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DXC Update - Bob Firman Invite

Darts - 
It was another great weekend at the Bob Firman Invitational in Boise. I want to thank all of you for being well behaved, for giving a great effort on the course, and for making it a fun and successful trip. Also - thanks to all parents who helped out in one way or another. It took a group effort to pull the trip off with 100 athletes, but we made it happen. The best part of the trip were the races. The course change and the heat made it a slower year, but we still put together some awesome performances.
We started the day with one of our strongest team performances in the large school varsity boys race (our boys varsity B team). Even though we were facing mostly A-team runners from other schools, we pulled off a dominating victory by over 60 points. All of the other teams in the top 10 were varsity teams. Josh Peters ran a killer race with 16:26 for 6th place. Britton, Jacob, Daniel, and Brigham also finished in the top 20 to earn backpacks. I loved the way our group ran together through this race! Devin Jaster had an awesome race going and was in 12th place with about 150m to go. He struggled hard and fell at least 3 times over the final stretch. Although it was hard to watch him struggle to the finish line, it was also inspiring to watch his full effort and determination to cross the line. He showed some major heart and guts.
The Elite Girls were up next and had some very tough competition from the U.S. #1 Great Oak (CA) team and the American Fork girls. We put together our best team effort in a big race this season. We finished in 3rd - only 40 points from Great Oak and only 6 points back from American Fork. I thought we showed more toughness and desire than we have in previous races. Courtney had a monster race to get the overall victory in a very talented field with 17:56. Aubrey fought hard to finish 13th. Sam came up big for us in 23rd. Ally and Grace both ran solid for 29th and 35th. It was awesome to have Miah on the course again for her first race this season and a strong 42nd place finish. And Jenna ran tough for 53rd. The girls are finding their direction and focus, and I am very excited for what they are going to accomplish together over the next 3 weeks.
The Elite Varsity Boys did not get out well at the beginning. It resulted in a difficult race on the crowded Bob Firman course. They had a lot of work to do from the very beginning of the race. Despite being way back at the first mile, they nearly moved all the way up and got the victory in an extremely deep field. Our boys matched the girls with a 3rd place finish - Timpanogos had a great race for the victory in 104, Great Oak pulled off 2nd in 106, and we scored 109. Camren led the way again for us, and had one of the strongest races of his career. He moved gradually up to the top pack of about 10 boys, and then covered the late moves and stayed strong through the final hill to pull off 4th place against many of the top runners in the country (3 of the top 5 guys were mentioned in the latest Dyestat top 30 individual rankings). Cam was the top underclassmen in the race. Colter ran an incredible second half of the race to move from about 35th at 1.5 all the way up to 11th at the finish line. He never gave up and really dug deep over the final stretch. Colter was still in 22nd place when he hit the sand for the 2nd time. Colton was solid for us in 28th. Matt Ward ran a similar style to Colter, and moved up from about 60th at half way to 29th at the finish. Frasier also ran strong for 48th. Logan was battling a cold and struggled a bit, but it was nice to see some of his teammates step up their game. I felt like we let one slip away in the elite race. We had a few spots where we could have pulled off the victory. There were some strong performances, but there were also some valuable lessons we needed to learn to be champions later when it really counts. As long as we learn those lessons and come back with more desire and focus, we'll be okay. I know this group has it in them to bounce back from a difficult day!
By the time the large school varsity girls race started, it was getting HOT! Our girls varsity B-Team showed great poise and toughness against a strong varsity field. Abi Waddoups ran the 6th fastest 9th grade time of the day with 20:02 for 17th place (and a back pack). Madeline looked strong in 25th. Haylee, Sydney, Sydnee, Sarah, and Malaree all dug deep and ran with heart to give us an 8th place team finish - with only 1 JV team beating us (AF). 
The JV boys race was hot as well, and we held up very well as a TEAM. It was funny to listen to all the comments as one by one our Davis boys came by. We swept the top 11 places and had 23 of the top 27 places. It was quite the sea of brown. Adam Hedquist had a HUGE race for 1st place and a solid time of 16:50 during the hottest part of the day (would have earned a back pack in the large school race). Randy, Lance, Mckay, and Josh rounded out the perfect score (1-5). We also had a great race from our top freshman, Nate Iverson, in 13th. It was fun watching all of them kick so hard and race very inspired.
The JV girls followed the boys with another perfect score. We were led by a group of freshman at the front with Alicia Halverson taking the lead early and pushing all the way to the finish. Her time of 20:32 would have been top 25 in the large school varsity race. In fact, if we combine our JV girls with the 7 who ran in the large school race, we had the strongest JV team in the meet (ahead of AF). Rosie Schraedel ran great for 2nd place. Autumn Taylor performed awesome for 3rd in her first race of the season (hip injury). Hannah, Maddie, Sara, Melanie, and Sarah rounded out our girls in the top 10. We had 11 girls in the top 20 earn medals. I was so impressed with the teamwork and the toughness in this final race of the day. In the hottest part of the day, they showed a lot of guts.

