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DXC - Summer Update - Week 12

Darts - 
It was an awesome final week of the summer. Our TEAM runs were solid - both the distance runs and the Layton Park workout - and the Highland Invite at Sugarhouse showed your toughness, showed that we are learning to race as a TEAM, and showed that your hard work from the summer is paying off. I love feeling that we are finishing the summer strong. We have put in some great base work, and we are ready to get after it this season. I don't know the totals yet, but I do know we are going to shatter the records for summer miles for both the boys and the girls - so send in your final week(s). One thing that I hope each of you learned from this summer is the importance of taking individual ownership over your running - or as Brad said at camp - "make it your dream". I challenge each of you to continue to keep a personal training log - even though you no longer need to email me at the end of each week.
All the important things continue to be crucial as we start the season - getting rest, recovering after workouts and races, eating enough healthy calories for fuel, hydrating properly, learning to push through pain, stretching after runs, core and strength training, and working to get better as a TEAM. The region championships are less than 8 weeks away - every day you can do things to get you ready. Commit to putting your heart into this season and commit to contributing what you can to make the TEAM great. 

Highland Invite: After losing many of our top varsity runners to graduation, our girls still came back and put together some incredible performances. In the freshman/sophomore race, we finished 3rd as a team, but we ran nearly 10 minutes faster on the team time than we did last year. Sarah Waddoups led the way with a very smart race for 2nd. She made it exciting as she just about ran down 1st place and finished only .3 behind. Sarah's time of 19:30 was the #4 freshman in all of the races (including varsity). Our JV girls finished first as a team and were led by Kaitlyn Datwyler (2nd) and Emmaline Huntzinger (4th). One thing I loved about the girls JV race was the way that Sydney Zaugg and Rachel Johnson worked together to move up throughout the race. We also showed a lot of depth, putting 10 girls in the top 60. If our JV girls had been in the varsity race, we would have finished 9th out of about 30 teams. The varsity girls kept our momentum rolling with a strong victory over a very competitive AF girls team. Our team time was 90:44 (9 seconds faster than 2013). Aubrey Argyle led the way for us with a 2nd place finish - Aubrey really showed her toughness as the race went out very fast and the second half took a lot of guts and determination. She stayed patient and didn't give up, and was able to move from 4th to 2nd in the final 400 meters. Sam Hedquist also stepped up big for us finishing 16th in her first varsity cross country race, and Tatum Beard ran extremely well for her first ever cross country race with an 18th place finish. Most of the top girls teams in the state were at the meet. We are going to be challenged by some good teams throughout the season - and we will have to keep working together and believing in each other with each race. 
The boys were dominant in the JV races. The freshman and sophomores put a shellacking on the rest of the field. Matt Ward took the lead early and didn't look back - he won by :17 and was the #11 sophomore in all the races combined. Jacob Vaughn had a killer final mile to move up to 2nd in his debut cross country race. Kelton Johnson, Josh Peters, and Josh Christiansen all ran well to finish in the top 10 as well. Our young boys won by nearly 100 points. For the JV boys, Britton Porter and Mitch Perry moved very well throughout the second half to finish 2-3 and lead a group of 5 boys in the top 9. Our JV boys won by 68 points over Timpanogos. Had the JV group been in the varsity race, they would have finished 12th (ahead of 18 other varsity teams). The varsity boys were short-handed (without Stokton and Colter), and a few boys really stepped up in their absence. Josh Ward ran gutsy as usual to finish 4th with 15:01. Logan MacKay had his typical unbeatable xc finish to move up for 10th - very solid for how sick he has been the past month. Colton Rimann showed his strength with a 13th place finish. Camren Todd really stepped up as our #4 guy with a huge race for 30th. And Solomon, Frasier, and Daniel all ran solid for us in their first invite varsity experience. Although we came up just short of Timpanogos (12 points), I felt good about our efforts and about where we can get this season if we work for it and don't stop believin'.
Great job to all of you who ran. I know it took some courage for some of you - but I hope you learned from your first race. Some ran great races and some of you can do a lot better - the most important thing is to take that race and improve in each race to come. We definitely still have a lot of work in front of us - don't be satisfied - don't get complacent - always strive to get better and to be the best you can be.
The TEAM results are at the bottom of the email. The full results are on 

Athletes of the Week:
Sarah Waddoups - with a very inspiring race and great finishing fight.
Rachel Johnson - for a strong top 10 in the JV and for racing so well with her TEAM.
Jacob Vaughn - killer opening race for 2nd in the freshman/sophomore. 
Mitch Perry - strong comeback after Dart Challenge - great 3rd place finish in JV. 

Eligibility - If it is not done - get it done early this week. That's all I'm going to say about that.

After School Practices - I have attached a schedule of the workouts/races for the next 4 weeks (subject to change). I will also have handouts on Monday after school. We will meet in my classroom every day at 2:45. We will start the workouts as close to 3:00 as possible from the south doors (once the 9th graders arrive). The meetings in my classroom are important for information and instruction. Please be on time. Practice will go until 4:30 or 5:00 depending on the day. We will end practice with abs/core work most days. We are hoping to add a few 9th graders to our roster this week - if you know any junior high kids who like to run and like to be champions - invite them to come and run.
*Bring your workout clothes on Monday - We will also figure out the lockers on Monday and Tuesday. If the seniors, juniors, and varsity sophomores want to bring locks - they will be in the visitor locker room. The rest of the boys will be in the gym locker room. The girls will have the team locker room. 

