Monday, September 30, 2013

Davis Cross Country Update

Darts - 
Sorry for the delayed update this week. I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation with my wife :) In fact, I am typing this while overlooking the ocean, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the beach. 
Last week was one of my favorite weeks so far this year (they have all been good though). I know we didn't race, but we had some very crucial workouts, and I feel we nailed them as a TEAM. I was a little worried going into the week that we would be mentally tired or slightly worn out from the previous weeks of racing, but instead I saw some hungry, determined runners who were ready to push themselves and put in the work necessary to prepare us for region and state. The hills on Tuesday were killer, but you stayed positive and pushed your limits. The Barnes Park workout was FAST - but you handled it very well and worked well as a TEAM. And from what I have heard, the Saturday run at Vita Course was one of our best ever with 4 girls running around 53:00 (the 4 fastest times ever run by current Davis athletes), and Skylar Williams running the #3 all-time mark with 2 other boys running in our top 10 all-time marks ( I wish I could have been there. 
It was a very important week, and I thank you all for trusting me and for putting the necessary work in. It will pay off as we finish our season with some very big races. 

This week we get back into race mode. On Wednesday we ARE going to go the Viewmont Open Region Meet - although we are holding back just a little bit. The first 2 miles of the race are going to be very controlled - and the final mile of the race will be a little faster. Then on Friday we are going to compete at the Westlake Invitational at Westlake High School. The competition looks to be very strong at the Westlake meet. 

Viewmont Race - The race will be held at Bountiful Pond. To get there - head south on Legacy Hwy until 500 South exit. Off the exit, turn to the right and follow the road down to the pond which will be on your left. I don't know the course very well, but I do know that you should not have your spikes in your racing shoes. Here is the schedule:
1:30 - excused from class
1:45 - Bus leaves
3:30 - Girls JV
4:00 - Boys JV
4:30 - Girls Varsity - Taylor, Aubrey, Hannah, Kenzie, Ashley, Aimee, Sierra, Josey, Ally, Miah, Sam, Grace, Chelsey
5:00 - Boys Varsity - Skylar, Josh, Colton, Kimball, Stokton, Logan M., Ethan, Matt H., Alex W., Colter, Daniel T, Camren, Kent, Britton, Brandon P.
6:00 - Back to the school

Westlake Invitational - In Saratoga Springs
1:30 - Excused from School
1:45 - Bus Leaves
4:00 - Girls JV
4:30 - Boys JV
5:00 - Girls Varsity
5:30 - Boys Varsity
*We can run 7 in the varsity races - I have not determined who the 7 will be in each race at this point. 

Other Items:
Seniors who plan/hope to run in college - you need to start your eligibility process by going to the NCAA Eligibility Center and registering. The web site is There is a fee involved, but if you have any thoughts about running in college, this is a step you need to take before you can be recruited. It will also help you make sure you do all the things you need to in order to be eligible. 
2014 XC Camp - Will be from July 28-August 1 (I have had people ask already). 
NXN Southwest Regionals - We will be able to take between 48-50 athletes. We will leave on Thursday, November 21 and return on Sunday, November 24. I will email out the itinerary when I get back to my school computer. It lists the hotels where we will be staying. 

I hope the 400s went well today. I am excited to be back with you in a few days. 
Stay hungry. Stay strong.
Coach Talley

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