Davis Results can be seen at the bottom of this email. Full results can be seen on the Bob Firman web site -

Athletes of the Week:
Boys - Camren Todd, Josh Peters, McKay Treadwell
Girls - Courtney Wayment, Alicia Halverson, Hannah Naylor

This Week:
Monday - We will meet briefly in my classroom and head out for a distance run (Parent Teacher Conference).
Tuesday - Morning Run on your own. Afternoon will be a medium/hard day on the course we are racing on Wednesday.
Wednesday - Region Race at Nichols Park (see below)
Thursday - Recovery Run
Friday - Hard Workout TBA
Saturday - On your own.

Region Meet on Wednesday - Nichols Park at 3:30. We are looking for parents to volunteer to bring popsicles for runners from all teams at the finish line. 
Schedule - 
Girls JV - 3:30
Boys JV - 4:00
Girls Varsity - 4:30 (Courtney, Aubrey, Sam, Ally, Grace, Miah, Jenna, Abi, Madeline, Haylee, Alicia, Rosie, Autumn, Sydney, Sydnee, Sarah W)
Boys Varsity - 5:00 (Camren, Colter, Colton, Matt, Frasier, Logan, Bryce, Josh, Britton, Jacob, Danny, Brigham, Seth, Devin, Adam, Nate W).

Remaining Race Schedule:
Wednesday, 9/30 - Region Meet at Nichols Park
Friday, 10/9 - Region Championships at Layton Park
Wednesday, 10/21 - State Championships at Sugarhouse Park

Put everything you have into the final stretch of the season. It is time for the kick. Time for the strong push to the finish. Time to lay it all on the line. Time to hit a big PR. Time to risk. Time to reward yourself for all the hard work with your best performances of the season. Time to Sieze the Day!
Continue to make it about the TEAM - continue to contribute no matter what your role is!
Thanks again!
- Coach Talley

Bob Firman Results
Boys Elite Varsity
4. Camren Todd 15:26.1
11. Colter Blanchard 15:48.4
28. Colton Rimann 16:10.5
29. Matt Ward 16:13.0
48. Frasier Williamson 16:26.9
51. Logan MacKay 16:29.9
76. Bryce Ferguson 16:45.9
Team Scores
1. Timpanogos 104
2. Great Oak (CA) 106
3. Davis 109
4. Lehi 116
5. Lone Peak 175
6. Ogden 214
7. Crater (OR) 236
8. Bozeman (MT) 248
9. North Central (WA) 255

Boys Division I Varsity
6. Josh Peters 16:26.4
8. Britton Porter 16:34.7
9. Jacob Vaughan 16:36.5
19. Daniel Tumblin 16:49.8
20. Brigham Halverson 16:52.9
40. Seth Stromberg 17:14.2
66. Devin Jaster 17:40.9
Team Scores
1. Davis 62
2. Stansbury 125
3. Skyline (ID) 152
4. Timberline 169
5. Hillcrest 228
6. Highland (ID) 237
7. Mountain Crest 242
8. Woods Cross 268