Upcoming Meets:
Tuesday, 9/2 - Pre-Region at Layton Park (3:30pm)
Friday, 9/5 - USU Invite in Logan (4:00pm)
Wednesday, 9/10 - District Championships at Layton Park (3:00pm)
Saturday, 9/13 - BYU Invite in Provo (8:30am)
*Full schedule is posted on the blog - 

After 12 weeks of summer - your entire coaching staff is really proud of your efforts. I hope all of you are on board going into the season. Good luck with your first week of school. I want to see a bunch of 3.5 (and higher) GPAs this first term. Work hard and be determined in school like you are with running. Never use cross country as an excuse - but always as a motivator. 

Thanks for a great summer! 
~Coach Talley

Girls Freshman/Sophomore
2 Sarah Waddoups          19:30.2
18 Sydney Rayl  21:09.4
26 Jenna Connell              21:36.6
27 Ally Smith      21:36.8
51 Louisa Twitchell           22:21.9
63 Kate Stuart    22:51.3
94 Sara Williams                23:42.8
111 Malaree Wood          24:23.1
125 Ruby Jane Matthewson        24:57.8
221 Julia Call       29:29.5
222 Julia Harle    29:29.9
Team Scores
1. American Fork – 41
2. Timpanogos – 53
3. Davis – 104
4. Mountain Crest – 118
5. Corner Canyon – 138

Girls JV
2 Kaitlyn Datwyler            19:24.6
4 Emmaline Huntzinger 19:39.1
9 Rachel Johnson             20:33.0
11 Sydney Zaugg              20:38.9
37 Hannah Naylor            21:49.0
47 BriAnna Gipson           22:09.1
55 Amber Berry                22:18.8
57 Jordan Barnett            22:21.0
58 Sophie Cottrell            22:22.5
59 Ella Palmer    22:24.1
73 Emma Call      22:48.5
105 Nicole Wood              23:37.0
108 Anne Hawkins           23:41.2
126 Taylor Davis                24:01.1
164 Autumn Jenkins       25:02.6
173 Madi Meyer               25:27.0
Team Scores
1. Davis – 55
2. American Fork – 82
3. Riverton – 114
4. Herriman – 126
5. Jordan – 159

Girls Varsity
2 Aubrey Argyle                17:33.4
9 Miah Weaver 18:01.1
13 Ally Geisler    18:18.0
16 Sam Hedquist              18:24.4
18 Tatum Beard                18:27.7
28 Grace Neuenschwander         18:58.9
34 Josey Hedquist            19:20.5
Team Scores
1. Davis – 47
2. American Fork – 59
3. Jordan – 134
4. Ogden – 148
5. Olympus - 203

Boys Freshman/Sophomore
1 Matt Ward       16:19.5
2 Jacob Vaughn 16:36.2
5 Kelton Johnson             16:52.3
7 Josh Peters     16:58.1
9 Josh Christiansen          17:22.0
12 Lance Ford    17:36.6
15 Jason Boyd    17:38.2
18 Daniel Harris 17:46.0
22 Dallin Kitchen               17:49.6
23 McKay Treadwell        17:50.1
32 Seth Stromberg          17:58.3
35 Brigham Halverson    18:00.1
41 Zach Moncur                18:13.1
43 Porter Van Drimmelen             18:14.8
51 Adam Hedquist           18:23.2
60 Zach Jenkins 18:35.3
69 Cee Brown    18:48.6
80 Devin Jaster  18:58.8
85 Branson Petty              19:00.5
90 Jace Callor     19:02.5
93 Carson Cox    19:09.4
106 Nate Wilde 19:17.3
115 Tyson Datwyler         19:25.8
130 Haden Vance             19:40.5
141 Jacob Gipson             19:52.8
187 Brandon Christensen             20:30.8
200 Karson Hugie             20:41.1
224 Landon Wheeler      21:05.4
235 Derek Thornton        21:16.1
273 Nick Warden              22:10.0
340 Carter Hardy              25:04.4
Team Scores
1. Davis - 24
2. Corner Canyon - 115
3. Stansbury - 146
4. Syracuse - 166
5. Bingham - 177
6. Herriman - 196
7. Timpanogos – 205

Boys JV
2 Britton Porter 16:21.6
3 Mitch Perry     16:22.2
6 Lance Thornton             16:33.8
8 Brandon Peters             16:40.2
9 Bryce Ferguson             16:45.3
31 Dallin Larsen 17:21.3
32 Adam Aposhian          17:22.7
36 Jackson Rayl 17:36.6
49 Jake Welling 17:49.4
60 Nathaniel Neubert    18:04.8
69 Josh Wilkinson             18:13.0
132 Jake Hovley                19:06.3
139 Isaak Hugh  19:10.3
150 Jason Lang  19:19.2
253 Cole Stephenson     21:17.6
257 Jacob Luddington     21:24.7
Team Scores
1. Davis – 28
2. Timpanogos – 96
3. Lehi – 119
4. Bingham – 136
5. Bonneville – 161

Boys Varsity
4. Josh Ward      15:01.5
10. Logan MacKay            15:19.7 
13. Colton Rimann           15:26.3 
30. Camren Todd              15:47.9 
48. Solomon Twitchell    16:14.2 
50. Frasier Williamson    16:16.8 
64. Daniel Tumblin           16:27.2
Team Scores
1. Timpanogos - 86
2. Davis - 98
3. Lehi - 126
4. Ogden - 129
5. Westlake - 148
6. Skyview - 242

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