Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cross Country Update - Oct 2

Darts -
A very quick update email this week. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the important things we have coming up in the next few weeks. . .

Open Region Meet at Barnes Park - Wednesday, October 5th - You will be excused from school at 2:00 - and hurry to Barnes Park. I would like you all to be there by 2:30 so that we have plenty of time to prepare for the race. The girls race will be at 3:45. The boys will race at 4:15. 9th graders will be excused at 2:30 - just try to get there as quickly as possible. The race will be 3 miles.

Homecoming Relay - We will be running a "stolen" football jersey from Weber High to Davis High on Thursday (October 6th) as part of the Homecoming festivities. The route is about 30 miles - which means we will have to begin running around 2:00pm in order to get the jersey to the Davis stadium in time for the pep rally. We will divide the relay into 5 x 6 mile legs, and then everyone will meet in front of Davis High (by the seminary) at 5:30 so that we can run the jersey in to the football stadium at the right time. I will have more details at practice on Monday and Tuesday. At this point, I need to know if any parents could volunteer to transport groups on Thursday as we complete the Homecoming Relay. If you have a vehicle that can fit 5+ kids and you can spend some of the afternoon helping transport the runners, please let me know. Each leg will have about 10 kids running together.

Saturday Practice - We will meet at Layton Park next Saturday (October 8th) at 7:30am for our final hard workout before the region championships. We will be doing 800s and finishes on the region course. It is an important practice, so please let me know if you are going to have to miss.

Region Championships - Wednesday, October 12th at Layton Park. The races will begin at 3:00pm. More information to come. (3 mile race)

State Championships - Wednesday, October 19th at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake. The girls will race at 2:30pm. The boys will race at 4:00pm. More information to come. (3 mile race)

This past week we raced at the Syracuse Open Region Meet. We held out our varsity runners, but our JV runners showed that they can compete with the varsity teams from our region. The girls finished 2nd behind a decent Weber High team, and the boys were 3rd behind Syracuse and Weber. It showed that many of our JV runners would be strong varsity runners on most of the other schools in the region. I was pleased with the attitudes and the efforts of those who raced. Our seniors showed good leadership, and our young runners continued to show strength and toughness. If you would like to see the results for the girls, go to and the boys results are posted at:

Athletes of the Week - Korbin Birrell, Trevor Fry, Hannah Albrechtsen, Janice Hartvigsen

Keep up the great work. The season is over before you know it. Put a lot of heart and determination into the final 3 races of the season. Let's make this a memorable finish.
Thanks for all you do -
Coach Talley

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