Boys JV
1. Adam Hedquist 16:50.2
2. Nate Wilde 17:02.7
3. Lance Thornton 17:15.2
4. McKay Treadwell 17:19.5
5. Josh Christiansen 17:29.6
6. Jason Lang 17:37.3
7. Nate Hales 17:39.3
8. Connor Jones 17:40.3
9. Derek Thornton 17:42.7
10. Porter Van Drimmelen 17:44.4
11. Kelton Johnson 17:45.7
13. Nate Iverson 17:47.8
14. Daniel Harris 17:49.1
15. Lance Ford 17:54.6
16. Zach Moncur 18:01.7
17. Zach Jenkins 18:04.7
18. Kalvin Stinger 18:06.0
21. Cole Weaver 18:07.3
22. Kaleb Stinger 18:12.0
24. Jared Hogan 18:16.6
25. Carson Knight 18:18.5
26. Dallin Larsen 18:21.2
27. Josh Wilkinson 18:21.5
30. Nate Sheffield 18:28.9
31. Carson Cox 18:29.7
41. Brandon Christensen 18:41.3
43. Branson Petty 18:42.8
45. Mikey Savage 18:43.3
48. Sam Francis 18:45.3
51. Jared Winkelman 18:48.2
53. Spencer Bell 18:50.9
56. Jace Callor 18:54.9
57. Cade Hyde 18:58.7
64. Tyson Datwyler 19:07.5
73. Jake Miller 19:16.6
96. Aaron Aposhian 19:41.7
103. Caden Wheeler 19:48.5
113. Karson Hugie 19:59.1
114. Hayden Vance 19:59.5
131. Tanner Bilton 20:19.4
137. Landon Wheeler 20:27.1
141. Isaak Hugh 20:35.6
163. Nyle Ferguson 20:59.0
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Boise 81
3. Hillcrest 114
4. Eastlake 140
5. Lehi 148
6. Bozeman 148

Girls Elite Varsity
1. Courtney Wayment 17:56
13. Aubrey Argyle 18:47
23. Sam Hedquist 19:07
26. Ally Geisler 19:14
35. Grace Neuenschwander 19:32
42. Miah Weaver 19:45
53. Jenna Connell 19:53
Team Scores
1. Greak Oak (CA) 43
2. American Fork 77
3. Davis 83
4. Bozeman (MT) 158
5. Pine View 182
6. Timpanogos 182
7. Skyline 208
8. Eagle (ID) 227

Girls Division I Varsity
17. Abi Waddoups 20:02
26. Madeline English 20:32
52. Haylee Downey 21:15
68. Sydney Zaugg 21:31
69. Sydnee Rayl 21:31
84. Sarah Waddoups 21:42
95. Malaree Wood 21:53
Team Scores
1. Meridian 94
2. Mountain Crest 133
3. Stansbury 134
4. Timberline 151
5. American Fork 175
6. Ogden 178
7. Jackson 191
8. Davis 224

Girls JV
1. Alicia Halverson 20:32
2. Rosie Schraedel 20:47
3. Autumn Taylor 21:19
5. Hannah Naylor 21:45
7. Maddie Johnson 21:50
8. Sara Williams 21:55
9. Melanie Sullivan 21:55
10. Sarah Ferrell 21:58
14. Rachel Clouse 22:21
17. Jennica Robinson 22:30
21. Anne Hawkins 22:45
22. Addy Rich 22:48
24. Ciara Fuller 22:53
25. Amber Berry 22:55
26. Isabella Van Brocklin 22:56
27. Kate Stuart 23:02
30. Brianna Clark 23:13
31. Jaysi Porter 23:14
33. Ruby Jane Mathewson 23:26
34. Brianna Gipson 23:29
40. Andie Groll 23:38
48. Maggie Smith 23:59
50. Taylor Davis 24:03
51. Krystal Wood 24:04
75. Erin Berry 24:50
117. Ally Smith 27:13
Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Eagle 52
3. Boise 83
4. Hillcrest 105
5. Eastlake 178
6. Lehi 183

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