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DXC Update - Murray Invite

Darts - 
It was a very busy first week of school - 

Pre-Region Meet - I thought the TEAM looked very strong in the pre-region meet on Tuesday. We ran well as a TEAM - and we saw a lot of good improvement over the Grass Relays. We won with a perfect score on both the boys and the girls sides (Fremont and Weber were missing). You can see the full results from Pre-Region at

Murray Invitational - We had a lot of positive performances on Friday at the Murray Invite. It was our first real cross country 5k of the season, and I was excited about the way the TEAM performed for the most part. Our rookie girls started out the day with some solid first races - Kaitlyn Datwyler finished 10th. Our rookies boys dominated - I know we had some juniors in there, but they were rookies. We had 5 of the top 7 finishers in that race and won by 80 points. Matt Hawkins, Logan Haviland, and Bryce Ferguson finished 1-2-3. The JV girls had a perfect score by placing 1-5, and we had 9 of the top 10 girls in the race - led by Chelsey Johnson, Kenzie Weir, and Josey Hedquist finishing 1-2-3. The JV Boys also finished with a perfect score of 15 - and had 10 of the top 17 runners. Stokton Smith and Taylor Goldsberry pulled away from the pack to finish 1-2. They both would have been in the top 50 of the varsity race with their times. The Varsity Girls finished strong against 6 of the top 7 teams in the state. Ellie Child and Shea Martinez were a great 1-2 punch with their 2nd and 3rd place finishes (in very fast times), and Joanna Boyd (11th) led our pack of 5 more girls in the top 24. The American Fork girls finished 2nd and they look to be our strongest competition in 5A. The Varsity boys also came away with a win - but just barely - against a very much improved Bonneville team. We won on a 6th man tie breaker (good thing that Jackson and Seth stayed tough in the race). It was one example where the 6th man became just as important as any in the top 5. We may not have had our strongest race on the boys side - but I thought we fought well in a race that did not seem to be going our way. We didn't give up. However - we can run much stronger if we run as ONE.
Overall, it was an incredible day that was dominated by DXC. There was not another team with anywhere close to as many medals as us, and we are looking very strong - both our experienced runners and our young runners. We need to keep working and keep improving and keep running as a TEAM. Over the next few weeks, each of you will have an opportunity to see if you can run even stronger. I put the Davis results at the bottom of this email. The full Murray Invite results can be found at

Parents Night - Thanks for coming on Thursday night. It was a great opportunity to listen to one of our most successful graduates. Jared Ward did a great job, and I hope that each of you took something from it. I really liked how he talked about taking positive things from workouts and races and using those to build on. He recommended taking 3 positive things for every 1 thing you feel you can work on. I think we should evaluate our races that way. I also liked how he talked about being ONE as a TEAM in everything. I would like to see us race and train as ONE throughout the rest of the season and genuinely look out for each other and be excited for each other. 

Carwash - Thanks for helping out at the car wash. Thanks for selling your tickets (if you did) - I know that we didn't give you very much time to do so. Good job by Joe Bailey for selling 26 tickets all on his own. We did a good job raising money - and I think the Kids with Cancer Christmas Foundation will be very grateful. I am going to post some pictures on our blog.

Athletes of the Week:
Taylor Goldsberry - for 2 very fast races this week - including a killer race at pre-region finishing 4th.
Tanner Horrocks - for his huge improvement over a year ago
Stokton Smith - for a great win in the JV Boys with the 6th fastest sophomore time at the meet.
Michaela Uresk - for coming on strong in both races this week after working through a stress fracture at the start of the summer.
Ellie Child - for a very strong 2nd place finish at Murray.

Coming Up:
Monday's Workout - be ready for a very hard workout. We are actually going to go to Barnes Park for 800m repeats
District Championships - we will be excused from school at 1:45 for the District Championships at Layton Park. I will send out the schedule tomorrow when I get it. There is an 'open' race at the end of the meet for anyone who would like to run (siblings, parents, friends, coaches). 
BYU Invite - The varsity boys and girls will race on Friday night at Cascade Golf Course in Orem (by the mouth of Provo Canyon). We will take a bus down after school. We are only taking one bus - but I would like to fill it with those of you who would like to come down and watch. Everyone else will race on Saturday morning on the BYU campus course (by the track). We will be taking 2 buses down on Saturday morning, and I would like for the varsity to come down and support/cheer/help. I will also be sending out more information about this meet in a few days. 
Bob Firman Surveys - If you received one, please turn those in to the main office on Monday or Tuesday. Do not bring them to me. I will be handing out the itinerary on Monday after school. And we will be trying to finalize who will be going. If you were on the invite list, but you cannot attend, please let me know. 

