Sunday, August 28, 2011

Season Update #1 - Grass Relays

Darts -
It is nice to get the season started with a successful showing at the Grass Relays yesterday. Although it was quite hot throughout the morning, we had some very strong early season times. Both our boys and our girls finished up the varsity relay (5 x 2 miles) with 2nd place finishes in a very strong field on both sides. The boys ran our fastest TEAM time in 9 years of running the relays. We finished with a time of 53:53 - which also ranks us in the top 10 team times ever run on the course. We finished 2nd to American Fork (52:48) who looks stronger than expected. We will also see some good competition from the Mountain View team who finished 3rd in 54:31. The boys JV team looked strong and gained the victory in the Junior/Senior division, but we would have been a close 2nd to American Fork in the JV races if they had been combined (also to A.F.). Our boys were led by Preston (5th overall), Brad (6th overall), and Cromar (15th overall). We also had strong JV performances by Allred (2nd in the junior/senior), and Logan (5th in the junior/senior). All of the times are listed at the bottom of this email.
The girls finished with a time of 65:44 to finish 2nd by about :30 behind a very strong Skyline team. It was a very positive start for our girls in both the Varsity and the JV races. We had 16 girls run under 14:00 - our previous most was 11. If we combine our 5 best times of the day, we are right behind the time our state championship TEAM ran a year ago. The girls would have won both of the JV races as well - with 5 of the top 18 places in the freshman/sophomore race, and 8 of the top 21 in the junior/senior race. Our girls were led by Shea (5th overall) and Ellie (9th overall). We also had great performances by Ashley (winning junior/senior), Kami (5th in the junior/senior), and Aimee-Hannah-Chelsey (who finished 2-3-4 in the freshman/sophomore race). All of the times are listed at the bottom of this email.
I thought overall we had some ups and downs - but mostly ups. Our TEAM looks strong coming off of a solid summer - and we hope to improve from where we are. I hope that some of you were excited about your performances and thinking about how you can run even faster and stronger, and I know that some of you left the race feeling slightly unsatisfied - or maybe even a bit discouraged. To those of you who were a little down after the race - I say, it is only one race. We have many more opportunities to test ourselves. Don't beat yourselves up over the first race. Stay positive and stay motivated. Running is full of ups and downs - but the great thing is that you will always get another chance at redemption. I will be watching for each of you to step it up in the next few weeks. As you gain experience and fix your mistakes and get stronger (both mentally and physically) we hope that you will show us what you are really made of. One of the things I felt we can work on as a TEAM is racing with passion - really racing, not just running hard. One of the things I thought we did great as a TEAM was to support each other and cheer for each other (we were the best TEAM out there at showing support for our runners).

Coming up this week -
Monday - we are doing mile repeats at Lagoon trails - we might be done with practice a little later than normal, but we will try to hurry.
Wednesday - Pre-Region at Layton Park. The boys JV will race at 3:30, all girls will race at 3:50, and the varsity boys will race at 4:10 (this will be the top 10 boys from the grass relays). We will be excused from school at 1:45 and leave on the bus at 2:00. I will send an excuse list to the junior highs for 1:45 as well. 9th graders from Kaysville and Farmington should try to be on the bus at 2:00. 9th graders from Fairfield and Centennial can meet us at Layton Park as close to 2:15 as possible.
Thursday - just a reminder that the parents' night has been changed to Thursday, September the 8th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria at Davis High. BYU Men's Cross Country Coach - Ed Eyestone will be our guest speaker this year. I have heard him speak a few times before, and it is very inspiring. Don't miss it.
Saturday - we will meet at the school at 7:00am - most likely to travel to the Ogden trails for a distance run.

Eligibility - if you have not finished your eligibility papers or paid your fee, please do so early this week.

12:34 Shea Martinez
12:40 Ellie Child
13:06 Joanna Boyd
13:10 Ashley Tyndall
13:24 Aimee Vance
13:25 Hannah Albrechtsen
13:26 Chelsey Johnson
13:27 Kami Dixon
13:35 Emily Hammond
13:36 Sadie Hutchinson
13:39 Madison Bledsoe
13:49 Becca Albrechtsen
13:52 Brooke Gutzwiller
13:56 Nalany Resek
13:57 Sierra Haslam
13:57 Josey Hedquist
14:01 McKenzie Weir
14:02 Janice Hartvigsen
14:10 Sierra Graham
14:24 Mikell Wood
14:28 Elise Anderson
14:37 Liz Ashby
14:57 Michaela Uresk
15:07 Shaylee Argyle
15:08 Katie Frandsen
15:13 Madie McCleary
15:18 Whitney Williams
15:20 Megan Parker
15:27 Nicole Steinicke
15:59 Nicole Wood
16:12 Sarah Parker
16:57 Sophie Cottrell
17:55 Elizabeth Martineau

10:26 Preston Johnson
10:27 Brad Nye
10:48 Brayden Cromar
10:55 Austin Allred
11:01 Skylar Williams
11:04 Logan Wood
11:11 Alex Hedquist
11:12 Andrew Aposhian
11:13 Jackson Sagers
11:15 Hayden Hansen
11:19 Ryan Lee
11:24 Taylor Goldsberry
11:35 Phillip Baker
11:43 Sam Haws
11:43 Korbin Birrell
12:03 Josh Ward
12:03 Ryan Tanner
12:05 Ethan Stuart
12:05 Tommy Moncur
12:21 Ryan Clark
12:30 Trevor Fry
12:33 Kimball Potter
12:43 Rex Sumsion
12:50 Devin Farnsworth
12:55 Blake Garrett
13:02 Caleb Gipson
13:07 Isaac Clouse
13:09 Zach Wilde
13:22 Josh Martineau
13:33 Dan Wybrow
13:35 Calder Craven
14:07 Jackson Rayl
14:08 Will Schwarzwalder
14:10 Brady England
14:20 J.R. Oldham
14:23 Jed Brough
14:44 Mitch Perry
15:14 Nathaniel Neubert
15:18 Brigham Valentine
15:32 Scott Taylor
15:38 Tanner Horrocks
15:50 Josh Valentine

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