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DXC Update - Bob Firman

Darts - 
We had another successful trip to Boise for the Bob Firman Invitational. It was fun to get away, and I felt that there were a lot of positive things to take from the races and from the trip. I like that we are continuing to grow and develop unity and excitement as a TEAM, I feel that we are still learning to race and making progress, and I was excited about the number of prs and season bests that we saw on a course that can be very challenging. 
We started off with a solid performance from our JV boys in the Division I Varsity boys race. Sam Haws led the way with a time of 16:51 (a big pr). Sam finished 14th and earned himself a Nike backpack for being top 20. Josh Ward, Matt Hawkins, and Ryan Lee worked very well together to move up from about 150th at the mile to top 50 by the end of the race. Our boys finished 3rd place and earned one of the coveted Bob Firman shoe trophies. A lot of our young runners got to experience what it is like to run in an extremely crowded race, as there were 42 teams and well over 300 runners on a tight course. I thought we could have shown a little more confidence in our start, but I was very pleased with the way we worked our way up through the pack over the second half of the race - usually in groups of 2-4 Davis runners moving well together. 
The Girls Elite Varsity race was next. We looked solid from the start. Shea and Ellie positioned themselves perfectly with the lead pack and ran patient and controlled over the first lap of the race. Our 3-7 runners didn't get out quite as well, but followed Joanna and Chelsey as they moved up into the top 30 and put our TEAM in a position to win. Shea made a great move with just over a half mile to go and finished 3rd with a time of 18:13 (the best time from a Davis girl in the 7 years we've been going to Bob Firman). Ellie also finished strong with 18:25 (6th place). Joanna fought hard to get in the top 20. After finishing 21st a year ago (1 spot out of the backpacks), she really had to dig deep over the final 400m to pull off the 19th place finish. Joanna's time of 19:11 this year would have placed her 14th last year (the competition is getting stronger). Joanna shows her toughness and determination over and over again. Chelsey, Mikell, Madi, and Ashley all finished in the top 40 with times under 19:40. Our depth has been incredible for us this season. I like the way we ran as a TEAM, and I like the way our girls fought hard through the middle of the race. I feel like we can still finish even stronger, and I feel like we can be more confident in starting a little faster. 
The Boys Elite Varsity Race had some of the toughest teams in the U.S. Three of the top six teams from last year's Nike Nationals were in the race - Davis (3rd), Arcadia (4th), North Central (6th). All 3 teams are currently ranked in the top 10 in the U.S. Plus there were many other teams in the race who were gunning for these top 3 teams. Although we finished 4th, and were frustrated with the way we raced, we are still making progress and figuring things out. We have had some unexpected adversity through the first half of the season. But we are by no means giving up. We are growing as a TEAM, and we are figuring things out as a TEAM, and we are going to keep working and keep believing as a TEAM. We know we are better than we showed at Bob Firman, and we are going to use our loss as something to learn from and something to inspire us to give a little more when we race. We did end with 6 boys under 16:40 (the most we have ever had at Bob Firman). We were led by Brayden Cromar's 15th place finish in 16:02 (many years in the past, that time was good enough for top 5). We also had a great race from sophomore Stokton Smith in his first varsity race - he finished 4th for us in 16:36. 
We ended the day with our JV girls tearing it up in the Division I Varsity girls race. The only team that beat us definitely should have been in the Elite race. We finished 2nd to the Mountain Crest varsity team. Our girls got out well, and worked well as a TEAM. In the end, Taylor Cox had her best race of the season with a 20:13 - which placed her 14th. She was followed by Aimee Vance (16th) and Sierra Graham (18th). Our 5th runner - Sierra Haslam - ran very tough on a painful blister to help us get the 2nd place finish over many solid varsity teams. Our group of Michaela, Katie, Madi, and Sadie also moved up very well together through the race. I also thought our young girls (Nicole, Kaitlyn, Sophie, BriAnna, and Sydney) did well in their first varsity experience.  
And then we made it home for part of the Homecoming Dance - which I hope went well. I want to thank those who helped us out with the trip - The Williams, The Butterfields, Coach Timothy, Brian Garlock, Devin Lang, Kat Pendleton, Jill Hedquist, and my wife - Stefanie. And I want to thank each of the athletes for making it an enjoyable and entertaining and worthwhile trip. Let's make the rest of the season fun and exciting, and let's show our toughness and our TEAMwork over the final races of the year. I challenge you each to risk a little bit in workouts and races over the next 2 weeks. Let's finish with all we have - and let's end the year without any regrets! 

Athletes of the Week:
Shea Martinez
Taylor Cox
Sam Haws
Nate Butterfield

Magician of the Week:
Devin Lang (great 3rd place finish in your card game - good luck on your mission)

Baker of the Week:
Katherine Pendleton (great cookies, Kat!)    

