Sunday, August 10, 2014

DXC Summer Update - Week 10

Darts - 
It's hard to believe that we only have 2 more weeks of summer training and then the summer is gone. I am not trying to get anyone depressed, and I hope that you really enjoy your final two weeks without school - but I also hope that you are very excited about the cross country season. For the most part we have done what it takes to prepare ourselves in the summer - we have put in a solid base as a TEAM, and it makes me excited to see what we can accomplish together. There have been 2 pre-season national polls released at this point, and both our boys and girls are ranked in the top 25 in the country (Girls are #10 and #21) (Boys are #9 and #14). The rankings don't really mean anything yet - except that if we work hard and stay united, we can be among the top teams in the country. We will have our first test on Thursday, August 21st at Sugarhouse Park for the Highland Invitational. Even before school starts, we will begin what I hope will be a legendary season. If you want to see the entire season schedule, it is posted on the blog at - there was a minor change with the USU Invite, it is now on September 5th instead of August 30th. Our invites this year will include Highland, USU, BYU, and Bob Firman. The Region and State championships are in October, and the Nike Regionals are in November. We have a lot of great things to come in the next 4 months. 

Eligibility: We need everyone to take care of their eligibility this week (by Monday, August 18th if possible). I really appreciate you getting it done on time. It is a new process this year - you need to do each of the following:
1. - go to the website and create an account. There are also 3 forms that you and your parents need to sign online (tryout checklist, statement of commitment, and concussion form). You do not need to submit your physical online. 9th Graders also have to turn in the 9th grade participation form. 
2. Physical - Everyone needs to turn in an A-Form directly to me this year. If you turned one in for camp, you don't have to do another one. If you haven't had a physical yet, you can get one at the school on Tuesday this week between noon-2pm for $15. Pay in the office and bring the physical form signed by your parents. The A-Form is attached to this email. 
3. Participation Fee - You can now pay the $90 fee in the office or online (it is the same for every sport). I have added it as a fine for most of you. Let me know if it didn't show up as a fine. 
4. Drug Test Consent Form - At least one parent and the athlete needs to be present at the meeting with vice principal, Rich Firmage on Wednesday (August 13th) at 7:00pm in the stadium bleachers (before we do the 20 x 400m workout). The meeting will only take 10-15 minutes. If you are unable to attend the meeting, there will be a make up opportunity or you can visit Mr. Firmage in the office to get the proper paperwork. Please try to be at the meeting if possible. You only need to do the drug consent form once per year (you won't need to do it again for future sports at Davis for 2014-2015).  

Dart Challenge 5k - Is this Saturday (August 16th) at 8:00am at Barnes Park. I am expecting all of you to run the race if you are in town and you are healthy. If you are injured, you can come and help and support your teammates. It is a fundraiser for the team - and we need at least 150 people there to make it profitable - so please invite family members and friends and neighbors to participate. Any age is welcome to run. You can bring the entry form and the money to practice this week or on the morning of the race. The cost is $20 before Saturday - it goes up to $25 on race day. The all-time list is posted at SET A GOAL going into the race. 

This Week (it is a busy one):
Monday - Vita Course at 7:00am. We are going for our best times of the summer (Fernwood and back). Prepare yourself mentally and physically to really get after our final vita of the summer. The "theme" for the week is Race Bibs - wear one of your favorites if you have one - or make a home-made version. 
Wednesday - Meet at the track at 7:00pm. We will have the drug test meeting right at 7:00pm and then we will have the workout. It will be 12-20 x 400m on the track with music and lights. It is one of my favorite workouts of the year - I hope you all can make it. You will only be expected to do as many as you are ready to handle. 
Thursday - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am - we will be running the Dart Challenge course (revised this year due to construction). We are also having a TEAM shoe/spike night at Wasatch Running Center in Centerville for anyone who is interested (see below). 
Saturday - Meet at Barnes Park at 7:00am. We will warm up as a group at 7:20 for the Dart Challenge.

Spike/Shoe Night - Thursday 6:30pm at Wasatch Running Center in Centerville (316 N. Marketplace Dr - by Target and Walmart). Any of you who would need xc racing shoes or training shoes can come in to the store any time from 6:30-8:00pm. All shoes and apparel will be 20% off for Davis runners and their families. It will be a good time to get a gait analysis if you have never had one (to determine which shoes you should train in). There will be refreshments. I will be there the entire evening. It is optional - you can come if you would like. Cross Country spikes will range from $48-$100 (Saucony Kilkenny - Nike Victory XC).    

Commit yourself to doing your best over the final 2 weeks of the summer. As always, if you have not been as committed as you could have been over the summer or over the past few weeks, there is still time to get some preparation in for the xc season, and it is definitely not too late to be a part of the TEAM for the season. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Stay humble. Stay hungry. 
~Coach Talley

Brad's Corner:
Hopefully coming back from TEAM camp you have a new appreciation for being a part of a TEAM.
My first couple of years in High School I  ran alone. I had no one to train with. But also felt that was the right thing to be doing. I enjoyed running alone. And I was just a 4:30 mile PR guy. When I finally got running with guys a little faster than me my times dropped. It was me running and training with a TEAM. All of them were my competitors. But they made me faster. I ended up beating them. And they were happy for me as I pulled them along.
Put your TEAM first, and make sure they know they are first and they will help you get to the highest of heights.
It is true you need yourself to put in the work, but trust me you can't be your best on your own. That is why World Class athletes have training groups. Mo Farah and Rupp are competitors...and TEAM mates.

Trust in yourself. That is great! You must trust in yourself. But you need to put 100% of your trust in your TEAM and Coaches. You are sitting on a gold mine. Davis XC is an amazing, fine tuned machine. If you put your trust in it and worry about the success of DXC more than the success of Yourself you WILL do amazing things! I would have killed to run for this Davis TEAM.
Every one of you who come out everyday and work your tail off are a huge part of the TEAM's success! Help bring DXC to new heights. And DXC will bring you higher than you ever thought possible. This I promise.

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