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DXC Update - District and BYU

Darts - 
I love what I am seeing from this TEAM. I am seeing unity, unselfishness, toughness, and heart. It was such a fun week to be a part of Davis Cross Country. We have another big week of training and a very important meet at the end of the week (Bob Firman). The season is only 6 more weeks - we need to stay focused and hungry, and we need to continue to work as a TEAM. 

Davis District Championships - The girls made history on Wednesday at Layton Park as we shattered the team time record for the 2.75 mile District course. The old record was from 2008 when we ran 88:03 (17:36 average). On Wednesday, our top 5 girls ran 84:26 (16:53 average). We had a record number of girls under 18:00 (10), and we nearly perfect scored the field. Our girls won with 16 points - followed by Syracuse with 79. The individual champion was Taylor Cox with a time of 16:45 (#2 all-time for the course). Taylor, Aubrey, and Kenzie pulled away late in the race for the 1-2-3 finish. Aubrey set the freshman record time for the course with 16:48. The JV girls finished with a perfect score (15) to win over 2nd place, Syracuse (56). The JV Girls took the top 11 spots and were led by Madi Bledsoe (19:03). 
The boys were nearly as dominant. In the varsity race, we scored 26 points to finish ahead of Woods Cross (73). Skylar Williams finished 2nd with a 14:25, and Josh Ward had a very solid last mile to finish 3rd in 14:31. The JV Boys scored a perfect 15 points and took 16 of the top 20 places in the race. 
As I have said a few times already, our young group is really coming along. If we had only run our freshman and sophomore girls against the other teams, we would have still won the varsity race 33-60. If we had only run our freshman and sophomore boys, we would have barely lost to Woods Cross and Clearfield.
If you would like to see the full results, they are posted on the blog ( I added some new tabs at the top - they are not all complete - but there is one with the links to all the results from this year so far. 

BYU Invitational - It was the DXC show at the BYU Invite on Saturday. We were 1 point away from pulling off the perfect sweep of all 6 races at the Invite. No other team finished with all 6 of their teams in the top 10. 
It would be difficult to go over all of the highlights for the day because there were so many great races. A few things I though we did very well: we ran patiently and really moved up over the 2nd and 3rd mile; we ran with a lot of toughness - when the pain came, we didn't fade and we didn't give up; and for the most part we ran in groups and helped each other out - although I still saw moments where we had a string of Davis runners separated by 10 seconds or less in the middle of the race - running the same pace, but not running together. Some things I think we can work on: Not settling behind packs of other runners who were slowing down and causing us to slow down. 
The Freshman/Sophomore girls finished with 35 points - only 1 point behind our American Fork rivals. We had 3 girls in the top 5 - Ally Geisler (1st), Grace Neuenschwander (4th), and Sam Hedquist (5th). It was a very smart race by Ally as the pace early in the race was a little fast - two girls had pulled away, but Ally and Grace slowly reeled them in over the final mile of the race and then Ally had a monster finish for the win. In the girls JV race, we won by almost 60 points, and we earned our most t-shirts of the day. We had 9 girls finish in the top 30, and we were led by Kaitlyn Datwyler in 5th and Nicole Wood in 6th. In the girls varsity race, we did something that I am not sure I have ever seen at an Invite of this size - we beat the entire field. If all of the other teams were to combine their runners against us, we still would have won 26-29. We finished with 5 girls in the top 9. Aubrey ran such a strong race to pull away in the final mile for the individual win. Taylor worked through the hard middle mile to finish 3rd. Kenzie was patient and moved up very well to cross the line in 5th. Hannah went from 13th to 8th in the final 800m of the race (despite feeling a little sick all morning). And Ashley ran steady (as always) to finish 9th. We are really working well together - and it shows in the efforts and the heart these girls are giving for each other as they race. 
In the boys freshman/sophomore race, we pulled off the victory despite bumping a few of our freshman up to the JV race. Britton Porter led our charge of 5 boys in the top 20 with a 4th place finish, and Matt Ward looked very strong right behind him in 5th. We also had big improvements from Bryce Ferguson, Josh Christiansen, and Zach Moncur. As the day went on, the course got more sloppy (and a little slower); the JV boys did not let that bother them as they put 7 in the top 25. We were led by Matt Hawkins who got the individual victory in 17:34. I thought we had very strong races from Camren Todd, Frasier Williamsen, and Mitch Perry. Matt, Camren, and Frasier were the 4th, 5th, and 6th fastest freshman in the entire meet. In the varsity boys, we were going up against the #2 ranked team in the state and #3 ranked team in the southwest region (Lone Peak). Our boys really stepped up once again and ran a killer TEAM race. Skylar led the way for us in 5th - you could see his determination on the track as he was moving over the final 300m. Josh is getting stronger with every race and finished in 9th. When we had to pull Stokton from the race because of asthma issues, the rest of the TEAM came through - particularly Logan MacKay. Even though this is only his 5th cross country race - he is running like a veteran. He moved up 16 places in the final 1000m of the race - and passed 3 (almost 4) Lone Peak runners in the process - to finish as our 5th scorer. The boys won by 18 over Lone Peak - if Logan had not made that move, we would have tied Lone Peak (and then lost on the tie breaker). 

