Sunday, September 1, 2013

DXC Update - September 1

Darts -
Great job of running during the first week of school. For some reason, it is always one of the more challenging weeks of the year - I think because of the transition into school and the fact that we are not used to the 90+ degree heat. Despite the challenges, I thought the week went very well for the TEAM, and I am especially pleased with the mile repeats on Tuesday and the Barnes Park workout on Friday. It looks to be really HOT again this upcoming week - and it will be very important to prepare for it (hydrate!!!)

It is sometimes easy to lose your focus and perspective with running. While competing/winning is definitely one aspect of what we do, I want each of you to know that there are more important things that come from running. I hope that none of you get too caught up in comparing yourself to anyone else on this team or any other team. If you are focusing on others too much, you are either going to get arrogant or you are going to get discouraged. The only comparing I want you to do is between you and what you can become as a runner (or a person). Are you giving your best effort in the workouts (regardless of how fast anyone else is running)? Are you preparing mentally and physically the best you can? Are you racing all the way through the finish line to really prove yourself? I want it to be the same on a TEAM level as well - sure, we are trying to beat the teams we race - but most importantly, what is our BEST? If we give our very best and lose, I will walk away satisfied and proud. If we give less than our best and somehow win, I will still want to see more from you as a TEAM. We have said it many times (I thought Brad said it extremely well at camp while talking about his accident): running is about being the best you can be, not about being the fastest person in the race. That is one of the things that I love most about running - it challenges each of us on an individual and personal level. So - even if you have goals to be a scoring JV runner or make varsity or finish all-state in October - hold on to the most important perspective you can have with running - being your own personal best. Approach each race with a goal and a plan to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of.  

We have 3 very busy weeks in front of us. This week we have the Pre-Region Meet on Tuesday and the Murray Invite on Friday. Next week we have the District Championships on Wednesday and BYU on Saturday. And the following week we are taking 50 members of the TEAM to Boise, ID for the Bob Firman Invitational. Everything we do during these 3 weeks will affect the rest of our season. Show up to each practice and each race with a positive attitude - ready to make yourself and your TEAM better. Make sure you are taking care of yourselves and getting the nutrition and the rest that you need. Make sure you are stretching after we run, doing your abs, and icing (when there is ice available and when you need it).

Coming Up:
Monday - Practice at the school at 7:00am. If we have enough drivers, we might go to the Ogden River Parkway for a 6-8 mile run. If not, we will do the same distance from the school. 
Tuesay - Pre-Region @ Layton Park: The race is 2 miles. We will be working out together after the boys varsity (you are all expected to stay for the workout). We should be done about 5:30. You are all excused at 1:30 (Junior High excused list will say 1:20). The bus will leave the school at 1:45. If you have to stay in class - please get to Layton Park ASAP after school. I want everyone there at 3:00 if possible. 
Here is the schedule:
3:45 - Boys JV
4:05 - Girls JV and Varsity together
4:30 - Boys Varsity - Skylar Williams, Stokton Smith, Josh Ward, Colton Rimann, Kimball Potter, Ethan Stuart, Daniel Tumblin, Logan MacKay, Brandon Peters, Matt Hawkins, Kent Thompson, Tom Moncur.
Friday - Murray Invitational @ Murray Park: I will send out another email with more information (including what race everyone will compete in). Here is the schedule for the day - 
1:45 - Excused from class
2:00 - Bus will leave
4:00 - Rookie Girls
4:10 - Rookie Boys
4:45 - JV Girls
4:55 - JV Boys
5:30 - Varsity Girls
5:40 - Varsity Boys
6:00 - Awards
7:00 - Back to the school

Wednesday, September 11 - District Championships @ Layton Park
Saturday, September 14 - BYU Invite @ BYU
Friday-Saturday, September 20-21 - Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, ID. I will post the official invite list for the Bob Firman trip on Wednesday this week. We will be able to take 50 athletes on the trip. The invites will be determined by 1) performance, 2) commitment to practices, 3) seniority. The cost of the trip will be $110 (due by Tuesday, September 17). If you are one of the athletes who received a survey, please get that turned into the office by Tuesday (September 3rd). Thanks.

Let me know if you have any questions. 
Keep having fun and running hard.
Coach Talley

PS - The cross country season is officially underway. Everyone in the state has raced. The 2 biggest races so far were the Highland Invite (August 22) and the Grass Relays (August 31). Here are the state rankings up to this point:
1. American Fork (5A)
2. Lone Peak (5A)
3. Bingham (5A)
4. Davis (5A)
5. Timpanogos (4A)
6. Riverton (5A)
7. Orem (4A)
8. Ogden (4A)
9. Westlake (5A)
10. Stansbury (4A)
1. Davis (5A)
2. Bingham (5A)
3. Timpanogos (4A)
4. Park City (3A)
5. Maple Mountain (4A)
6. Skyline (4A)
7. American Fork (5A)
8. Ogden (4A)
9. Mountain Crest (4A)
10. Jordan (5A)

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