Rookie Girls - 
10. Kaitlyn Datwyler  21:55
41. Tiahna Cipriano  23:58
62. Sydney Zaugg  24:52
68. BriAnna Gipson  25:01
70. Addison Martin  25:04
148. Ella Palmer  27:29
*282 Total Runners
*Finished 7th as a TEAM

Rookie Boys - 
1. Matt Hawkins  17:50
2. Logan Haviland  18:00
3. Bryce Ferguson  18:07
6. Brandon Peters  18:23
7. Andrew Tyndall  18:23
19. Kent Thompson  18:49
21. Daniel Tumblin  18:50
27. Colton Rimann  19:06
29. Gavin Sundahl  19:18
124. Nathaniel Neubert  21:37
127. Adam Aposhian  21:39
182. Kyle Beech  22:41
251. Brigham Valentine  24:15
*333 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 19 Davis
2. 98 Weber
3. 153 Mountain Crest

JV Girls - 
1. Chelsey Johnson  19:57
2. Kenzie Weir  19:58
3. Josey Hedquist  19:59
4. Aimee Vance  20:06
5. Sierra Graham  20:18
7. Michaela Uresk  20:38
8. Sierra Haslam  20:56
9. Katie Frandsen  20:56
10. Madi Bledsoe  20:58
15. Sadie Hutchinson  21:24
16. Elise Anderson  21:35
18. Nicole Wood  21:41
27. Shaylee Argyle  22:15
36. Nalany Resek  22:40
51. Hannah Albrechtsen  22:59
53. Sophie Cottrell  23:01
*297 Total Runners
Team Scores -
1. 15 Davis
2. 77 Skyline
3. 106 Mountain Crest
4. 121 Park City
5. 145 American Fork

JV Boys - 
1. Stokton Smith  16:48
2. Taylor Goldsberry  16:52
3. Ryan Lee  17:19
4. Josh Ward  17:19
5. Sam Haws  17:21
7. Ethan Stuart  17:44
12. Ryan Tanner  17:57
13. Kimball Potter  17:57
14. Alex White  17:57
17. Devin Farnsworth  18:01
23. Isaac Clouse  18:13
29. Mitch Perry  18:22
37. Joe Bailey  18:39
42. Tommy Moncur  18:44
57. Trevor Fry  19:01
61. Jackson Rayl  19:07
73. Josh Martineau  19:21
88. Caleb Gipson  19:30
94. Blake Garrett  19:34
97. Zach Wilde  19:36
106. JR Oldham  19:45
152. Tanner Horrocks  20:18
175. Brady England  20:30
176. Josh Robinson  20:30
*429 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 15 Davis 
2. 79 Mountain Crest
3. 87 Mountain View
4. 122 Bonneville

Varsity Girls - 
2. Ellie Child  18:24
3. Shea Martinez  18:28
11. Joanna Boyd  19:08
17. Ashley Tyndall  19:27
20. Madi Garlock  19:35
21. Kami Dixon  19:36
24. Mikell Wood  19:44
*226 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 53 Davis
2. 98 American Fork
3. 118 Orem
4. 119 Skyline
5. 124 Mountain Crest
6. 177 Park City
*31 Total Teams

Varsity Boys - 
9. Brayden Cromar 16:01
10. Alex Hedquist  16:08
20. Andrew Aposhian 16:25
22. Skylar Williams  16:28
27. Hayden Hansen  16:37
58. Jackson Sagers  17:09
59. Seth Thompson  17:09
*259 Total Runners
Team Scores - 
1. 86 Davis
2. 86 Bonneville
3. 136 Mountain View
4. 216 Riverton
5. 239 Sky View
*37 Total Teams

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