Coming Up:
Our final 4 races of the season are all 3.0 miles and fall on the next 4 Wednesdays (we will not be attending any meet this weekend):
Wednesday, 9/26 - @ Syracuse - only the JV will be competing.
Wednesday, 10/3 - @ Barnes Park (our home course) - races will begin at 3:30. 
Wednesday, 10/10 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - races begin at 3:00.
Wednesday, 10/17 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park

Here are the Davis results from Bob Firman - copied and pasted from their site ( . . . 
Division I Boys 5k Varsity - 
14   Haws, Sam                Davis  16:51.70     14
31   Sagers, Jackson          Davis  17:17.88     30
41   Ward, Josh               Davis  17:24.08     40
48   Hawkins, Matt            Davis  17:30.20     47
51   Lee, Ryan                Davis  17:32.54     50
102   Stuart, Ethan            Davis  18:01.40     100
124   Ferguson, Bryce          Davis  18:13.18     122
125   Potter, Kimball          Davis  18:13.30      
137   Tanner, Ryan             Davis  18:17.00      
143   Moncur, Tom              Davis  18:20.03      
144   Clouse, Isaac            Davis  18:20.06      
159   White, Alex              Davis  18:25.61      
166   Tyndall, Andrew          Davis  18:28.23      
175   Thompson, Seth           Davis  18:33.10      
180   Haviland, Logan          Davis  18:36.55      
182   Thompson, Kent           Davis  18:36.81      
190   Peters, Brandon          Davis  18:42.58      
205   Perry, Mitch             Davis  18:51.02      
208   Oldham, J.r.             Davis  18:51.97      
240   Butterfield, Nathan      Davis  19:16.16      
244   Fry, Trevor              Davis  19:17.71      
245   Wilde, Zach              Davis  19:18.10      
246   Garrett, Blake           Davis  19:18.42      
249   Tumblin, Daniel          Davis  19:20.53      
251   Gipson, Caleb            Davis  19:23.12      
285   Rayl, Jackson            Davis  20:10.85      
291   Horrocks, Tanner         Davis  20:22.89      
296   Robinson, Josh         Davis  20:46.22   
Team Scores - 
1. North Central JV - 80
2. Woods Cross - 179
3. Davis -181
4. Rocky Mountain, ID - 197
Mens 5k Varsity Elite
15   Cromar, Brayden          Davis  16:02.40     13
24   Hedquist, Alex           Davis  16:19.14     18
41   Hansen, Hayden           Davis  16:33.60     32
48   Smith, Stokton           Davis  16:36.23     39
49   Aposhian, Andrew       Davis  16:37.07     40
50   Williams, Skylar         Davis  16:38.00     41
71   Goldsberry, Taylor       Davis  17:00.82     61
Team Scores
1. North Central - 47
2. Arcadia - 127
3. Herriman - 141
4. Davis - 142
5. Ogden - 144
6. Mountain View - 156
7. Seattle Prep - 200
Womens 5k Division I
14   Cox, Taylor              Davis  20:13.55     14
16   Graham, Sierra           Davis  20:22.03     16
18   Vance, Aimee             Davis  20:29.28     18
23   Hedquist, Josey          Davis  20:36.19     23
46   Haslam, Sierra           Davis  21:07.35     45
52   Uresk, Michaela          Davis  21:15.21     50
62   Frandsen, Katie            Davis  21:22.82     60
66   Bledsoe, Madison         Davis  21:26.28      
67   Hutchinson, Sadie        Davis  21:26.31      
92   Datwyler, Kaitlyn        Davis  21:50.45      
98   Wood, Nicole             Davis  21:55.06      
99   Albrechtsen, Hannah    Davis  21:55.08      
151   Argyle, Shaylee          Davis  22:54.14      
172   Cottrell, Sophie         Davis  23:11.72      
185   Resek, Nalany            Davis  23:25.90      
195   Gipson, BriAnna          Davis  23:37.38      
196   Zaugg, Sydney            Davis  23:38.13  
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest - 27 
2. Davis - 116
3. Timberline - 139    
Womens 5k Varsity Elite
3   Martinez, Shea           Davis  18:13.43     2
6   Child, Ellie             Davis  18:25.10     4
19   Boyd, Joanna             Davis  19:11.74     14
29   Johnson, Chelsey         Davis  19:22.58     22
31   Wood, Mikell             Davis  19:25.36     23
32   Garlock, Madison         Davis  19:25.69     24
39   Tyndall, Ashley          Davis  19:36.08     29
Team Scores - 
1. Davis - 65
2. Park City - 108
3. Skyline - 130
4. Rocky Mountain - 130
5. Orem - 137
6. Ogden - 143
7. Lehi - 166
8. Bingham - 194

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