Saturday, September 29, 2012

DXC Update - September 29

Darts - 
I felt like this was one of our best weeks of the season. We worked really hard, our JV TEAM killed it at the Syracuse meet, and our varsity boys and girls continued to show progress. For the varsity, the 400s on Tuesday and the workout at Sugarhouse Park on Thursday were two of the strongest workouts I have ever seen - especially coming off of Bob Firman last Saturday and the Vita Course on Monday. It was great to see you challenging yourselves and pushing your teammates. That is the kind of determination and teamwork that we need to finish the season with. 
For the JV TEAM, I was so impressed with the way you raced at Syracuse. We ran patient and confident, we worked together in each of the four races, and we beat the varsity teams from all of the other five schools in our region. A year ago, we did the same thing (pulled our varsity), and our boys took 3rd behind Syracuse and Weber with a top 5 team time of 88:40. This year our boys finished 1st with 28 points (Syracuse was 2nd with 69 and Fremont 3rd with 74), and our top 5 team time was 86:29 (Josh 16:58, Matt 17:06, Ryan Lee 17:23, Ethan 17:24, and Kimball 17:26). We have 25 boys who would make varsity on any other team in the region. The girls were also dominant. A year ago, the girls finished 2nd behind Weber and ran 1:46.34 for our top 5 team time. This year our girls won with 44 points (Weber was 2nd with 59 and Syracuse 3rd with 72), and our top 5 team time was 1:43.03 (Madi 20:02, Michaela 20:44, Hannah 20:45, Katie 20:45, Sadie 20:47). We have 27 girls who would make the varsity on any other team in our region. Full results from the meet at Syracuse can be found at 
I was also very pleased with the workout on Friday at Heritage Park. Even though the varsity was not there, the rest of you stepped up and ran some very impressive times. I am excited to see you pr again at Barnes Park this week.

With only 3 races left, it is time to be as focused as ever. I hope that each of you are preparing yourselves to pr over the final races of the season. Make sure you are getting sleep, eating right, stretching, and staying positive. All three of our remaining races (Barnes Park, Region, and State) are 3.0 miles. It is also crucial for us to be unified and for our seniors and our other leaders to step up and really set the example of excellence over the final few weeks. 

Athletes of the Week:
Hannah Albrechtsen - for a great race at Syracuse (season best) and for staying positive and determined through some challenges. 
Madi Bledsoe - for her awesome race at Syracuse (20:02) - 2nd place varsity!
Trevor Fry - for his solid win in the JV race at Syracuse (18:17)
Josh Robinson - for a great race at Syracuse and for continuing to be one of our most improved from last season. 

Barnes Park Meet - Wednesday, October 3. We will not excuse you from school. Just get over to Barnes Park ASAP after school (no later than 3:00). Here is a map of the course - We will probably do war paint again.
3:45 - Boys JV
4:15 - All Girls
4:45 - Boys Varsity
*We would like to provide popsicles for all runners (not just from our team) so if any parents could volunteer to bring about 2 dozen again, that would be great. Just let me know if you can. Thanks.
*If there are any parents who would like to help direct the runners on the course - please let me know. I need a few helpers.

Region Championships - Wednesday, October 10 @ Layton Park - Schedule to come. 

State Championships - Wednesday, October 17 @ Sugarhouse Park - Schedule to come. 

Long Sleeve Shirts - should be done at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Sorry for the delay, the girls shirts were on back order (so we can just blame the girls). If you have not yet paid, please pay in the main office before you pick up your shirt. Thanks.

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