Freshman/Sophomore Boys:
4. Britton Porter 17:52
5. Matt Ward 17:57
9. Lance Thornton 18:11
16. Adam Aposhian 18:29
17. Bryce Ferguson 18:30
21. Josh Christiansen 18:37
32. Kelton Johnson 19:12
37. Jason Lang 19:19
48. Zach Moncur 19:37
52. Jace Callor 19:42
58. McGyver Clark 19:50
59. Dallin Kitchen 19:50
67. Josh Peters 19:58
73. Jake Welling 20:02
84. Trevor Zimmerman 20:13
86. Jason Boyd 20:18
111. Josh Wilkinson 20:46
119. Brandon Christensen 20:56
151. Branson Petty 21:36
222. Cole Stephenson 23:21
256. Seth Valentine 24:26
*293 Total Runners in the race
Team Scores:
1. Davis 51
2. Lehi 72
3. Desert Hills 94
4. Riverton 153
5. Mountain View 160
6. Westlake 196
*27 Total Teams

JV Boys:
1. Matt Hawkins 17:34
5. Alex White 17:52
8. Camren Todd 17:58
11. Frasier Williamson 18:00
13. Colter Blanchard 18:09
18. Kent Thompson 18:17
23. Daniel Tumblin 18:30
32. Mitch Perry 18:52
33. Jackson Rayl 18:56
36. Tom Moncur 19:04
40. Gavin Sundahl 19:14
41. Zach Wilde 19:18
42. Josh Robinson 19:21
43. JR Oldham 19:24
63. Caleb Gipson 20:00
72. Tanner Horrocks 20:17
75. Brady England 20:19
76. Nathaniel Neubert 20;19
81. Kyle Beech 20:25
90. Josh Haviland 20:35
116. Nate Butterfield 21:05
153. Spencer Rindlisbacher 21:51
171. Blake Garrett 22:08
231. Brigham Valentine 24:23
*271 Total Boys
Team Scores:
1. Davis 30
2. Westlake 71
3. Mountain View 76
4. Orem 130
5. Panguitch 161
6. Wasatch 181
*22 Total Teams

Varsity Boys
5. Skylar Williams 16:35
9. Josh Ward 16:49
22. Colton Rimann 17:06
23. Kimball Potter 17:07
36. Logan MacKay 17:27
68. Ethan Stuart 18:06
*206 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Davis 85
2. Lone Peak 103
3. Desert Hills 125
4. Orem 133
5. Westlake 138
6. Riverton 165
7. Mountain View 166
*27 Total Teams

Freshman/Sophomore Girls
1. Ally Geisler 20:08
4. Grace Neuenschwander 20:16
5. Sam Hedquist 21:01
11. Sara Williams 21:56
15. Sariah Dixon 22:33
22. Sydney Zaugg 22:56
41. Rachel Clouse 23:55
43. Ally Smith 23:56
62. Louisa Twitchell 24:42
85. Amber Berry 25:39
148. Autumn Jenkins 29:02
*177 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. American Fork 34 
2. Davis 35
3. East 115
4. Lone Peak 152
5. Riverton 158
*14 Total Teams

JV Girls
5. Kaitlyn Datwyler 21:37
6. Nicole Wood 21:38
7. Madison Bledsoe 21:47
9. Alex Tanner 21:51
11. Chelsey Johnson 22:13
12. Elise Anderson 22:18
18. Rachel Johnson 23:03
22. Morgan Miller 23:22
26. Sophie Cottrell 23:37
86. Ella Palmer 26:03
*187 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis 37
2. Panguitch 93
3. Orem 97
4. Timpview 131
5. Richfield 157
*15 Total Teams

Varsity Girls
1. Aubrey Argyle 18:43
3. Taylor Cox 19:14
5. Kenzie Weir 19:26
8. Hannah Albrechtsen 19:34
9. Ashley Tyndall 19:36
18. Aimee Vance 19:57
32. Josey Hedquist 20:32
*175 Total Runners
Team Scores:
1. Davis 26
2. American Fork 134
3. Orem 180
4. Lehi 194
5. Mountain View 219
6. Lone Peak 223
7. Riverton 258
*24 Total Teams

Important Items:
Bob Firman Invite - We are going to have a meeting on Thursday (after the workout) for all those going to Bob Firman. Please make sure you can be there. It will probably go from 4:15-4:30. I will have copies of the itinerary at practice tomorrow. Please pay your $110 in the office by Tuesday. Parents, let me know if you have any questions. The race schedule is on the itinerary - and you can also look on their web site for more information ( 

T-Shirts - I would like to put together another order of the brown Davis Cross Country t-shirts for any parents interested in purchasing some. If you would like a shirt, please email me sometime in the next 3 days with the size you would like. If you want a women's size, please indicate, otherwise I will just order the unisex cut. The shirts are $10 each. Athletes - please pay in the office for the ones you picked up (if you haven't already paid) 

Athletes of the Week:
Logan Haviland - for giving so much help this week with filming and other things and for staying so positive and determined during his injury.
Logan MacKay - was definitely a huge difference-maker at the BYU Invite
Matt Hawkins - for trusting his coach and for the JV victory at BYU
Ally Geisler - for the freshman/sophomore victory at BYU and her continued improvement
Kaitlyn Datwyler - for running tough and smart at both races this week
Hannah Albrechtsen - for hanging tough at both races this week and for her great leadership

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