Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Update - June 9

Darts - 
First off - Brad Nye just finished his race at the Adidas Dream Mile in New York City. His whole goal was to go and run FAST, regardless of place. He finished 9th with a 4:04.46 (which converts to a 4:03.04 for the 1600m). His previous best was 4:08.80 from Arcadia. This now makes Brad the #1 Utah boy miler ever! And it ranks him among the top U.S. milers in history. Way to make us all proud, Brad!

Summer training week one is in the books. I know that we only met as a TEAM two times, but I have a good feeling about this summer and about this TEAM. We had great turnouts on Monday and Thursday. It is evident that our returning runners are ready to put in the work that it takes in the summer to be great in the fall, and our new runners are showing a lot of excitement and promise for the future - and I already see that we have a few new tough kids on this TEAM. For those of you who may have missed our practices the first week, we will be meeting next week on Monday at the Vita Course at 7:00am and on Thursday at Davis High at 7:00am. Plan on a solid run at Vita on Monday and a game of steal the flag or coach catch on Thursday. 

One of the things I want to see everyone working on this summer is becoming a TEAM. Get to know each other, learn names, encourage one another, have fun at the practices, and work towards being unified. This is something that every runner on a TEAM can work on - no matter how fast. Take the opportunity to meet new people and to make friends. The girls had a breakfast run yesterday, and I think they have more girl breakfast runs planned - watch for an email or a facebook message from Joanna. With a TEAM as large as ours, one of our biggest obstacles will be finding a way to be unified. I hope that each of you will make an effort to make this a fun TEAM with a lot of togetherness and friendships. 

Make sure that you are mixing things up. Don't run the same course every day. Try to find new places to run - and try to vary the terrain. It is nice to be running on dirt and grass - maybe throw in a few loops around a park if you run by. Try to make your running adventurous (I am not saying break any laws). And don't be afraid to push yourself and feel some pain. If you get out on a run and you find yourself feeling good - push the pace. Try to teach your body a faster pace than what you are used to, and have fun while you work hard.

I expect to see about 120 emails by the end of tomorrow with your running reports for the week. With the numbers we have starting this summer, our overall summer records for mileage are in jeopardy. If we work hard and work together, we could beat the record for both the boys and the girls (Boys = 18,098; Girls = 12,821). And remember not to increase your mileage too quickly - about 4-6 miles per week. Consistency is one of the major keys to improving (no zeroes). 

Kick-off Camp - I will hand out fliers for the kick off camp next week. The dates are Thursday-Friday, June 21-22.
High Altitude Camp - I will send out an email with all of the details about high altitude camp next week. At this point, I am looking for a couple of parents who might be interested in coming up for the week (or part of the week) to help with chaperoning and cooking. The dates of High Altitude Camp are July 30-August 3. 

Let me know if you have any questions - 
Happy Running
Coach Talley

ps. If some of you found that the first week was VERY challenging for you - remember to be patient and remember that your biggest victory will be to conquer yourself. It is good to seek after things that challenge you and that will make you stronger.

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