17:37
18. Jason Lang 17:38
21. Adam Hedquist 17:45
23. Josh Wilkinson 17:52
24. Dallin Larsen 17:53
27. Josh Christiansen 18:03
28. Nate Hales 18:06
29. Daniel Harris 18:07
33. Brandon Christensen 18:12
34. Kalvin Stinger 18:13
41. Kelton Johnson 18:34
60. Dallin Kitchen 18:55
74. Kaleb Stinger 19:08
75. Jace Callor 19:09
79. Tyson Datwyler 19:11
83. -- 19:14
86. Jared Winkelman 19:16
89. Branson Petty 19:18
95. Tanner Bilton 19:23
122. Jake Miller 19:38
161. Karson Hugie 20:13
167. Landon Wheeler 20:20
197. -- 20:44
199. Isaak Hugh 20:45
207. David Michelsen 21:04
210. -- 21:08
228. Hayden Vance 21:22
302. Justin Butler 22:49
316. Tom Waite 23:12
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Kearns 132
3. Green River, WY 200
4. Brighton 206
5. Riverton 239

Freshman/Sophomore Boys
4. Derek Thornton 17:42
8. Zach Jenkins 17:54
11. Conner Jones 17:55
12. Cole Weaver 18:04
14. Carson Cox 18:11
18. Nate Sheffield 18:20
19. Nate Iverson 18:21
20. Carson Knight 18:29
22. Spencer Bell 18:32
29. Jared Hogan 18:41
45. Aaron Aposhian 19:15
57. Brandon Manning 19:38
100. Braylon Williams 20:20
105. Mitch Clove 20:22
107. Tyson Peterson 20:23
111. Caden Wheeler 20:26
118. Ethan Nunes 20:35
162. Jack White 21:29
181. Pablo Garcia 21:46
182. Nyle Ferguson 21:46
183. Jess Hyde 21:47
184. Travis Sodja 21:49
187. Alex Michaelis 21:53
211. Jacob Gipson 22:29
240. Jay Eames 23:47
Team Scores
1. Davis 49
2. Pine View 58
3. Jackson, WY 74
4. Mountain Crest 113
5. Bonneville 153

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